Posted on May 7, 2013

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CNN Pretends Having A “Satellite Interview” Problem-They’re In The Same Parking Lot. 22:08:19
11 Reasons Why The Federal Reserve Should Be Abolished 19:54:46
UPDATE - Syria Traffic Goes "Dark" As Country Disappears From Internet 17:48:35
Lew Rockwell: Another Nail in the Neocon Coffin 17:33:05
Cody Wilson's 100% 3D-Printed Liberator HandGun: 50,000+ Downloads in ONE Day! 16:42:25
Glenn Greenwald: Israeli Bombing of Syria and Moral Relativism 13:00:58
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*Another* outstanding piece! Leftist Pro-Gun VA Dem Schools Gun Controllers 17:32:05
OK Senator Inhofe confirms Obama's DHS buying up domestic ammo to bypass 2nd Amendment 23:48:36
Conspiracy Theorists Here on the DP 23:47:10
Senator John McCain Free-Falls on 9/11… Again 23:42:11
SALON: Trekkie CA District Judge P0wnz Porn-CopyRight Trolls with Prime Directives! No Joke! 23:42:09
Conspicuous Silence. The Cabal in the West Is Running Out of Options 23:36:18
Obama vs. The Founding Fathers 23:35:20
Time for my nightly jam sandwich 23:30:39
Remington Arms, Subsidiary of Cerberus Capital Mgmt: Responds to Criticism over remaining in NY 23:19:57
Anonymous man speaks truth about the Lucfarian Royal Family 22:59:42
AVTM: What do the Britons across the Pond think of Taxes? Bollocks! Bugger It All to Hell! 22:51:30
Mr. Colion Noir, NRA Commentator: "Coloring the Issue!" Rebutting the REAL Racist, "Token-___" Charges! 22:36:01
US has more first-day newborn deaths than rest of industrialized world combined 22:17:12
Does Adam Kokesh Leave Us Vulnerable In D.C.? 22:16:39
Greg Gutfeld Warns Tomorrows Benghazi Hearing 'IRRELEVANT' If Media Isn't Interested - VIDEO 22:12:02
*SANFORD R 54% COLBERT D 45%: Mark Sanford Wins Back Old Congressional Seat! 21:50:09
Lew Rockwell and Alex Jones: Kokesh March A Very Bad Idea 21:33:28
World Bank Whistleblower Confirms Planetary Evaporation of Paper Wealth 21:29:35
White House Refuses To Address Questions On Benghazi Stand Down Order 21:21:34
Obama Caught in Blatant Lie About Guns and Drugs 21:14:44
USAF Vet Offers National Cemetery Plot To Dead Boston Bomber 21:07:58
Foreign Aid: As Americans stand idly by, the world counts on our complacency... 21:03:46
New Reports Show Gun Homicides Down Since 1990s - Report Released 5/7/2013 21:00:51
2008 Meltdown: NY Appeals Court Hits Elitist Goldman Sachs Bank with Renewed Multiple Fraud Claims 20:53:26
Why are Limbaugh, Levin, and Hannity so eager to see more dead Americans?-Michael Scheuer 20:33:49
Mark Sanford leading Colbert in SC 1st Congressional District with 54% to 46% of the vote 20:30:03
Free Books for Amazon Reviews 20:28:15
My Friend Is Suing A Lindsey Graham Supporter, Sc Gop Chairman, Chad Connelly 19:19:53
Discussion Time: Corporate Power and Capitalism 18:18:20
D.C. Police Chief: Constitution Does Not Apply Here 18:11:06
Jack Spirko, noted TX r3VOL Prepper, tours Rob Gray (formerly of Liberty Dollar)'s Mulligan Mint! 18:03:24
Obamacare, The IRS And “The Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch” 17:40:27
Yesterday and today dies 17:34:54
Marco Rubio's Ties with George Soros 16:57:06
Love is simple 16:42:00
A Feminist Libertarian Perspective 16:41:14
Memo Released to Gawker Details Further Evidence of CIA Hand in Zero Dark Thirty Production 16:40:07
Obama's manipulative language; by Stefan Molyneux 16:35:29
Can Anyone Here Help With Petition Initiative Language 16:32:32
Ron Paul Endorses Christopher Stearns for Virginia State Senate District 14. Election Day is May 9th! 16:24:20
After the tragic events in Boston, Silver Circle has finally rescheduled its second Boston screening! Come support! 16:17:41
Amanda Bynes: Another Product of Entertainment Industry Mind Control? 16:05:36
Exposed: Shin Bet’s Secret Tactics 16:01:33
