Posted on April 14, 2013

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Ron Paul's Straight Talk 4/15/13: Why Can't We All Travel To Cuba? 19:16:55
Update:My friend Arrested for blowing .000 and no drugs in Urine by Greenville Deputy Jonathan Jackson 19:03:27
TSA - You can't make this stuff up. 17:37:55
WIRED Mag: Got 1984 FBI Big Brother PanOpticon? Check your Pocket: Your 'Smart' Phones 17:20:40
Dr. Ron Paul draws HUGE Lincoln Day Crowd in Knoxville! (April 12, 2013) 15:43:38
Living Through Financial Collapse: David Nghiem on The Robert Wenzel Show 09:02:12
Madoff Contacts Congress: 'JPM Was Complicit In My Crime' 07:30:59
Congressman Gerald Connolly says people are not forced to pay taxes 16:02:04
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Wealth Tax To Pay For EU Bail- Outs 23:47:44
Background Checks vs. Registration 23:17:23
Guantanamo Bay - "they do not want us to die, and they do not want us to live like a human being" 23:10:48
North Korea Has Nukes 23:10:32
Rupert Murdock's Speech To The IPA: Socialism is 'Immoral' - VIDEO 23:04:53
A Daily Paul Post gone horribly wrong 22:22:37
2029: The Paul Presidential Library 22:21:18
Internment Camps and Feedback From Veteren 22:16:26
Silver 23.10- Gold 1395 22:07:02
Beautiful Mathematical Equation = You will love this! Believe me 21:59:25
"I became a Libertarian: now I can't enjoy movies due to all the government propaganda." 21:49:00
Mike Maloney : "Today's Low Gold & Silver Prices Are Not Realistic." (4/13/2013) 21:45:16
Al-Nusra front in Syria has officially announced that it is part of al-Qaeda. (And the US is funding them) 21:41:37
income taxes due 21:24:06
Granny Storm Crow’s MMJ Reference List for July 2012 21:10:02
Maine Democrats Kill Agenda 21 Ban 20:40:37
Soldiers have choices ( warning graphic content) 20:35:04
Manchin-Toomey 'Compromise' Creates $100m Yearly Grants To Bribe States 20:23:42
CBS is being really lame right now! 20:11:58
Pittsburgh's Conflict Kitchen in the news 20:09:03
Kristina Marie is Shrinking Her Brain Tumor 20:00:44
Getting rid of the socialism or communism or capitalism or any ism 19:57:54
Unleash Independence Radio - Aspartame 19:57:29
Alert: SCOTUS may hear whether Bearing Arms in Public is Constitutional, come Monday! 19:51:19
North Korean Propaganda Video: US Propaganda 19:47:13
Man Commits Suicide in Infield of Texas Motor Speedway NRA 500 19:44:36
SNL: Toomey, Manchin, and Obama explain Gun Control Bill (snort) 19:27:19
Ron Paul Texas Straight Talk: Why CAN'T We all travel to Cuba? (April 15, 2013) 19:23:44
HELP Oath Keepers sponsor Jeffrey Earnhardt's (Grandson of Dale, RIP) NASCAR! 18:50:27
Children Of The State 18:29:02
Judge Rules Against NYPD Theft-Baiting 18:22:28
Video: Drinking and Walking is the New Crime 17:51:01
Pandemic? First case of human-to-human H7N9 infection reported 17:41:46
The Propaganda Never Stops 17:26:32
President Rand Paul's Cabinet 17:20:03
Oath Keepers / Jeffrey Earnhardt to get out message about defending the Constitution 17:13:49
Lew Rockwell: Want Liberty in Our Times? Lew talks graciously about Ron Paul 16:26:19
Deftones' Chi Cheng dies; vigil tonight 16:25:54
Just plain tired of the Political BS, Religious BS, Hating BS.. Ready for the 15:51:10
Egypt on the brink: Devalues currency to stay alive 15:40:46
To Bee Or Not To Bee 15:24:24
First medical marijuana school in Nevada opens 15:21:58
Immigration vs Naturalization 15:16:12
