Posted on April 4, 2013

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Video: Libertarian Jeremy Irons Rips Bloomberg, Nanny State 21:00:50
New Video: Wisdom Of Youth - Alan Watts 20:08:44
The Lakota Indian Tribe start The Republic of Lakotah. 23:28:49
Ron Paul's America - collection of Ron Paul's 1 Minute Radio Spots 18:33:05
Mises Institute weighs in on Bitcoin. 15:27:50
Judge Napolitano: What Are the Most, Least Free States in the United States? 17:12:02
Reuters: Bank of Japan To Pump $1.4 Trillion Into Economy In Unprecedented Stimulus 09:26:01
Terrific article about Libertarian thinking: Early Adherence to Libertarian Ideas Leads to Political Activism 11:21:16
Colbert Report Takes the RNC Young Voters Survey-Hilarious! 07:24:33
Silly Sh*t Sheeple say 21:41:13
Nightmare: How the government recruits snitches 00:30:22
Farrakhan: Gov't killing people with 'Frankenfood,' Monsanto seeds and depleted uranium bombs 15:07:50
H7N9: New Bird Flu Mutating; 9 Infected Near Shanghai; 3 Dead 10:47:16
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What is Not Said In The Gun Debate Even By Us, But it Needs To Be 23:55:24
New TED Talks Video. Lawrence Lessig: We the People, and the Republic we must reclaim 23:53:38
Hanford nuclear waste tanks at risk of explosion 23:44:06
Judge Napolitano Discusses New Connecticut Gun Control 'This Is A Wishlist For Those Who Hate 2nd Amendment' 23:37:47
Interesting VIDEO: Are Calorie Counts Correct? 23:34:55
Marc Faber: "Central Banks Are Now Forcing Depositors To Move Their Money Out Into Hard Assets... I Would Probably Choose Gold." 23:27:44
WELLNESS - Running vs. Brist Walking: Study Says Walking Better For Your Health 23:21:16
Last couple of Ben Swann's Reality Check before he leaves tomorrow 23:18:56
Assad approves law on GMO food. 23:18:39
HAPPYGRAM: If this doesn't cheer you up, nothing will 23:17:03
To All Patriotic Americans: Obama To Honor "Hanoi" Jane Fonda 23:00:43
Rothbard Supports the State? 22:47:55
Is Bitcoin the NSA's way of crowdsourcing encrypted data? 22:38:00
If They Didn't Let It Happen On Purpose, Would We Be Here Today? 22:33:27
It Is ALL B#llsh*it! 22:12:59
UAW Files Ethics Charge Against Mitt Romney & Auto Loan Profits 22:08:41
Ralph Baker- AFRICOM fired for sexual mis-conduct and alcohol abuse 22:07:56
Plato Knew! Allegory Of The Cave 21:39:30
At Home with Rand Paul - CBN In Depth Interview 4/4/2013 21:06:28
And you thought the GMOs were bad ? Something here really stinks! 20:58:55
The Top 100 Songs Banned In China 20:54:03
Drudge White House Dread Signals the Day Mainstream Media Died 20:47:09
Politico: Rand Paul-backed group attacks Republicans 20:40:08
Meet the author of the popular children's book" the Zionist that Cried Holocaust " and " Curse of the Chemtrails" 20:31:40
The secrets are out there and everyone from hackers to journalists to U.S. senators are digging in search of them 20:21:06
Bitcoin Hacked BullS* 20:15:42
Scientists Use 3-D Printer To Make Tissue - Like Material 20:14:34
Spooky Truth: Children's Book About Conspiracy Theories 20:12:11
Roger Ebert dead. 20:08:36
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Nonsense Alert! People are being taxed for rain 19:24:45
Is this for real? Prisoners in New Orleans with guns, drugs, booze and cash? 19:18:32
Senate gang of 8 Amnesty plan could cost taxpayers trillions in new welfare costs. 18:53:16
Helicopter QE will never be reversed 18:46:13
Inmates run wild behind bars of Orleans Parish Prison 18:35:40
Did your taxpayers contribute their $2,200 War Tax this Year? 17:49:14
The Great Green Con 17:36:29
The Conspiracy Project: World Premier 17:35:06
Opinion: All Rebellion is Immoral 17:31:42
Iraq For Sale 17:30:24
New Hampshire Bill Introduced to Reinstate the Original 13th Amendment 17:28:30
Getting Started with Bitcoin, Part 3: Where do Bitcoins Come From? 17:27:47
'United We Stand Festival' set for June 22 - Dr. Paul has been invited to speak 17:20:51
