Posted on April 25, 2013

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CNBC: America's Gun ~ Rise Of The AR 15 21:23:38
Today’s big ‘Stop the NRA March’ in DC that no one showed up to (PHOTOS) 21:21:24
CISPA: 'Privacy Killer' Bill Hits A Brick Wall In The Senate 19:03:57
Freedom and Healthcare: Is the Libertarian Party In Danger of Becoming Relevant? 15:56:46
Jon Rappoport on Boston Bombing: Citizen video-analysts create major problems for controlled media 15:12:15
What People Who Get Bombed All The Time Have To Say To Boston 14:43:41
Chris Floyd: Goodness is like fire... this is not the age of defeat 19:13:47
Michael Scheuer: The Idea That They're Attacking Us Because Of Our Culture And Freedom Is Insane 09:55:54
Good Guys Are Not Coming To Save Us 09:23:37
Sibel Edmonds & James Corbett on Boston Bombing Hysteria 05:29:59
Dmitry Orlov, Engineer & USSR Collapse Expert: The Rationale behind the Boston Psy-ops 02:37:19
Death Sentence for Looking Out Window? 00:23:45
What do we agree on? 01:33:50
The World Through The Eyes Of A Statist 22:12:21
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Litecoin is MAGNITUDES more secure than Bitcoin 23:42:12
What is love, anyway? 23:18:46
"mock exercises" in Denver next couple of days 23:10:22
Trouble in Central Planning Paradise? 23:08:44
"Senators Quietly Seeking New Path on Gun Control" 22:42:20
Hiding in Plain Sight in America 22:34:12
Bookshelf 22:28:43
Controversial CISPA bill is 'dead' for now 22:17:14
Ground Zero on now...Listen live@ 22:03:43
Worldwide Government Censorship Requests Up 26% 21:55:04
Johnson beating Paul in an online poll? I think not! 21:52:54
LSD. Esctacy. Mushrooms. Edibles. Any summer music festival plans? 21:52:02
Student wrongly tied to Boston bombings found DEAD 21:48:08
Thump, thump, thump. The North American Union is being born right under your eyes. 21:44:35
Great Movie About gold secrets. 21:22:06
Meet John Boehner's soon to be son-in-law! 21:19:17
I'm looking for a web developer and an e-commerce expert. Is that you? 21:19:05
Abnormalcy Bias ~ The Burning Platform 21:15:57
Tom Woods - How I Lost Weight - Primal Blueprint diet 21:12:05
"First they came for the ultra-orthodox Jew..." 21:07:47
The Revolution Passed in the Night 21:07:46
Rand Paul on The Alan Colmes Show discusses drones, Boston bombing, and more 20:50:22
D 20:36:09
NYT: Test Your Economic Literacy 20:26:00
My Thoughts On The Daily Paul 20:24:17
SOTP: Israel the Infallible 20:20:26
CBC Canada: Changing Narrative; CIA wanted Boston Bombing Suspect Put On Watch Over a Yr Ago! 20:10:27
Noam Chomsky Interview. March 2013 (Video) 20:07:13
How much money exists? 19:59:59
Rand Paul: Immigration Reform Can't Pass Without Conservative Votes - Laura Ingraham 4/24/2013 19:56:32
Stewart Rhodes, Ernie Hancock & Prepper Mom @ PrepperFest AZ Expo, ScottsDale - April 26-28, 2013! 19:56:08
The Bush Family, Oliver North and the Murder of CIA Drug Smuggler Barry Seal 19:28:27
Infowars internet traffic on is now 307 ! 19:25:40
DP will be mentioned in letter-to-the-editor! 19:09:27
Arizona Lawmakers Mandate Cities Resell Guns From Buyback Program 18:56:47
American's Unite Together In Tyranny! (Video) 18:56:03
The Story of Human Rights (Video) 18:52:38
Does Anybody Know the Status of the "Marketplace Fairness" Act? 18:48:02
!More VIPS Are Getting On The Bandwagon! The Obama Fraud Is Nearing A Complete Exposure (Birth Certificate) 18:44:37
Come along with me 18:44:16
Col. L. Fletcher Prouty Explains the Bay of Pigs and Viet Nam 18:36:40
Steven Rinella, Joe Rogan, Bryan Callen hunt Together in God's SuperMarket: Montana! 18:36:13
The Nazis centralized and fully funded the police to better combat criminal gangs and promote state security. 18:35:32
Forced Lesbian Kissing at NY Middle School 18:23:32
Plastics Converted to Gasoline 18:21:13
Boston Strong? 17:59:48
Judge Napolitano on Fake FBI Terror Plots (Video) 17:33:55
Californians Sign Petition for Police State Takeover 17:33:16
Functional three-dimensional human liver tissue created with 3D bio-printer 17:24:53
Don't like it to much when somebody does it to you, eh Israel? 17:14:47
Former Boston Marathon bombing suspect found D E A D! 17:14:00
Bitcoin Debate: the Lack of Intrinsic Value 17:03:54
The Economy The Markets And Gold. A Think Tank Special 17:00:22
Judge Andrew Napolitano Loses 60 Pounds doing Wheat Belly Diet 16:43:18
The War On Terror is Over. America Lost. (Corbett Report) 16:41:00
Hialeah Police arrest Eric Faden for filming them 16:37:52
SCG Debates Stefan Molyneux 16:16:02
Ron Paul endorses Mark Sanford 16:12:27
