Posted on May 22, 2013

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Ben Swann On Hannity Tonight - Video! 22:29:07
A new 'smart rifle' decides when to shoot and rarely misses 21:28:46
SCG Masterpiece: The Best Kept Secrets of the Dollar 21:27:58
Rand Paul: 'Audit the Fed' - CNBC 5/22/2013 20:41:30
Friend of Tamerlan Tsarnaev killed by FBI Agent while being "interviewed" in Orlando 07:49:49
"Astoundingly Disturbing": Obama Administration Claims Power to Wage Endless War Across the Globe 07:49:55
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The Story of the IRS scandal that Establishment Republicans didn't want anyone to say out loud, is said out loud. 21:28:55
London Beheading - The Moving Tent? 23:43:33
# 1 Song On iTunes Today 'Clouds' By Zach Sobiech | Zach died of cancer on Monday | Proceeds go to childrens Cancer Research 23:39:21
Silver and Gold : Let's Not Lose Sight Of The BIG Picture 23:11:38
Man 'Controlled by Sattelites' Calls 911 100 Times a Month Vows to Continue 22:54:38
How do Secret Societies maintain their secrets and their power? 22:52:05
Voices for Adam Kokesh? (hang together or what?) 22:50:19
Senate Votes Unanimously Toward War Against Iran 22:49:02
Tesla Motors reports first quarterly profit, pays off government loan 10 years early 22:40:38
IRS Ruckuss Is A Planned Ploy - I Don't And Won't Buy Any Of It 22:35:15
Norton Blocking 9/11 Truth Site as "Hate" Site 22:34:42
Associated Press chief starts to sound like Alex Jones: 'Government is unconstitutional...' 22:27:31
SGT Report. The Point Of No Return: A Fallout Among Thieves 22:26:54
white house admits to unlawful murder (drones) amidst other scandals 22:22:29
1973 Palo Alto, Calif. Xerox PARC researcher Bob Metcalfe describes the "Ethernet" protocol. 22:15:11
Should Foreign Aid Money Have Been Used For Domestic Victims of Tornados, Hurricanes, Floods etc Instead? 21:57:41
Why We Should Fear Zionism More Than Islam 21:40:07
U.S. Special Forces getting constellation of mini surveillance satellites to hunt down 'people considered to be dangerous' 21:26:28
7 High School Boys + 1 Parent arrested for Water Balloons 20:51:52
Rand Paul & Adam Kokesh 20:32:04
Rubio Should Renounce His Gang of Eight Membership 20:19:37
Exclusive Look At Urban Beach Week Security Measures. (Gotta keep everyone "safe") 20:15:51
"Like Being An Extra On The Muppet Show": Former Congressman Speaks 20:13:19
Frank Gaffney Contradicts Himself on preemption. 19:53:39
The video that freed my mind and lead me to Ron Paul, then here. 19:44:43
2 FBI Agents Involved in Dzhokar Tsarnaev's Arrest "FALL" Out of Helicopter and Die 19:09:44
Best Video EVER - IRS Commissioner Squirms 18:58:54
Doctors Save Ohio Boy By 'Printing' an Airway Tube 18:52:26
British Soldier Brutally Murdered With A Machete Deemed Terrorist Attack 18:52:03
VIDEO - Sen. Ted Cruz: 'I Don't Trust Republicans' 18:51:30
Flash: Drones create duplicate postings 18:43:45
Ted Cruz : I Don't Trust Republicans ! 18:38:15
Stand With Rand: Paul Spearheads Anti-drone Bill In Wake Of Obama Admitting Drone-kill Of 4 Americans 18:19:13
U.S Senate votes 99-0 to pledge military support to Israel in the event that they strike Iran 18:15:35
Homeland Security Doubles Down On Surveillance Of Protesters 18:13:43
White Power Weirdos Calling for Adam Kokesh to be Tried and Executed for Sedition 18:11:41
New York Times: U.S. Formally Acknowledges Killing Four Americans With Drones in Yemen and Pakistan 18:00:27
The Advantage of Having a Scandal-Ridden President! 17:58:25
This articles picture ( look closely ) says it all ! 17:54:42
Ben Franklin's Face-Lift: The New $100 Bill 17:52:58
NFL Evan Mathis 'shows' IRS how He really feels via Social Media: "Audit This!" 17:50:57
Attorneys File Civil Rights Lawsuit Over Wrongful Arrest, Detention in Psych Ward of Marine Brandon Raub 17:25:41
Candidate For Governor Of Nevada, David Lory Vanderbeek Warns Boy Scout Jamboree May Be Next 'False Flag' 17:13:32
Gerald Celente's "Slavelandia"! 17:13:01
Berkeley Man Nearly Beaten to Death by CHP: "Officers Still on Duty" 16:57:57
Police Raid School Teacher for Uploading History Book for Students 16:50:48
A Horrifying Graphic War About Death and Destruction Over the Power of Ideas. 16:23:58
Rand Paul On IRS Scandal: "Someone Needs To Go To Jail" 16:09:23
Special Eyes Only Police and Government Employee File: Project 16:07:46
The controllers are slaves as well 16:06:39
POLITICO - Darrell Issa: Lois Lerner Lost Her Rights 15:59:15
stock 15:24:01
Ben's getting national recognition: Based on some fine reporting from Ben Swann at Fox 19... 15:18:36
Senate Democrats propose Student Loan Bailouts 15:13:21
We were born into this world to be free 15:04:50
Mass Dartmouth allowed Dzhokhar Tsarnaev to carry $20,000 balance while awaiting aid to come through 14:52:11
Newest FBI story about the Chechen they killed today in Florida 14:35:21
WH: those who bring up scandals might as well be Birthers 14:29:04