The Israeli Attack on Syria and the History of War: Profile of Lawless Aggression 15:46:17
All this talk of losing our civil son would argue otherwise. 15:41:30
Money Laundering and The Drug Trade: The Role of the Banks 15:39:32
CDC called, phone survey on child hood vaccination, anyone else? 15:33:18
Police State Fail: Tips From Cleveland Kidnappers' Neighbors Ignored 15:18:30
Mothers of Syria 15:18:21
Spread the word about the NWO agenda on Obama's facebook page on May 11th! 15:16:15
Armed march on Washington D.C. announced for July 4th: Is Adam Kokesh crazy, or courageous? 15:00:10
Adam Kokesh ... fool, or tool? 14:45:41
EU Makes Moves To Criminalize Seeds & Plants Not Registered w/Gov. 14:20:39
Lauryn Hill - Anti-Tax Advocate, Individualist, Conspiracy Theorist? 14:11:40
Susan Rice to be honored with “Great American Award” 13:42:48
Stefan Molyneux on Obama's Commencement Speech 13:40:35
World Bank Whistle-blower 13:39:01
I agree with Huck (first time for everything) 13:37:11
2 Virginia 7 yr olds Suspended For Using Pencils As Guns 13:06:38
Senator Rand Paul Discusses Immigration Bill at Homeland Security and Gov't Affairs Hearing 5-7-13 12:52:43
When It Comes to Health-Care Reform, the IRS Rules 12:48:50
Standing on the Corner of Nowhere and Here 12:46:40
Politco: Rand Paul, Marco Rubio face 2016 bind 12:41:10
Dice pulls ultimate troll maneuver WHILE wearing "troll face" T-shirt. 12:23:44
Election Rigging?: Obama Justice Department To Monitor South Carolina Congressional Election 12:18:49
Airing tonight on PBS stations! "Constituion USA" 12:13:41
Charles Ramsey: In the arms of an angel 12:08:32
VIDEO: Students Submit To 'Obama Security Force' Bag Searches 12:07:28
Danger! GOOGLE Warns Drudge Report and Are MALWARE 12:00:43
Great Analysis: Response To The Boston Tragedy 11:43:38
Lol! Danger! Google Warns Drudge Report and are Malware 11:42:23
'3 explosions heard in Tehran near missile facility' 11:39:28
Elizabeth Colbert Busch appears twice on SC 1st District Ballot 11:36:59
Lauryn Hill Ordered Into Therapy For Conspiracy Theories 11:32:02
Hells Angels, other bikers block road during police showdown on Vancouver Island 11:24:59
Buy a 1/10 oz of gold or a few silver eagles today 10:50:20
Y'all come on down now, Ya Hear? Real Texans To Protest 'Texas-Israel Day' at Austin Capitol May 8 10:43:58
Replace Lindsey Graham 10:37:19
Eyewitnesses: Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Did Not Shoot Boston Cop 10:35:34
Constitution USA - PBS show 10:20:03
My son Kyle on King Street LIVE 10:05:54
I changed my name on the DP! 09:58:41
BofA Alert: My Account was wiped out yesterday 09:18:44
The NIMH Withdraws Support for DSM-5 08:28:19
Those angels born in hell still trying to break that Satan spell... 08:23:29
Pat Brady RESIGNS as Illinois GOP Chairman... 08:06:01
Beer Drones To Deliver Brew to Concertgoers 07:55:24
They Wouldn’t Act This Way If Ted Cruz Weren’t Putting Points on the Board 07:13:53
Senate Roll Call Votes for "Marketplace Fairness Act" 07:10:59
FL Anti-gun Bill Passes Senate - On Gov Scott's Desk To Sign - Urge Him To Veto 07:05:23
Mayoral candidate Garcetti: Los Angeles a ‘Libertarian town’ 07:03:09
Jack Hunter: Rand Paul shatters left-right paradigm, can help grow GOP 06:59:27
Virginia Congressman Introduces Foreign Assistance "Reform" Legislation 05:14:46
Obama's Commencement Speech 04:54:19
all about my life... 04:41:13
Andrew Auernheimer : "I'm Going To Prison For Arithmetic." 04:21:48
The US Government Has Been Running a Quantum Internet for Over Two Years 03:28:12
West Dallas manager in shootout says police did not respond quickly to 911 call 01:53:11
Promotional Video/Trailer for Adam Kokesh's Open Carry March 01:49:24
iron man 3 01:04:55
Are the LDS going to shut down Canneries and Orchards? 00:41:20
Storm Clouds Gathering - The REAL Reason Israel Attacked Syria 00:30:23