Posted on April 10, 2013

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IRS: We Can Read Emails Without Warrant 19:22:27
IT'S OFFICIAL: One of Liberals' Worst Fears About Obama Came True 19:01:29
Next two places to catch Silver Circle - Tempe, AZ & Washington, DC 20:07:44
Update: Bitcoin loses 50%, what next?; Trading Halted 15:00:31
Never Quit Liberty! The Super Brochure Creator Needs Our Help! 19:46:03
Video Update: Rand Paul's Speech @ Howard University 10:33:43
Gun Control Is Coming! Senate Reaches Deal To Enforce UNIVERSAL Background Checks 14:11:34
Dick Cheney's Dire Warning: "We're in deep doo-doo." 09:36:20
Helmut Kohl: I Acted Like A Dictator To Bring In The Euro 12:31:37
Federal Reserve Money Printing vs Bitcoin Price Chart 03:25:18
Out of sight, out of mind - a stunning graphic of drone strikes in Pakistan 09:27:10
Update: Does anyone see concerns with this chart? 02:19:14
John Stossel goes after Glenn Beck for claiming to be libertarian 01:33:07
Define: Tolerance 13:47:24
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Rand Paul talks to Michael Medved about speech at Howard University 23:58:10
Financial Times: Cyprus to sell Most of its Gold Reserves to Pay for Bailout 23:56:10
The Fed for Smarties? 23:54:09
So you know what is going on in the world? 23:50:33
Robb Wolf discusses the Paleo diet and health issues 23:34:52
HuffPo says Rand Paul used teleprompters at Howard U., I didn't see them 23:31:18
You should Buy and Save Gold/Silver, AND Buy and Spend Bitcoin. 23:00:05
The Hakkens arrested for rambling on about a book? 22:55:21
The Tunnel People That Live Under The Streets Of America 22:51:33
Rand Paul (Fishing For Votes) Calls Lincoln "The Great Emancipator" 22:32:56
Plutonomy: The Memo Citigroup Doesn't Want You to See 22:32:35
Home of the Brave 22:31:07
DPer on the Radio 22:24:50
Is it possible to be an Atheist and a Patriot? 22:19:34
Liberty & Civil Rights speech by Senator Rand Paul Howard University 22:17:23
Most Links 22:12:13
"A Massive Nationwide Crime Scene" Banks Stealing People's Homes Across The Country 21:51:53
WGN - Caught on Tape: Shots Fired, Store Owners Fight Back During Robbery 21:35:22
Easy Chair 21:29:28
New DHS Video: White Americans Most Likely Terrorists 21:21:50
Things I Can No Longer Do 21:17:34
To All Americans... Very interesting - Buy American! 21:07:42
Ohio Amish man gets 16 years in Fed Pen for beard cutting incident! 20:15:52
Important public hearing in Maine today 20:02:08
Celebrating the Advent of The Ron Paul Curriculum 19:56:43
Marijuana: Amendment 64 causes problems for drug dogs with a nose for pot 19:36:49
Reid wants you in jail if you lose your firearm in the river 19:36:04
Mali Crisis: French Withdraw Troops Amid Fears of Prolonged War 19:28:20
My latest email to the traitorous Pat Toomey 19:13:35
Gun Owners Emergency Alert Video: Democrat Admits Obama Agenda Is Total Gun Ban 19:08:41
Giant Union AFL-CIO threatens to steamroll any Lawmaker that does not vote for AMNESTY 19:06:00
The Quran, 9/11 and Gun Control: A Parody 18:53:23
Could it be THIS easy to erase our national debt? 18:35:38
Rand Paul On The Issues: Marriage 18:08:45
r3VOL Preppers: Fernando Aguirre & DEMCAD discuss Lessons of Surviving Argentine Collapse! 17:47:06
We will eventually end political hypocrisy with better election technology, but how soon? 17:36:13
About Bitcoin 17:02:26
Brazen illegal aliens demanding amnesty and US citizenship from OUR Congress 16:36:39
