Posted on April 11, 2013

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Judge Napolitano on IRS snooping without a warrant 22:55:03
Two Atlanta Police Cruisers Hit By Bricks, Rocks After Police Beat Helpless Man and Pepper Sprayed Kids - VIDEO 22:15:01
Here are the 16 Republicans who voted to kill Rand Paul’s gun control filibuster before it started 18:09:59
The Winklevoss Twins Are Bitcoin Moguls - Video 17:42:47
Ron Paul Full Speech and Q&A at Oberlin College 4/7/13 17:32:39
ReasonTV: What Rand Paul is up against; Howard University Audience's Reaction 13:30:39
Filibuster fails! (For now) Video 13:08:54
JAY-Z Raps About Cuba Trip "Obama Said ‘You Gonna Get Me Impeached'" 11:17:48
Larry Pratt knocks Blitzer on his heels: "Your polls are hokum. So are Fox's... 10:25:54
30 is the new 45: Younger Generation Unhealthier than Elders 11:05:04
Grassroots Continue Rules Fight at RNC Spring Meeting 07:52:58
Pre-Crime USSA: 34 yo NY Librarian's Guns Confiscated for Legally Prescribed Zoloft! 02:41:10
UPDATED: Escape from LA: Help Liberty Delegates Get Home 11:00:29
John Stossel: Pampered Politicians 07:11:44
Cyprus to Sell $523 mln in Gold as Part of Bailout 00:33:43
Jim Rogers: “I Suspect They’ll Take The Pension Plans Next; I For One Am Worried, And I’m Taking Preparations” 14:55:14
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I Move that We The People Banish the District of Columbia from The United States of America 23:59:38
What's you theory on why Rand Paul is getting such favorable media attention? 23:42:53
Face the ugly truth and witness the Kingdom of Heaven 23:08:24
First EVER Fluoride Free Triangle NC Meetup April 20, 2013 23:07:05
Hacker uses an Android to remotely attack and hijack an airplane 22:44:36
Lawmaker drops bombshell: North Korea may have nuclear missiles 22:39:58
Could Republican Senator Rand Paul be the next president of the United States? (The 700 Club 4/11/13) 22:34:35
Help! 22:30:26
Today in History: Albert Einstein reveals his Theory of Relativity in 1905 22:29:43
"Right To Bear Arms" Super Brochure Calls and Updates 21:45:09
We, Cowardly Rebels of the DP 21:42:22
Corporate Lobbying Exposedᴰ 21:13:39
Free food, free medicine, treated equally and no guns except the police 21:07:58
OBLIVION Drone Day at SXSW (Part 1/3): Harlem Swarm 20:58:01
I Stand With Rand and The USA 20:37:20
Maryland Governor Taxes Rain 20:27:53
Is America Under zJudgment? 20:13:30
TMOT exploratory for US senate Georgia 19:55:37
citizen - you owe your allegiance! 19:50:48
What mileage are any of you getting out of your RP2012 stickers? 19:46:08
Man Killed by Beaver 19:46:02
Beaver attacks and kills a man! (Video) 19:27:20
The Liberal Zone 19:15:57
Today, I took Dr. Paul's advice 19:08:38
Never Quit Liberty Never Give Up Your Freedom! 19:01:13
Gun control states skew overall US violent crime/Gun related death rate? 18:57:40
Medium Troy - Run 18:46:51
2016 Poll: Rand vs. Hillary (vs. Bush vs. Third-Party) 18:29:55
What "progressive" means to Me and Sonoma's Political Identity 18:04:22
Hundreds bring protest against genetically modified alfalfa to Monsanto’s door 18:00:28
McConnell on the Hot Seat over Leaked Judd Tape 17:58:17
Pentagon to Build Robots With ‘Real’ Brains 17:54:32
First Robotics Competition, Live USTREAM! 17:53:47
Supreme Court considers challenge to state gun licensing laws in case from New York 17:30:51
Get Ready For a Washout in Gold Stocks 17:29:07
Total Number of Paychecks in America Keeps Going Down; Jobs, Jobs, Jobs My Ass 17:07:40
HIGH levels of LEAD found in Chinese Rice sold in the US 17:00:05
Does anyone see a problem with this? 16:31:50
Will People Who Lied Us Into War Pass a Background Check? 16:28:01
Rand Paul talks to NPR's Michel Martin about reaching out to African Americans, will speak at another college tomorrow 16:22:03
INFOGRAPHIC: Pricing the economy and financial assets in terms of gold 16:19:22
Background Checks in Colorado Prevent People from Purchasing Guns 16:00:54
You will never hear about this in the lamestream media 15:38:42
Fox News Exposes Corporate Cronyism in Big Governmentᴰ 15:21:12
Maryland governor taxes rain. 14:51:14
If I owned a Bank 14:44:47
New Gun Bill: Your Doctor Will Dictate Your Gun Ownership Rights 14:19:44
PEW: 5% of Americans Love Doing Their Taxes 14:05:23
Got Ritalin? Your 2nd Amendment rights are gone before you ever hit your teens in new Senate gun control legislation 14:02:06
Ban All Buses Before more people are killed and injured - 2 dead, dozens sent to hospitals after Dallas-area bus crash 13:49:40
