Posted on April 18, 2013

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Boston Bombing Victim in Iconic Photo Helped Identify Attackers 22:53:46
Photos of Private Military Operatives Working the Boston Marathon 18:56:04
Video: FBI Ignores Men with Backpacks at Scene of Boston Bombing 18:57:16
Full Video: Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity Opening Ceremony - April 17, 2013 18:59:16
Senate to Vote on National Internet Tax on Monday 4/22 21:40:43
Teen: I Am Not the Boston Marathon Bomber 18:17:18
Oh Look, Rep. Mike Rogers Wife Stands To Benefit Greatly From CISPA Passing... 17:34:25
For Pakistanis It’s A Boston Marathon Bombing Nearly Everyday 22:09:08
FBI Releases Images of Boston Bombing Persons of Interest 18:58:53
Rand Paul Makes the Cover of Time Magazine 15:50:38
Ron Paul Isn't Worried About Falling Gold Prices 15:36:59
CISPAssed! Now With Added DHS! 13:47:40
Happy Birthday; On this Day 238 years ago the original Daily Paul was born. 17:50:55
Video: Sen. Rand Paul Questions Secretary John Kerry at Senate Foreign Relations Committee 12:58:56
Ben Swann: Senate moving forward on Internet Tax Mandate - April 17, 2013 12:41:34
Does anyone else get literally ill when the MSM is on? 12:35:09
BLOOMBERG: Boston Bombing Bring Americans Closer To Living on Edge 12:12:48
Jon Stewart Eviscerates CNN’s Misreporting of Boston Marathon Bombing Case 12:36:50
CISPA 2013: Will Senate Vote to Violate Freedom To Contract & Privacy Rights? 08:11:22
208 innocent people dead because of our policy in one day: 08:36:50
RT: Ron Paul Interview on Institute for Peace and Prosperity 01:18:35
Full Press Conference: Release of Task Force Report on Detainee Treatment 08:37:07
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Why Do They Want Gun Control? 23:35:55
Shooter on MIT campus 23:22:32
Federal Government Boston Massacre Hollywood Script Narrative at this Point in Time 23:21:27
Patton Oswalt's Star Wars filibuster 22:55:04
John McCain brags about his speech on gun control on Facebook 22:42:10
Jim from Gold Rush came in today Wow...he is very awake. 22:37:51
Video: Morning Joe discussion of Rand Paul on Time 100 cover 22:18:49
United States of America, The Whore of Babylon 22:14:53
. 22:06:49
Oven Baked Potato Chips - Salt and Vinegar - Video 22:01:31
Senator To Propose Bill Regulating Black Powder In Wake Of Boston Massacre 22:00:42
238 years ago, two men rode out to spread a message... 21:54:26
FLASHBACK...William Cooper: Oklahoma City: The Plot That Sickens 21:41:01
The Truth Rises - Coordinated Strikes Work Both Ways : May 1st, 2013 21:36:45
Suspect #2 hat ID'd? 21:32:48
Massive march in Argentina in defense of the Republic 21:06:25
Marijuana Farmers' Market Crops Up In Sonoma County - VIDEO 20:50:17
Must Replace Rep. Andy Harris, MD 20:40:29
I've heard "It's not like an episode of NCIS" by 3 separate "experts" today (re: Boston Investigation) 20:32:21
If We Blow It Up Again It Will Blow Up Again 20:24:42
FBI Blurs Suspects Face VIDEO 20:22:42
Journalist to FBI: "Tell Us About the Bomb Drill!" (Boston Marathon Bombing) (VIDEO) 19:59:56
Roll Call Vote On CISPA ( H R 624 ) Here's The List 19:54:48
Here's the ricin story you are not supposed to see 19:40:00
CHAOS: MSM Can't Get Its Cover Story Straight, As Perpetrators Hiding In Plain View 19:35:48
Prevention and treatment of vaccine damages 19:34:43
michael savage on the boston bombings 19:34:33
North Korea demands an end to sanctions and "No more nuke war games with South Korea" as condition of talks. 19:30:32
Cop who pointed gun at McDonald's customer will lose certification 19:17:46
CISPA/Craft International/Boston Bombing Possible Link 19:17:42
