Posted on May 13, 2013

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Jon Stewart on the IRS 19:16:39
Update - Justice Depart. Spied for Months on AP Reporters; Holder Recuses Self 19:16:38
Corporatism Wins, Again: SCOTUS Unanimously rules in favor of Monsanto, vs an Indiana Farmer! 18:12:41
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Store robbed at gunpoint across from police station 23:56:07
DOJ Seizing AP Phone Records May Have Drone Connection 23:56:07
Why Liberals Should be Outraged that the IRS Targeted Conservatives (George Washington Blog) 23:42:05
OpenCarry Lawsuit, the Good: Video Evidence on His Side; the Bad: the City Taxpayers may cough up $3.6MIL! 23:36:16
Obama And "Tradition" 23:33:32
Sudden Ominous Music Heard Across U.S., Nation Panicking 23:20:23
New Obamacare Tax Form Mandates Americans Report Personal Health ID Info to IRS 23:18:05
Police Drone Crashes Into Police 23:07:31
The UN Wants you to Eat Bugs 22:47:22
Alex Jones Vs. William Cooper 22:44:30
Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker Leads GOP In Travel 22:40:37
Watergate Was For Amateurs: Justice Department Spied For Months On Associated Press Reporters (zerohedge) 22:32:57
Gerald Celente; "Out Of Control" 21:17:01
the ten principles of a free society... 21:15:54
Marco Rubio Calls on Nonexistent IRS Commissioner to Resign 20:46:19
Indian Point To Become First Nuclear Plant To Operate With Expired License 20:27:59
As Media Coverage of Non-Enforcement Fades, L.A. Motorists Start Paying Red-light Camera Tickets Again 20:21:33
Pepe Escobar @ Asia Times: Bilderberg, The Masters of Universe Delusion + 'Googleberg' Coverage 20:14:34
IRS Document and Questions they asked the Richmond Tea Party last year 20:07:45
Gov't obtains wide AP phone records in probe 20:03:43
Like, Whoa Dude: Drudge warns of American Civil War 2.0, SOON! 19:53:40
Tom Woods: AnCap Police 'Service' @ Work in Detroit? 19:36:38
Justice for Kelly Thomas 19:24:16
Make your own invisibility cloak with a 3D printer 19:13:42
At least SOMEBODY is trying to stall Obamacare... 19:07:01
Guardian UK: Cody Wilson's 3D-Printed Liberator File Ban is going to create BIG Legal Precedents! 18:30:26
Meanwhile in the UK - Nigel Farage & UKIP are kicking A$! 18:30:22
Please Continue to Spread the TRUTH! Charlie Mcgrath (Wide Awake News) Video Clip 18:12:40
Ben Fulofit and Other Absurdities... 18:11:39
I think I am done with Rand. 18:10:26
Continuation of the National Emergency with Respect to Yemen 18:01:40
Ron Paul Supporter just escorted off Job by 3 armed detectives 17:55:52
Obama Tells Harvey Weinstein, Justin Timberlake to Blame Rush Limbaugh 17:45:11
Fish Oil - BAD for you?... 17:38:44
I'm Making My Last Will and Testament and Am leaving it All to the Ron Paul Liberty Movement 17:33:06
Syrian rebel bites heart of dead soldier. 17:31:21
"WHAT Difference does It make?" Good Idea: Draft Chelsea Clinton to be the next Ambassador to Libya! 17:22:49
Ap hypocrites cry FOUL ! DOJ caught with massive wiretap ! 16:59:22
Gangster State America — Paul Craig Roberts (Great Article on what's happening with Gold) 16:51:54
Free and Equal Prepares to "Rock the Nation Awake" 16:43:46
Doctor found guilty of first-degree murder in Philadelphia abortion case 16:36:51
Parents have no 'right' to homeschool their kids, says Justice Department 16:24:28
Ben Swann: Reality Check Multi-Part Special: Tea Party groups vs IRS - May 10, 2013 16:14:10
CNN Calls for Real-time Police State Surveillance 16:13:43
New PPP Poll: Support Dips For Gun Background Checks 16:07:40
Ever heard of Israeli prisoner known only as Mister X? 15:58:06
Reporters use leaks, anonymous “officials” to spread false news of Boston bomb suspect 15:53:54
SCOTUS Rules 9-0 For Monsanto Against Farmer 15:39:31
NBC: Upstart party chair causing concern for some Iowa Republicans 15:33:58
Star InfoWars! 15:31:12
I helped Adam Kokesh promote a march last year... 15:28:32
Escape from a large town Massachusetts. 15:26:13
Liberty Poem 1 15:24:45
Rand Paul Reminds Us He's Not a Libertarian 14:51:49
Bitcoin Fails (to Fail) 14:46:24
Summer of '74: We will find out just how hopeless America is in the next 90 days. 14:35:16
Jeremy Scahill answering the Bengazi question 14:30:02
Wisconsin: US Soldiers Killed in Action Still Owe Taxes 14:15:40
No Jab No Play 13:54:34
Video: Syria rebel cuts out soldier’s heart and eats it 13:46:41
FEMA To Stage Massive Drill At Pennsylvania Amusement Park Today 13:14:01
What Happened To The Ron Paul Video Game Project? 12:38:42
The Shining Example: Why Police Power Must Have Limits 12:24:08
I Think the Establishment wants Obama out! 12:17:45
Rotten Tomatoes Campaign for the Liberty Film, Silver Circle 11:55:06
The White Man's Ghost Dance 11:48:01
IRS Specifically Targeted Groups "involved in limiting/expanding government, educating on the Constitution & Bill of Rights,.." 11:33:41
Meet Kourtney ACP's latest armed citizen. 11:04:02
Fight World Hunger: Eat Insects, UN Recommends 10:38:30
Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Monsanto in Biotech Patent Case 10:27:07
Alex Jones, Rand Paul, Ben Swann, Adam Kokesh, and John Birch, to name a few are all shills? 10:23:44
New Jersey Senators caught on hot mic: "Confiscate, confiscate, confiscate." 10:19:24
Even Cicadas Aren't Buying The Official Story Of 9/11 09:27:40
Private security takes over for closed Police Department in Detroit! 09:21:35
Rand Paul smear backfires on WaPo 09:08:29
Bitcoin crash was technical glitch 08:53:49
Police STEAL $160,000 dollars from man during Traffic Stop (video) 08:37:47
Stay Calm...This is Only a Drill: NYPD teams with US lab to study airborne weapons 06:50:37
Doug Wead's Still Good Value 04:18:14
Re-released: Messengers For Liberty - Episode 6 - Speak Out For Liberty! 02:19:17
ALERT: Kim DotCom pulls Cody Wilson's Liberator 3D-Print Gun File...but There's always Pirate Bay! 02:17:23
Jim Rickards : Dollar Collapse Model; Sub-Critical and Critical Thresholds 01:14:03
30% Yield Increase For Wheat Using Traditional Breeding - Not GMO 00:30:45