Posted on April 22, 2013

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Sibel Edmonds' Assessment on Boston Bombing & Col. Morris Davis on GitMo Tortures - Abby Martin Apr. 22, 2013 23:31:16
National Internet Sales Tax gets past Senate Cloture Vote - The last place for true capitalism is on the rocks 20:15:37
Merlin’s Allegory for Victory: Ignore their Magic! 17:33:36
Mayor Bloomberg on Boston Bombing: "Our laws and our interpretation of the Constitution, I think, have to change.” 15:43:07
Rand Paul wins PLC Presidential Straw Poll 14:04:08
Bombing suspect won't be charged as 'enemy combatant' 13:20:08
Security theater, martial law, and a tale that trumps every cop-and-donut joke you've ever heard 13:15:21
WSJ Editors: "Boston bombings should Moderate Rand Paul" 11:33:36
Daniel McAdams, Head of Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity: After Boston, Arrest Kerry & the NeoCons! 23:11:22
Obama Plans Major Push for Gang of Eight immigration Bill 09:08:56
CATO, Norquist, Rubio Use Boston to Push Immigration Reform 09:06:48
CISPA Blackout Protest 200+ sites blacked out 04:37:57
Marc Faber Spells It All Out in 6 Minutes, 4/5/2013 05:12:22
Judge Napolitano on legal defense of Boston Bomber suspect 05:07:09
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Fair tax question 23:59:24
Can "Naked Guy " really be the older brother - leads to be examined 23:41:01
"Sometimes Martial Law Is Necessary" 23:27:27
Clinton snagged in Benghazi cover-up? 23:22:18
Who said 'if we chased down all terror tips we'd get nothing done' last Sunday? 23:22:16
GDP Propaganda Exposed 23:12:43
If More People Start To Think The Boston Marathon Was An Inside Job... 23:09:20
David Codrea, noted libertarian-leaning GunBlogger: Post-Sen. Loss, Obama moves vs Guns via Holder & ATF! 22:58:09
DailyPaul is not InfoWars 22:55:46
find out what the IRS has on you? 22:52:45
“But They Got The Suspect." That's Not The Point! 22:43:36
Adam Kokesh: Why Nothing ever changes; The Politically Active & 'Educated' are Willfully, Blissfully Ignorant! 22:34:43
Bombing Suspect's Aunt Talks To Alex Jones 22:30:47
Can the Fed, as a private entity, be sued by shareholders (dollar holders) for issuing too much currency? 22:12:15
#MediaQuestionsForDzhokhar 22:12:09
Wayne Madsen, Fmr. NSA: Alleged Boston Bombers' Uncle = Duke-grad Lawyer, Arthur Andersen & BigOil Ties; Possibly a Spook! 22:08:07
Gold buying.. Numismatic vs quantity for the $ 21:57:06
Infowars got a telephone interview with The Tsarnev Aunt. 21:40:21
The Great Peace Activist Richie Havens ROP 21:36:27
EXCLUSIVE: The Aunt of Alleged Boston Bombers interviewed by InfoWars & Dan Dicks - Apr. 22, 2013 21:33:20
SCG - "Boston Bombing" 21:32:48
Steve Hughes and his brilliant social satire 21:31:19
Possible missile in Texas? 21:31:15
UK CommonWealth RoundTable in Full Effect: Harper's Canadian Administration copy American Regimes! 21:25:28
Was Boston Bomber's " Uncle Ruslan" CIA? 21:23:35
Boston Bombers Uncle On Feds Payroll, Tied To CIA 21:17:34
Tsarnaev says brother was the mastermind reports Jake Tapper 21:11:08
The Propaganda System That Has Helped Create a Permanent Overclass Is Over a Century in the Making 20:58:20
Daily Trader Oscar Carboni Ponders : "Is April a Death Knell to Our US Indices?" (4/22/2013 Update) 20:46:59
"Radicalized": What does that even mean? 20:37:11
