Posted on April 8, 2013

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Politico: Libertarianism goes mainstream 22:30:47
Communism Survivor Blasts Salem Gun Grabbers: "You Don't Know What Freedom Is!" 19:59:43
Video: Firearms Company Relocating From Connecticut To North Texas 19:31:50
Liberty, Can You Make a Little Room For Reality? 23:20:21
McDonald's demands a bachelor's degree and two years' experience 15:06:38
Video: IRS Collecting Tax Payer Information From Facebook and Twitter 14:10:21
War on Drugs is Finished! 'The House I Live In - It's Up To Us' - PBS Documentary 13:48:09
OUTRAGE: 76yo Auburn, MA Grandpa Charged for Defending Himself vs a BEAR in His Own Backyard! 14:43:51
Meltdown: The men who crashed the world 11:45:46
Ron Paul - America is GONE 13:53:13
New DARPA Robot Looks Human 10:09:40
Margaret Thatcher, Britain's 'Iron lady' Prime Minister, Dead at 87 08:38:12
Larry Pratt Schools Gun Control Cheerleaders on CSPAN 06:05:20
No TV homes on the rise - Broadcasters worried 08:28:58
Super Brochure printing of "Right To Bear Arms" 13:05:03
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Playing With Words - Republic, Democracy 23:37:45
Federal employees complaining, but not quitting. Yet. 23:34:13
Ukip leader Nigel Farage in his own words 23:22:05
New gun laws are not the answer 23:16:51
Hey, Fox News! Cover This Trial! 23:04:54
The Hijacking of Human Rights 22:54:16
TMOT Considering Run for U.S. Senate 22:53:50
Bitcoin can buy a house or be used to pay your rent 22:53:04
Navy Deploying Laser Weapon Prototype Near Iran 22:14:47
Jesse Ventura About To Make Huge Announcement: Senate Run? President? 22:03:40
Peace! Confederate General Lee surrenders, April 9, 1865 21:56:03
You Know It's Bad When Americans Seek Asylum in Cuba; Couple and Kidnapped Sons Now in Cuba 21:55:07
PoliceOne's 2013 Gun Policy & Law Enforcement Poll results - 15,595 responses 21:50:46
The establishment Right and Left unload on David Stockman 21:46:54
What would we do without the State? (Video) 21:35:09
9MM Revolver? 21:22:18
Bitcoin Report Volume 37 (Bitcoin Myths) 21:20:16
Dashcam Videos in Russia 21:17:02
Fox News: Navy To Deploy Lasers On Ships In 2014 - Video 21:05:50
Maryland a Signature Away From Medical Marijuanna 20:49:17
Cuban immigrant lays it out for Salem, Oregon gun controllers 20:41:41
Sound Money Project Interview Series: Dr. Edwin Vieira, Jr 20:25:02
"BANKSTERS" - HD Music Video & FREE Download (Please Share) 20:11:13
Ron Paul And Mike Maloney - Sound Monetary System! 20:07:21
Video - Margaret Thatcher driving a Tank 19:35:38
How to stop the Dem's gun control agenda. 19:14:00
Lee Bright may challenge Lindsey Graham 19:07:36
Ohio Jails Debtors 19:00:02
Iowan Libertarians...Input needed 18:52:52
Postponed due to Thatcher's death Tonight on O'Reilly (he just lost 80% of tonight's viewers) 18:12:10
From 1993: Pat Buchanan and Lew Rockwell take on NAFTA 17:57:51
The future is now: Navy to deploy lasers on ships in 2014 - "Operates much like a blowtorch ... with an unlimited magazine." 17:23:26
"The 'Libertarian' Taliban Writing Ron Paul's Curriculum" 17:01:15
DHS Annual Employee Survey 2012 16:20:53
Bad Times for Gold Are Soon to End 16:19:11
Taxes in US History 16:16:26
Porcfest 2013 with Lew Rockwell, Bob Murphy, David Friedman and more 16:10:50