Many Daily Paulers revere Black National-Socialist Cynthia McKinney over Conservative Ted Cruz 16:34:42
Obama eligibility - The hits just keep on coming 16:34:24
Next open letter to Glenn Beck: keep whistling Dixie. 16:31:08
Is it possible to be a Bible-thumper and a libertarian at the same time? 16:22:27
Wikileaks publishes U.S. cable detailing plan to destabilize Chavez regime 15:59:01
Greenwald Interviews 2 Experts on U.S.-Iranian Relations (Teachable Moment: How We Can Better Communicate on Foreign Policy) 15:58:21
Secret FDIC plan to loot bank accounts 15:56:49
Rand Paul: You Can't Stimulate The Economy By Taxing - On The Record w/ Greta 4/9/2013 15:54:31
Pentagon spokesman: North Korea nuclear missile capability is "classified". 15:44:32
Deleted Post 15:20:00
EPA releases personal information of farmers to environmentalist 15:13:23
Looking to buy Liberty Dollar (silver or gold) 15:12:50
Why David Stockman’s Book Is Important 15:03:20
How to buy drugs on the Silk Road 21:50:59
Rand Paul speaks at Howard University, Wash. DC - April 10, 2013 ( 14:57:18
Missouri Senator Roy Blunt is the crook who snuck ‘Monsanto Protection Act’ Into Spending Bill 14:49:50
RAND- here's what you need to say about the civil rights act 14:43:33
EXCLUSIVE: Rand Paul Says America Needs A "Spiritual Cleansing" - VIDEO 14:22:42
Are you a Real Libertarian, or a ROYAL Libertarian? 14:16:33
Student Says Gun Free Zone Laws Left Him and Others Defenseless During Lone Star Campus Mass Stabbing - VIDEO 14:15:29
ALTFEED.COM. A new non-mainstream liberty-oriented alternative to the Drudge Report & Huffington Post 14:08:39
Fox News: EPA Acknowledges Releasing Personal Details On Farmers, Senator Thune Slames Agency 14:08:24
Y you no post bitcoin propaganda today? 16:53:47
How the looming bitcoin crash will be exploited by globalists to outlaw decentralized crypto currencies 14:02:06
Fox News Video: Senators Urge Backround Checks For Gun Shows, Internet Sales Ahead Of Key Test Vote 14:00:40
Alex Jones and Mike Adams Crashing Bitcoin 13:55:11
Follow the Liberty Members of the RNC at the Spring Meeting as They Fight the New Rules 13:51:29
BOOM! Senate Moves Closer To Gun Confiscation - VIDEO 13:50:53
Google Trends: Bitcoins Surpasses US Government. Also see Ron Paul Silver Liberty coin. 13:44:22
Support Rep. Aaron Libby's Constitutional Carry Bill in Maine Tomorrow! 13:38:43
The Derivatives NIGHTMARE: A Fraud Far Beyond Fractional Reserve Banking - Part 1 13:36:06
Rand Paul: We must always embrace individual liberty & enforce the constitutional rights of all Americans 13:29:25
STUDENT: Texas Professor Forced Class To Create Ant-Gun Material 13:26:56
GAO Report Reveals $95 Billion Worth Of Obama Administration Hypocrisy 13:23:33
Ron Paul: Hey, Teachers, Leave Those Kids Alone 13:20:38
FBI Conducting 32 Gun Purchase Backround Checks Per Minute Under Obama 13:07:50
Professor Tracy's $1000 Sandy Hook Debate Challenge 13:07:23
Henry Kissinger; former secretary of state, once said... 13:06:28
Rand Paul: ‘I’ve never wavered’ in support for Civil Rights Act 13:03:08
Interesting Information - Water, Aspirin 12:56:18
Mark Levin: 'An Up - Or - Down Vote On The Second Amendment Is Unconstitutional' - Video 12:44:43
Rand Paul: The Liberty Movement's Gateway Drug? 12:31:28
Underground homeless camp cleared near the East Bottoms 12:22:47
Today I was advised that I'm a target! 12:14:39