WHOA! Sen. Rand Paul Wins Tennessee Presidential Straw Poll 20:18:08
Jeremy Irons furiously defends individual liberty with interviewer 19:57:17
Liberty vs Security: Gary Franchi's 2m47s Lesson for ALL Americans, including Govt Agents, on 4th Amd! 19:38:35
Daniel Hannan echos Nigel Farage in condemning the thievery of the EU and it's corruption 19:30:50
Texas Fertilizer Company had a pending class action lawsuit against Monsanto 19:21:57
Something very interesting regarding the 7/11 robbery 19:15:04
Psychotic RI GunGrabbers: 10-20yrs for POSSESSION of Any 10rd+ Magazine, mfr. Post-Bill Passing! 19:13:15
Let's dump the ego and take a step forward. 18:55:43
Former Cia Director James Woolsey on Principles 18:46:17
The Things That Matter 18:45:03
Detroit Cops Kidnapping, Abandoning Homeless People Outside City 18:43:21
Clifford May says Iraq attacked the US first. 18:38:47
Democracy in the Workplace? 18:10:48
The Boston Bombing: The BACKSTORY of the event, false flag events, and world history 17:31:08
URGENT: Tom Davis vs. Lindsey Graham! 16:58:43
What’s The Price Of Silver If There’s None To Be Had? 16:52:19
Peter Schiff on Fox Business: Gold's Been Up For 12 Consecutive Years 16:26:56
Boston bomber: Could this video be considered "proof?" 16:26:03
The Only Solution: Invade the Whole World! 16:19:01
Could Lavender Be the Solution to Drug-Resistant Infections? 16:06:24
Fireball interrupts concert in Argentina 16:02:38
What is Earth Day manifesto? 15:58:33
Obama’s Blood Trail From Benghazi To Boston And The Path To WWIII 15:57:17
Glen Beck's Saudi Conjecture Discredited: Too Easy... 15:49:05
Official Affidavit by FBI Against Alleged Bomber. 15:42:14
Infowars internet traffic on is now 317 15:13:25
Private Merchant & Private Individual More Effective Than Million Dollar Government Agencies 15:12:16
Full Criminal Complaint Against Dzhokhar Tsarnaev; WMD Charges. 15:11:55
FBI Fence Jump - Hilarious 15:07:53
Florida Legislature Passes Flawed but Forceful Anti-drone Bill 15:06:15
Happy Earth Day George Carlin (video) 14:43:50
Second bomber shot himself in throat? 14:40:47
Take 2 Minutes to Contact the Vipers and Oppose the Marketplace Fairness Act Now. 14:37:52
Colorado Sheriffs Sue State Government Over Illegal Gun Control Laws 14:33:08
Tour de Peace: Cindy Sheehan at The Weekend at Ernie's! Ernest Hancock, that is! 14:32:00
Government makes U.S. Skies Dangerous While Giving Away BILLIONS in Foreign Aid 14:17:54
Mother of Alleged Boston Bombers: FBI contacted My Son Just AFTER the Bombing, Before They Killed Him! 14:16:33
Apparently the captured Boston bombing suspect is taking written questions 14:14:36
Rand Is the Man To Enhance the GOP Base 13:51:20
Ideas On How We Can Fight Big Media 13:50:39
Boston Massacre Update: Wayne Madsen, Former NSA & US Navy Warfare Intel Specialist- Live on Alex Jones Show, NOW! 13:49:57
Man Survives BOTH Bombings 13:47:04
Arrested - 4th Great Granddaughter of signer of Declaration of Independence 13:38:46
Conservative Koch Brothers Turning Focus to Newspapers 13:25:10
Suspect will not be held as "enemy combatant" 13:19:33
GW Bush's Presidential Library opens in Dallas on Thursday. Can a reception committee be arranged? 13:17:57
Gluten: No Grain, No Pain 13:16:18
Texas Precious Metals CEO: "The physical silver market is, in a word, ugly" 13:10:21
Newsflash: You Don't Have Freedom of Speech on Someone Else's Property 13:03:46
