Posted on May 23, 2013

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Modern Wheat Is The ‘Perfect Chronic Poison’ Says Expert 19:23:40
14-year-old Tina shows off her ridiculously amazing rendition of the solo from Van Halen’s “Eruption.” 17:47:19
Mike Judge, Creator of Beavis & Butthead, King of the Hill: Idiocracy is Happening Now! 17:40:29
DHS to be granted total dictatorial power in immigration bill, all laws nullified, voters silenced 13:40:56
Derrick Grayson *TMOT* announces U.S. Senate campaign! 07:49:52
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Code Pink's Medea Benjamin Interrupts Obama's Speech With Poignant Questions; Everyone Else Silently Awaits More of Obama's Lies 23:56:54
DHS' 3-Page 'Intelligence' Bulletin states the Obvious: 3D-Printed Guns are "IMPOSSIBLE" to Stop! 23:55:45
The new XBOX console will come with a required-for-operation 1080p camera with IR tracking and microphone *UPDATE 2* 23:49:46
Oklahoma Tornado Photo Blog 23:46:06
REPORTS: Bridge Collapses In Washington State Between Mount Vernon, Burlington; Vehicles and People Fall Into Skagit River 23:35:36
Similar to Obama: Honestly Abe Had No Respect for the 1st Amendment 23:29:57
BOOM! Bernanke OUT By August, QE Ends, Rates Up: CRASH 23:26:32
"Defining My Dyslexia" (And mine too) 23:13:40
Touching on Tyranny - A Declaration of whose Independence? 23:11:29
Julian Assange Sues US Military Over Secrecy of Bradley Manning Trail 23:01:56
EXPLOSIVE: President of CBS News and WH Benghazi Fiction Writer Are BLOOD Brothers 22:52:09
Attorney General Eric Holder OK'd Search Warrant For Fox News Reporter's Private Emails, Official Says 22:38:57
Ted Cruz Video from today: 22:26:28
Government Buildings For Sale : All In The Family 22:24:57
Ron Paul loses both domain disputes over and 22:10:13
California Assemblymen: ‘Second American Revolution Has Already Begun’ 22:07:02
Graphene-based ink could enable low-cost, printable, foldable electronics 20:39:47
GIGS.2.GO "disposable" paper USB drive 20:37:07
Rand Paul On Gitmo, IRS Scandal, Debt Ceiling, Immigration And Tax Reform - Hannity Radio 5/23/2013 20:26:55
Gut punch: Monsanto could be destroying your microbiome 20:22:17
What is causing mysterious deaths in Alabama? Could they be related to Monsanto's Bt cotton crops? 20:09:47
Modern wheat is the 'perfect chronic poison' says expert 20:08:21
Woolwich terror attack: Fishy things to be aware of... 20:04:48
Why the London Terrorist Attacks are Different 20:00:56
FEMA, DHS and American Red Cross teaching kids to go to FEMA camps in event of disaster 19:47:39
The Killing of Tamerlan Tsarnaev's Would-Be Accomplice Wasn't So Simple-Atlantic Wire 19:42:17
Stephen Colbert gives "Wag of the Finger" to Senator Rand Paul for trying to legalize hemp 19:35:31
Rolling Thunder in Washington - 750K Bikers 19:31:06
Marine arrested for Facebook posts sues government 19:30:39
The State of Oklahoma 19:25:33
Joe Biden On Civil Liberties in Post-911 World 19:17:00
The Greater Sovereign Solution - for all! 19:02:09
stabenow/levin endorse Gary Peters 19:01:06
Senator Ted Cruz schools Senator John McCain on Debt Limit 18:53:13
oof 18:51:43
Kelo vs City of New London - Nothing is built there 8 years later 18:47:48
Obama Tells Holder To Investigate Holder: What Could Go Wrong Here? 18:47:27
Control for the Internet continues- Obama: Increase in domestic terrorism fueled by Internet 18:05:37
The Drone War Blues (new Protest Song) 17:58:23
ConservoTax, The New Tax Software For Republicans 17:58:13 covers Adam Kokesh's arrest 17:54:01
Movie Genres VS The 4 Temperaments 17:30:32
Rep Jo Bonner to resign in Alabama in August 17:24:02
World Bank Insider Blows Whistle on Corruption, Federal Reserve 17:13:40
Economic and foreign policy. How it affects our wealth. How do we play it? 16:46:41
Does anyone know whats in the Brown-Vitter bill? 16:44:45
Obama To Enter Diplomatic Talks With Raging Wildfire 16:43:02
Al-Qaeda Acquire Tanks and Fighter Jets for Normandy Style Invasion on the USA 16:41:35
FBI Changes Story About Shooting Boston Bomber Friend 16:32:04
Rand Paul's Statement on Obama's Drone Policy 16:13:48
Marcy Wheeler Explains’s Suit Against the FBI 16:03:02
Need a Boost: the Good Judge Andrew Napolitano 15:59:09
Oklahoma Should NOT Mandate Tornado Shelters! 15:24:05
Ron Paul loses disputes over and domain names 15:09:21
