Posted on April 12, 2013

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Video: Rand Paul visits Simmons College in Louisville to seek African American vote 23:00:04
Politico: Libertarians hit RNC roadblock 23:15:35
What if I told you Patriotism is slavery? 21:09:20
Paul Craig Roberts: Fed Orchestrated Smash In Gold 20:16:38
She Googled Ron Paul... 19:10:15
TSA actually causes an increase in deaths of Americans 20:00:44
Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity 15:53:02
Audio Update: Ben Swann on "Alex Jones" Friday, 4-12-13 11:01:14
Arizona lawmakers approve gold and silver as legal tender 16:00:57 - Up & Running! 12:11:56
Politico: Rubio Goes 'All - In' on Immigration Reform; Allies Hope It Propels Him To Front Runner Status; Media Blitz Planned 11:59:53
California Bill To Nullify NDAA 'UNANIMOUSLY' Passes Committee 11:42:07
African American Libertarian: Rand's Speech At Howard Was No Defense of Liberty 09:35:41 @ 3 - China Mobilizes, Masses Troops on North Korean Border 09:42:41
Ron Paul: Bradley Manning Deserves Nobel Peace Prize More Than Obama 08:05:10
Thoughts on the Great IP Debate 06:02:05
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Daily World News Volume 1 23:56:04
I Like Politicians That Tell The Truth (A 'Tribute' to Thatcherism) 23:43:57
A statement of the sovereign people free 23:41:50
Dream of being an Orator! 23:39:33
Republican Led Legislation To Protect States That Regulate Marijuana Introduced In Congress 23:30:52
Epitome of the works I bequeath to you, I 23:16:02
J.McCain pleads ignorance about Bldg 7 on C-SPAN call in show Tuesday 09-APR-2013 23:15:55
With Gun Agenda Pushed Halfway Through, Still Silence on Lanza Psych Meds 23:01:49
Sheriff Arpaio responds to assassination attempt 22:56:17
Beckoned to Duty! 22:33:38
It's time to stick it to The Man! 22:11:06
Ciber The Briber, And Other Electoral... 22:00:01
Did You Forget To Laugh Today? 21:23:14
More Collective Punishment Coming from that Middle Eastern Democracy 21:09:07
This video is still relevant even today 20:53:34
Ron Paul on Gun Control 20:47:40
Screw Bitcoin...could we start our own currency? 20:43:11
Fifth annual Shorty awards held - What? 20:27:33
Ron Paul Launches New Peace Institute 20:05:00
U.S. Treasury Warns Japan Over Currency 19:58:31
Obamas' Tax Return Shows Lower Earnings 19:48:54
Did theses race obsessed weirdos completely fabricate this story? Let's investigate, DP... 19:38:07
Science discovers 'magic trick' that causes partisan voters to switch parties 19:34:21
Military support for Obama's usurpation 19:09:55
Bitcoin prices on CNBC 18:52:28
Rand Paul and Thomas Massey Live Ustream from Louisville Tea Party 18:33:59
China tries to corner world cotton market and put US Farmers out of business 17:56:55
ALERT - House to vote on CISPA Thursday 4/18 17:51:48
I ambush interview ex UN official about sex slavery scandal 17:48:44
House GOP shows little appetite for Senate gun control measure 17:45:03
Small Business Owners Say Bitcoins Better than Credit Cards 17:18:34
I found this very interesting (google search) 17:14:47
former-deputy-sheriff-reveals-secrets-police-dont-want-you-to-know/ 16:56:19
"The Coup A “what if” Story" by Justin Raimondo (and an Experiment.) 16:46:43
Idaho Bans Government Spy Drones 16:28:03
VIDEO: USS Cole commander Kirk Lippold stands with Rand on foreign policy, not John McCain (Fox News 4/12/13) 16:20:31
Representative Justin Amash 33rd Birthday Moneybomb 16:11:05
Ron Paul to launch "New Policy Institute." Awesome! But didn't someone google the name to see it already exists? 16:07:48
Crayon-Written Paper in Florida 4th-Grader’s Backpack ‘I Am Willing to Give Up Some of My Constitutional Rights to Be Safer’ 15:52:41
Photo of 1 of 100+ babies born outside the womb live and killed by Ohio Abortionist - Disgusting 15:50:47
Idaho Bans Government Spy Drones! Legislation pending in 31 Other States! 15:33:43
4th-Graders now learn to give up their constitutional rights for safety in public schools 15:32:49
Texas Rethinking Its Testing, Curriculum Standards 15:29:43
Made In The United States - WD-41 15:08:06
Manchin-Toomey GunBan WORSE than Feinstein's! Limit FIVE Guns Per Yr, Perpetual Record! 15:07:54
Ron Paul to Launch New Policy Institute on April 17th at 3:00 PM 15:07:44
Justin Amash - 33rd Birthday Money Bomb - April 18th 15:02:37
How They Sell War on North Korea 14:56:54
Sandy Hook - A falling out? 14:55:07
"Meet Ron Paul" children's book official Press Release... Please share with your favorite media. 14:52:23
Defended Rand Paul, and now I'm a Racist. 14:52:20
