Posted on May 20, 2013

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Oklahoma needs us! 22:24:28
Mitch McConnell, Rand Paul Push For Hemp Legalization In Senate Fight 17:56:01
Ron Paul's TX Straight Talk, May 20, 2013 - Reality Check: The IRS's Job, IS to violate Our Civil Liberties! 10:49:38
Sarcasm, Poe's Law, and b s 03:23:43
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BOOM-Shakalaka: Rand Paul calls for an Independent Commission vs IRS, for Politically-auditing Americans! 23:57:04
DHS Ammo Grab: No Longer "Conspiracy" but Plain Reality. 23:52:02
Burpee and Monsanto 23:01:07
Stuck on a Maybe 22:59:44
PA Rep Mike Kelly On The Record - He is NOT a conservative OR a Patriot - he's only trying to drum up votes. 22:52:44
Glenn Greenwald: The major sea change in media discussions of Obama and civil liberties 22:27:31
"May You Live in Interesting Times" for April 2013, parts 1 and 2 22:11:55
Why aren't the Benghazi survivors getting their voice heard? 21:58:27
This is What E. Germany looked like: NY Health 'Professionals' form a List of GunOwners to investigate...Just Because! 21:34:19
Ron Paul sent me a "Thank You" letter! 21:33:32
DOJ Seized Fox News Reporter James Rosen's Phone, Email Records, Tracked His State Department Visits 21:33:03
Best vid of Adam Kokesh arrest? 21:28:48
Kokesh is No Freedom Fighter! Fraud! 21:13:02
Is the Economy Really Recovering? 21:03:02
Let's talk weather modification and these tornadoes in Oklahoma 20:57:35
Are Biometrics already national law ? This article UPDATE: FLASH 20:53:39
DOJ official retaliated against Fast &‘Furious whistle-blower then lied about it 20:39:35
Do we need a DP “Bat phone”? 20:00:17
Senate Admits Apple Wise To Hide Money From Taxman, No Illegality. 19:52:50
IRS Cincinnati: talk to the press and get fired. 19:33:57
Google Opt Out Feature Lets Users Protect Privacy By Moving To Remote Village 19:27:40
Massive tornado in Oklahoma levels 2 schools full of kids 19:24:37
One of our own musicians, why is this not mainstream? I knew he could play by hearing him live but didn't know he was this good! 19:12:23
Angelina Jolie's Preventative Mastectomy 19:08:52
Where To Draw the Line on Syria 18:37:48
Budwig Center - Alternative Cancer Treatment 18:32:13
Tom Woods Third Way Speech at Kansas YAL Convention 18:28:41
AB 666, 'The Devil's Bill,' Defeated in California 18:25:24
Cody Wilson Presents "Radical" 3D Printing Vision To Kansas YAL Members 18:19:18
Breitbart: Arkansas' Democrat State Treasurer Arrested for Extortion 18:02:02
FORBES: Can't Stop the Signal! Engineer "Joe"s "Lulz Liberator;" Cody Wilson's 3D Gun made for $25 on a "Cheap" $1725 Printer! 17:59:28
Women: want to be a sex slave? 17:48:10
Washington Times: "Has Adam Kokesh Been Kidnapped By the Feds?" 17:47:38
To Cover-Up Government Employee Crime, MSM Owners Order Wall to Wall Tornado Coverage: Again 16:43:38
News Breaking on CNN Right Now: "Most of You Still Like Obama" 16:31:47
Real democracy in government 16:24:35
US Government Claims 100% Ownership Over All Your DNA 16:15:47
Monsanto moves to obliterate states' rights to label GMOs 16:07:26
The World Sends Us Garbage-We Give Back Music 15:42:56
Get the Word Out! Tea Party Protests against IRS Tomorrow at Noon! 15:31:52
Rand Paul donates $10,000 to New Hampshire GOP 15:31:17
Call this attorney, about DOJ matters, about Kokesh's plight... 15:11:22
"Rand Paul Insults Libertarians" -Adam Kokesh 14:52:24
US to shut down gold sales to Iran 14:47:11
IRS Scandal 14:45:29
Citizen Video of Boston Marathon Sent To FBI 14:40:07
Medical Marijuana: Big Pharma’s Campaign to Eliminate State-Sanctioned Cannabis Competitors? 14:27:04
Israeli Military Vehicle Seized: Covert Israeli Forces Inside Syria Within Rebel Ranks? 14:20:35
GunControl works! Queens, NYC Bus Shooter/Murderer looks up Cuomo's Law; decides to Stop shooting after 7rds! 14:16:49
Adam Kokesh to be charged with felony Assault of a Federal Officer. (Held without Bail) 14:16:08