Reactions To Senator Rand Paul's Speech at Howard University - VIDEO 13:41:13
A lesson of Humility for Libertarians from Milton Friedman 13:34:04
Video: New York State Police Admit Wrongly Confiscating Guns Under New Laws 13:33:11
Police Standoff ends w nobody shot, no charges filed (for once) 13:30:00
Federal Agents Preparing to Arrest Our Sheriffs 13:29:01
Cloture roll call for gun control legislation 13:27:05
57 Nobel Laureates to Congress: Just Get the Cash 13:24:59
Where to Buy Gold Online WITH Insured Delivery 12:49:08
Now Cyprus Denies $523M Gold Sale 12:41:01
Help, Buying Silver Coins! 12:34:09
JAY - Z Raps About Cuba Trip: 'Obama Said, Chill, Gonna Get Me Impeached' - AUDIO 12:33:46
Bitcoin: "Tarding Halted" 12:32:21
Project 1! 12:21:00
Obama Blowing Smoke Up Our "BUTTS" With Proposed Cigarette Tax 12:19:57
Italian Supreme Court President Blames Bilderberg For Terrorist Attacks 12:13:59
CNN: Senate Votes 68 - 31 To Allow Debate on Gun Legislation 12:07:05
Appropriate books for tax time? 12:02:18
MSNBC - Joe Scarborough Goes Ballistic At "SHAMELESS" Republicans Criticizing Obama's Social Security Cuts - VIDEO 11:58:56
Clueless Toomey doesn't know who or what will determine 'severely ill'-thinks "common sense" should be used! 11:51:31
World's 1st BitCoin Billionaire = R3VOL; Ends his $13,000 FREE Tip-a-Thon@Reddit w/Dr. Paul Quote! 11:46:49
Democrats Considering Joining the Gun Bill Filibuster 11:28:20
Your Extra-Virgin Olive Oil May Be Fake 13:26:29
Dr. Sebi The man that can teach you to cure many diseases , including A.I.D.S 11:12:46
Fire company sirens 11:11:46
How Many Shootings Would the Senate's Background Check Deal Have Prevented? 11:01:14
"Pill Haters", Turn it up to full blast, Let's Take Their Cars. 10:49:01
Rand Paul did NOT use teleprompter 10:33:22
Sign Piers Morgan has Posted in Front of his House 10:17:37
Jesse Benton 'Enjoyed Spending Time with the FBI' 10:17:12
Oh no! Bitcoin a lot like cash... can be used for evil! 10:17:08
Grassley Pushes Virtual Gun Control 10:16:34
Proposed soda ban likely to backfire, study finds 10:11:44
Billionaires Dumping Stocks, Economist Knows Why 09:28:51
Missouri Highway Patrol turns Conceal Carry Permit user info over to Federal Government - DRUDGE 09:14:52
Reality Check: Should Libertarians be PRO or ANTI "gun control?" 09:13:23
Vote Rand Paul on 2013 TIME 100 Poll 09:05:55
Alfred Adask of 60 Minutes Fame (sovereign citizens episode) Live Tonight On Angela's My Private Audio 08:50:25
"Starve The Beast, Don't Join The Military" - War Veteran 08:46:47
Patent threatens 3D printer revolution 08:25:04
Death via probate court - An American Horror Story for the Elderly 08:21:09
Garden in a bottle anyone? 07:39:49
Pharma kills babies like lab rats. 07:35:07
Anyone else fed up? Then SING with me; "We're gonna spread happiness; We're gonna spread freedom..." 06:35:15
I don't mean to be a fear monger, but I think we need to PRAY before Massive deaths in ALASKA and NEVADA 06:17:41
Skippy Has Decided To SKIP Posts About Moral Issues 06:02:07
Senators Rand Paul,Ted Cruz,Mike Lee & 10 Senators to Filibuster S. 649 03:06:16
Student: Texas Professor Forced Class To Create Anti-gun Material 04:33:45
BLOOMBERG: Brain Made Transparent May lead To Clearer Understanding 04:14:07
Denver Airport Whistleblower: ‘Underground Tunnels, Structures' 04:12:27
One Reason Why The Government Is Buying Bullets 04:08:29
People Petition to Confiscate Guns From Tea Party Supporters and Repeal the Second Amendment 03:58:59
Order Signed by the President regarding the Acquisition of Four U.S. Wind Farm Project Companies by Ralls Corporation 03:56:53
2 Freedom Books that you "Must Buy Now"! 03:04:46
Video - Casting Demons out of a dog 02:59:07
Relative power 02:15:52
Bitcoin volatility caused by surge in demand, slow software 02:12:42
Mt.Gox Bitcoin update on the situation and what happened last night 01:49:48
Anarcho-Capitalism is Flawed? StormCloudsGathering Reponse (VIDEO) 01:41:04
Ron Paul Tax Day QuoteBomb 01:24:08
Water, rats, outages: Japan nuke plant precarious 00:33:07
Direct hit! Central Banks Directly Going After Nations_World's Gold. 00:22:17
Libertarian Anarchy: Tom Woods Talks to Gerard Casey 00:20:27
Has Kim won the "North Korea crisis"? Clear signs he may have done just that. 00:15:00
Is it time to repeal the 2nd Amendment? 00:13:58
Your Problem is You Think You're Special... 10:48:26
Why are the banksters telling us to sell our gold when they are hoarding gold like crazy? 00:03:03
Where Did America Go? She's Hiding Out In Mayberry 00:01:02