Posted on May 11, 2013

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Glenn Greenwald Schools Bill Maher on Benghazi, US ME Bombing, and Religion 18:34:12
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Marc Faber On Gold, Terrorism, And Democratic Wealth Confiscation (5/3/2013) 23:56:37
Spontaneous Order Experiments Take Hold in Detroit 23:50:58
Inventor Jailed For Making This Video? (Video) 23:43:27
This is a GPS unit I found in my car tracking me 23:18:04
Courage 23:15:39
California dad 'begged for his life' as police beat him to death - witnesses 23:09:35
Media Has Sibling Ties To Obama Benghazi Nsc Teams 22:28:01
Great News! Some PA State Schools Allow Guns Amid Review 21:54:58
John Paul II lookalike arrested for 'usurpation of title' 21:52:57
Mandatory Vaccines and 21st Century Bread Lines? 21:46:44
Keep YOUR Money OUT of the Banks! (Good Info Video) 21:17:38
Recall Effort in Colorado gun ban backlash, let's help this happen 21:17:33
Update: IRS Patriot Witch Hunt Started In 2011 With High-Level Officials Involved 20:47:26
TPTB Using New Yorkers As Guinea Pigs For Latest "Drill" 20:27:46
Vaccine Kills 9 (Vietnamese) Kids: Quinvaxem 20:02:41
CSMonitor: Rand Paul for president? Tours Iowa & Other Key Primary States+Video - May 11, 2013 20:01:47
Doug Wead: Presidents Are Mama's Boys 19:52:34
Remarks by the President at the Top Cops Ceremony (Don't make me laugh!) 19:49:14
Karzai Reveals US Plan for Permanent Afghanistan Bases 19:40:32
‘Outrageous Abuse’: Tea Party Rejects IRS Apology 19:37:30
Bachmann: 9/11 And Benghazi Were God's Judgment 19:17:08
Walford Mayor: Bilderberg Protesters "Can And Do Cause Violence And Disturbances" - VIDEO 19:13:25
VIDEO: Homeland Security Funded Exercise Portrayed Homeschoolers As TERRORISTS 19:04:37
Glen Greenwald on Bill Maher show- Growing to like this guy (video - May, 11) 18:52:01
Fox News: Obama Administration Blowing Smoke: White House Evacuates Press Room 18:51:42
Are you a drug addict? 18:26:32
GOP Senator: Obama Could Be Impeached Over Benghazi 17:34:09
Help the Lions of Liberty With Our Book! 16:39:11
Former Israeli Minister: "Anti-semitic - It's a Trick. We Always Use it." 16:23:22
Oregon picking up the baton where Prop 37's heat was snuffed out... 16:07:15
Indoctrination in Common Core ELA Texts 15:54:44
War on DIY: 3D-Printing Guns, RallyFighter OpenSource Micro-Manufacturing vs Corporatist Monopolists 15:45:45
Report from Occupied Terrority: First Hand Account of Texas-Israel Day Protest (With Photos) 15:44:30
MSM propaganda says that owning a home increases unemployment! 15:37:26
'Clan of the Fiery Cross' - How Superman Exposed The Klan 14:39:03
California: Father of 4 begs for life, beat to death by 9 officers; videos seized 14:37:07
Oh So I Am A Paranoid Conspiracy Theorist ... Okay 14:25:13
Ron Paul: There’s a lot of problems in Syria. There’s no doubt about it. But I tell you what: They’re not suicidal. 14:17:57
Why Ron Paul Hasn't Called for Armed March on D.C. 14:12:37
Governing Against the People's Will: Colorado "Gun-Grabbing" Democrats Facing Voter Recall 14:10:20
Dana Milbank revisited, on minimum wage 13:54:53
House of Cupcakes in New York, NY, Presents: The Bloomberg Cupcake! 36,000 calories! 13:42:51
Clarence Page does not know if Pakistan harbored Bin Laden! 13:31:46
Pentagon consults with Jewish extremist who calls Christians “monsters” and “enemies” to develop tolerance policy 13:29:59
