Posted on April 21, 2013

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Incredible Stabilized Video of the Boston Marathon Bombing 21:03:28
The Commission on Presidential Debates is a Conspiracy! 17:40:21
Glenn Beck's Big Story Released, Covered by Alex Jones 17:00:10
Please don't use the word "Proof," or make a statement that sounds like you have some if you don't have any real evidence. 22:37:41
Ron Paul Texas Straight Talk: Congress Exploits Our Fears to Take Our Liberty 4-22-13 20:46:19
Christians: What does it mean to "love your enemy?" 21:04:34
Home (Water) Birth of Our First Born Son Liam - Video 00:53:02
Tsarnaev Uncle Says "Newly Converted to Islam" Man Brainwashed Tamerlan - CNN Interview 00:49:24
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How many here think Glenn Beck is about to send his believers on a wild goose chase? 23:59:45
Press for Truth Interviews Suspect's Aunt in Canada 23:53:17
Money for Nuttin—Debt for Free 23:43:27
Game Of Thrones! 23:37:31
120 Armed Residents Rally for the 2nd Amendment in McConnellsburg, PA 23:12:06
Mother of suspect says FBI maintained contact with older brother 22:37:19
Rush Limbaugh: ‘He (Obama) wants people to snap’ 22:21:08
A New Way To Get A Head 22:10:36
Gordon Duff: Boston Blowout! 22:09:28
American taxpayers give Israel over $8 million per day 21:43:29
History Lesson for Future Tyrants 21:37:56
New Footage - Boston Marathon Bombing Explosion from a Runners Cam 21:32:01
Chemtrails Protest In London 4/06/13 21:29:38
Police perform house-to-house raids in Watertown MA ripping innocent families from their homes 21:17:52
New Marathon Running Suit Unveiled 20:52:03
Thomas Sowell 20:44:48
The Dope Show 20:41:13
Mass. gov: Video shows bomb suspect dodging blast 19:51:13
The Govt. Locked Us In Our Houses. 19:45:52
CSPAN Callers - Possible False Flag in Boston Bombing 18:32:03
Live tweeting false flags are bad - Online Police Scanner Audio and Social Media Under Scrutiny 18:27:51
Death by Government 20x More Common than Death by Criminal 18:08:15
! FBI Admits Link to Boston Terror Suspect 18:01:06
Anybody thankful that Obama is in instead of Romney? 17:55:42
Huge Analysis of Boston Bombing Evidence - False Flag Suspected 17:44:54
Pesticides in chlorinated tap water found to cause increased food allergies 16:48:30
Boston suspect sedated, now Mayor says may "never" be able to talk 16:42:04
Hardy-Har-Har: 'Our' Chinese Bankers lecture us on 'Our' Own Disastrous Human Rights Record 16:36:38
Pics: Pigs Drooling for a head cracking riot - PalmerFest 2013 Athens, OH Police Response 16:31:14
2014 Nevada Governor Candidate David Lory VanDerBeek: DHS Staged Boston Bombs! 16:15:34
Blackwater (Xe) and Monsanto Working Together 16:00:34
Vox Populi Lobotomy: Why @ This Juncture, NOT assuming Govt is Guilty Until Proven 100% Innocent, is Naive 15:49:35
Crystal Head Vodka 15:40:06
Lets play "How many times have you refreshed the DP over the last 5 days game?"(joke) 15:39:38
The truth about terrorism 15:37:10
The Agro Rebel: Austrian Farmer Defies the State, Plants Fruit Trees, Uses Pigs & Peas to Plow Vegetable Fields 15:34:56
Governor of Massachusetts: Video Shows Bomb Suspect Dodging Blast But We Can't See It 15:29:17
Eyewitness to Shootout that killed the older brother calls into radio station 15:19:19
A reminder from David not to fret or be angry when evil men succeed in their ways (Psalm 37). 15:11:12
Bernanke Will Not Attend August Jackson Hole Summit, Scheduling Conflict? 15:00:21
Controlled Explosion WAS The Bombing? 14:57:11
Team Hoyt: No words to describe this inspirational video about a father and son. I couldn't hold back the tears. 14:47:22
Any Bets? The Second Suspect Dies? 14:44:15
FBI Facial Recognition - Not so good, incompetently operated, or following the law? 14:21:17
A Schedule Change? 14:17:57
Why Did FBI Pretend They Did Not Know Who Suspects Were? 14:11:07
Colorado DMV Now Requiring Facial Recognition to Issue Driver's License 14:09:37
Man dressed in camouflage says he was being persecuted by Feds, Independence Visitor Center in Philly Closed 13:57:40