Mondays with Murray: Do Animals Have "Rights"? 14:09:39
How the IRS Launders Veterans Disability Checks 14:07:34
Obama Voices of Tyranny Remix 14:06:41
The Daily Paul And The " Vortex Of Doom " 14:05:57
Joe Rogan & The Pharmaceutical Industry: Prescribing Happiness VIDEO 13:42:36
Top Headline at Washington Times: Ron Paul: Fix IRS by shutting it ‘once and for all’ 13:34:24
Evidence is building that the Federal Reserve is losing control 13:24:44
Elio Motors: 84 mpg, Top Speed of 100 mph and Costs $6800 - Made In USA 13:16:05
Chief IRS Counsel Got Jeremiah Wright's Church Out of IRS Probe Before Joining Agency 12:49:25
Does Rand Paul's Rise Signal A Broader Libertarian Moment? 12:42:56
Washington Post: Four Key Hillary Clinton Staffers From 2008 Unlikely To Sign For 2016 Bid 12:39:45
WhoWhatWhy on Boston Bombing 12:37:25
BI: It May Be A Slow Week For Economic Data, But There Will Be A Ton of Central Bank Activity, Especially The 'Federal Reserve' 12:31:50
RBN host questions about them 1.6 gallon pressure cookers... 12:26:46
The IRS As A Cudgel 12:24:00
Effective Immediately: All Semi-Automatic Pistols Sold In California Require "Micro Stamp" Ballistic 12:21:34
Penn Jillette on Obama, Gary Johnson etc. 12:21:14
Is Kokesh at a hotel? 12:20:53
Feds Want To Lower Limits and Criminalize Alcohol Consumption 12:14:22
My, My, How Times Have Changed: When First Ladies Packed NY! Eleanor Roosevelt vs. Michelle Obama! 12:09:59
Denver Cops Arrest Italian Shotgun Manufacturer As A Terrorist - VIDEO 12:08:16
American Schools Approve Socialist Indoctrination! 12:07:07
Obama-Backed FSA Rebels Name Their Brigade “Osama Bin Laden” 12:06:03
Ron Paul Interview 12:02:14
Talk a little bit louder - for liberty 11:54:09
Hang Together, or Hang Separately: FREE Adam Kokesh, NOW! 11:53:54
Confirmed: David Icke and Alex Jones to Speak at Bilderberg Fringe Festival 11:32:34
Washington Post: Rand in New Hampshire 11:02:09
Hypocrite! Priebus calls out Obama . 10:56:51
From Drudge: Smoking gun found? 10:51:26
American History: 1170- Present, The Oldest Conspiracy of All American Conspiracies. 10:47:27
Power Grid & EMP: 4th Annual Electric Infrastructure Security Summit 10:32:56
California "Pee in the Cup" Initiative Would Require Doctor Drug Test 10:27:41
Do Something About It! 09:36:21
Part Two: Patriots Who Signed The Declaration of Independence (What My Children Are Learning) 09:30:17
Are You a Sheep or Sheepdog? Part I 09:29:56
How far back did Dr. Paul call for abolishing IRS? 09:16:52
Virginia State Republican Convention 09:07:24
'The civil war in Iraq has already begun': Politician claims conflict has started 08:42:41
Sandy Hook parents join Illinois governor for gun legislation 08:38:50
How to Argue for Liberty and the Constitution - great short article 08:38:15
Peter Schiff Speaks At 2013 Las Vegas MoneyShow 08:19:22
Barron's: There Were Two Gigantic, Suspicious Sales Of Gold On Friday That Caused The Price To Plunge 07:57:40
Senator Rand Paul - plus and minus columns over the last year 07:16:52
Two Charts I Just Found Especially Worth Considering About Gold... 06:32:10
Effective Immediately: All Semi-Automatic Pistols Sold In California to Require “Micro Stamp” Ballistic Identification 06:13:54
Rand Paul on Benghazi and IRS Targeting of Tea Party Groups - State of the Union 5/19/2013 06:09:33
IRS Illegally Seized 60 Million Health Records, Claims Lawsuit 06:00:56
The Art of Economic Storytelling 04:57:51
Gold price plunge could be to punish Iran oil for gold program? 02:11:21
Twin AM Meteor Fireballs Witnessed Near Washington DC and Then Cheyenne Mountain Colorado 02:01:48
ABC, CBS & CNN President's spouses and brother work directly for Obama 01:59:48
Inside North Korea by an American Tourist 01:46:58
Jihadis In Syria Using State Of The Art US Supplied Weapons 01:21:45
Where were the bloodhounds in Boston 'manhunt'? 01:05:49
Ben Bernanke's Advice for College Grads... Complete with Keynes Quote 00:39:47
Gang of Thieves, Writ Large 00:16:17