A Dangerous Turn of Events: Bomb Explosions in Turkish Town on Syrian Border (PHOTOS, VIDEO) 13:22:18
MSNBC Turns On Obama? "Benghazi A Cover-up", "Clintonian" - "There's Risk of "Impeachment" ! 13:09:01
NRA Working to Expand Gun Control 13:03:09
Junk Silver Coins and what it’s telling you about the silver market. 12:50:06
Kansas and Missouri Should Post DefCAD Files 12:44:38
C-SPAN Washington Journal: 'New' DOJ Report says Dramatic Drop In Gun Violence Since 1993! 12:41:05
Did the CIA kill Malcolm X's grandson? 12:20:56
Bill Maher Tells HBO Panel That People Who Want 3D Printed Guns Want To Assassinate The President 12:17:24
Disgusting Degenerates: IDF use 'Crap' Water Cannon to Spray Innocent West Bank Residents! 12:15:21
Adam Kokesh Interviewed On Cbs - Dc - Wusa Tv-9 12:08:59
Full Spectrum Bankster Dominance — Guest: Rob Kirby 11:54:20
Could Using UKIP's Strategy Make the LP a Contender? 11:45:17
Megalomania is a psychopathological disorder 11:22:57
Brother of Top Obama Official About to Oust Benghazi Reporter Sharyl Attkisson? 11:08:47
There are so many attention seekers here, It's just so tragic 10:39:45
Police Practice for Gunbattle with… ‘Angry Parents at a School’ 10:34:59
1/3 of Population of Puerto Rico receives US Food Stamps, 25% in CASH 10:10:07
This is a wonderful speech about corruption in the United States: from DC and Wall Street 09:54:50
Wife kills husband during gun lesson 09:49:15
CO Health Insurance Exchange Seeks Another $125 Mil to Implement Obamacare 09:47:18
Who Is Graham Fuller? 09:45:25
Obama's Sneaky Way Of Cutting Veteran Benefits 09:41:13
Unsolve Mysterieies: Toxic Gel Rains down on Oakville Washington 1994 09:40:46
Republicans Are Refusing to Appoint Members to Obamacare's Most Notorious Panel 09:36:24
Maine Superior Court Justice Rules Against Blue Hill Self-Governance Ordinance & Raw Milk Farmer 09:11:30
3d Gun talk on C-span -Andy Greenberg on First Plastic Gun Created by 3-D Printer 08:45:43
Alleged Boston Bomber is secretly buried in Muslim cemetery in Virginia by Christian woman 08:36:35
Immediate Action Required For Rand Paul in South Carolina! 08:27:37
Obama Speaks to SC on Nullifying Obamacare 07:51:51
So THIS is how the US differentiates a Syrian "Rebel" from an Afghan "Terrorist" 07:42:36
Greece's youth unemployment hits 60% 07:33:13
Senior IRS official: 'I'm not good at math' - yeah, we know 07:30:31
US sending $100mln aid package to Syria. (Recent total aid to Syria now exceeds 500 million) 07:28:50
5th grade GIRL walked into the classroom shouting she was part of the Illuminati and threatened to kill students 07:15:14
Sen. Rand Paul to Hillary Clinton: "Where in the Hell were the Marines?" 07:02:10
Al Qaeda Also Fed Up With Ground Zero Construction Delays (Onion Flashback) 04:03:12
I seem to connect with this departed man... 04:00:23
Have you ever changed your mind while forum arguing/debating? Or even witnessed it? 03:53:43
Middle School Students Sprayed With Colored Powders (Bizarre Local News) 03:44:54
Download link for 3-D Gun blueprints of the "Liberator" 03:41:24
As requested everytime my son rides in our Camry... 03:34:01
How Dumb Are We? 02:05:08
UPDATE: video-Mystery Aircraft Frightens Quincy, MA Residents-Govt. Knows, But Won't Tell City Officials 01:14:34
Bitcoin 2.0 beta Brainstorming Box 01:04:52
3D Printed Metal Gun? 00:47:39
Behold A Pale Horse Needs Daily Paul Reveres! 00:18:43