US v. Anthony James Kebodeaux, the MOST Important SCOTUS Case: Does Govt own you, Cradle to Grave? 16:09:00
PETA Plans to Fly Drones That Would 'Stalk Hunters' 15:51:29
Smudge takes another stab at religion. (Ramble warning) 14:59:05
Judge Napolitano on Margaret Thatcher: She Liberated Great Britain From The Chains Of Socialism 14:49:01
Trust in Gold Not Bernanke as U.S. States Promote Bullion 14:21:51
Bitcoin Question 14:21:15
The Totalitarianism of Universal Backround Checks 13:53:43
Another victim of the drug war: 13:42:15
Last Fiday, the US and South Korea signed an agreement virtually ensuring war with North Korea 13:16:03
illuminati backwards in the browser 13:05:08
'Thou Shalt Not Steal', Mr. Huckabee 12:58:11
SHAMELESS! Obama To Bring Some Sandy Hook Families on Air Force One 12:47:29
The Next Domino: Australia Doubles Tax on Retirement Savings 12:45:13
Bilderberg 2013: Probably England, Possibly Germany 12:38:11
BLOOMBERG: Trust In Gold Not Bernanke As More Than A Dozen US States Promote Bullion 12:31:23
Do Free Markets Really Help People? Graphical look. 12:30:44
IRS collecting tax payer information from Facebook and Twitter 12:24:20
Maine Bill Would Prohibit Law Enforcement From Tracking Cell Phones Without Warrant 12:23:03
The Kissinger Cables 12:17:52
MSNBC - Joe Scarborough: Republicans That Filibuster Gun Control Put Rapists Rights Over Parents' Rights - VIDEO 12:10:22
'Entitled' high school senior sparks a firestorm of anger after she writes a scathing open letter to Ivy League schools 12:05:58
Even US Soldiers are Waking up to the New World Order 11:39:34
Vet Soldier Says The Military Is Waking Up To - Fema Camps And NDAA Reality! 11:30:40
Yo mama is so statist... 11:24:24
Video: Why is the United States still in Afghanistan? 11:24:12
The Maryland "Rain Tax" 11:09:01
They're the new "bad boys" of atherosclerosis, not Cholesterol but ... 10:55:09
Mondays with Murray: Did Rothbard Support IP? 10:38:23
New DARPA Robot Looks Human 09:35:01
AP: Broadcasters worry about zero TV homes 09:32:55
Margaret Thatcher Dead at 87 09:31:28
Medical Marijuana For Dogs? 09:20:35
Resource Based Economy 09:18:10
Duplicate posting 08:59:52
An open letter to my dad 08:15:45
:BBC - Margaret Thatcher has died 08:01:10
Putin: Nuke conflict would make Chernobyl look like 'fairy tale'... 07:22:51
Weather Warning - real. 06:52:23
Two American Newspaper Headlines Just Before Pearl Harbor 06:36:37
The Dollar Vigilante Blog: "Equal Sharing of Miseries" 06:15:11
US "unable to locate" two North Korean mobile missiles capable of nuking Guam or Japan 05:18:40
Patriot missiles launchers in South Korea elevated; civil defense fliers distributed to villagers. 05:03:17
Infowars Frontline Report from Korea’s DMZ Part 2: The Sunday Interview 04:55:09
US deploys drones, B-1s and "doomsday planes" near North Korea 04:29:27
Ted talk on Election funding - how 0.05% control the elections (dammit it isnt even 1! 04:00:40
The New World Order Is Failing - Stage One (Video Series) 03:43:13
WikiLeaks Releases 1.7 Million U.S. Diplomatic Intelligence Reports 03:05:41
A Colorado Sheriff Responds To President Obama 02:21:34
Lew Rockwell's Message to Young libertarians: Want Peace & Prosperity? Emulate Ron Paul! 01:55:18
Bill Maher is right about Libertarianism 01:17:40
Former Presidential Candidate Ron Paul to Present Keynote Speech in New York 00:45:22