Posted on May 24, 2013

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How did you choose your Daily Paul "handle"? 21:53:34
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"Security Thru Surveillance” program. 23:50:17
AWESOME: officially teams up w/ Alex Jones' InfoWars for 2013 Bilderberg Covearge! 23:31:10
"Righthaven looks like they're toast. Ha ha ha ha. Ha ha ha ha." 23:17:54
Government Stockpiling Of Bullets: Local Police Forced Into Purchasing Ammo from Citizens 23:01:25
U.S. Department of Labor Will Spend $9 Million to Reduce Child Labor-in Columbia 23:00:06
Iowa Republican Congressman Steve King Leads His Own Gang Of Eight Against Amnesty Bill 22:41:13
Adam Kokesh Released, No Conditions. 21:52:34
Phil Donahue on his firing from MSNBC after being critical of the Iraq war 21:49:57
The IRS Scandal Is a Test: Is It Too Hard to Fire Misbehaving Bureaucrats? 21:24:11
Presidential Proclamation - Prayer for Peace, Memorial Day, 2013 21:04:03
Something Very Curious About Drudge 20:53:42
Larken Rose: The Fascist Perspective; The Insane Religion of Statism & Pro-State Enforcer Stockholm Syndrome 20:49:37
PETA bares its fangs, suing anonymous tattletales, is their bark worse than their byte ? 20:48:07
Good Documentary - "Standing Army" on Amazon Prime Video 20:31:10
Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio Racially Profiled Latinos, Federal Judge Rules (BC Investigation heating up behind the scenes) 20:30:45
Follow-up-new Video - "Turn Over Your Guns Or Be Placed Under Arrest"- Southeastmo 20:27:15
Watch someone tracked on a map for 6 months using cell phone records plus the web 20:24:39
Comex Gold Short Position At All Time High 20:13:43
VIDEO: Franken Slams Into Staffer While Dodging Reporter's IRS Question 20:10:26
Adam Kokesh & Your Child/Children (Hypothetical) 19:56:46
Obama Fails To Salute Marine 19:37:36
Drone over Kalispell, electricity goes out 19:23:31
Sgt. charged with filming naked female cadets at West Point 19:21:05
Media Disinformation and the “Conspiracy Panic” Phenomenon 19:14:37
Code Pink "Heckler" makes CNN reporter look ignorant on drone strikes & Guantanamo 19:12:23
Will The Fed Really Stop its QE Adventures? 18:52:30
IRS Suspends Division Chief After Agency Scandal 18:51:42
Beheading UK soldier isn't terrorism. It's guerrilla war. 18:51:39
Monsanto gets Owned by 11 year old boy 18:51:19
Devastating infographic that brings the military suicide epidemic into focus: 18:43:13
Why Disinformation Works 18:35:10
Heckler during Obama's speech yesterday was likely a plant 18:33:08
Obama's Commerce Secretary Didn't Report $80 Million of Income during ethics review 18:20:13
The Fiat End Game, 5/24/2013 18:11:56
Build Your Own Briefcase-Sized 3D Printer 18:07:39
Officer Collier Shooting: “Rosebud” Moment of the Boston Bombing? 17:52:44
Adam Kokesh Is Free ! Out Of Jail ! 17:44:08
Name that Nation pop quiz : Update I 17:41:12
Rand Paul Discusses IRS Scandal W/ FOX's Eric Bolling (5-23-13) 16:08:30
Medea Benjamin invited to Presser, won't say who gave it to her though. 16:04:17
Bye Bye Bernake? 15:59:29
Big Mac Index: Americans are over 30% poorer than in they were in 1999. 15:47:28
'Impeach Obama March' on Washington D.C. - Flag Day, June 14 15:33:46
Felony Friday: PA Judge Facing Drug and Theft Charges 15:31:16
Fascist perspective from a self-described "Good Cop" 15:28:10
Utah Man Found Dead In Jail Cell After Killing Police Officer 15:02:54
Let The Market “Control” Wall Street 14:59:53
Ancap Minds - Anarcho-Capitalism Forums, News, and Resources 14:42:08
Adam Kokesh calls for armed marches on all state capitols, overthrow of the U.S. government. 14:19:03