Free N.A. Poe & Adam Kokesh Rally - Livestream on NOW 14:54:15
One Line of Legislation that Would Solve Many Problems in the USA 14:48:38
Michelle Malkin Versus Ron Paul 14:37:11
Rand Paul: The Libertarians’ “I Love Lucy” 14:35:41
Why is O giving this speech NOW? 14:34:19
Can someone tell me about rotator cuff tear 14:31:28
Ben Swann's Work on Fox News Megan Kelly - Video 14:21:47
To all of the DP-ers who still do this... 13:57:36
Yep, the US is targeting LDS Canneries 13:47:50
Cops Invent Ploy Tactic to Circumvent Lawful Recording 13:46:21
Mother has son arrested for stealing her Pop-Tarts 13:20:05
Police: Couple Stabbed Each Other Over ‘American Idol’ 13:16:10
Ben Swann reveals IG and IRS may have used "audit" to get story straight before "investigation". 13:08:03
Nanny State Wants Your Shoes To Be Approved Prior To Your Wearing Them 12:26:49
Senate (Including Rand Paul) Votes Unanimously Towards War With Iran 12:22:59
City Changes Parking Signs Then Issues Tickets To Cars That Had Been Parked Legally 12:22:51
Marijuana cannabinoids slow brain degradation and aging, reverse dementia 12:20:06
The similarities between the course of our country and the maiden voyage of the Titanic are eerily allegorical 12:11:51
Amazing Antique Desk 12:05:21
VIDEO: Adam Kokesh Presser; May 24, 2013 UPDATE: Calls for OpenCarry March @ ALL 50 State Capitols! Kokesh OUT of Jail! 11:59:35
Down With the US Constitution. Long Live the IRS ! 11:58:39
Massive Amounts Of Gold Buying, In The Far East. 11:50:59
Cold Fusion Actually Independently Reviewed 11:46:16
The Macroeconomics of Individual Action 11:39:47
Texas, Red States Beat Blue States On Jobs, Growth 10:38:29
Drudge getting blasted for "promoting" Alex Jones 10:37:47
WOW! Bad cops fired BEFORE trial 10:36:16
Why isn't there a Progressive movement for forced organ/tissue redistribution? 10:18:58
Water Fluoridation DEFEATED In Portland, OR.; Citizens Overwhelmingly Reject Dumping Toxic Waste Into Water Supply 10:08:26
Rand Paul interview in Louisville, KY. In the background, the eye of Ra! 09:58:03
House Passes GOP Bill To Bypass President To Speed Approval of Keystone XL Oil Pipeline 09:55:57
Friends don't let friends not know about Obama killing Americans with drones 09:54:53
Time is now for libertarians and conservatives to get together 09:07:39
REUTERS: Bernanke Sparks Massive Sell-Off - VIDEO 08:50:22
Food Freedom on Trial in Wisconsin 08:29:48
Ron Paul's lawyers need to file motions, and fast 07:33:36
Sen. Rand Paul Introduces Bill to require Warrants before Using Drones on American Citizens 07:25:22
Judge Nap: Tyranny just around the corner 07:23:10
Nigel Farage on 12% Tax Rate for Members of EU Parliament: It is Tax Fraud on a Massive Scale! 07:20:24
"And Then They Came For Me": The Black Bagging of Adam Kokesh 07:12:34
The Conspiracy - Registered 5/12 : Adam arrested 5/18 06:26:26
The American People Can Start The 2nd (3rd?) American Revolution. Here Was The 1st Nail In The Coffin Of The Constitution. 06:10:26
Who speaks for Adam Kokesh? 05:47:08
Will Rand Paul Join the CFR? 05:19:19
Behind The Scenes Look!: World Bankers Engage In Lively Collaboration On QE-infinity 05:15:24
London's "Terror" is Comedy of Errors 03:49:39
Government Shenanigans - Operation Northwoods - 911 03:10:45
The US Supreme Court: "The right to bear arms is not granted by the Constitution" 03:10:15
Sen. Ted Cruz Refuses to Play the Game: ‘Let Me Be Clear, I Don't Trust the Republicans’ 02:57:22
Obama Lies Documented With His Own Words 02:54:46
Kill Bill 02:53:26
Who is this guy Levin? 02:22:59
Tyranny Around the Corner by Judge Napolitano 02:20:08
Obama Acknowledges First American Casualties of Drone Strikes 02:16:01
HB 78 Passes Texas House & Senate, Removes Sales Tax on Gold, Silver, and Other Precious Metals! 02:05:31
The Smoking Gun: Adam Kokesh Works for Obama? 02:04:15
Contact Adam's representatives 01:41:18
The Universe Explained in Under 3 Minutes | by StormCloudsGathering 01:32:18
Treating military dogs for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder 01:24:10
Man Murders British Soldier w/ Meat Cleaver in Broad Daylight Speaks Before Getting Killed 01:09:20
Potentially Mysterious Boston Marathon Deaths 00:58:49
"I Didn't Wanna Melt Like a Yellow Dog" 00:21:42
Are Socialists Still Bugging You In 2013? Feel Free To Ask Them To Comment On This Great Socialist IDEAL Put In Practice 00:08:25