Teen refuses to pledge to allegiance because of situation in Puerto Rico 16:07:40
If you want to go to heaven, you had better get busy overthrowing Syria — Paul Craig Roberts 15:58:48
Dear DailyPaul, I wrote a song for you 15:58:22
How the "News" purposefully sways public opinion 15:55:41
Article says Rand would have droned the suspect. 15:47:51
George Carlin At White House Correspondents Dinner: Politicians and Words 15:32:40
JFK's Freedom speech AMAZING! 15:13:44
Alt-Market: How The Boston Bombing Is Already Being Exploited To Introduce Tyranny 14:49:52
Gullible, Pliant Commufornians: Californians Sign Petition For Nazi Takeover 14:47:04
U.S. Foreign Policy Continues To Motivate Terrorism 14:18:35
Syria's regime may have used chemical weapons! 14:08:15
Poll: 70 Percent of Americans Say Smoking Weed Is Not a Sin 13:58:22
One Day Someone Will Set Off a Bomb ‘With an Obama Phone 13:57:05
Obama is an *actual suspect* to the Bombings 13:37:02
Keynesian Uses Flaws in Keynesian Study to Prove Keynesianism 13:24:02
A new day for the 'war on drugs' 13:13:37
POLL: Support for Gun Control Dropping, Majority Feel Guns Make Them Safer 12:58:11
Guess which word almost slips out of Bush's mouth when asked about the Boston bombings 12:25:33
Missing, Falsely Identified Bombing Suspect Sunil Tripathi Found Dead 12:02:38
Food Inc. 12:00:35
Buy your assault cooker before they're banned! 11:39:00
President Rand Paul 11:38:10
Metaphor for what the US Federal Government is doing. Video 11:19:35
The News" - a tale of a war on terror 11:13:35
Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Unarmed At Time Of Boat "Shootout" 11:08:57
Lawless Obama to Senate AND House on Drone Kills, and Fast & Furious Data: Nein! Nein! Nein! 11:06:41
Judge Napolitano 4/24/13 Surveillance Cameras & Sen. Rand Paul's Recent Drone Comments 11:06:22
Universal Background Check Debate 11:03:38
Michael Scheuer with Mike Church - The Truth Behind Who Really Controls America 10:44:04
Brian Frank – Sc Gop Chairman, Chad Connelly's Chosen Villain 10:40:59
Case Closed Boston Theater 10:35:24
Why is DHS Investigating this? 10:32:01
Instead of honoring Bush, he should be TRIED... 10:26:58
Great Quotes (iv) 09:28:01
Boston Bombing - A Photo Essay: "The official story proves Dzhokhar is innocent" 08:50:44
I think Rand is a slave to the GOP warmongers. Rand will simply survive and change NOTHING. 08:28:48
Americans Made a Pact With the Devil After 9/11/01. Now we're paying the price, says Andrew Napolitano 08:25:22
Nigel Farage "The European Union is COMMUNISM" So is a North American Union NAU- This is seeking limitless power and control 08:20:49
Saudi Arabia to Keep Ban on Churches 08:18:23
GE Capital Cuts Off Lending to Gun Stores Err... Except the World's Biggest Gun Dearler WalMart 08:15:57
Injured by a Vaccine? Corporations Skate While Taxpayers Pay Claims 08:09:55
SOTP: Spot Price Swindle: Paper gold decouples from physical gold markets 07:57:21
Fourth Amendment threat CISPA slips quietly through House while media busy covering Boston bombing 07:54:40
Consciousness After Death: Strange Tales From the Frontiers of Resuscitation Medicine 07:54:24
New York City Mayor Bloomberg says the US Constitution will 'have to change' 07:46:51
A visit to the Chris Dorner Big Bear Hideout: Retracing the final steps from burnt-out truck to mountain condo 06:45:37
TheDailyBeast: The Ron Paul Institute: Be Afraid, Very Afraid 08:49:22
Is China manuevering into a World War? 05:49:19
Obama Signs Firearm And Ammo Killswitch 03:49:50
Why Is JPMorgan's Gold Vault, The Largest In The World, Located Next To The New York Fed's? 03:43:06
Why Did JP Morgan Just Sell Off Much of it's Massive Vault of Gold? 03:41:37
If you don't think there are conspiracies here's one that will make you think remember the RNC? 03:27:13
Nigel Farage: "This EU is the New Communism. It is Power without Limits." 02:58:45
CISPA = Tyranny: Your Employer Owns Your Facebook Password 02:27:09
10 Amazing International Photos That Will Give You Some Perspective 02:23:10
NEWSFLASH: Rand Paul is Awesome and is our best politician and the best presidential candidate! 02:04:18
to add to the story- Sunil Tripathi's Body may have been found 01:51:45
The War on Terror is Over! 01:50:22
I Have A Civil Rights Issue With Which I Need Legal Help 01:36:35
Freedom and Love 01:20:13
Video-A Gift For All The ANTI: 9/11 Truth, OKC, Aurora, Sandy Hook, Boston, Waco, Phoenix & Alex Jones Hatin’ Folks 00:40:48
Response to Kokesh "knee-jerk" post. - Adam vs. the kettle 00:15:34
NJ Weedman VS Gov Chris Christie on Marijuana law contradiction 00:11:27
Boston in 1773 vs. Boston 2013 07:10:05