Rand Paul Discusses Gun Control, Immigration Reform, and Boston Bombing - Glenn Beck 4/18/2013 19:09:13
Boston = Black Op = Danger Of American Coup D'état = End Game 19:08:29
RMFAO: Reuters Accidentally Publishes George Soros's Obituary 19:06:45
Reuters Accidentally Publishes George Soros's Obituary 19:01:56
NRA Chief: 'Obama Bit Off More Than He Could Chew' 18:32:04
Physical Gold Will Hit $8,000oz and Silver $500oz. By Gregory Mannarino 18:25:49
Dark Journalist: What's Wrong With The Media 18:20:26
Something interesting from Boston pics 17:19:55
Ron Paul speaks at opening of Institute for Peace and Prosperity! 18:12:07
Ron Paul launches His "Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity" 18:10:07
Alex Jones: "New World Order Burning Down!", 100,000 New Listeners To Every 60 Seconds 18:09:52
Sen. Reid Shelves Expanded Gun - Purchase Backround Check Legislation 17:55:13
Michele Bachmann flees from ethics probe questions, as her staffers physically block reporters’ paths 17:52:22
The Supremes got it right 17:48:50
Health Actuaries: Obamacare Rates Will Soar 17:48:33
"Swat robot" was set to be unveiled in Boston this week 17:41:01
DHS Secretary Napolitano: "Drudge Report Is Not Credible" - Video 17:36:51
Congressman Louie Gohmert, R (TX), is against interventionism. 17:36:20
Casus Belli? Biden yaps: Obama intends to pass MORE 2nd Amend.-Infringing Executive Orders! 16:55:07
Why You NEED more than 7rds: It took a trained SWAT 17rds of .45acp to stop One Sober Assailant! 16:21:54
Government ignoring evidence of a body part black market? 16:16:52
Isn't this what we said about gold the whole time? 16:07:12
Time's 100 Most Influential People has chosen Rand Paul as its Cover for "Leaders" 15:55:52
Obama's Fed Board Appointee: "We're Here to Steal Your Bank Accounts." 15:37:00
Sound Money Campaign: Buy Silver May 1 15:34:09
Massachusetts *new data* Michael, why is it you are leaving? 15:33:51
. 15:26:48
Governor Rick Scott of Florida to Sign First in Nation Anti-Drone Bill 15:22:04
Geraldo disagrees with Rand on guns but would totally back him for presidency (WABC radio 4/18/13) 15:13:44
Two Dozen IRS employees received food stamps, welfare, and housing 14:55:02
Boston Bombing POI Abdul Rahman Ali Alharbi, to be deported back to Saudi Arabia next Tuesday 14:44:30
West, Texas Missile in Slow Motion on 4/17/2013 14:43:18
Paul and Lee only two Senators to vote against Harkin "mental health" amendment 14:33:07
Janet Napolitano Responds to Report of Deportation for Former ‘Person of Interest‘Not Worthy of an Answer’ 14:30:35
Completely Private Search Engine, Startpage, To Launch Completely Private Email Service! 14:30:19
Any Math & Physics Experts Around Here? 14:27:05
April Days of Action Against Drones: Resolution to Prevent Domestic Drone Use in Iowa 14:21:11
Happy Anniversary Paul Revere's Ride! 14:12:23
Individual Submission of Comments Re: Docket No. FDA-2009-P-0147 14:11:14
Iran's Central Bank Governor Arrives in Washington D.C. 14:00:10
What is the Case for Central Banks' Manipulation of the Gold Market? 13:45:00
Anyone else having trouble with internet ? 13:41:52
Abby Martin: Corporate Media Disaster Porn | Weapons of Mass Distraction 17:51:34
Can you be open border and a Libertarian? 13:28:54
United States v. Kebodeaux 13:27:36
A very bright fireball over southern Poland, April 16, 2013 13:16:37
Culture-Jammed: Dan BiDondi of InfoWars makes "False Flag" a Household Name! 13:16:22
What's A 'False Flag'? Google Trends Shows Search Term Spike 13:12:00
Taxation Is Theft - by Andrew P. Napolitano (Really Good! Print and Distribute) 13:08:36
A Marginalized American Hero - General Ben Partin 12:53:51
