Posted on April 5, 2013

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UPDATE: Daniel McGowan Jailed, Allegedly For Writing Huffington Post Blog - VIDEO 18:32:02
Judge Napolitano: Connecticut Gun Control Law 'A Wishlist For Those Who Hate 2nd Amendment' 17:53:41
"RNC Declares War on Conservative Grassroots" 23:31:38
Confirmed: ‘Batman’ Shooter James Holmes Was On Psychotropic Drugs 14:19:34
MA Report: Liberty Candidate Leah Cole Wins Stunning Upset in State Rep. Race 12:35:15
In depth statistics on 2013 CPAC Straw Poll 15:14:14
Hanford, WA Nuclear Site on Brink of Disaster 09:02:06
Sen. Roy Blunt Monsanto's Man in Washington 08:39:24
Obama: Tyranny Impossible Because "Government is us." 11:37:36
Time article on Rand: The Rebel 10:37:30
GOA's Larry Pratt on Hardball With Chris Matthews - 4/4/2013 08:21:04
John Stossel ~ Jobs But No Workers 13:32:15
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David Stockman: the Next Ron Paul 23:51:26
Somalia continues to pose an unusual and extraordinary threat to the national security and foreign policy of the United States 23:44:45
Monsanto took care of a Federal Lawsuit, now they are Aiming for immunity in the State Courts, first UP - Missouri 23:43:21
Big Banks and D.C. Politicians Doing the Exact Same Things That Caused the Financial Crisis In the First Place 23:41:00
Sovereigns - Patriots or Terrorists? 23:40:33
Marine Vs Gang of Cops 23:35:50
“American Dream”: Food loaded into Dumpsters while Hundreds of Hungry Americans Restrained by Police 23:29:18
Ron Paul Still Firing Away At The True Enemy 23:09:50
"Conspiracy Project" by Neal Fox "sneak preview" (awesome tune!) 23:01:33
Ron Paul Calls for Audit of U.S. Gold Reserves 23:00:21
Fox News Interviews Young Gun Rights Advocate 22:52:06
110 KG Gold Seized @ Swiss / Italy Border Crossing. Fake news? Fake gold? 22:38:15
Resolution Requesting Accountability from the Department of Homeland Security 21:58:45
If a state can function without an income tax, shouldn't the federal gov't also be able to function without an income tax? 21:44:03
Deek Jackson; How Drugs Saved The Economy 21:08:16
One Ton of Gold Bars Seized in Small Car (Video Clip) 21:06:28
Forbes magazine: "Proof The Obama Administration Is Going After The Good Guys With Guns" 21:00:58
Absurd Chinese Laws Still In Effect Today 20:45:43
Oak Roots Club - Roster, Rules and Meeting Format 20:36:03
If Pearl Harbor Never Happened, What Would America Be Like Today? 20:15:52
Sheriff Killed For 2nd Amendment Support? 20:02:52
International High School Essay Contest about Geoengineering (but chemtrails don't exist!) 20:02:31
Reggie - A Black Lab 19:56:39
Biodiesel From Algae Webinar by Jim Sears of A2BE Carbon Capture 19:34:50
When is ENOUGH going to be ENOUGH?: Obama Proposes Cuts To Social Security! 19:24:04
Strong Words From The Onion Regarding Obama and Syria - It Ain't Real Funny. 19:12:14
Only 2.6% of murders in 2011 involved rifles (including AR-15s) 19:08:52
The Hill: Obama Budget To Target Retirement Accounts 18:44:37
Hillary Clinton's playboy fundraiser arrested over heroin and cocaine 18:43:22
POLL: 47 Million Believe Big Pharma Creates Disease - VIDEO 18:38:43
Gold to remain in demand medium to long term - Commerzbank 18:27:41
Callous TSA Agent Dumps Grandpa’s Ashes on Floor 18:25:45
Where Did America's Jobs Go? 18:22:19
Next President: Michelle Obama 18:21:46
Paul Craig Roberts: The Assault on Gold 18:17:53
- General Douglas MacArthur, 1957 18:10:56
Youtube these days ! Are they slowing speed on videos they don´t like? 17:54:55
Signs of Solyndra? Fisker Lays Off 75 Percent of Employees 17:09:23
This is what happens when protect and serve is merged with search and destroy 16:45:47
Election fraud investigation 16:43:36
The Myth of Journalistic Objectivity ~ James Corbett 16:36:04
Keep spreading the message of Liberty! 16:29:56
Warning: "Fake" Fur "Made in China" Might Be Dog/Cat Fur! 16:25:26
