Posted on May 15, 2013

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Ron Paul is Golden 17:40:06
MSM Awakening? NYT Concerned DOJ Spying On Them, Too, Over Its Story About Stuxnet Virus 16:36:25
FLASHBACK: Hillary Clinton Fired From Watergate Investigation For 'Lying, Unethical Behavior' 20:31:40
Jon Stewart Tears Apart Obama: You Can't Keep Saying You Found Out About News At The Same Time As Us! 18:00:48
Gold To Soar As West Enters A Frightening Economic Ice Age 17:40:06
The Modern Motorcycle Diaries 16:48:27
'Robin Hooders' face lawsuit for plugging parking meters 16:36:21
Study: Why Pot Smokers Are Skinnier 15:29:24
"The Search for Liberty" Short Film on YouTube 13:15:00
Hits keep coming! IRS Faces Lawsuit After Stealing 60 Million Medical Records 11:39:33
Judge Napolitano on IRS targeting Patriots and DOJ seizing phone records 10:13:22
Buycott App: Scan the item in your cart... and KNOW who is benefitting from your purchase. 07:31:22
First major hemp crop in 60 years is planted in southeast Colorado 01:05:58
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Benghazi IRS free people TSA angelina jolie slavery masses. 23:54:58
Trojan-Malware virus "Envoche" detected here a dozen times in 30 minutes... 23:47:48 23:45:27
I give you the President of the Uni...te...d, what? 23:42:36
Susan Rice Poised For Promotion Despite Benghazi 23:37:22
Some of These Conspiracy Theories Make Us All Look Crazy and Discredit the Movement 23:36:37
Did The IRS Engage In A, "Treasonous," Act? 23:31:57
Obama will not tolerate...! 23:26:07
Startling stuff from Time Magazine 23:24:20
A Plea For The Constitution Of The United States Wounded In The House Of Its Guardians 23:22:06
Watch out for Petraeus in Benghazi scandal 23:21:24
VIDEO: The New Europe - So Sad 23:13:11
I'd like to see Eric Holder asked this 22:50:41
Video: Cotati California is a brutal police state. Police break into house and taser the occupant for a noise complaint. 22:45:14
Are there any polls about what the public feels (staged vs unstaged) about the Boston Marathon bombing? 22:42:27
Can You Believe This Number? 22:33:33
Audit The IRS 22:16:49
Seattle Police Department Responds To Suspicious Granola Bar Bomb, Ban Imminent? 21:59:20
The real barometer of Obama possibly getting impeached is 21:54:29
Congressman Devin Nunes: DOJ Tapped Congress, Too 20:55:21
Regarding The AP Phone Tapping Scandal 20:44:21
Obama Announces, Acting IRS Commissioner, Steven Miller Has Resigned 20:21:11
Petrol price 'rigged for a decade' 20:19:47
JFK research library claims no documents were damaged in the fire 20:15:52
WSJ: Tax Scandal Fells IRS Chief 20:07:30
Minnesota Legalizes Gay Marriage 19:58:44
Internet Down AGAIN in Syria 19:58:05
City which warned "lock your doors and load your guns" to hold massive gun buyback program to disarm residents 19:50:02
Charges against NYPD officer dropped because of failure to follow procedure, not insufficient evidence 19:49:58
A Head Rolls Because Of The IRS Scandal: UPDATED 19:46:41
Obama When Questioned about AP, IRS, and Benghazi 19:19:07
Open letter to anybody but Ron Paul! 18:43:43
U.S. House of Representatives will be Voting to Repeal Obamacare on Thursday 18:41:27
In 5 sentences or less ... 18:34:36
Someone Posted This All Around My College 18:32:38
Tree house ordered demolished: Not up to code 18:21:35
Superstition - What the Bible says: 17:58:35
My Open Letter to Ron Paul and his followers is flawed for this reason... 17:49:00
Hillary's Sociopathic Lying Dates Back To Watergate 17:45:19
Exit The Matrix Now 17:24:45
How Can We Make More Criminals, Ask The NTSB 17:22:08
Wasn't the IRS to turn over documents to congress today, why no news on it? 17:11:19
Has anyone been watching Holder get reamed on C-SPAN today? 17:04:02
He is the most free man on this planet 17:00:19
Authorities hunting for nuclear gauge lost in West Virginia 16:59:39
"I have made the most wonderful discovery... men will risk their lives, even die, for ribbons" 16:51:17
Latest AP article on Rand in Iowa 16:30:48
Robin Hoods of Keene 16:25:44
Keppler might be done, loses 2nd of 4 wheels. 16:25:23
My Turn: ‘Prisoner Without a Name’ 16:21:50
New Revelations of Torture and Murder of Afghan Civilians by US Special Forces 16:07:42
Charles Schwab complains of The Fed's Manipulation of Markets and ZIRP 15:47:40
Is This Why ? Behind The Scenes 2nd. Amend. Moves In The House 15:46:19
IRS to enforce 47 unconstitutional Obamacare tax provisions starting next year 15:45:19
BUSTED: Florida (Quietly) Shortened Yellow Lights to Snag More $ 15:32:48
Highest Ranking Catholic Patriarch condemns lies and hypocrisy of the U.S. in Syria 15:07:59
What Are These Weird Street Signs Being Installed in Las Vegas? 14:57:07
Government Employee War on We the People Will Lead to Civil Insurrection 14:57:03
Ron Paul at 2013 Metals and Minerals Investment Conference - 5/13/13 (Pictures) 14:56:58
California Governor Jerry "MOONBEAM" Brown Wants Fast Track To Citizenship For Illegal Immigrants 14:52:43