UPDATE: After Obama Shuns Probe, BiPartisan Panel Finds "Indisputable" Evidence US Tortured Under George W. Bush - VIDEO 12:40:16
Important Lessons in Domestic Terrorism 12:34:03
Dr Stephen Phinney, MD, PhD, discusses low carb diets 12:33:59
POLITICO - Philadelphia Phillies Pitcher Janathan Papelbon: "Obama Is Out For Our Guns" 12:28:08
What does this individual have to do with the boston bombing? 12:08:31
Who's Online? Daily Paul 12:06:30
WOW! Immigration Bill Contains 400 Waivers, Exceptions and Exemptions 12:04:07
Who Cares What The Majority Wants on Guns? 11:58:01
Mtgox down 11:52:35
Proof Boston Marathon Is "False Flag" Cover - Up - VIDEO 10:50:38
CIA Spy: "Iranian Regime Responsible For Boston Marathon Bombing;" More Attacks To Come 11:46:32
Obama Refuses to Send Senate a Witness to Explain Drone War Legality 11:42:16
Criminologist's analysis of Sandy perspective 11:27:19
Zero Dark Hurty (funny) 11:25:11
Ron Paul Institute : Washington’s Syria Policy in Free-Fall 11:15:26
To all those demanding "Proof" regarding Conspiracy "Theories" 11:10:22
Boston Bombing Suspect? 10:43:43
Deleted 10:42:15
Laced envelope delivered to health center in Beloit 10:35:51
Gun Control Backers: Senate Defeat Won't Stop Us 10:34:57
Car falls into a SINKHOLE *video*; Chicagoland Flood 4/18/13 10:33:21
I will be speaking next month to 150 high school seniors - need some info/advice - PLEASE 10:32:27
While we focus on Boston: New York confiscates 'private' records of psychiatrists in chilling Orwellian mental health sweep 10:25:47
BOOM: Pakistan's Musharraff Flees Court As Judges Order His Arrest 10:25:12
When Scientists Are Stumped, Then What? 10:24:38
INFOWARS.COM: Craft International Private Military Forces in Boston 10:05:29
Boston EMS document on PLANNED disasters 10:04:15
Just A Wierd Coincidence? April 19th 1993 & 95: Anniversay of Waco & Oklahoma Tragedies 09:55:25
Boston Massacre WITNESS: Anthony Gucciardi interviews Alastaire Stevenson of Univ. of Mobile 09:39:49
A One-Two Punch of State & Religous Propaganda on Display Today in Boston 09:38:35
Grassroots Activists Striving to be Heard in the GOP 09:29:26
Sheriff Maketa (CO): Appalled at President's Claim That 90% of Americans Support Proposed Gun Laws 09:27:32
West Will Pay for Backing Al Qaeda in Syria 09:23:11
Rand Paul talks Guns, Immigration, Foreign Policy & 2016 @ Christian Science Monitor Breakfast Series 09:14:38
24 IRS Workers Charged with Lying To Get Unemployment, Food Stamps and Welfare Benefits in Tennessee 09:13:02
Just Another Distraction? Or Is Obama Covering Up Saudi Link To Boston Bombing - VIDEO 08:55:31
FBI Asks Media to Verify Information About The Boston Bombing Through Offical Channels Before Reporting 08:47:12
In Boston, this was more than a Hockey game. 17,565 Sing National Anthem. 07:32:30
Two-thirds of White House’s anti-gun supporters are fake spambots 07:21:20
5-man Special Operations SEAL team carried the bombs? 04:06:38
Do They, or Do They Not Have a Suspect in Custody? 03:55:16
Synopsis of collateral incidents can't always be considered coincidence. 01:58:21
Please Check The Validity Of This Picture! ASAP! 01:50:13
explosion near Oklahoma City 01:45:28
North Korea answers John Kerry's "unacceptable proposal" with their own. 01:36:08
Oops: The U.S. Secret Service almost accidentally shot Iran's president in 2006 01:34:12
Israeli police head to US to aid in Boston Marathon bombing investigation 01:31:25
Boston Bombing Latest: FBI Use Phone Records to Identify Suspect 00:30:24
JAY Z - BEYONCE Cuba Trip: Obama Addresses Issue - VIDEO 00:02:15
Skeptical Libertarian: "The Four Dumbest Conspiracy Claims About Boston" 08:25:53
Conclusion: U.S. Engaged in Torture After 9/11 07:45:03