Posted on May 9, 2013

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EXCLUSIVE: Benghazi Talking Points Underwent 12 Revisions, Scrubbed of Terror Reference - Video 08:00:37
Ron Paul ‘I think it’s Fantastic’ CryptoCurrency, Bitcoin, Commodity Banking, Precious Metals Barter 18:18:14
D.C. Police: We Will Arrest Adam Kokesh and Open Carry Supporters 14:16:36
Natural News: Bosnia war survivor warns of things to come in collapse of America 09:22:16
Are We On The Verge Of Witnessing The Death Of The Paper Gold Scam? 09:07:56
Andrew Napolitano: Why We Should Mistrust the Government 08:45:37
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Another day, another 4th amendmant right infringed -Judge Allows FBI To Use Evidence Collected Via Stingray Fake Cell Towers 23:17:38
Pot Prices: April 2013 THMQ 22:49:48
100 of UK's richest people concealing billions in offshore tax havens 22:30:12
Reason TV Matt Welch - The GOP Civil War Over Libertarianism 22:18:29
Monopoly On Human Worth 22:03:04
VIDEO: 12 Year Old Boy Puts Cop In His Place 21:55:31
Boston Marathon Finish Line-Could 1st explosion have been a drill and the 2nd explosion real deal? 21:55:17
EXCLUSIVE: Man Arrested For Allegedly Shooting Realistic Toy Gun With Kids In Queens Park - VIDEO 21:49:07
POLITICO: Watchdog Says Government Has Tried To Silence Him on Afghanistan 21:40:53
Missouri Legislature Nullifies ALL Federal Gun Control "law" by a Veto-Proof Majority! 21:35:17
SPEECH by Coast Guard Rear Admiral William Lee *VIDEO* 21:10:50
JFK-RFK-MLK? The Questions Remain 21:01:03
9/11 and War By Deception 20:17:04
Square BIZ kid tells it like it is! 20:07:30
cop attacks special need kid for not having shirt tuck in. 20:05:53
The education crisis in America 19:59:21
We must be very concerned and vigilant toward Russia. They permeate evil and wickedness 19:46:49
Governors Form Militia Protection Against Martial Law 19:39:46
FBI & ADL Framing Militia Members as Domestic Terrorists 19:38:22
Robin Koerner Rockstar Speech! Rep. Liberty Caucus, May 2, 2013 19:36:31
. 19:36:26
Electric Universe: Mohenjo Daro - The Indus Valley Mystery 19:06:37
Obama Issues Presidential Pardon To Get Biden Out Of Jail For Third Time This Year 18:49:37
Peter Schiff: Ben Bernanke Has Injected Economy With 'Monetary Caffeine' - Fox Business 5/9/2013 18:42:07
Pure Democracy In Action: Brave Moose Mother Fights Wolf Pack In Heroic Battle To Save Her Calf 18:41:46
Impeach and Impair 18:29:09
You CAN Have My Guns 18:22:18
Melissa Melton (Formerly of IFW, now @ War Propaganda & 'Comfort' Patches 18:18:46
Lucy is Right: Insurance Should Be a Nickel 18:16:18
Direct TV Went Into My Bank Account Without Telling Me 17:59:18
Ron Paul Remix: The War On Drugs Is A Failure 17:58:52
Pakistan’s Likely Prime Minister Vows To Shoot Down U.S. Drones 17:57:18
Stock Market Euphoria Vs. The Underlying Economic Data 17:56:51
0: All The Energy That Ever Was Or Will Be Is Here Now 17:56:07
Your Body Is a Corporate Test Tube 17:48:48
Miracle Mineral Solution: Cure For Multiple Diseases? 17:33:22
FBI Under Fire, Didn't Tell Boston PD About Marathon Bombing Suspects 17:16:36
Is Ted Cruz A Threat To The Establishment? 16:50:56
CA AB 1266 Passes In Public Schools, Gender no longer exists. 16:14:01
President Obama wants the FBI to Have More Access to Spy on You. 16:13:31
NEW "Search for Liberty" Facebook Launched 16:11:56
NPC 15:52:35
