Posted on April 16, 2013

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Steve Forbes: Why Gold Plunged 22:36:55
Establishment resorts to Name-Calling as they continue to lose GOP Civil War 20:03:13
Ricin envelope addressed to U.S. Senator tests positive 19:58:25
Congrats Ben Swann. 18:19:11
Video: Why the Government Hates Homeschooling/How Public Education Leads to Statism 20:00:20
If you don't at least suspect a false flag... 18:59:00
4 Hours Left to Stop CISPA 16:32:27
Ron Paul Spoke at University of Florida Last Night: Youth Support Marks His Career Highlight 15:26:24
American Conservative Founder: Boston Attack Could Be 'False Flag' Operation To Start War With Iran 14:54:45
Chuck Hagel: Pentagon Ready To Violate Posse Comitatus - VIDEO 18:02:13
Report: No Easy Options for Feds in Legal Marijuana States 14:24:41
MSNBC Video: GOP Rep. Peter King On Boston Bombing: "I Do Think We Need More Cameras" 14:05:14
My Home was Searched for Growing Vegetables in my Bathroom 14:02:51
While You Are Preoccupied With Boston Bombing, GOP Moves To Prop Up ObamaCare 14:55:15
30 killed in Afghan Wedding Party; U.S. Bomb Missed Target 09:21:39
Explosion at Boston Marathon 09:26:41
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Looters doing what looters do after Boston attack 23:34:07
More Demogoguery From Michael Moore: Smears Patriots for Boston Bombing with Tweets 23:24:26
When is an IED not an IED? 23:17:35
VIDEO: Freudian Slip? Reid: Anti - Gun Legislation Before Senate 23:04:31
Pressure Cooker Bomb 22:51:01
No more stars & stripes 22:28:56
Chad Connelly chair wouldn't allow UYR Chair to speak after invitation; He wasn't a Connelly Supporter 22:16:07
Jon Rappoport: All Terror Attacks are PsyOps 21:59:06
Why didn't I think of this? 21:41:32
Debunked. Boston Bombing CG/Greenscreen "Proof" - CG body parts and blood. 11:29:20
Arrested and disarmed in Texas! 20:47:38
Who Will Get The Blame - A Muslim or a Patriot? 20:40:47
Boston Massacre: Govt finally decides Whom to blame: You, the Gunnies; the Ammo Re-Loaders! 20:26:43
Google chairman who defends Google Car spying wants private drones banned 20:25:25
Dear any American who thinks Boston "Massacre" is a big deal 20:11:22
First Amendment void in Georgia 19:58:58
Was The Boston Bombing "A Strategy Of Tension?" 10-Min. Youtube Explains the Possibility. 19:52:28
What is your preferred investment/trading site? 19:40:51
Photos from Boston 19:35:10
Looking before one leaps. 18:59:45
"The Government Can", Tim Hawkins - So True ! 18:40:31
Paul Joseph Watson responds to "Family Guy Hoax" Allegations and Youtube Censorship. 18:30:58
Headline: Sweden runs out of Garbage 18:18:35
Robert Timsah Video Response To Terrorist Attack 18:10:37
The Second Boston Massacre: They Made a Big Mistake 17:55:51
Neil deGrasse Tyson: A Story About Race 17:52:40
Algae Powered Building Blooms in Hamburg 17:52:07
CNN: The lucrative business of cigarette smuggling 17:35:33
Boston talk show host tells listeners to stop bitching about their rights 17:32:14
Decorated Veteran Open Carrying in Texas Arrested 17:31:02
Video - Verhofstadt has spoken 17:29:55
The Boston Marathon Bombings, Selective Empathy, and State Worship 17:29:22
Iraq’s Bloody Monday: 75 Killed, 356 Wounded 17:21:10
Ron Paul Speech Schedule 17:12:53
Watch for it: Boston Bombing will bolster CISPA, Justify Attack on 1st Amendment 17:09:33
Does Senator Rand Paul Have The Right Prescription For America CBN News 4/15/2013 17:07:54
Social Media Response of the Boston Bombing (My Take) 16:57:14
Family Guy bombing hoax 16:47:31
U.N. Report- Opium Production in Afghanistan to Rise in 2013 16:44:57
Freedomworks & The New Fair Deal, Propose A Dangerous Exercise of Constitutional Ignorance 16:31:52
Judge Napolitano: IRS Looking at Facebook, Twitter Pages... But Can They Read Your Emails Too!? 16:29:07
Reduction in Marijuana Penalties Approvest. Louis board of Aldermen 16:00:29
I Am Probably Outabeer. 15:51:39
Co Sponsor of CISPA Tries to Explain Himself 15:44:26
The Terrorists ... 15:39:48
Lew Rockwell - "Another Government Failure Day" 15:37:04
Getting Started with Bitcoin, Part 4: How to Acquire Bitcoins 15:13:56
First Question Asked Boston Press Conference - Is this a false flag are we losing civil liberties 15:01:08
GOP senators oppose background check compromise. 2nd Amendment on the chopping block. 14:45:18
ObamaCare: Nations Largest Movie Theater Chain Cuts Employee Hours 14:40:24
Liberty, IP And Human Gene Patenting 14:29:19
Obama Snubs Thatcher Funeral: Sends Presidential Delegation With No Serving Politician To London 14:20:19
Israel Arrests 14 Year Old, Ninth Grade Honor Student, Who Was Born In New Orleans 14:13:32
Boston Bombing Theory I want to share and get your opinion on. 14:11:13
I find this odd. Boston Bombing 14:08:11
