Posted on May 21, 2013

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Reality Check Exclusive: Cincinnati Agent Giving Orders in IRS Scandal? 21:15:37
Bin Laden burial pictures will stay secret 15:22:45
Durham cop threatens to beat citizen and plant cocaine on him. 13:28:06
Economics in one Graphic 13:21:35
Glenn Greenwald: Obama DOJ Formally Accuses Journalist in Leak Case of Committing Crimes 09:05:46
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The Genius of Henry Ford 23:55:52
A diamond found in a pile of iron pyrite 23:49:20
Treason 23:43:37
Police Shootout: Why one cop carries 145 rounds of ammo on the job 23:41:32
VIDEO: Sen. Paul on "Your World" w / Neil Cavuto - Fox News - 5/21/13 23:19:28
Hot pursuit! Intermission. Hot pursuit! 23:19:09
2011 Top Story: Navy SEALS Discover Bin Laden Gained 300 Pounds 23:15:28
VIDEO: Sen. Rand Paul Opposes The Use of Procedural Tricks To Raise Taxes & Increase Debt Limit - 5/21/13 23:13:35
Natural disasters and the police protected government monopoly on helping people. 23:02:56
Gerald Celente on The Jeff Rense Radio Show 5-14 22:59:09
Good Ideas to Teach Our Children 22:54:05
Consider signing NAGR Fax petition against bringing gun control to House floor 22:21:44 Sold To CFL, Disappeared? 22:19:22
Processed Meats Declared Too Dangerous for Human Consumption! 21:46:22
Fun, Food, Family and Freedom on Memorial Day! 21:41:48
Brief Video that Explains Why We are so Eager to Intervene in Syria: Israel and Turkey's Pipeline Monopoly! 21:27:01
Government Source Says Clinton Spearheaded Benghazi Review, NOT Independent Board 21:24:52
DHS raids shopping mall looking for counterfeit cell phones? 21:24:51
Farage calls 'em out again 21:21:05
Benghazi: New Whistleblowers to Say it was Secret Arms Deal Between Hillary and Al-Qaeda 21:15:27
Pentagon wants $450 million for maintaining, upgrading Guantanamo prison 21:07:09
Adam Kokesh - A Reply to the Naysayers 21:03:45
nt 20:48:12
City code and Health departments NIGHTMARE! Walk through Chinatown Street Food Market. 20:28:38
Brain Rewires Itself After Damage or Injury, Life Scientists Discover 20:28:14
Accidental find shows Vitamin C kills tuberculosis 20:26:36
Portland Oregon Public Vote On Fluoride Ends Today 20:22:54
Rand Paul: My colleagues just voted to arm the allies of al Qaeda 20:22:24
Wolf Blitzer Asks Tornado Survivor If She Thanked the Lord; Tells Him She’s an Atheist 20:15:32
Endemic Gagging: Over 300 UK Police Silenced with Taxpayer Millions 20:07:30
They will never learn, they will never change 20:06:06
Soylent for real! Well, except it's not people. What do you guys think? 19:40:52
Rand Paul: Honor My Dad 19:36:42
Liberty Activist Kyle Prouty Arrested After Kokesh Hearing 19:36:41
Romney campaign intern facing cyber-stalking charge 19:26:27
SWEET! Statist 'Liberals' go Ape over Grassroots Campaign to Empower Gay Gun Owners! 19:12:17
Adam Kokesh Legal Fund 18:58:09
The Progressive Glossary 18:38:44
Accidental find shows Vitamin C kills tuberculosis 18:25:03
Kokesh Defense Fund Moneybomb 18:21:16
U.S. History Continues To Repeat Itself At Liberty’s Expense 17:57:34 Sues FBI After Secret Surveillance 17:48:46
IRS Worker Used Federal Credit Card For Amazon Buys 17:45:47
Sen. Rand Paul on Fox's Your World with Neil Cavuto - 5/21/13 17:44:39
Israeli sensors search for the S-300 in Syria 17:43:10
Ben Fuchs - Secrets of Fat Loss & Super Health videos 17:42:54
Mike Maloney: Silver & Gold - The BIG Picture (May 21, 2013) 17:32:38
Rand Paul speaks out against intervention in Syria 17:19:02
IRS Official Lois Lerner Will Plead The 5th Amendment 16:42:49
I dare you to stand up and SPEAK 16:41:13
Cody Wilson to Glenn Beck, May 21, 2013: ‘In the End, Everything Will Be Claimed’; Creeping Govt Control of Tech 16:31:16
I Figured It Out: Updated 16:27:27
Top IRS official will invoke 5th Amendment 16:22:10
Dr. Russell Blaylock: Gov't Runs Your Medicine Under Obamacare 16:13:15
FBI identifies Benghazi arrests made yet 16:01:25
Legalizing Marijuana - Rep. Carson 15:33:44
Tornado Songs 15:32:13
Tom Morello Rocks Tomas Young Benefit in Kansas City 15:29:35
