Posted on May 5, 2013

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NYPD Officer: " “If you're not a terrorist, if you’re not a threat, prove it“This is the price you pay to live in free society" 19:57:25
Ron Paul Straight Talk "Federal Reserve Blows More Bubbles," 5-6-13 17:04:45
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On an unrelated note... UPDATE 23:53:46
U.N. has testimony that Syrian rebels use Sarin 23:24:50
U.N. has testimony that Syrian rebels, not Assad, used sarin gas 23:16:36
TSA agent to Me "(America) lost a long time ago" 22:51:31
2013: The Year of the Liberty Candidates? 22:35:15
Oh Those Silly Springfield, MA Cops: Geography Test FAIL; Baghdad, MA marked as HomeTown! 22:31:07
North American Union and the Latino Community Question 22:29:53
The Battle Of Athens Tennessee 1946 22:09:06
Sovereign Man Stands Down Cops: This is how it is done. 22:06:59
Ham Radio Freedom - Thanks 21:56:38
Obama : Reject Voices That Warn About Government Tyranny 21:56:07
A clear case of self-defense rallies supporters of gun rights 21:27:34
John Stossel: We have 50 State Laboratories (video) 21:04:26
Assad "to declare war" on Israel following fresh airstrikes 20:50:16
'Israel used depleted uranium shells in air strike' - Syrian source 20:46:02
Nanoparticles: The tiniest toxin 20:42:35
Only the government can save you from milk! 20:37:02
Meet Raoul Rodriguez tea party patriot and hero. 20:34:22
Like Charts? David Rosenberg Gave Devastating Presentation On The Sad State Of The Economy 19:52:22
Paul Speaks about Jesus Christ and his Christian Faith 19:48:47
I Cannot Help But Re-Read The First Amendment To The Constitution 18:53:50
Cruz Blues 18:19:55
"Operation A Team" Undercovers pose as teens in local high school- 19 arrested 17:58:40
Quatrain by Omar Khayyam 17:33:30
Joe Rogan hunting with Steven Rinella on MeatEater 16:49:47
Brave 12 Year Old Boy Calls Cop Out For Breaking The Law! 16:48:50
VIDEO - America Is Gone!: Track Officials Disqualify High School Runner For Thanking God 16:21:37
Man Who Open-Fired On Cops With AK-47 Had "Resistance To Tyranny" Book In Car 16:17:43
America Transformed! The New Normal: Boston Bombing Suspect Interrogated Without Counsel 16:12:35
Yes Virginia, Kent State Massacre was Another FBI-COINTEL Rat provocateured False Flag! 15:51:19
Obama Tells Graduates to Reject Antigovernment Talk 15:25:08
Schumer: U.S. needs to block 3D plastic guns like ‘The Liberator’ from Defense Distributed 15:20:28
Bill Maher: It’s ‘Ridiculous‘Quaint‘Nonsensical’ to Think 2nd Amendment Can Prevent Tyranny 15:13:17
VIDEO - America's Third War: Is The U.S. Arming Mexican Cartels? 15:04:15
Pascha (Orthodox Easter) is today, May 05! 15:02:55
"Positive News" 14:59:44
Got an email 14:55:01
New Fire Mueller and Napolitano Facebook Started 14:44:41
Ron Paul was front and center in Fred Meyer 13:48:43
*problem solved* Need help please! Ideas for natural pain relievers and anti-inflammatories needed ASAP 13:14:43
So Now "Shelter In Place" Is Going To Be The Norm? 12:45:47
Gov of Kansas: Federal Agents May be Shot attempting to enforce gun control 12:17:00
"Fixing the Banking System for Good" 11:31:56
Duckweed – the next big thing in Biofuels? 11:20:28
The "Bifurcated" Government of the United States 11:17:11
Unprovoked Attack on Syria: US-backed Israel Commits Egregious International Crime 11:13:40
Will There Be a Nuclear False Flag in U.S. This Week? 11:08:26
Palin excellent speech on Freedom at NRA convention 11:04:26
Corrupt Government Officials Use the Most Extreme Forms of Religion to Divide and Conquer Us 10:40:28
Why is this no longer http:/ 09:56:37
Here's the bomb the US plans to bomb Iran with, to discourage them from making a bomb. 09:14:08
Texas House passes 12 firearms bills on ‘gun day’ 09:04:57
"Most Wanted Woman" in her own word: Calls out Cointelpro and FBI. 09:00:38
!: Syria and Isreal at war? 08:34:35
Undercover FBI agents infiltrate Oklahoma bingo halls, coffee shops 07:49:58
Cartoon: When drones are used for life's most dangerous situations 07:48:38
Liberty Vs Communism ~ Huge Brawl Breaks Out In Venezuela's Government 07:24:25
The Keynesian Fiscal Multiplier is so fudging FRAUDULENT that it's brilliant. 04:22:02
Obama's reaction to Rand Paul and the Tea Party 03:10:17
Ron Paul's No National Id Petition Urgent! 02:48:13
Nine Year Old discusses the universe and the meaning of life. 02:20:44
VOTO charges phones and provides light using cooking fires 02:14:49
Blind Veteran Takes Down and Subdues Attacker 01:32:10
Harry Patch: Anti-War Hero from WWI 00:59:24
An Odd Law I Just Found Out About Concerning Hummingbirds 00:27:05