Central bankers and lackey bureaucrats should be tried for financial crimes - Godfrey Bloom MEP 13:58:16
The Boston Marathon Bombings, Selective Empathy, and State Worship 13:49:11
Alex Jones on 'Coast to Coast' For 3 Hours w / George Noory - Tuesday 4-16-13 - 10P - 2AM PT 13:28:49
Meet the Writer of "Meet Ron Paul!" 22:05:52
Roommate of Boston Suspect Questioned 13:24:10
Mass Confusion In Boston: You Can Bet The Politicians in DC Are Planning Their Next Move To Futher Restrict Our Civil Liberties 13:23:13
Crisis and Libertarian 13:09:38
Authorities ID person of interest as Saudi national in marathon bombings, under guard at Boston hospital 13:07:14
Your attention please, we seem to be missing a Sophron 13:05:39
Central Banks Dump Gold to Delay Dollar Crash 13:04:41
Army's Runner Pulled Before Boston Blast! 12:58:40
Was the Mobile HAARP Weapon sitting off the Coast of N Korea involved in the 8 Earthquake on the Iran-Pakistan Border? 12:53:37
Family Guy Episode Predicted Boston Marathon Attack 12:48:13
whew! glad I got that out of my system... 12:48:04
Boston Marathon Explosion 'Was a Drill' 12:46:08
RedLandNeckStan- the new country! 12:26:38
On the morning after the Boston explosions, the DHS website explains how it's keeping Americans safe. 12:19:56
Results Of Full Body Scans At US Airports 12:19:17
Is H7N9 exhibiting collective intelligence? H7N9 Mutating to become more infectious 12:14:00
OK DP: Here is my problem - what is your idea? 12:11:53
Remember to Breathe 12:10:36
Bullion Shortages Develop As Demand Skyrockets, 50 to 1 buyers to sellers 12:09:05
video: Reporter asks Mass Governor if the marathon Boston bombing was a ‘false flag attack’ 12:03:56
Paper Gold Market Collapses. Scarcity of Physical Gold for Sale in Asia… 12:01:01
US Sponsored Syria “Opposition” declares Allegiance to Al Qaeda 11:57:05
video: Family Guy Episode Predicted Boston Marathon Attack 11:44:16
Official story unraveling for Boston marathon bombing; clear evidence points to bomb squad's prior knowledge 11:38:04
Interesting Family Guy Episode Concerning Boston Bombings 11:32:35
Think you're leaving the Daily Paul?! 11:30:35
Was The Boston Bombing A Cover Story? Us Silver Wholesale Suppliers Sell Out Of All Physical Silver On Same Day! 11:06:47
Let's come together as a community and do some good for Boston! Let's find some clues! 10:56:58
Socialist Republicans Busted! 10:53:45
Business Magazine (Russia): Public in Blissful Ignorance of H7N9 Pandemic 10:52:42
New Rendition of the Libel of Review Counterclaim 10:51:13
Canadian Mint help wanted ad 10:31:44
Neo-con talk radio ready for the Alex Jones camp... 10:30:57
Family guy episode - Boston Bombing 10:29:57
Where are the false flags? 10:28:34
7.8 Earthquake hit Iran/Pakistan border TODAY! 10:03:40
David Stockman vs. Paul Krugman 'Epic'-ish 'Debate': "Maybe We owe it to Green Martians..." 09:53:32
Arizona Becomes Second State to Approve Gold & Silver as Legal Tender 09:39:09
Federal Government Approval Rating = 28% 09:14:25
Boston Massacre: ONLY Thing that matters Now is, Who Will They Blame? What Rights will They Infringe? 09:30:34
Leaked: CDC text message reveals health workers quarantined, grim future with H7N9 08:52:28
DontWakeMeUp.Org Launched As Trucker's Civil Rights Lawsuit Proceeds Against Texas Troopers 08:46:39
Are some of us victims of applied "Stockhlom Syndrome"? 08:26:39
Judge rules in favor of lesbians suing Hawaii B&B 08:26:02
For all those who proclaim they are leaving the Daily Paul. 08:13:35
Does anybody really believe this was an earthquake? 08:11:38
Strong 8 earthquake hits Iran-Pakistan border , Hundreds feared dead, tremors felt across the Gulf and in New Delhi 08:06:40
Lies, Character Assassination, and Disagreeing on the Daily Paul 07:20:39
FF Alert: Three Mile Island emergency drill set for Today ! 06:14:05
r3volution Film Projects! 06:07:26
US Marine helicopter crashed near North Korea DMZ 05:07:20
Runners were warned beforehand that they were going to die 05:02:45
Liberty Movement Roundtable Discussion 04:49:30
New York's Assault Weapons Registration Begins 04:19:07
I Am Probably Out Of Here 03:22:49
Bomb Sniffing Dogs At Start And Finish Line! 03:10:31
Veteran Marathon Runner Describes Large Military Presence around Race Starting Line 03:02:02
I'm sick of hearing about the freakin Gang of Eight. 02:49:59
CNN: Taxpayers now pay more into Social Security than they'll receive in benefits, and the trend is worsening 02:21:52
"Five Years Later" ... 4/15/2013 02:03:49
Hark I hear a fallacy! 00:25:27
NBC Nightly News - Boston Doctor: Multiple Injuries To People's Legs - VIDEO 00:22:52
Do I have to answer the American Community Census Questions? 00:12:24
"No Texting While Driving" Laws Cause More Wrecks Study Shows 09:29:39
Feedback From Fellow DP Members 09:19:32