Let's fight for our rights 14:50:31
Scientific Determinism 14:41:19
✤ Chris Martenson Interviews Mike Malone ✤ 14:35:57
Ron Paul Home School Curriculum Under Attack 14:30:22
US, Jordan Forces Now Fighting in Syria 14:06:42
nt 13:55:19
RP-Friendly ME Gov. LePage's Open Letter to Gun Manufacturers: Come to Maine! 13:41:35
Kim Jong Un Will Not Attack Anyone 13:34:53
nt 13:25:21
John Avlon of CNN, doesn't know if anybody wants to initiate force 13:25:06
"Red Alert": 1500 Page Immigration Bill To Drop One Day Before Only Hearing? 13:24:34
Venezuela Reaps the Fruit of 14 Years of Socialism 13:16:48
Brent Bozell on mainstream media 13:15:04
Democrats Call for Door to Door Gun Confiscation - VIDEO 13:13:39
Censorship: Banned Episode Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura 13:11:22
DOD Issues Instructions on Military Support of Civilian Law Enforcement 13:01:08
Conspiracy News with Special Guest Gov. Jesse Ventura (Part 2) 12:53:20
Thousands Rally in Spain Against The Monarchy, Calling for Return of Elected Head of State 12:52:18
German AFD Party Calls for “Orderly” Dismantling of Euro Zone 12:51:32
Bill Maher: "The Second Amendment Is Bullsh*t " - VIDEO 12:43:38
How Chavez Killed the Free Press in Venezuela 12:30:50
Monsanto Corporations - Companies That Use Monsanto Products - Boycott 12:17:47
OPEN borders Equals redistribution of Wealth - great article 12:02:03
Six Suicide Bombers, Car Bomb “Thunderclap” Somali Courthouse 10:39:39
Shock: “Internment and Resettlement Operations – FM 3-39.40″ 09:47:27
During The Last Crisis, We Had China,” Now We Have No One 09:23:53
The Will of God in Christ Jesus Concerning You! 08:58:54
AMNESTY magnet turned ON as thousands cross the border preparing to get free stuff and become legalized - Mega Rush starts 08:53:27
OMG! Frqnt twits & txtrs found 2 b mor shalo than curmudgeons who write. 07:53:54
Landslide shuts down silver mine in Utah that supplied 10% of domestic production. POOF! Gone. 07:28:28
A Colorado Sheriff Responds To President Obama (regarding our 2nd Amendment Rights) 07:24:29
*Bohemian Grove just got phone hacked*. Hey look it's Colin Powell! 05:09:54
The Secret War Against the Jews: How Western Espionage Betrayed The Jewish People 04:48:44
Anti-Euro Party a Wildcard in German Elections 04:39:57
Fox News: Rand Paul is a non-interventionist 04:39:21
A Practical Utopian's guide to the coming collapse 04:34:10
ALERT: Alan Gottlieb of 2A Fdn. Publicly ADMITS to Crafting the Toomey-Manchin Univ. Gun Registry Bill! 04:25:54
RT's Crosstalk: Kerry's Shuttle (Video) 03:40:09
A Call To Action 02:44:50
Ask your RINO this... "Why do you support Hollywood? Why do you support Hollywood's CISPA legislation? Are you a Democrat?" 02:33:18
Hey Dp 20:12:38
Can libertarianism tolerate the existence of a socialist community 01:56:12
How Kim Jong Un Could "Win" In Real War 01:37:12
Our Elected Representatives in the Federal Government Have Not Managed our Monetary System for the Past 100 Years! 01:15:16
Timetracks- Looking good for Rand 00:58:39
Doug Casey on Second Passports 00:53:21
Is This A Great Golf Club or What? 00:18:35
Short Walk at the White House (Fantastic) 00:12:13
Milton Friedman on Hayek's "Road to Serfdom" 1994 Interview 00:11:32
New And Improved Bra As Seen On Ncis La 00:05:37
All Over America Evangelical Christians Are Being Labeled As “Extremists” And “Hate Groups” 00:00:23