Posted on May 16, 2013

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Weekend viewing - This is What Winning Looks Like 21:27:11
Storm Clouds Gathering by Andrew P. Napolitano 19:38:33
Sen. Rand Paul on Fox's America's Newsroom w/ Bill Hemmer - 5/16/13 14:36:24
Ben Swann Reality Check: IRS and AP - Obama Administration Under Fire 10:02:57
Ben Swann: Exclusive - Cincinnati IRS Employees "Just Following Orders" 07:04:40
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Should the 3rd Amendment be Repealed? 23:49:26
My 2nd Amendment Ordinance Attempt makes local news 23:48:32
Widespread Panic 23:46:47
I Am Willing to Give Up some Perceived Notion of National Security for Retention of My Constitutional Rights 23:37:55
Horrors of War: "This is What 'Winning' Looks Like." (3-Part AfPak Mini-Docu Series) 23:36:41
Harry Reid says taxes are voluntary 23:26:25
U.S. Condemned For Pre-Emptive Use Of Hillary Clinton Against Pakistan 23:24:24
Rand Paul speaks at press conference on IRS abuses: "this is profoundly un-American" (VIDEO) 23:10:00
Scott Horton Interviews Thomas C. Mountain 23:09:46
"A nickel isn't worth a dime today" 22:50:38
Who Are We That Tend This Liberty Tree ? 22:40:51
Naked Oregonian TSA protest! 22:35:54
Rand Paul: Level of mistrust in Obama administration is rising exponentially (Mike Huckabee show 5/16/13) 22:08:59 Cody Wilson's 3D-printed Liberator, is "the most important firearm of the twenty-first century"! 22:06:29
New Obamacare IRS Department Head Is The Same Person Who Was In Charge Of The Department That Audited Conservatives ! 22:01:59
OKC bombing- The 3rd Terrorist 22:00:13
Watertown & MA State Police Told ABC 2 Weeks Ago There Were No Writings In Boat-Now They Are Afraid To Talk 21:51:24
Now is the Time for 9/11 Truth to Step in with a Specific Demand 21:49:31
A Tale of Two Francis's - The Pope vs D'Anconia 21:30:03
George Will on redistribution of wealth and contradictions 21:23:11
And You Thought Ag Premiums Were High In The US? Check Out What Europeans Have To Put Up With. 21:13:10
The IRS scandal gets MUCH bigger from here. This is why. 21:03:20
This Is G-r-e-a-t! Watch Video! 20:57:51
Juan Williams: Race and The Gun Debate 20:47:54
Peter Schiff: Coming Japanese Crisis Will Spike Gold - CNBC 5/16/2013 20:43:58
Eric Holder Has No Idea (Video Compilation of all his "I don't knows") 20:31:53
Rand Paul: There Was A "Cover Up" With Benghazi - CNN 5/15/2013 20:31:40
FLASHBACK! (D) Maxine Waters: 'Obama Has Put In Place' Secret Database With 'Everything on Everyone' - VIDEO 20:28:10
UPDATE: Senate Dems Block Paul’s Resolution Condemning IRS 20:21:53
The Venezuelan Toilet Paper Shortage 20:07:28
Post-Militaristic Anthem! 20:03:13
EXPOSED: Angelina Jolie part of a clever corporate scheme to protect billions in BRCA gene patents 19:50:19
the FKN newz 19:32:23
Boston Becomes Toxic. (Great Article...with lots of Ron Paul references peppered throughout) 19:27:08
DHS Preparing for War Against Soon to Be Un-Armed Americans 19:17:23
The 'World's Richest Person' Scam 18:57:19
BP and Shell raided in European commission price-rigging inquiry 18:54:47
Rand Paul Discusses Benghazi, AP Scandal on CNN's "The Situation Room" w / Wolf Blitzer 18:49:24
Republic Broadcasting Network Pledge Drive*NOW* 18:45:44
Boston Bombings Retaliation For U.S. Wars In Iraq And Afghanistan. 17:51:06
STUDY: Physically strong men more likely to have right-wing political views... 17:47:58
Obama's Approval Rating Down After Photos Surface Of Him Eating Big Sandwich 17:25:01
How the FBI Murdered 4 Americans in 13 Seconds! 17:02:03
Boston Marathon Mysteries 16:46:17
Pentagon Unilaterally Grants Itself Authority Over ‘Civil Disturbances’ 16:43:15
What, oh what, oh what, will they do? Right now Act to sweep out Obama Care being debated on House floor! 16:42:02
So much Blue Vs Red: Fake Competition 16:39:49
Charles Darwin wrong: Modern scientists debunk Darwin's 'Tree of Life' diagram 16:33:27
Elite showing Obama the Door? 16:32:08