Dietary guidelines once recommended a healthier diet – then came politics 14:43:46
'Chinese GOOGLE' Opens Artificial - Intelligence Lab in Silicon Valley 14:31:35
CNN - Nugent To Burnett: "Do You Agree Eric Holder Should Be Arrested For Gun Trafficking?" - VIDEO 14:21:37
The Bashful Bitcoin Numismatist 14:09:52
Stoopid, Idiot Establishment Republicans got Just what they had coming... 14:07:41
UNBELIEVEABLE! Father of 3 Imprisoned 25 Years for Selling Leftover Pain Pills 14:06:42
Guardian Hatchet Job On Ron Paul's Home Schooling Curriculum 16:21:20
The Power of WORDS! 13:54:43
Over 500 Tons Of Paper Gold Sold In Takedown 13:50:30
Relief for millions as back pain is CURED by a single injection 13:49:55
Congress Quietly Votes To Hide Financial Disclosures 13:49:11
Police in full SWAT gear over suicidal man 13:49:05
Arizona Citizens With Children in Charter Schools Please Read 13:43:38
Jonathan Winters: RIP 13:37:01
What does It take for DC Whores to sell-out 2nd Amendment? A Joe Manchin 54ft $620,000 Yacht 13:28:24
Harvey Organ 13:26:36
Doug Casey vs. Jon Matonis: The Great Gold vs. BitCoin Debate! - April 11, 2013 13:05:48
States rights. 13:04:33
If Ron Paul Was A Policeman 13:01:07
Obama Drones! Luke Rudkowski of WeAreCHANGE vs. Sting who claimed 'God sent us Obama' 12:55:47
Father Sickened by Anti - Constitutional Note from Son's School 12:53:28
DHS To Meet with New Jersey Congressman Leonard Lance on Ammo Purchases 12:40:21
Rand Paul's PRO-2nd Amendment OpEd @ CNN: Govt wants Your Gun Rights! 12:35:14
Obama's "Cat Food" Social Security Reform - Video 12:29:11
In Europe, You'd Better Watch What You Say about Supplements 11:59:35
Coincidence? Ron Paul Home-School Curriculum Media Attention & Texas Stabber Headline 11:54:08
Soda Ban Highlights The Hidden Hazards of Proposed Gun Control Restrictions 11:50:57
Four guys in Chicago. Two abide by the gun laws. Two do not. 11:19:04
Biden compares guns to "Ferrari's" 11:07:13
Ron Paul could use some love on this article 10:58:44
WHOA! Greek Unemploment Soars By 1.5% In One Month, Hits Record 27.2% 10:35:03
Gold and Silver Slammed! 10:34:58
The Ron Paul Liberty Movement Is Targeting Young Families! 10:26:58
Suspicious package containing explosive material sent to Arizona Sheriff Arpaio 10:21:17
Isonomy, One Law for All: Cody Wilson's Latest Interview on KOBRA, Swedish TV 10:18:53
CLUELESS: Harry Reid's 100 - Clip Magazine - VIDEO 10:18:10
My Liberty Gear 10:13:04
Idaho Restricts Drone Use By Police Agencies Amid Privacy Concerns 10:08:54
When is the Libertarian Party going to step up? 10:02:27
RMFAO! Man Gets 7 Years For Stealing Obama's Teleprompter 09:58:08
COPS: Bomb Sent To 'America's Toughest Sheriff, ' Joe Arpaio 09:36:54
Common Law 101 Nationwide: Eddie Craig's Tao of Law; How to DEFEAT Fascist Statists! 09:16:22
ACP on Lew Rockwell... 09:06:15
Fed Releases Names Of Early FOMC Minutes Recipients: Include Employees Of ECB, Goldman, Barclays, JPM, Law And PE Firms 08:55:36
Rolling the Iron Dice, Can Kim Jong Un use his nukes and get away with it? 08:46:05
Offshore Leaks: Vast Web of Tax Evasion Exposed 08:43:55
Kid Rock says he's more of a libertarian now 08:38:09
Fed Reserve leaks FOMC mins to Banks - Grayson calls for investigation - Goldman manipulating Gold 08:23:08
Dr. Ron Paul Spreading The Message Of Liberty To Ohio At Oberlin College 07:35:56
Jon Stewart's Hitpiece vs. Rand Paul's Address @ Howard University + NPR interviews Rand! 05:56:37
Rand Paul on Bill Bennett's Morning in America 4/11/13 05:52:29
Global elite escaping to Mars? 04:12:59
(Full Text) S.649 - Public Safety and Second Amendment Rights Protection Act 03:47:50
Treason Alert: Democrats Try To Move Gun Bill Forward Without Allowing Senators Time To Read Legislation - Video 03:11:27
Virginia restaurant refuses service to wounded vet with service dog 03:10:00
Ted Nugent Exposes CNN Protection of Eric Holder Gun Trafficking and Erin Burnett Supports Criminals 03:04:24
Highway patrol gave feds Missouri's database of concealed weapon permits 03:03:35
Indigo Alert: Urge Cuban Government: Do Not Turn Hakken Family Over To U.S. "authorities" 02:59:02
2nd Draft of South Park Book 02:24:02
Feds Identify 300,000 Americans as Terrorists 00:57:57
Scheer Trumps Krugman in Stockman Debate 00:41:21
PRANK: Banning Knives & Forks In College (Texas College Stabbing) Video 00:18:02
Home Owners Across the Nation Sue All Bank Servicers and Their Offshore Havens; Spire Law Officially Announces Filing of Landmar 00:13:18
Update:Looks like a shortage in Physical Silver is shaping up 10:20:44