Posted on April 13, 2013

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Tension Turns to Violence at Guantanamo Amid Growing Hunger Strike 20:21:37
Cost of War to the United States 19:46:58
You know what is great about the DP? 23:24:25
Sen. Lindsey Graham says foreign aid is not redistribution of wealth! 23:34:22
Allen West: Another neocon down for the count. 19:19:03
The Entire Economy Is a Ponzi Scheme. The Global Financial System is Insolvent 17:41:19
C I S P A’s B A C K! 17:37:56
Frank Luntz: Rand Paul Has By Far The Most Successful Poll-Tested Platform On Immigration 15:23:06
Born on This Day: Thomas Jefferson, April 13, 1743 13:51:55
Florida dad decries fourth-grade lesson: I’ll give up rights for security 11:40:24
! YAY ! Raw Milk Now Legal in Arkansas! 10:23:36
Alaska GOP hold illegal meeting and try to oust Chairperson Debbie Brown a Paul supporter 16:49:06
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Supreme Court weighs whether to hear case on guns in public 23:45:23
“Nature” Wins: H7N9 Runs Wild 23:30:50
Why Freedom Loving People Everywhere Fell In Love Ron Paul 23:30:37
Update: 16% of US Annual Silver Supply Just Vaporized… 23:28:12
Mike Maloney : "There's a financial crisis coming to a country near you." - Cyprus, Demand & the Numismatic Con. (4/9/2013) 23:26:26
Enough Is Enough! 23:15:26
Obama's Shame: The forgotten Prisoners of America's own Gulag 23:15:17
Chinese warns of H7N9 "latent infections", virus may be uncontainable 22:53:28
TMOT Speaks at Athens Clarke County Tea Party 22:39:44
Julie Borowski - Addressing the Lack of Female Libertarians 22:32:58
Gold & Silver Chart Analysis Week Ending 4/12/2013 22:26:48
Vietnam Accuses China of Suppressing H7N9 Count 22:24:56
Ron Paul: A President I Would Be Proud Of 22:02:01
The Curley Effect: Using Redistribution Politics To Shape A Left-Wing Electorate 21:53:47
Photos Released Inside Beijing Hospital H7N9 Ward 21:45:45
Trial Of Serial Killer Gets Little Coverage 21:43:33
Canada Quietly Considering Cyprus-Style “Bail-in” 21:38:58
What Is The Most Watched Ron Paul Video On Youtube? 21:22:04
Interesting Interview with a Wall Street Market Maker 21:14:37
Portugal: Government Dependents in Shock as Money Runs Out 20:25:14
Federal Reserve Plans to Decrease Unemployment through Inflation 20:24:17
My son Kyle founder of ACP will be on Fox Sunday at 12:30 EST. 19:47:59
Bilderberg comes to Watford? The evidence. 19:46:38
Video: Rand Paul Speaks at the Louisville Tea Party's "Stand with Rand Rally" 4/12/2013 19:27:53
The non-aggression principle and objective morality 19:23:08
What does $85,000,000,000 a month look like? 19:05:49
Marco Rubio will reportedly go "all-in" to support the Senate's comprehensive immigration reform 19:04:13
Kudos FOX News on NSA Data Center; Conservatives Keeping the Civil Liberties Championship Football 19:03:38
Bitcoin Volatility Continues, Value Drops Over $100 18:48:19
ATF Wants 'Massive' Online Database to Find Out Who Your Friends Are 18:41:49
Super Drones being tested in Australia 18:40:00
UN Arms Trade Treaty Could Shut Down Flow Of Surplus Ammo 18:21:30
Clifford May says Afghanistan attacked Russia first 18:14:32
Welcome to the Technological Police State : NIST Next Generation Identification FOUO (April 3, 2013) 18:13:40
