Posted on April 17, 2013

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Oh My God Dozens Dead In Waco Explosion - Video 23:55:00
Nigel Farage calls members in the EU "criminals" 22:05:02
Bush - Era Torture Use "INDISPUTABLE.' Gitmo Must Close, Task Forces Finds - Video 20:41:08
Peter Schiff on Kudlow Report ~ Is The Gold Rally Really Over? 20:13:09
Gitmo Is Killing Me - A First Hand Account 20:43:22
Senate Rejects Gun Control Background Check Amendment 54-46 17:46:17
Hagel deploys troops to Jordan 17:34:46
Ron Paul Launches Peace and Prosperity Institute 16:34:43
As America Is Distracted on Boston Bombing: US Senate Says They Will Back Israel Attack on Iran 13:01:47
B-R-E-A-K-I-N-G Infowars News: 4/17/13 Boston Bombing Culprits Identified? 13:19:43
'Trotskyite' Ted Cruz adds amendment to Gun Bill 12:54:49
North Carolina: Bill Introduced To Decriminalize Marijuana And Expunge Previous Convictions 16:53:44
Washington Examiner: Rand Paul Opens 2016 Bid, Plans Primary Trips 10:08:35
Political Ponerology - Psychopaths: Almost Human 12:16:16
Women and Beauty 08:37:56
Ben Swann Reality Check: Did the FBI know about Boston bombing beforehand? 08:50:34
STOP The Common Core 03:47:40
Biden on gun bill: ‘I think we're there’ 00:14:29
The Fed Messed With The Wrong Senator 09:58:48
RLC National Convention May 10-12th 2013: RECAP 01:54:53
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844-Page Immigration Bill 'Worse Than We Thought,' Legalizes Relatives and Previously Deported 23:56:34
Huge chemical plant explosion. 60-70 dead. 23:56:22
Create A Photo Album on Facebook of the Boston Bomb Photos From Infowars 23:48:15
Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity opened, TODAY! 23:43:52
Is this the 8/yo kid Richard Martin standing next to the would be patsy. 23:36:20
UPDATED: Just In-From NBC's Brian Williams' Facebook Page 23:31:55
Old FBI vs. New, Orwellian FBI 23:09:52
Did Saudi Royal jet pick up Saudi National that was hospitalized and mentioned as a suspect in BM? 23:06:00
The "Green Thing" 23:04:14
Obama Throws Tantrum over Gun Control Defeat 23:03:58
Modern Moms Top 10 Sleepy Animals!:) 22:51:29
Huge explosion in Texas 22:50:39
Obama Granting Saudi Muslims 'Trusted Traveler' Status 22:37:29
Zimbabwe makes history. BitCoins now official national currency. 22:33:55
BLOWBACK? Assad Says West Will Pay For Backing Al Qaeda in Syria 22:33:10
I'm out of love, set me free free... 22:21:55
Explosion At Fertilizer Plant In West Texas, More Than 60 Dead, Multiple Injuries - Story Developing 22:13:19
Bill Gross of PIMCO warns of credit supernova from the FED 22:07:08
Fluoride levels are currently over 9,000 22:06:17
Money Bomb For David Earl Williams III, Candidate For Congress, April 18th-19th 22:03:06
I designed a "Liberty Preservation" shirt! 22:02:22
Beantown = Nazi Town: Papiere Bitte! 22:00:14
Wall Street Journal: Moody's Warn It Could Downgrade Chicago, Other Cities Due To Pension Burdens 21:59:06
Suspicious package found in Beloit Wisconsin - 11 injured, 65 quarantined 21:41:39
Infowars Article Rocks The Internet, Front Page of Drudge Report 21:38:46
This man was supposed to be the tea party-terrorist patsy. 21:38:43
Report: Pentagon requesting $395.9 million to buy Israel more Iron Dome batteries 21:28:43
The Fed Goes “Terminator” 21:17:25
"Boston Marathon Bombing is Staged Terror Attack" 20:10:02
A US drone fired two missiles killing at least five "militants" today in a country we are not at war with (Pakistan) 21:06:40
No Such Thing As Nothing 20:58:07
Israeli law enforcement planned the trip before the deadly pair of bombings on Monday 20:36:30
April 17th National Shameful Day - Celebrations Commence 20:29:54
Indicted War Criminal: Obama Lashes Out At GOP, NRA After Gun Bill Fails 20:29:51
No recounts in Venezuela: Votes go into “The System” 20:19:07