Judge Napolitano: 'It's Dangerous to Talk of Suspending Suspect's Constitutional Liberties' 12:48:45
"Are the gold haters getting wrong" 12:46:54
Boston Massacre: Illegal, Posse Commitatus-violating Warrantless Door-to-Door SWAT Raid = Martial Law Beta Test 12:20:57
Mondays with Murray: The Real Story of the Whiskey Rebellion 12:14:51
Local NBC anchor's TV debut in North Dakota first words on air: "f*ing sh*t" 12:14:42
Mass. Gov. Lied About Video 12:10:28
Krugman's Concern for the Long-Term Unemployed 12:09:00
"Hypnotic States Of Americans": Why They Will Get Away With the Boston Bombing Video 11:52:23
Human Resources: Social Engineering 11:47:21
Clear Photos of Two Suspects in Crowd 10-20 min before explosions and they still have their back packs on. 11:43:37
Call your congressman NOW and tell them to stop deportation of Saudi National, if it hasnt already happened. 11:37:05
2009 Deportation Failure - A Violation of Federal Law 11:22:06
ZERO Govt/MSM "Evidence": 17 Unanswered Questions about Boston Massacre MSM is Afraid to Ask! 11:21:51
Rand Paul On Benghazi, Arming Syrian Rebels And Immigration Reform - The Aaron Klein Show 4/21/13 11:15:42
UPDATE- Cispa Protest or DP Censorship - What happened to ZooAmerica/zachnap/celeste/duanek36 ? 11:05:53
Beck Breaks Exclusive Information on Saudi National Once Considered a Person of Interest in Boston Bombings 10:57:38
Outrage as radio host tells Sandy Hook victims' families to 'go to hell' for infringing on his gun rights 10:50:15
Obama Supporters Petition to Repeal 6th and 7th Amendments 10:38:00
Send FREE Faxes to your Senators today - from your computer! 10:28:45
Super Brochures Creator - Fundraiser starts now... 10:17:07
"Meet Ron Paul" - Book Report by Adie and Daddy (ages 7 and 42) 10:02:02
Federal court voids New York subway “ID rule” 09:46:13
Know your enemy, The next president of the United States is... 09:46:02
Congressmen request briefing on Saudi deportation from Janet Napolitano 09:42:22
Obama admin denied 19 year old Dzhokhar Miranda rights: CIA, FBI interrogation and no attorney 09:40:04
Now, more than half of GITMO detainees are on hunger strike 09:12:58
Why Conservatives Accept High Taxes, the Federal Reserve System, and Fiat Money Gary North 09:12:31
If a Cop Tells You to Stop Recording Them, OBEY! 09:01:11
The Road to a civil war: losing our Decorum! 08:57:59
Fight for your rights 08:43:12
. 08:18:39
Are We Losing Our Senses? Are We Losing Our Language? Are We Losing Our Mind? 07:05:10
The BEST article I've read in 10 years. "The end of Gov as we know it" 05:27:05
Marc Faber's Blog, Gloom Boom Doom: Monthly Market Commentary, April 2013 05:18:04
Monday 4-22-13 Protect The Internet- Stop Cispa & Stop Internet Tax! 04:54:10
Daily Show mocks Anti-Gun Control: John Howard and Phillip Van Cleave 04:36:26
Hoosiers - Coach Stays 04:19:30
Confusing Question of the Day - North Korea, Iran, Obama and Jay-Z 03:39:31
This is what happens if you try to film the Exxon spill. 02:48:59
World Bank President: Climate Change Is Urgent 'Today' Problem 02:24:11
FREEDOM* (my latest Liberty poster/wallpaper design, inspired by Boston) 00:59:59
Tamerlan Tsarnaev and the Naked Man - Aunt says it was him 00:15:27
Thousands rally against France’s gay marriage bill - support for children's right to a father & mother 00:11:33
over-reaction: TONIGHT, in my town...these guys had BB guns... 00:02:03