"Quotes" 14:14:50
Judge Napolitano: Can the Government be trusted? 14:12:19
Mideast Oil Irrelevant In 20 Years? 14:05:51
Judge Napolitano: Obama has not hesitated to kill foreign and American innocent children (old news) 13:57:16
Judge Napolitano rips the DOJ for targeting reporters 13:52:15
Ron Paul Chocolate Bar To Help Adam Kokesh Liberty Defense Fund. Please Step Up To Help! 13:39:54
Elderly Tornado Survivor Finds Dog Alive In Rubble On Live TV 13:37:38
IRS's Lois Lerner...History of Harrassment at FEC 13:35:02
The Blaze to David Axelrod - you are right, government is too big to manage - here's a thought - shrink it! 13:30:47
Bernanke Gives No Hint of Slowing Printing Presses 13:30:21
Consumer Choice: A few Chewing Gums Without Aspartame Are Still Available 13:27:50
Aristocracy Update 13:25:32
VIDEO: Newark Cops Being Trained That Cell Phones Could Be Guns 13:23:51
Bernanke Signals FED To Maintain Stimulus Efforts 13:16:24
KANSAS: State House Approves Bill To Prevent Taxpayer Dollars From Funding Gun Control Advocacy, Goes To Governor For Approval 13:07:09
IRS Fails To Comply With Congressional Demand For All Communications With WH About Targeting Conservatives 12:53:18
Wow. After reading this, I’m still reflecting on this great country of ours… 12:48:06
Federalized Local Police Helped Arrest Adam Kokesh 12:46:25
Ben Swann reality check - Cincinnati agent giving orders in IRS scandal? 12:27:15
FBI agent shoots Orlando man questioned in Boston bombing probe 12:15:47
Teen invents device to charge cell phones in 20-30 seconds wins award 12:11:13
C-SPAN on IRS targeting of us. 11:52:51
Lesbian couple May NOT Cohabitate, Texas judge rules 11:42:27
GMO Lie Exposed - No Benefit in Feeding Hungry - Video 11:26:37
No Taxes? There's an App For That! 11:16:37
AP virtually led national media in the censorship misreporting of Ron Paul's presidential run in 2012 11:02:56
Revenge of the Corporate Media Poodles 10:57:45
The cost of Israel to Americans. 10:52:38
IRS tells on herself, then runs and hides, Schizoids at the helm. 10:51:36
Repuboican- Libertarian divisions may hinder GOP's momentum 10:49:57
Is an Obama Impeachment around the corner? 10:34:26
How Ironic: Two Sister Agencies Share Split Screen on TV - The FED/IRS Complex 10:28:48
Amnesty Bill Start Up Costs: Blackmailers Start At $6.6 Billion For 2013 10:19:55
John Kerry - " helping others embrace American ideals, no one should be surprised that there is danger." 10:15:23
Man Shot Dead By FBI Agent Know Boston Bombing Suspect, Friend Says - VIDEO 10:07:23
Obama Golfing Bud, Tiger Woods, back on distraction team? 09:44:14
Orlando man shot by FBI agent was questioned in Boston Marathon bombings w/video 09:43:19
Frequencies Observed on Intellicast Radar Before Oklahoma Tornadoes 09:36:09
It's Official! Weiner In!: Weiner Running For Mayor 09:34:18
Ed Markey cheered govt witch hunt against Gibson Guitar 09:28:47
Associated Press chief starts to sound like Alex Jones: 'Government is unconstitutional...' 09:25:09
The Obsolescence Of Fema: Oklahoma Tornado: Glenn Beck And Twitter To The Rescue. 09:23:54
Joe Biden: 'Barack's learning How To Speak Without A Teleprompter' 09:14:12
NASA Debunks Global Warming, Verifies Carbon Dioxide Cools Atmosphere 09:03:26
Bill Drafted In Secret Would Block Release Of Some Newtown Massacre Records. 08:59:40
What I will be distributing today 08:59:05
Top Headline For Today: Top IRS Official Evokes the Fifth while Joe Biden Has A Fifth 08:33:00
Man shot dead by FBI agent knew Boston bombing suspect, friend says 08:14:44
List of dangerous antidepressants that cause sudden death is rapidly expanding. 08:14:14
Diversity, not Jesus, saves says Presiding Bishop 07:52:53
Murray Rothbard's The Six Stages of the Libertarian Movement 07:45:13
Bono, Branson, Damon, Wilde, describe their membership in the Illuminati. 07:21:35
Another Reason to Avoid Gold ETFs: Sellers Facing Tax Surprises at 28% Capital-Gains Rate 06:40:57
Poll: 54% of Americans see the federal Government as Threatening the Rights of average Americans 06:37:08
Update: Japan Shock Therapy Stumbles: Japanese Stocks Halted! 06:19:20
With Adam Kokesh Detained will the DC Open Carry March Go on as Planned? 05:49:00
ALERT | Senate Rushing Dream Act Amnesty Bill to Floor 05:41:48
Woman Finds Dog Lost During Tornado While Being Interviewed Video 05:28:20
Our Criminal Government MUST Be Stopped!: DOJ Seized Fox News Phone Records 03:05:37
The Best Kept Secret of the Dollar 01:55:47
Corbett: This Is What Tyranny Looks Like 01:52:57
Is this a hoax? Private plane shot down over Area 51 by directed energy weapon 01:03:36
Hey, Congress! Sen. Baucus! Ask Me! I know what the problem is with the IRS! 00:12:12
Conservatives March on IRS Building; IRS Agents Respond by Mocking Protesters 00:11:37
IRS Claims Release Of Conservative Groups’ Confidential Info To Soros-affiliated Media Outlet ‘inadvertent And Unintentional’ 00:05:52