Cop at Suspicionless Checkpoint Starts Barking Orders, But Then Flees from Camera 20:05:48
Obama lies and says 90% want gun control. Says "This Was A Shameful Day for Washington" (Video) 19:44:53
Boost the Minimum Wage To Boost Teen Employment? Peter Schiff Debates Catherine Ruetschlin 19:42:05
Silver Scam Alert. Even Major Retailers Don't Realize! 19:20:22
The FBI Fosters, Funds and Equips American Terrorists - James Corbett GRTV 19:14:03
After you tell your Senators to kill CISPA, NAIS is back 18:55:21
If You Have a Twitter Account... 18:53:37
Ariz. bill passed makes cities sell turned-in guns 18:22:40
Gallup: Only 4% of Americans Think Gun Control is an Important Problem 18:10:28
"Code Red" declared at Boston Fed Building and hospital (Update) 18:09:27
Chris Kyle Private Military Firm At Boston Marathon? 17:54:31
Is anyone watching Obama shaming the senators speech? 17:51:57
Conspiracy Theorists Are The New Sheeple (Boston Bomb Theories) (VIDEO) 17:37:34
Realistic alternative to right libertarianism 17:34:35
Daily Mail Has Pics Of Bomb Suspects On Scene 17:32:57
Background Check Idea 17:27:01
Rand Paul On Immigration, Education, Boston Attack and Filibustering - Dennis Miller Show 4/17/2013 17:08:24
Watch Rep. McMorris Rodgers contradict herself 17:04:13
What is terrorism 16:53:46
Nick Gillespie on mainstream media and Socratic interviewing 16:50:58
Meet Cody Wilson 16:45:25
Obamacare Creator Jay Rockefeller Now Says Law 'Beyond Comprehension' 16:45:10
Someone to Keep an Eye On: Who is Peter Roskam? 16:44:05
Jan gets liberal Milbank to agree on climate change 16:44:02
CNN Reported That Pressure Cooker Bombs Are A Signature Of Right Wing Extremists 16:43:29
Link to Hear Ron Paul's America on Fox 910 M-F (the one minute spots) 16:31:00
it is puking snow ... again 16:20:04
Bipartisan Elites: Yes, The Bush Administration Totally Tortured 16:12:07
Treason in Government! Admiralty on Land! Where's the Water?! 16:07:17
Phoenix police: 2 'suspicious' envelopes sent to Sen. Flake's office 16:06:14
Now, it is Senator Cornyn's office getting a "supicious letter". 16:04:29
The Unintended Consequences of The Boston Massacre: The Specific Indictment of Bush Jr. and Obama (Podcast) 15:57:53
It's like "Days of our Guns" on C-SPAN 2 right now. Gun Debate. Soap Opera Level! 15:42:26
Sentenced to Death Because He is Black? Grant Duane Buck a New Hearing! 15:39:24
My friend's Sobriety Test before blowing .000 and no drugs by Greenville Deputy Jonathan Jackson 15:37:30
Immigration bill includes "MarcoPhones" 15:36:41
Attention! 4/18/13 The last of the amendments are coming up in the senate now. 13:07:28
10 random bits of advice from a domestic 15:21:06
Why The Daily Paul and Sites Like it Should Be The Main Stream Media 15:20:58
U.S. Attorney: "No Arrest, No One In Custody' 15:08:50
Town of Lexington Pulls Permit for Pro- Second Amendment Rally Unsing Boston Bombing As Pretext 15:00:06
Navy SEALs Spotted at Boston Marathon Wearing Suspious Backpacks 14:49:18
Tennessee Governor Has family business raided (A warning to not allow anti government legislation ?) 14:23:08
This just in From Oath Keepers (via email) Live Fire Simulation Course in Connecticut 14:22:53
Did CNN Blow It? MSNBC & TX Rep. Michael McCaul Say No Suspect In Custody! 14:22:19
Deleted 14:17:45
Background check bill faces likely Senate defeat 14:12:58
U.S. military to step up presence in Jordan in light of Syria civil war 14:08:54
Senator Rand Paul Questions DHS Secretary Napolitano At HSGA Committee Hearing - VIDEO 13:59:32
The point of terrorism: Credit 13:45:00
Arrest Has Been Made: Bombing Suspect Reportedly Identified From Lord & Taylor Camera 13:44:32
Boston Bombing Culprits Found? (PHOTOS) 13:38:14
If Boston Was False Flag They Would Have The Suspect Story Together 13:32:05 Video evidence surfaces of suspects in marathon bombing wearing race credentials. 13:29:48