Is Colorado paving the way to arrest Sheriffs? 15:58:18
These guns are becoming a problem 15:53:58
Napoleon Hill- friend of the elite? 15:51:38
Would you have helped this woman? (VIDEO) 15:34:10
U.S. adds just 88K jobs; rate drops to 7.6% 15:09:54
Feds raid indoor gardeners - They're getting desperate now folks 15:01:54
The Power of The State: Court Rules 8 Oregon Children To Be Vaccinated Against Parents' Will 14:55:59
Rand Paul: Minimizing authority of judges 14:53:22
Daily Caller: Rand Paul to New Hampshire 14:44:13
Fox News Interviews Young Gun Rights Advocate 14:40:46
PAPER: Fears North Korea Could Trigger Nuclear Strike April 10 14:19:22
Connections - The Trigger Effect. 14:14:18
The Joke of Obama's 5% Pay Cut 14:01:31
Geraldo talks about the Military industrial complex! 13:59:52
AP - Rand Paul To New Hampshire: To Give Keynote Address At The New Hampshire Republican Party’s May 20 Liberty Dinner. 13:58:50
"Little L" or "Big L" libertarians: Who cares? Let's unite to win. Great article on Yahoo 13:54:18
University Lockdown Caused By Zombie Game, Nerf Gun - VIDEO 13:37:10
1984's Room 101: U.S. Prison Shows Inmate Held Down, Pepper Sprayed At Close Range - Video (Warning Graphic, Strong Language 12:57:34
Special Report: Jury Finds Martin Luther King Murdered By U.S. Government - VIDEO 12:44:34
"The Purge" Another propaganda piece from Hollywood 12:32:36
Colorado Sheriff Savages Obama 'Fear and Grandstanding' To Push Gun Control - VIDEO 12:31:15
The Liberty Movement is ALIVE! 12:23:14
CNN: Judge Orders "Morning After Pill" Available Without Prescription To People of Any Age - VIDEO 12:15:40
The anti-GMO movement needs to get specific 12:05:57
Why Economic Freedom? Here's Why by Tom Woods 11:02:38
when is violence necessary in a state of revolution? Permaculture Republican says... 10:54:17
Minnesota, the next battleground state in the fight to label GMOs 10:39:17
Busy Working?: Holder Working On Deal To Commute Prison Sentence of Former Enron CEO Jeff Skilling 10:36:31
say it ain't so 10:26:42
Daily Caller: Immigration Bill Would Import One Million Workers Per Year 09:56:12
America, Hang onto Your Freedom, Hope, and Pride! Remember the Spirit of America Based on Integrity and High Ideals. 09:47:14
Hi folks, I am about to ask a tough question 09:39:30
America's Death Zones: Where NOT to be when it hits the fan 09:33:34
UN Treaty to disarm people over 55 - UPDATE 09:18:11
Hilarious! Pot Shop 09:02:30
Obama: "I'm Constrained by The System The Founders Put In Place" - VIDEO 09:01:09
Indiana could be first to require armed employee in every public school 08:58:13
East Syracuse lawyer Martin J. Rothschild admits to possessing child porn, faces three years in prison 08:38:46
ALERT: Beretta's fed up! Promises to leave Maryland? 08:07:38
Popular Children's Book Author Reveals The 'Spooky Truth' About Creepy Conspiracy Theories 09:51:11
Gun control and "prohibited persons"... 06:48:07
BEHOLD: The 3D-Printed AK Mag, 'The Feinstein' by Cody Wilson & Defense Distributed Crew! 06:45:02
Carol and Ron on their honeymoon? 06:14:51
So you're not worried about North Korea, huh? (Video) 05:43:12
Reminiscent of DP's Vitality: To Make People Pay or...? (VIDEO) 05:04:11
Cafe that kicked police officer out gets booming business 04:56:56
we are so screwed! 03:58:54
Cannabis by Choice 01:43:37
Original Hip Hop by Daily Paul User 01:33:58
Poll - 91% of Americans support universal background checks for gun purchases 01:27:16
Rand Paul Calls Out Republicans for Not Acting Like Republicans 00:56:16
The Liberty Movement is Dead 00:53:49
Learn Austrian Economics 00:40:31
Despite Gun Control Push, More States Move To Strengthen Gun Rights Since Newtown 00:29:52
Larry Pratt p0wnz Chris 'Tweety Bird' Matthews: "We don't trust People like You!" 00:17:52
Fox News - "The Five": If There Is A White House 'Enemies List', Would Matt Drudge Be On Top - VIDEO 00:04:23
Science Delusions 00:03:30