More Political Insanity! Clinton, Rice Presented Awards For Public Service On Same Day As Benghazi Hearing - VIDEO 15:50:22
Cleveland abductor Ariel Castro claimed he was in the CIA 15:43:08
Republicans Passed Debt Ceiling Bill That Democrats Think Is The Dumbest Idea Ever 15:36:14
Shameful examples set by the United States 15:22:50
Feds Shut Down Defcad 15:16:38
High School Student Owns His Own Lazy Teacher 15:13:34
make it TREND Obama should resign Benghazi 15:13:21
Ben Swann: Congress and GAO now investigating DHS ammo stockpiling + Benghazi Special 14:51:00
3D gun inventor, Cody Wilson warned by Feds to take down the files on DEFCAD 14:39:53
Senate Bill 132: Blood is boiling! 14:04:49
ALERT: Cody Wilson's Shut Down! Gets State Dept/DoD's ITAR Restriction Notice! 13:55:29
Gregory Hicks' explosive testimony at the Benghazi hearings 13:50:07
VIDEO: Boston Police Commissioner, Edward Davis Calls For More Cameras (Police State) 13:47:11
"American Pie" - served in a jackboot. 13:37:18
Immigration Bill Gives DHS Secretary 'Virtually Unlimited Discreation To Waive Any Manner Of Crimes,' ICE Council Warns Congress 13:37:10
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Benghazi: It Is About Obama/Clinton Running an Illegal War 13:03:50
Inmates update Facebook while in Jail (video) 13:03:18
Judge Napolitano: Hillary Clinton Could Be Prosecuted Over Benghazi Testimony 12:35:04
Bosnia war survivor warns of things to come in collapse of America 12:34:30
Natural Antimicrobials - Better than a prescription? 12:30:21
Rochester, New York Police Officers Assaulted Disabled Man In Motorized Wheelchair - VIDEO 12:25:40
Bill To Allow Police To Use Drones Without Search Warrant Heads To Maine Senate 12:03:59
How the Paleo & Primal Movement Suffer Due to BIG Gov. 11:57:06
Gas just went up another 2.387% overnight by me... 11:52:36
26 Keys to Mastering the Jungle of Life Forever - True Liberty! 11:51:05
Singer Lauryn Hill to spend 3 months in prison for not paying taxes 11:33:50
Running list of "Shelter in Place" announcements 11:33:02
Write your congressman! Stop the Internet tax! Update with Reply 11:29:40
Great article by Judge Napolitano about not trusting the government 10:52:54
Seattle To Melt Gun Buyback Firearms Into Peace Plaques 10:48:12
Middle East Out of Control – Gerald Celente 09:07:28
All Digital Communications In The United States Are Being "CAPTURED" By Government Surveillance Systems - VIDEO 08:58:09
Benghazi Whistleblower: 'I've Been Demoted' for Challenging Susan Rice's Claims 08:48:32
Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities ~ Voltaire 08:23:22
Budget Projections and Realities. (Chart) 08:01:23
Sharyl Attkisson (Another Ben Swann type?) 07:21:35
DHS SportEvac - Another Fema False Flag In The Making 06:36:24
Humboldt County California: Ordered “Shelter-in-Place” 06:30:20
DEMOCIDE: Socialism, Tyranny, Guns, And Freedom 05:39:03
Lies Lies Lies Yeah, They ARE Going To Get You, Hillary! 04:41:56
The Stockholm Syndrome and Printing Money 03:55:30
Question on 1947 Incident 03:30:45
VIDEO: High School student gives a lesson to his teacher 03:24:09
Think about every aspect in which Government regulates your daily life. 02:24:36
The Most Astounding Fact 02:21:43
Radio Host Pete Santilli Makes Impassioned Plea To Military To Start "Taking Out" Leadership NOW! 01:00:43
TP(toilet paper, or think progress?) 00:49:07
John Boeher may get on board with Rand's efforts to legalize hemp, White House officials receptive as well 00:49:05