Ben Swann: The connection between IRS management Lois Lerner & Cindy Thomas 14:13:31
RESTRUCTURED Kokesh now calling for open carry marches at your local state capital 13:46:31
Tamerlan Tsarnaev not questioned in 2011 about triple murder...why? 13:43:55
I dropped the 9/11 TRUTH seed on Christian Talk Radio... 13:39:10
John Fund: IRS Harassment May Have Suppressed Voter Turnout In 2012 13:38:49
While at the post office today... 13:35:06
Worldwide March Against Monsanto rallies tomorrow, May 25th, 2013. 13:22:08
Major Bridge Collapses in WA State 5-23-13 13:13:55
Rand Paul Got it Right on This One. . . 13:04:53
Need some help running for Congress 12:49:20
Honeybees trained in Croatia to find land mines 12:26:25
While cutting the grass it dawned on me I' m white trash 12:20:44
Adam Kokesh Remains Behind Bars, NA Poe Released 12:13:32
Rep. Adam Schiff preparing legislation that could end AUMF, remove authority for war on terror 12:08:01
Mark Steyn on IRS hearings: ‘You guys wasted your whole time with your revolution’ 12:05:32
Patterns of Behavior: sustaining proofs and winning debates. 12:03:05
Schumer, Franken scurry from questions about IRS scandal 12:02:49
Jim Rickards on Keiser Report 12:00:30
Top 10 reasons to join the March Against Monsanto tomorrow! 11:56:39
The Cat’s Diary 11:55:10
Holocaust Revisionist David Cole resurfaces 15 years later as GOP Darling 'David Stein' 11:52:44
Happy Birthday, Bob Dylan! 11:50:52
Murray Rothbard on Obama's Suggested Repeal of the AUMF 11:31:46
IRS closed today, BHO wants to end the war, Pope says atheists OK 11:28:47
Illinois illegally seizes bees resistant to Monsanto’s Roundup; Kills remaining Queens 11:09:36
Correct Choices: all the information please ! Article on Pots links to crime. 10:25:19
3D printed gun explodes during testing by Australian police 10:15:20
Interview: Catherine Engelbrecht Reveals Personal Attacks By IRS And ATF! Sues IRS on behalf of her 501 c 3, True the Vote 09:59:47
What is going on here. Obama talks about repealing AUMF 09:57:34
911 Dispatcher Tells Woman About To Be Raped There Are No Cops To Help Her 09:10:57
President Obama urges End to War on Terrorism 09:09:53
The US Is Rapidly Drying Up 08:38:02
Ted Cruz: Texas Shows the Country How it's Done Freedom Min 08:31:44
When Tyranny Took My Best Friend, A Lesson for the Class of 2013 08:31:30
The Growing Global Challenge to Monsanto's Monopolistic Greed 07:30:07
Graham Hancock + Joe Rogan = Minds Blown! REAL History, from Olmecs to Drone Strikes! 07:29:22
California Dental Exam required for Kindergarten/1st Graders? 06:31:31
Lyft: A Year-Old Startup That Helps Strangers Share Car Rides 06:30:47
Obama's Secret CIA Dungeon In Somalia Violates His Own Executive Order 05:59:25
The Capone moment: Could LIBOR fracture the international banking cartel? 04:22:44
LePage vetoes Maine college tobacco ban 04:13:34
Mother Jones Hoplophobes fund their 'Reporter' on an AK47 Parts-Kit Build Party in CA, then Destroy It! 03:52:18
Stan MCclain and Tracy Joham running as Independents 01:34:14
'Dirty Wars' in Springfield, MO 01:13:58
The Best Kept Secrets of The Dollar 01:03:53
Just Thought I Should Share: Open Letter To Senator Ted Cruz 00:52:27
Hollywood & Propaganda 00:45:13
DOA - Boehner: House Won't Pass Senate Immigration Bill 00:44:02
DIA artwork could be sold off if city of Detroit goes into bankruptcy 00:42:11
Steering Clear of Any Controversy: Clinton's Won't Endorse A. Weiner, Or Anyone Else, In NYC Mayoral Race 00:23:00
Doctor Who Did 1,200 Abortions Tells Congress To Ban Them, Says "Procedures Are BRUTAL at Best" - VIDEO 00:09:01