85% of Cops Say Gun Control Is Useless, Detrimental 12:08:19
DHS Funded Course Asks Cops If They Will Confiscate Guns From Christians 12:03:42
A U.S. Army Reserve Equal Opportunity training presentation entitled “Extremism and Extremist Organizations” 11:56:12
The President Offers to Cut Social Security and Republicans Agree 11:48:29
What does the NWO Game Board look like? 11:44:32
Cyprus Required To Sell 10 Tons of Gold 11:42:29
lew rockwell speaks to young libertarians 11:36:18
The Pen is Mightier Than the Sword - To Arms! 11:12:38
Perfect Example of logic's power: Person destroys themseleves without any effort. Rebirth in process 10:44:21
Video - EU Free Speech 10:33:02
Popular dietary supplement targeted as “New Culprit” in heart disease 10:27:07
Senate Collectivists Strike Deal On Gun Bill! 10:23:48
Doug Wead: Rand now leads the Liberty movement 10:22:49
Obama Befriends Rich Elderly Widow In Hopes She'll Put Nation In Her Will 10:18:49
The end of open-hearted open source: Giving free expert advice online a crime in Texas. 10:09:19
Reduced Flying Hours Grounding 17 USAF Combat Air Squadrons 09:57:46
Armed AnCap Attorney's Response to NY GunGrab: Live Free & Laugh Hard, w/Manliness! 09:56:10
Rand Paul on Fox News (Greta) last night (video) 09:49:42
'North Korea has launched A Missile', Japan Mistakenly TWEETS Attack to 40,000 Followers 09:32:15
Al Gerhart Charged With Felony Over Blackmail Email 09:09:05
What the Devil says about gay marriage. 09:09:02
Obama's 2014 budget numbers are based on bad math, phantom revenues, imagined spending cuts and a middle-class tax hike. 09:02:03
School: Americans Don't Have Right to Bear Arms 09:00:25
HuffPo: Rand faces skeptical audience at Howard University 08:52:43
Intelligence insider: Obama administration agenda to “kill U.S Dollar” 08:48:39
The Tunnel People That Live Under The Streets of America 08:46:56
Video: Proving the Old Adage, "A Liberal is a Conservative who hasn't been mugged!" 08:38:51
A "Perfect Storm" for a new "Pearl Harbor" 08:30:09
Can Love Lift Liberty Above the Divide and Conquer Issues? 18:10:33
Budget cuts force Air Force, Navy to ground aircraft 07:35:48
when war hawks become human rights advocates 07:20:28
CFAA 2013: Congress' new draft could incarcerate teenagers that read news online 06:25:29
Its Now Legal To Shoot Police In Indiana If You Believe The Cop Is Unlawfully Entering Your Home! 04:50:57
PTR Industries: The First 'Black Rifle' Manufacturer to leave Connecticut; Implores Others to Follow! 04:20:35
Need detailed helping securing my wallet, understanding how to trade, and general bitcoin info. 03:08:42
What books/authors should I read to best understand Liberty? 02:42:25
Agenda 21? Neil Bush, Chmn. of "Points of Light" (Geo. W's brother) to Speak at Community Partnership Movement ... 02:35:17
Lew Rockwell: Want Liberty in Our Times? 02:24:23
SB 281: Oregon Senator Betsy Close - Prohibitionist Against Helping Soldiers with PTSD 01:29:44
Daniel Hannan wonderfully articulates what real economic freedom is. 00:54:53
U.S. official: North Korea could test fire missiles at any time 00:23:47
Three of seven Fukushima tanks leaking radioactive water 00:15:50
U.S. nuclear reactors all have irreparable safety issues says former chairman of Nuclear Regulatory Commission 00:13:31
SpaceDaily: How hard is it to 'de-anonymize' cellphone data? 00:07:31
Barack Obama: The Best Lying Demagogue Ever to Infest the White House 00:03:28