Posted on May 19, 2013

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Interviews With Dave Kopel, Lawyer For 54 Colorado Sheriffs 23:42:56
What Programmers Look Like All Day. 23:24:29
Snitch-Nation: Moron Denver Cabbie deludes Owner of $400K+ Italian Shotgun Mfr...leaving Gun Collector Show, is a 'Terrorist'! 22:43:23
VIDEO - NYPD Cops Arrest Woman Recording Them From Sidewalk, Apparently Stealing Wrong Memory Card 22:40:02
Troubling observations here at DP! 22:31:35
The India and Pakistan Border Crossin 22:14:21
Alex Jones: Adam Kokesh Has Disappeared, Feds Won't Say Where He Is 22:14:04
If you want to go to heaven, you had better get busy overthrowing Syria —PCR 22:04:39
CDC: 1 In 5 US Children May Have Mental Disorder 21:48:08
JP Morgan Vs Silver Stackers 21:23:09
"If the federal government should overpass the just bounds of its authority and make a tyrannical use of its powers" 20:06:04
Ron Finley: "Growing your own food is like printing your own money!" 19:45:07
Theory on the detainment of Adam Kokesh- 19:43:12
Big reason for stock boom? Companies buying back stocks - NBC 19:11:31
UK Man Has Prostate Removed After Test Reveal 'JOLIE' Gene Flaw 19:02:45
Onion News Hacked by Syrian Electronic Army? 19:02:41
"What is the hardest thing? That which seems most simple..." 18:54:34
Massive Tornado Destroys Parts Of Moore Oklahoma 18:47:05
Why Bullies Still Prosper at Work 18:38:15
BLOOMBERG: North Korea Test Fires Four Missiles Off Coast Over Weekend 18:34:36
Nevada Politician Warns of Drills, Possible False Flag at Boyscout Jamboree 2013 18:27:37
Does Video Show Cop Planting Something on Adam Kokesh During His Arrest? 18:27:24
The Teflon President has This Armor. 18:22:29
Defining GMO 18:20:12
AP President & CEO Rips 'Unconstitutional' Obama Administration Investigation - VIDEO 18:16:18
US Gov't Targets Conspiracy Theorists, Even if They're Right 18:04:46
Hermeticism 17:54:35
who signs/certifies that candidate for president is eligible to run for office 16:36:56
Virginia GOP nominates a great team to oppose federal intrusion on the Commonwealth 16:07:00
Beware of the “Fair Tax” Scam Solution While they Call for the End to the IRS. 15:51:42
Obama Aide: 'Irrelevant Fact' Where President Was During Benghazi Attacks - Video 15:48:26
Anyone Here Following the War Between Chris Duane and Rob Gray? 15:44:42
Cotati PD Employees Enter Home w/o Warrant & Tase Homeowners 15:32:06
The Onion's Future News From The Year 2137 15:26:09
Michael Ramirez 14:44:43
Men's Warehouse rejects criminal background checks 14:32:38
Russian warships enter Mediterranean to form permanent task force - Russia Today 13:54:06
14 regional councils in Queensland Australia have opted to remove fluoride from its water supply 13:53:55
VIDEO: This Lady Has Got It! 13:47:10
Maybe there is hope for the idiot afterall (Piers Morgan) 13:43:09
Philly "Hero" Cop Faces Rape Charges 13:38:24
Brady Ctr Hoplophobes set to Repeal ObamaCare? Lawsuit to prohibit Govt forcibly mandating Citizens to buy Products! 13:28:13
Apostolic succession : through the Word of God alone, a protest-ants view 13:22:25
Here’s how we fix the problems of this country. 13:14:28
NEVER call the Cops to 'save' You: NY Cop MURDERS a Hostage; Girl shot Dead, in the Head! 13:11:51
Life on Mars verified. In your face all you doubters. 13:10:45
Rand Paul on "State of The Union" w / Candy Crowley - CNN - 5-19-13 12:43:02
Armed March on DC - Shays Rebellion II - Not Recommended 12:38:41
Smokedown Prohibition V: Adam Kokesh and NA Poe Arrested (video and pictures) 12:32:00
Judge Napolitano On Lack Of Trust In Our Government: Tom Sullivan Show 5/18/13 11:55:40
Coming False Flags 11:34:23
Impeachment and imprisonment or WWIII. Are Those the Options being offered to Obama? 11:29:45
Islamic-Christian Prayer for the Kidnapped Christian Bishops in Syria 11:19:51
"...the developing world sits on the cusp of overtaking the West for the first time in 300 years." 11:18:15
Jared Bernstein's misleading terminology and economic theory 11:10:48
Al-Qaeda's Syrian wing takes over the oilfields 11:10:38
Debt-ridden father doused himself in petrol and turned himself into a human fireball 10:31:56
Mall Cop Goes Berserk Trying to Prevent Photos Being Taken of Accident 10:31:14
Hide Your Rights -The Government is Here to Help, and How Adam Kokesh Flexed His Rights Instead 09:49:20
If US Gov't is funding these terrorists in Syria...DAMN! (Warning: Graphic Video) 09:23:25
Justin Amash Discusses Benghazi and Scandals Facing the Obama Administration, ‘One of the Least Transparent in Recent History’ 08:46:45
Justin Amash, Jared Polis Introduce Bill Requiring a Court Order for Telephone Records 08:43:13
Steve Stockman Bushmaster AR-15 rifle GIVEAWAY 08:42:19
'The Battling Boys of Benghazi' 08:39:56
Assad preparing missile strike against Tel Aviv in case attacked again 08:35:38
Presidential Cover Ups 07:40:07
Adam Kokesh Arrested, I think Video shows Cops planting something on him 05:39:11
Dear NASA, Could You Pretty Please Point One of Your Big Ole Fancy Billion Dollar Telescope Cameras at Comet C/2012 S1 ISON? 05:22:47
VIDEO: So simple, even a 12 yr old gets it! 03:37:26
Congressman Jim Moran blows up on federal tax and spending policy 02:40:20
Congresswoman Jackson Lee's ignorance on the function of government 02:35:08
Hofstra student was killed by police 02:29:01
. 02:01:39
Weird "Tank Like" Tracks on the bottom of the ocean 01:54:20
Moyers Moment (2001): Toxins in Our Blood 01:50:55
We Must be Indeed on the Cusp of Consciousness Singularity = Ascension 01:38:15
The Interim Phase of Quantum Computers in the 4th and 5th Dimension 01:36:37
Feed Our Minds 01:27:48
Four Fundamental Facts about Gold Bullion That Have Not Changed 01:08:39
"The Road To Guantanamo" A Documentary we should all watch 00:57:27
Support Thomas Massie's "Unlocking Technology Act of 2013!" 00:40:00
Mena Connection of Clinton, Bush and the CIA, Drug smuggling Pt 1 00:16:34
Journalists go undercover, offshore, to reveal how Africa is robbed blind 00:07:28
USAF reports at least 274 soldiers remains dumped in landfill. 00:04:29
Lawrence Lessig: We the People, and the Republic we must reclaim 00:04:05