Posted on May 12, 2013

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Ron Paul's Texas Straight Talk 5/13/13: What No One Wants to Hear About Benghazi 21:27:31
Mother's Day Club 10:50:20
Liberty without Love is Hollow 02:00:11
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VIDEO: A Tale of Two Trials (Murder Soaps vs. Drone Slaughter) 23:48:24
New Orleans Shooting- Door to Door search - Police State 23:44:17
Welcome to The Movies! 23:43:21
Changed my name on the DP 23:30:16
Still NOT going to DC in july ? 22:23:14
Comex Default Propaganda 22:06:59
Don't do it Adam. 22:06:40
My Dad Never Liked Ron, But He Really Likes Rand 21:56:35
How Do We Wake Up The Liberal Wannabe Socialists? 21:38:53
Will Obamacare Take Down The IRS? 21:20:59
Bill Gates, Jeb Bush, Bloomberg, Oprah and Warren Buffett hold secret meeting 20:36:41
Michelle Bachman makes scathing charges against Obama administration 20:35:43
Illeism , is the act of referring to oneself in the third person instead of first person. 20:27:18
Is our but to do and die? OR are we supposed to question WHY the heart of Liberty is in its questions " 20:08:00
Why I became a libertarian 19:18:45
INFOGRAPHIC: Who's the Highest Paid Public Employee in Your State? (hint: it's probably a head coach) 19:16:44
Nutty Heretic, Dr Steven Jones, PhD 18:55:47
Pro-Palestinian Ad pisses off Jews and the ADL. 17:42:56
12 people shot at a Mother's Day parade in New Orleans 17:32:00
CBS Anchor: 'We Are Getting Big Stories Wrong, Over and Over Again' 17:22:48
Polybius, MK Ultra, and the CIA's Brainwashing Arcade Game (video) 17:21:26
In the Gun Grabbers' Faces: Counter-Protesting the Morrisville, PA Anti-Gun Rally 17:03:49
Barack Obama is Literally supporting islamic Cannibals in Syria. 16:43:13
It's all about the bees. 16:29:15
Goldman Sachs just closed an enormous “short wager” on gold. Video 16:27:38
What Things Are Going to Change? 16:05:19
Exploring Casida for Congress 2014 16:04:46
Fast-paced, ENTERTAINING Summary of Statist Methodologies 16:03:12
The State is like a box of Chocolates... 15:24:20
Smudge Pot on the issue of dog licenses (Sunday read). 14:59:34
i wish i wasn't awake but i am awake.. 14:59:09
Snitch-Nation: Nosy Neighbor calls the FBI, just because He was moving a Pressure Cooker...full of Rice! 14:51:20
Torrent website Pirate Bay Takes Over Distribution of Censored 3D Printable Gun 14:36:03
Ron Paul Facebook Message: I'm excited to speak at the Metals & Minerals Investment Conference in New York City on Monday 14:34:30
The Editorial Board of 14:18:40
Dale Brown of Detroit-based Threat Management Center is On-Point 14:16:36
Establishment Media Attacks Rand Paul for Saying Globalists Plotting Against Constitution 14:13:36
Full hour and a half video for Lincoln Dinner w/ Rand Paul (2013 May 10) 14:06:23
DailyMail UK 3D-Prints Cody Wilson's Liberator, takes It across the Chunnel to Paris ON EuroStar Train! 14:04:50
Presidents of ABC and CBS News Have Siblings Working at White House With Ties to Benghazi 14:03:42
Hey GOP...Miss Me Yet? 13:59:52
What Are THEY Planning?: Bill Gates, Jeb Bush, Oprah Winfrey and Warren Buffett Meeting at South Carolina Island 13:35:46
The Myth Must Be Destroyed 12:48:42
Jay Carney: Mitt Romney To Blame For Benghazi Scandal 12:44:41
Jeremy Scahill answering the Bengazi question. 12:41:45
Happy Mother's Day 'First Mom' Carol Paul 12:37:09
World War II’s Strangest Battle: When Americans and Germans Fought Together 12:32:39
Ron Paul Quotes 12:31:17
Darrell Issa 12:29:29
Mrs. Obama: Seek out those with different beliefs 12:13:58
Fascist Media Propaganda: White House Meets Privately With Press To Discuss How To Cover Up Benghazi 12:08:42
TSA bomb-sniffing dog bites woman in Atlanta 12:00:40
Consultant works for Ron Paul and Rick Santorum in the same Primary, Unethical? 11:58:19
Hey Jay, 11:57:04
Now you can go to college to be a drone operator 11:36:08
Did You Do Anything to Keep Liberty Alive? 11:02:07
Seems like a good executive order...but clearly it does nothing. 10:41:18
"Lawmakers?" - where did this term come from and why has it replaced Congress, Elected Officials, Representatives, Etc? 10:39:51
Happy Mother's Day to all our Daily Paul Mothers and Liberty minded mothers everywhere! 09:58:25
IRS knew that Tea Party groups were targeted in 2011 09:32:25
Inalienable and unalienable mean precisely the same thing. 08:58:57
Rand Paul: Obama is working with ‘anti-American globalists plotting against our Constitution.’ 08:21:38
Need an Opinion Please 08:16:54
US Business Owners Can Be Fined and Imprisoned for Boycotting Israel 08:10:10
Our Bullsh*t is Gospel Act 07:37:57
"Fifth Grader Claiming to be in the Illuminati Threatened to Stab Students " (Mark Dice youtube video) 03:07:33
Security Camera Video of Bakersfied Man Getting Beaten to Death by Cops 02:14:39
How to beat a dead horse... 01:59:13
Family Keeps Still-Hospitalized Amputee Bomb Victim Upbeat 01:39:46
A Bostonian Tells What REALLY Happened During the Lockdown 01:24:02
Happy Mother's Day to All the Moms of Boys out There! 00:33:36
Zionists Poison Palestinian Water Wells 00:26:05
Police dog bites woman at Atlanta Airport 00:12:49
Happy Mother's Day To All The Moms Out There! 00:05:07