DoD Issues Instructions on Military Support of Civilian Law Enforcement 17:53:48
Barbara Boxer, AIPAC seek to codify Israel's right to discriminate against Americans 17:51:41
Californians in Oceanside OK With Gun Confiscation 17:37:42
North Korea crisis is a trap setup for Iran 16:51:50
7 year old H7N9 patient timeline, photos released 16:37:52
Taiwan, China won’t cooperate on H7N9 vaccine: official 16:11:28
Gold Below 1500 on Potential Cyprus Gold Sale 15:51:41
Gold, Silver Plunge, Investors Fear Confiscation? 15:34:54
Live Free or Die in Bahrain? 15:25:26
Distraction 101: A Tiger Woods controversy... 15:20:45
Spritely discussion currently occurring on Yahoo news 15:13:05
This is as good as it will get, Ex-Military Bio-Environmental Engineer | Kristen Meghan | Blows Whistle On Air Force | Chemtrail 14:57:27
There's A Darkness 14:50:16
Ron Paul on Gun Control 14:47:07
Looking for Ammo? Check Gunbot. Find ammo in 'real time' 14:46:28
Sequitur - The Birth of News Media - Made me laugh 14:27:20
Ron Paul draws huge Lincoln Day crowd in Knoxville 14:10:58
Gun Owners Fight Back vs Bloomberg's MAIG: Gun Owners Against ILLEGAL Mayors! 14:10:33
Ron Paul to launch foreign policy institute! 14:04:27
Deleted 13:58:39
San Diego County considers forcing residents to take psychiatric medication 13:27:02
Poll 66% Disagree with Rubio's (Rands) Immigration Plans 13:21:17
What Does North Korea Really Want? Caspian Report on 13:10:41
Great night in Knoxville Tn. Last night 12:13:47
Oh boy! Who will win the NRA 500 at Texas Motor Speedway TONIGHT? 11:54:58
Anyone with any type of Money Bomb experience? 11:38:17
Moon base and lassoed asteroid 10:46:56
U.S., China agree on North Korea denuclearization push 10:09:34
Infant beheadings. Severed baby feet in jars. 09:40:08
KWN Interview w/ Silver Whistleblower Andrew Maguire Regarding Yesterday's Metals Market Action 09:24:19
Drones and Law Enforcement in America: The Unmanned Police Surveillance State 08:55:02
Scrapping the US “Social Safety Net”: Obama Budget Slashes Social Security, Medicare 08:50:30
Falling to pieces for Israel... Song Video ( Disgusting!) 08:13:01 Coming Soon… A new platform. A new beginning. 07:59:18
Mike Maloney's "Gold and Silver 2013 Consolidation Over?" (1 Minute-Long) 07:39:00
Ron Paul Nation Ep.7, April 12, 2013: America's Fast Becoming a Nation of Crony Corporatists! 07:19:47
#RiseOfAR15: CNBC HitPiece debuts Tonight, April 25, 2013, ftr. Cody Wilson, James Yeager! 06:39:01
Cody Wilson: Uniting Hacktivists, Crypto-Anarchists, AnCaps & Gunnies One 3D-Printed Gun @ a Time! 06:04:31
Christie Diaz, aka MommyNomics: AnCap Mama Loves her Guns! And, a Rebuttal vs. Detractors 05:10:15
Yuan reaches record high against the US dollar 05:03:08
Ryan McMaken talks "Commie Cowboys" on Lew Rockwell Show - April 12, 2013 04:39:05
More Video Evidence Obama Guarded By Shape-shifting Demons 03:18:12
ShakeUp@InfoWars: David Ortiz FIRED! Melton let go, and... Aaron Dykes also left! .o( 02:56:37
March Against Monsanto Nation Wide May 25th! Be There! From Los Angeles To New York 02:13:05
Freethinkers are those who are willing to use their minds . 01:24:07
How far are we willing to legalize drugs? 01:12:02
Tiger Woods 01:05:43
Canadians Reporters Video Purchase Gun? 00:36:35
go say of independence 00:02:48