Jan gets Interviewed 15:27:11
Tomas Young, Disabled Vet, Decides to Continue to Live! 15:12:25
Is CNN giving us a "sneak peek" of global economic collapse? 15:09:34
Left Wingers Waking Up to Obama, a Little 15:04:01
The Free Enterprise Project 14:58:59 Sues FBI After Secret Surveillance! 14:54:49
Open Carrying a Gun in Philadelphia 14:52:33
CIA Troublemaking in Caucasus 14:45:42
Star Trek Food Replicator? NASA subsidizes a Private Co. w/ $125,000 to develop 3D-Print Food Tech! 14:44:41
Nbc's Got It! 14:08:02
The Non-Intervention Message of ‘Star Trek: Into Darkness’ 14:06:03
Kevin Richardson - The Lion Whisperer 14:04:04
Obscure AP report on IRS Protests, the only MSM coverage so far. 13:58:54
I Received Short Letter Letter from Ben Swann 13:28:51
Not a thread for the Modbox. 13:16:44
Benghazi consulate was 'working with al-Qaeda' 13:14:28
EXORCISM? Pope Francis Caught on Video Performing Strange Ritual on Disabled Man's Head 13:00:32
Paul Craig Roberts: No Bear Market In Gold 12:40:54
Ron Paul and Jim Rogers: Government Confiscation of Private Bank Accounts To Happen Here, Too 12:32:25
Elderly Woman Dies in Court "Gasping for Breath" 12:30:59
The Great Sovereign Challenge 12:28:39
Democrats Defeat GOP Immigration-Reform Amendments; Full Senate Floor Vote Slated For June 12:24:14
Defending Adam Kokesh: a balanced approach... 12:24:01
DC Exclusives - Pat Buchanan: 'This Is Not Watergate Or Iran Contra' 12:09:09
Boston Bombing: The Importance Of Public Executions In Peacetime 12:07:53
Ceiling suspended: US takes on $300bn in new debt after hitting $16.7 trillion 11:59:58
Is our universe merely one of billions? 11:56:53
Silver Eagles Over $30 On Ebay 11:54:03
"Red Dawn" or Hoax? Reports of Transport Planes Carrying Foreign Troops across the U.S. 11:50:22
Feds support terrorist while his victims struggle to get by SHOCKING 11:47:22
If voters had to pass a test first, what questions would you put on that test? 11:36:52
Sly Senators Seek to Pass Amnesty while we are distracted 11:32:38
Rand Paul defends Apple Inc., scolds House at tax hearing 11:13:44
Sen. Jim Inhofe: DHS buying up all the ammo to make sure you can't 11:12:54
Irs Refuses To Answer, Will They Also Ignore Congress Demands ? 11:03:28
Jerry Lewis fired by MDA - the reason it's not Jerry's kids any longer 10:58:37
Rand Paul Works the Room 10:53:26
SC Politics Resistance Rap Video! 10:49:31
Max Keiser - Bitcoin, Bernanke & Buffett | London Real 10:39:06
For the good of the country, let's abolish the IRS 10:34:34
VIDEO - Monsanto CEO Says 'play Fair', Guys 10:30:06
About those backpacks... 10:27:21
San Diego Mayor urges jury nullification 10:25:38
http:/ 10:25:28
Wasting No Time: Senate Panel Ok's Tax Welfare Benefits For Newly legal Immigrants 10:17:10
Study: Deadly 'superbug' MRSA now being found at U.S. wastewater treatment plants 10:11:27
List of dangerous antidepressants that cause sudden death is rapidly expanding 10:07:51
Great Scott! Florida Governor Vetoes Funding For 'Big Brother' Program 09:59:09
Calling All Dp'ers! I Need Help Finding A Good Private Charity For OK tornado Victims. 09:59:01
Lee Camp: Pentagon Funding Memory Erasing Pill 09:54:03
Ben Swann-> 2 weeks away grassroots project 09:45:33
PJM Exclusive: Ex Diplomats Report New Benghazi Whistleblowers With Info Devastating To Clinton And Obama 09:32:16
How The Private Sector Outperforms Public Policing 09:14:35
More Benghazi Whistleblowers to come forward! 08:42:45
MLK 2012 Prophecy - The Death Of America 08:19:27
Rand Paul tries to bind N.H. GOP, libertarians; can learn tough lessons from father 06:53:07
BREWERCARE: Arizona Obamacare Compromise Ignites Conservatives 06:41:50
Israel Mulling Plot to Assassinate Syrian President Bashar Al Assad 04:36:39
Glenn Greenwald • Hampshire College • Critical Social Inquiry Lecture 02:44:58
Arguably the Last (or Only) Honest Man to Head the IRS 02:26:54
Heroic Ai WeiWei Turning Protest into Art | Art into Protest An Independent Lens Documentary 01:23:27
Welcome to the USA-SSR. Adam Kokesh being illegally detained in federal prison under fake charges. 00:23:58