What a war with North Korea would look like? Where did they find this play by play sportscaster? 16:51:51
(update) Recording Artist Snoopy Dog Dog Calls For Gun Control 16:35:12
Northern Jitters – Another Bubble Economy Goes Bust 16:24:36
Will Globalists Use North Korea To Trigger Catastrophe? 15:25:07
Infographic on Bitcoin 15:21:16
Lawmakers to amend cybersecurity bill (CISPA) behind closed doors 15:18:45
Is Obama Lying To Control Narrative?: Says Newtown Children Massacred by 'Fully Automatic Weapon' 14:57:39
Operation Hollywood Squares: Help Liberty Delegates Get to RNC Spring Meeting in LA! 14:51:11
Rocky, The Baby Squirrel: Adopted By Cat, Learns To Purr - Video 14:47:29
Check out this "awesome" magic trick ...How Does He Do It? 14:41:40
Intellectual Property: As usual, Rothbard gets it right 14:11:12
Question: How Many Dp Users Use A Static Ip Address? 13:55:21
Conn. Gun Control Bill 1160 smells funny to me. Free passes given out for violators who are friends of the court. 13:42:15
Armed Grandma Uses Gun to Detain Burglar 13:38:35
GOP Senators: Amnesty Deal Opens Door To Trillions in New Welfare Spending 13:33:05
IT'S STARTING: Cancer Clinics Turn Away Thousands of Medicare Users, Blame Sequester 13:21:46
WH Losing Control Of Narrative: Obama Senior Advisor Scolds Drudge Report For Damaging Impact on Washington Media - VIDEO 13:13:54
DPRK's "State Of War" Declaration Is A Faulty Translation: Not Official Policy Statement From Kim Jung - Un 13:04:49
A state religion in North Carolina? 13:04:29
Destroying the Switzerland of Central America 13:01:06
What Most of us do Not Know About Hollywood, Presidents of the US, and the Illuminati 12:58:20
Anonymous Hackers Attack North Korea News Website, FLICKR Account and TWITTER 12:49:41
Eugenics Agenda being Fulfilled by Monsanto 12:43:36
MSNBC - Joe Scarbough: Quentin Tarantino 'Unbelievably Insensitive As Anybody In The NRA' After Newtown - VIDEO 12:36:34
Ron Paul Blasts Online Sales Tax Scheme 12:11:26
UPDATED! 1956: Amazing Photos of Kids Handling & Learning About Guns in School (Time Magazine) 12:01:28
War – The Last Option of a Failing Economy 11:55:24
Silver under 27! The time to buy is now. 11:42:28
30 Congressional Animal Dopplegangers 11:34:07
Connecticut Passes Anti-Gun Bill, Further Restricts 2nd Amendment 11:14:48
Obama’s War at Home: Driving the Government Underground 10:52:24
Marine Road Rage 10:45:10
Newtown Mother Exposes Sandy Hook Corruption...Husband Dies the Next Day 10:06:17
Obama Picks Goldman Sachs Partner, Bruce Heyman to be Ambassador To Canada 09:55:42
Rand Paul to speak in NH 09:50:34
3 Strikes: To the GOP/RNC 09:45:45
Britains Debt Mountain Reaches L1.39 TRILLION (Pounds), Equivalent To 90% of The Entire Economy, ONS Reveals 09:39:33
Gas prices up 45% in 5 years...just sayin' 09:35:59
This just in: France surrenders to North Korea 09:32:32
Ron Paul Interview this morning - 09:16:56
Hillsdale College Presents FREE "American Heritage" Online Course 09:01:49
Taylor French before and after treatments of Medical Cannabis for Parkinson's Disease. 08:57:15
The Diabolical Bank “Bail-In” Proposal Becomes Global 08:49:54
Mingo Sheriff Shot Dead; Suspect In Hospital After Police Pursuit 08:30:24
Rep. Aaron Libby of Maine introduces Tom Woods at Liberty Forum. 08:25:30
The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), An Oppressive US-Led Free Trade Agreement, A Corporate Power-Tool of the 1% 08:04:30
Ride For Liberty! (music video) 08:04:12
This Is My Boom Stick. 04:37:00
The Cyprus Disaster Zone Reopens 04:07:21
Eric Idle of Monty Python regrets opening a twitter account 02:23:36
Lives ruined and some justice - some 25 years later! 02:23:02
Paul on Rrise. 2016 PPP Poll - Rubio 21%, Paul 17%,Christie 15%, Ryan 12%, Bush 12%, Santorum 5% 02:18:32
One in Four Americans Think Obama May Be The AntiChrist, Survey says 01:47:00
Work for Liberty in the Land of Enchantment 01:31:35
happiness depression and getting help! 01:10:43
Which male news anchor do you like best? Ben Swann OR Clyde Gray (POLL) 00:13:40