Mission Accomplished! Obama: Americans Now Willing To Submit To Cavity Searches 13:29:22
UPDATE: Paul Watson of Identifies Boston Bomb Suspects?: CNN Rushing To Control The Narrative - Breaking! (PHOTOS) 13:23:46
Shops have silver...but it isn't cheap 13:03:39
US torture of prisoners is 'indisputable'; independent report finds highest officials were responsible 12:46:47
Bipartisan testimony backs N.H. bill opposing NDAA 12:44:05
Rand Paul Says He Is "SENSITIVE' About Left - Wing Media Reception of Howard University Speech 12:39:28
Boston Runners Were Warned: 'You're Going To Die' 12:26:52
Ayotte's NO Vote May Kill Manchin-Toomey Amendment 12:24:54
CDC info on Ricin...very informative. 12:19:35
Rand Paul: Families of Newtown Victims Are Being Used As 'Props' 12:11:53
Bullet holes riddle key California power substation 12:11:13
Sen. Rand Paul Questions Big Sis at HSGA Committee Hearing - 4/17/13 12:02:42
Website Domains Being Procured To Prevent Boston Marathon Conspiracy Theories From Spreading 12:00:41
Now a Ricin Letter is Sent to Obama 11:56:28
CNN Links Alleged Pressure Cooker Bomb To "Extreme Right - Wing Individuals" - VIDEO 11:54:57
Coast To Coast Am - 4/16/13 - Control & World Events w/ Alex Jones 11:54:56
WSJ: Letter to Obama tested positive for RICIN! 11:53:29
A Unique Alternative to College & Student Loans 11:43:50
The Road to World War III 11:35:44
Before and after photo of suspected bomb plus suspect? 11:26:52
Watch: Fox News Interrogates Roommate of Saudi Non-Suspect 11:16:00
After Repeated Cyber and Monetary Attacks Against America: China Accuses US of Destabilizing Region 10:59:37
Boston marathon blood disappears 10:52:03
JP Morgan needs a knee to the groin... 10:48:52
'Daily News' Doctored Front Page Photo From Boston Bombing 10:33:41
It begins ... NOW 10:25:07
Thousands have tweeted Mike Rogers concerning CISPA 10:22:26
"Rand Paul opens 2016 bid, plans primary trips" 10:21:04
My Home was Searched for Growing Vegetables in my Bathroom 10:15:58
This just in: Obama admits he's a terrorist 09:56:19
Actor, Comedian Jay Mohr Blames Attack on Gun Culture: Says 'Second Amendment Must Go!' 09:27:09
Gun control showtime - Call Senators Now! GOA Alert 09:20:08
Taiwan: Citizens advised to use herbs to combat H7N9 09:04:11
Interview with Boston Marathon Eyewitness Confirms Bomb Squad Drill - VIDEO 09:02:51
Weiner's Poll Rising: Trails Only Quinn Among Mayoral Dems 08:54:40
Lid of pressure cooker found! 08:32:23
Fmr. CIA Bob 'Syrianna' Baer: "CIA Trained Afghans To Use Pressure Cookers Against The Soviet Army" 07:47:57
Salon: Let’s hope the Boston Marathon bomber is a white American 07:30:15
Placid Americans Caught in Headlights on Full Gun Control Forced Confiscation 07:18:41
People who have ever had a mental illness diagnosed need to file a class action lawsuit. 06:34:04
"Force Majeure Was the End Game All Along, COMEX Will Default in the Next Week!" 06:21:41
iSNITCH Nation: Disgruntled Wife seeking Divorce takes Easy Way Out; Calls Cops on Prepper Hubby 06:16:36
Why The Right To Travel Is Important 05:02:38
GOLD: Good Article By Peter Schiff 04:25:37
The Incredibly-Powerful Jon Stewart Clip That Aired Just 9 Days After 9-11 04:06:33
I'm Now The Enemy 08:11:15
Ron Paul espouses wary view of big government 02:39:57
+ 02:22:49
Alex Jones On George Noory @ 2:00am <link> 01:52:46
Post Deleted 00:59:52
WATCH: Rachel Maddow Uncut Interview With Jon Stewart 09:52:34
"F' you...and it's the same thing our Founding Fathers would say!" 00:40:17
"I turned on the lights, the TV and the radio, still I can't escape the ghost of you" 09:01:29
I Told them A-Holes they Must Use Dirty Bombs or Tactical Nuclear Weapons to Get us to War With Iran! 00:16:11
Is This Really Happening? What is 'real' anyways? 00:01:44
Meet A Great Mathematician, Little Known To The General Public, That I Admire : Mr. Paul Erdős 08:40:32