We Can't Save Capitalism Unless We Denounce Its False Prophets 13:54:03
Interrogated - No Miranda Rights - Tried as an Enemy Combatant 13:44:21
Mass. Gov. Deval Patrick says video exists of suspect dropping his backpack 13:36:27
This Could End The Obama Administration 13:31:19
JERUSALEM - Hagel stresses Israel's right to strike Iran 13:28:26
LOOK*updated* (Not Proof) Proof That Craft or Blackwater Agents did the Boston Marathon Bombing Event ! 13:27:28
To all those spouting defamatory nonsense about Boston Bombing victim Jeff Bauman: 18:05:48
Rep Ted Yoho Discussing Why He Voted Against CISPA 12:40:29
How to make quick homemade flavored vodkas 12:22:59
The Police Officer Impeachment Act (Petition) 12:02:23
Obama Provoking N. Korea - U.S. stirs up hornet’s nest to ensure military presence in region -regards China as dangerous rival 11:48:36
What do Austrians think of fractional reserve banking? 11:38:50
To the Millions of Alex Jones 11:19:41
Photo of Jahar post-blast with no backpack 11:13:26
. 11:05:23
26 year old suspect corpse has shrapnel wounds, but “Contractors” at Boston Marathon bomb site Left Before Detonation 11:02:37
Paul Broun the person keeping Ron Paul's end the Fed mission alive, running for US Senate in Georgia 10:49:29
Marxist Psychological Warfare in America, Stage 3 10:40:46
An Open (video) Message to Barack Obama from StormCloudsGathering 10:25:26
The Dissident Round Up Is Still Inevitable 10:11:45
Police searching from house to house, forcibly removing people from their homes. 10:10:38
Buy Silver on May 1st in large amount! 10:08:28
US most obvious false flag attack yet 10:02:52
Discrimination in private business with reference to Rand Paul 10:02:47
The Truth Rises - Coordinated Silver buy - May 1st 2013 09:52:13
POT heads get shot at at Marijuana Rally in Colorado, You mean those toughest gun laws in the country didn't stop it? 09:48:58
Video: 'Shot Dead' Suspect Handcuffed, Escorted Into Police Car 09:43:52
"The billions of dollars we are lavishing on the B61 is criminal...It's clearly aimed at buying senators' votes." 09:30:04
Reporter Asks White House if U.S. Airstrikes That Kill Afghan Civilians Qualify as ‘Terrorism’ 09:15:35
Rand Paul on Treason 08:53:21
Army Veteran Disarmed / Arrested by Ignorant Cop 08:33:00
~ "Let Us Never Forget" 07:13:46
The Secret World Of Gold (Ep. 1, aired on 4/18/2013) 07:12:59
Hilarious! Hackers Hijack CBS To Claim Obama Involvement in Boston Bombings 07:00:05
Ben Swann's doppelganger? 06:42:03
"Why Did Silver & Gold Collapse?" (or "The Cruelest Joke Ever Played") by Mike Maloney & Chris Martenson, 4/12/2013 - 4/16/2013 06:02:08
Need Help 05:41:25
God I Hate Abc News! 05:22:26
A Retired Lieutenant Colonel In The Army Weighs In On Boston, (False Flag Cover Up) 05:04:03
Preparing For Major Terrorism Exercises Three Cities (Abc News) 05:02:09
Protests Erupt into Violence at Bahrain F1 04:31:37
2012 online post may indicate Saudi person of interest overstayed his visa 04:07:51
Here's the important 'take away' from Boston and Sandy... 03:58:45
VIDEO: Bomber suspect Tamerlan Tsarnaev appears to be alive, naked and handcuffed 03:22:36
It has been a rough week 02:57:27
"I thought you were a man of God." 02:52:08
Update: Internet Traffic Rankings put at 346 ! It's ordinarily at 480 02:11:14
Unsolved Case "Murder Of Best Friend" Of Marathon Bomber 02:09:57
Uh Oh... Bomb 2 was in a brown backpack but suspect 2 was carrying a white backpack... 01:57:30
Scent Of A Woman. Al Pacino Speech 01:53:44
Israeli-riddled FBI uses proxy information to blame Muslims for Boston terror 01:51:36
Waco Explosion: The People Didn't Know What Hit Them 01:50:33
Anonymous: CISPA Internet Blackout April 22nd 01:37:33
More info on the real suspect #1: The Saudi national that news agencies quickly went hush hush about. 01:32:20
Time For My Sunday-Nightly Double-Feature Picture-Show 01:28:48
Video: House Search in Watertown, MA (Non-Voluntary) 01:05:25
Liberty Poetry - 00:54:55
Is it safe to say you are all a bunch of pansies? 00:36:03
Listen CLOSELY to the Waterton Police Chief 00:30:56
It's all good! 00:10:51
How The Tribe Rules The World 00:07:37