Posted on May 2, 2013

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Great news! Oath Keepers reaches $30,000 goal for Jeffrey Earnhardt NASCAR sponsorship! 20:25:05
NASA Video: Massive Solar Flare. May 1, 2013 16:31:04
Teachers Shocked, Frightened After School Holds Unplanned Shooting Drill 13:22:46
EU attempting to outlaw heirloom seed. 11:04:05
Guantanamo Attorney Found Dead in Apparent Suicide 10:54:07
Video: Ron Paul + Jim Rogers on the government: "They'll use force and they'll use intimidation..." 10:48:54
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UPDATED:Some Video From that Chile Event w/ Ron Paul, Nigel Farage, Peter Schiff, Jim Rogers, etc. 23:39:20
Suicide Rates Rise Sharply in U.S. 23:25:08
On School Shooting Drills 23:15:56
Crossed Another Line (Original song by DP poster) 23:15:25
Missouri Governor Caught Illegally Sending Out Conceal Carry And Drivers License Info To The Feds To Comply With Real Id 23:09:43
Happy Birthday and Bon Voyage Michael! 23:09:30
Nanny Bloomberg's Latest Big Govt Scam 22:47:49
Sovereign Man Workshop - Jim Rickards: Understand in Two Minutes Why Gold Will Hit $6,993 & Message from Simon Black 22:47:38
The Government Is Planting Child Porn On Your Computer 22:36:15
I Love President Obama 22:15:06
U.S. Government and NATO Worked with Bin Laden and His Top Lieutenant 3 Months AFTER 9/11 21:52:49
Report: Netanyahu Fears US On Board With Arab League’s Peace Plan 21:50:37
Eric Holder Threatens Kansas in Letter on Gun Control Nullification Law 21:34:53
FairTax Rally speech, Jefferson City Missouri= Benjamin Brixey, pls be critical... I am tryin to get better at speaking 21:34:42
Getting Bin Laden: Hazardous to Your Health 21:26:38
UNCONSTITUTIONAL: Pentagon Deploys Small Number of Troops to War - Torn Mali 21:19:58
My First Full Length Documentary Which Exposes The Government Bureaucracy That Has Us Drinking Poison 21:14:51
GDP Bag of Tricks 21:08:25
Attorney General Holder Threatens Kansas in Letter on Gun Control Nullification Law 21:08:04
they really a coming for our guns 20:54:27
"The Search for Liberty" Short Film released on YouTube 20:47:12
Ammo Prices 20:44:39
Peter Schiff, Debut Guest on RT's Prime Interest w/Perianne Boring (Lauren Lyster's Replacement), Apr. 30, 2013 20:33:39
The U.S. is creating enemies exponentially: TESTIMONY before congress by a Yemeni 20:29:06
Rand Paul: Hillary Clinton Is Guilty Of "Dereliction Of Duty" On Benghazi 20:25:05
Bloomberg Refused Second Slice of Pizza at Local Restaurant 20:25:00
The Footage Of Reese Witherspoon Being Arrested Is Fantastic 20:23:38
NASA to Pay $70 Million a Seat, Coach Class on Russian Spacecraft 20:13:00
Gary Johnson: Republican Libertarians Are Fake 20:11:42
Ron Paul Endorses Local Syracuse NY City Council Candidate 20:08:03
Hagel on Syria: Arming Al-Qaeda on the Table 20:05:41
"The U.S. government will lead the American people in and the West in general into an unbearable hell and a choking life." 19:57:05
Sufi Muslim here... 19:54:05
Amputee Actors Train Soldiers. Interesting CNN News Clip from 2012 19:53:39
Carrie Underwood... 19:01:07
To those wondering about the front page 18:58:56
Why I am No Longer a Conservative Republican 18:53:51
DailyPaul - MyFrontPage - What is that? 18:39:18
How do I post a pic? 18:34:09
Look What Came in the Mail Today! Don't Tread On Me Chrome Car Badges Have Finally Arrived! 17:59:55
Anger 17:58:41
Hypothetical Group Thought Exercise - What If Bitcoin/Satoshi Does Take Over Currency's Main Role? 17:58:41
With at Least 460 Dead in April, Deadliest Month in Iraq Since 2009 17:43:04
ZH: Ron Paul and Jim Rogers "There's more chaos to come." 17:36:48
Hot Startup Music Video 17:31:14
New IRS tools - your health records, eBay & credit card transactions, social interactions, etc. 17:26:27
Bee-harming pesticides banned in Europe 17:25:45
Reminder - NYT 2009: Leon Panetta “Aware” CIA Involved in Deadly Truck Bomb 17:23:55
New Earth - Death To Usury! 17:16:31
Our Framers' language - a good read! 17:15:53
'Gary Webb-ed?' RT: GitMo Public Defender, Atty. Andy P. Hart, found DEAD in his own Apt.! 17:10:20
Gary Johnson on Boston Bombings, Drones, Abortion, Immigration, Taxes - Alan Colmes 5/1/2013 16:50:50
"The Search for Liberty" Short Film released on YouTube 16:46:56