6 fruits Just One Tree! Amazing Cocktail Tree! 14:51:46
Prominent Catholic Professor Claims IRS Audited Her After Speaking Out Against Obama - VIDEO 14:32:25
TSA Now Confiscating Pressure Cookers? 14:26:59
House Panel Set To OK Cut In Food Stamp Program 14:08:38
Predictable: Government Going After Bitcoin Exchanges 14:03:40
Paul B. Farrel, Senile yet employed... ( 13:57:21
Know Your Rights! Florida v. J.L.: SCOTUS Unanimously ruled that Anonymous Tips & Suspicion are NOT Enough for "Probable Cause!" 13:50:50
NTSB sets goal of ZERO alcohol related driving deaths! 13:44:21
Open letter to Ron Paul and his followers! 13:39:21
Bipartisan Congressional Demand: Provide All Communications Between IRS And White House 13:34:24
C-SPAN Live: Eric Holder Testimony 13:28:36
US Government active in lobbying for GMO's worldwide ! 13:24:54
White House Records Demanded in complete format by Congress Breaking NOW 13:20:21
Pirate3D reveals Buccaneer massmarket 3D printer 13:03:04
Gel-coated implants could reverse paralysis caused by nerve damage 13:00:43
May 15, 1988 - Soviets defeated in Afghanistan - Begin withdrawal 13:00:41
"Stealth" is here. X-47B makes historic carrier launching 12:58:04
These Offshore Tax Havens May Be Hazardous For Your Deposit Confiscation Health 12:56:13
Bin Laden - Pentagon admits no autopsy report, death certificate, DNA results, witnesses... 12:55:09
California Statesman: Child Protective Services (CPS) Kidnapping Baby Sammy - Perfect Example Of Power Corrupting 12:51:23
New Ben & Jerry's Flavor - Coming Soon! 12:43:56
Dennis Miller: 'A Few More Days Like This - Obama's Going To Claim He Was From Kenya - VIDEO 12:41:22
Ron Paul's Texas Straight Talk 5-6-2013 ~ Federal Reserve Blows More Bubbles w/ Transcript 12:39:54
"Mystery Aircraft Frightens Quincy (MA) Residents" 12:38:44
Free Market Defense in Motown! 12:30:48
Eric Holder points finger at his DEPUTY who secretly obtained journalist's phone records 12:23:46
CARNEY: "Just Because IRS Apologized Doesn't Mean They Did Anything Wrong" - VIDEO 12:16:40
Obama Classmate & Libertarian VP Candidate Hit With Four IRS Audits 12:16:02
IRS Won’t Say If It Will Comply With Congressional Demand for All Communications in Discriminating Against Tea Party Groups 12:08:14
7 Dangers to Human Virtue 12:07:12
The Truth about School 11:40:07
Internet Tax. Congressman Reichert letter and reply 11:31:53
One-third of honeybee colonies in US died last winter: The food collapse approaches 10:58:26
False Flag Event in the making , you decide, seems fishy to me. 10:57:36
Associated Press feels the wrath of the Orwellian police state government it helped put into power 10:48:35
Scandals: Are They But A Smoke Screen ? 10:45:58
2009 Video-Obama makes joke about IRS Audits 10:43:45
Junk Silver Investing - Choosing The Coins That Sell At A Higher Profit 10:14:43
New App Lets You Boycott Koch Brothers, Monsanto And More By Scanning Your Shopping Cart 10:14:03
Mugwump 09:36:42
Indiana halts Common Core, Oklahoma dumps more money into it 09:20:55
Shock Video: California Police Break Into Home, Taz Victims 09:17:02
Mainstream Media Tactic: Label All Opposing Views As 'Conspiracy Theories' - VIDEO 09:06:44
Ron Paul Agrees With Obama: The Debate Over Benghazi Is A ‘Sideshow’ 09:04:30
Florida quietly shortened yellow lights, resulting in more red light camera tickets 09:01:31
US building military base in Afghanistan near Iran border 09:00:20
David Koresh’s Revenge: Waco and 20 Years of State Terror 08:49:36
Bottom Line: If Adam Kokesh gets himself arrested... 08:42:22
Anyone still following Gary Johnson these days? 08:02:55
Obama's 3 Major Scandals Explained 07:22:10
None of you are getting out of this thing alive anyway... 07:06:34
Seatbelt Laws Can Be Deadly 07:04:33
DHS Shuts down Dwolla mobile bitcoin service 06:14:40
Need Advice! Electronic Cigarette Ban in California (SB648) 04:47:40
D-Wave quantum computer matches the tenth ranked supercomputer for speed 03:28:16
Rand Paul: I am lobbying to include hemp legalization in farm bill this year 01:56:21
The Countdown Continues! 01:48:24
White House Admits That It Knew About IRS Scandal 'Several Weeks Ago,'...And Did Nothing 01:26:17
New principle may help explain why nature is quantum 01:09:19
Remember when... 01:05:08
Obama once said, "AK-47's belong in the hands of soldiers, not criminals"... 00:56:52
The Supremacy Clause: Taking back America without violence 00:45:57
Yet another scandal? HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius Begs Health Executives to Finance Obamacare 00:39:19
Detroit-area congressman introduces 'Read the Bills Act' requiring seven-day wait before voting on bills 00:29:45
Man charged with 9 bullets in gun under NY Safe Act 00:27:36
WHO in Boston: Bombing Story Mysteries 00:26:11
World history in less than 4 minutes ( A Great Youtube Video ) 00:15:59
Rand Paul on IRS and DOJ abuses of power, failure and cover-up in Benghazi (Michael Medved show 5/14/13) 00:11:35
Who killed Congressman Larry McDonald? 00:01:07