To Strengthen and Protect American Companies: All Foreign Imported Goods Should Be Subject To Tariffs 16:29:25
CFR Floats Neo-Bretton Woods to Create a New Monetary System 16:28:13
Mexican conglomerate meddling with California politics. 16:21:25
U.S. Military 'Power Grab' Goes Into Effect 16:00:56
Strong Men Vote Right, University Study Proves it. 15:59:49
Are Obama scandals coming out because he won't bomb Syria, Iran, and North Korea? 15:58:42
IRS cancels softball game with Republican congressman 15:54:02
Bomber in Afghanistan kills 15, including six Americans 15:40:33
"United States having limitless US$ toilet paper" 15:39:25
Petrodollar To Petrogold: US Is Now Trying To Cut Off Iran's Access To Gold 15:25:57
Obama-Backed Rebels Carry Out Public Executions 15:15:59
EXCLUSIVE: Eric Holder Says 'NO' To Special Counsel To Investigate Benghazi - VIDEO 15:00:59
The Daily Telegraph: Pope Francis Urges Global Leaders To End 'TYRANNY' of Money 14:52:56
Auto dealerships were retained because they... were minority or woman-owned 14:42:29
Chris Matthews Loses 'Thrill Up His Leg': Sours on Obama - BREAKING 14:30:20
GMO! 14:23:29
Chris Matthews: "The ONLY Power You Have As a Citizen Is To Vote!" (VIDEO) 14:09:37
David Stockman: "The American Empire and The End of Sound Money" - From His NEW Book: 'The Great Deformation', Chapter 12 14:08:08
CA. Congressman Nunes Charges: DOJ Wire-Tapped The House of Representatives Cloak Room - VIDEO 13:49:54
Feds gave witness protection to terrorists 13:39:22
DC Exclusives - Why Scandal Must Be Investigated (Hint: Not To Score Political Points) 13:37:55
PIMCO's Bill Gross Gives Libertarian Twist to JFK's Famous Quote; Tweets It For The World To Reflect On 13:15:57
Google ‘Knows When You’re Home’ 12:33:29
"Dirty Wars" discussion Scahill & Chomsky 11:38:08
Why James Tracy Should Resign (FAU Professor; editor 11:37:59
Seal Team 6 Families Will Take Obama Down - Despite Distraction of Scandal Trifecta 11:18:18
Audit This! Eagles OL Evan Mathis Peeing on IRS Building Sign 11:09:40
Slime Ball Turns On Obama: Chris Matthews: President Runs IRS, Treasury 11:09:16
~ IRS Deliberately Protected Planned Parenthood From Pro-Life Non-profits - Wow 11:01:45
You read Daily Paul, so you might as well get a free book. 10:56:04
cats vs the authorities 10:52:16
The Localist Solution for IRS and Taxation Abuse 10:29:32
Michael Moore Eats Dog / Eric Holder Endorses His Own Assassination 10:20:45
3D Printed Guns? Kim Dotcom Says “No!” 10:11:52
NOW there is a confession letter 10:09:49
The Experiment Begins: Cashless Society Arrives in Africa Biometric Natl Identity Smart Card 10:09:13
What the Heck Happened in Boston? We still don't know. Article by Russ Baker. 09:24:36
Ronald Reagan's opinion on libertarianism (video) 09:18:32
If you think you have it bad then look at this 09:17:57
Beating redlight and toll cameras 08:00:01
The Truth about Adam Kokesh and the Open-Carry March 06:05:33
I Wanted To Change the World... 06:00:16
How To Watch The Sun 05:40:59
Rand Paul Did Not Say That! UPDATE: Jones Speaks Out 03:07:47
FDA Approves Depressant Drug For The Annoyingly Cheerful 02:26:22
Mars visitors Basiago and Stillings confirm Barack Obama traveled to Mars 02:13:40
How AG Holder is More Powerful Than Obama Now: The Question He Never Answered 01:57:37
Beautiful RP National Delegate running for 1st Vice Chair of Georgia GOP (Video) 01:54:50
Ten Signs of U.S. & European Financial Crisis Explained 01:52:15
The Purple Buddha Project 01:32:39
I hope there aren't too many out there like this guy 01:06:13
Farmer Faces Over 2 Years Jail, $10K Fines for Feeding Community 00:38:29
If you're not in the mood to read about Benghazi-gate, IRS-gate or AP-gate 00:30:53
FLASHBACK: Watergate, Nazi, Nixon, Rockefeller 00:27:25
Everything You Wanted to Know About Why the Government Labels You a Terrorist but were Afraid to Ask 00:26:49
Time for my nightly jam drink 00:20:52
Alex Johnson Running For Georgia GOP State Chairman 00:18:41