Justin Raimondo’s Odd Immigration Remarks 16:43:48
TX Senator on Gun-Toting Vet's Arrest: "Stories like these are why I filed SB897" 16:41:33
My Jesus 16:26:47
Shots fired in Houston airport suicide, media link NRA convention 16:14:48
Has DP chat ended? 16:10:40
Creator is life 14:58:32
*Bitcoin*-Just Getting Started-Future Looking Bright! 14:47:41
Rising US drone strikes against al-Qaida in Yemen start to fuel anger over civilian deaths 14:40:16
I’m still here: back online after a year without the internet 14:38:05
Rand Paul Calls for Investigation of Foreign Aid Fraud 14:24:25
Slavish Texas Reps to Enact Absurd Annual "Texas-Israel Day" May 8th 14:16:15
Rand Paul Goes Neocon For Israel 13:58:01
Is this where it unravels? Police and FBI clash over number of cars Boston suspects drove 13:56:26
Poll: Overwhelming Majority Oppose California Gun Confiscation 13:51:36
Bitcoin Has *Just Begun* 13:37:13
A Personal Update from Stefan Molyneux 13:36:58
Possible 'Human Trafficking' at suburban Washington Saudi compound 13:34:54
Sessions: 'Tide Is Beginning to Turn' Against Immigration Bill 13:04:03
(Video) UFO's in 10 minutes. 12:53:50
VIDEO #3 : Undercover Investigation of Late Term Abortion Clinics In Arizona...Developing 12:51:59
Texas Town Passes Resolution Encouraging Gun Ownership 12:41:15
Tiny Device Will Detect Domestic Drones 12:38:00
Collection of quotes from Pirate Dread Roberts, radical Libertarian and owner of underground drug website Silk Road 12:33:36
Do "True Libertarians" spank their children? 12:27:04
KS Gov. Brownback signs 2A Freedom Act! AG Holder whines w/Idiotic Threat: Call, to SUPPORT Kansas! 12:24:13
Andrew Napolitano: Obama Continues His War on The Fourth Amendment 12:16:15
Ron Paul: The Internet Tax Mandate Is Backwards Thinking 12:05:03
High School Student Faces 20 Years For Obama Facebook Threat 12:00:40
Bitcoin Is *Over* 11:57:25
DC Exclusives: Reid Accedes To Rand Paul On Immigration Bill 11:53:30
EU bans bee-harming pesticides ... will U.S. wise up and follow suit? 11:35:48
Poll: 29% of Americans Believe Armed Revolt May Be Necessary... 11:28:37
Fewer Americans Willing to Give Up Liberty to Fight Terrorism Compared to OKC Bombing 11:22:36
Tiny Device Will Detect Domestic Drones "Drone Shield" 11:19:20
The U.S. military's presence in Africa: It's worse than you think 11:07:31
Another excellent entry to AJ's contest 10:47:09
Music From The Ron Paul rEVOLution 10:37:53
New Lampoon The System cartoon - Bank of Cyprus ATM 10:30:27
Fla Sheriff: 'We Want People To Call Us If The Guy Down The Street Hates The Government'... 09:57:38
Drones: Testimony of Farea Al-Muslimi 09:50:29
All Wars are Fought for Usury 09:42:39
MSM Conspiracy article 09:33:58
Libertarian Gun Control? 09:23:21
Alex Jones goes mainstream in Boise 09:11:46
Athens police stop food handout by Greek far right 08:49:00
Are you ready to shoot and kill another human being? 08:18:48
citizens hearing on disclosure 08:14:24
Chinese incursion leaves India on verge of crisis 08:01:20
The Declaration of Independence: The British Point of View 07:55:56
Boston Bombing: CIA Funded Chechen Rebels through Suspect’s Uncle 07:21:57
Rand Paul Embraces Israel 07:15:29
Josh Tolley - "old school" Investigative journalism - VA Hospital-The Value of a Life vs Regulation 07:10:17
The Dollar Vigilante: "My Official Withdrawal from the Bitcoin ATM Project" 06:28:52
Infowars Nightly News Interviews Man Who Attacked Dan Bidondi 06:07:40
Internet Sales Tax - double taxation legal in 2014 + solutions 05:03:39
Cops Turn Downtown Seattle Into Combat Zone 05:00:40
Marijuana in the Military 04:24:10
Gary Johnson on RT's Breaking the Set 04:06:58
Anthony Gucciardi's Operation Paul Revere Entry: DISARMED: A History of Gun Control 04:05:41
Jeremy Scahill on RT's Breaking the Set (Updated) 04:04:51
Police State Gallows Humor; Ignorance = Blisss: BRUNCH, by Jocelyn O'Neil - Op. Paul Revere Entry! 03:55:08
Khan Academy rockin' the BitCoin! A Seven-Part Exploratory Series! 02:03:03
The Way It Should Be? ReasonTV: DIY Law Enforcement in Cash-Strapped Oregon County 01:14:55
Drone Bombings are "Hilarious" to some people! 00:22:22
Toomey Blames Republican Politics, no mention of "unconstitutionality" 00:16:29
"Dirty Wars" - Jeremy Scahil Interview 00:11:28
Kidnapped California Baby 00:04:19