Posted on May 25, 2013

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Update: World Bank WhistleBlower: Holder and Co. Chasing Her Down! 11:18:55
Wow, What A Story! Found Film Recounts B-29 Rescue 66 Years Ago 08:50:59
Libertarian movement gaining steam in New Hampshire 09:55:50
Why I Say No To Amnesty. Illegal Aliens Get Better Government Care While War Veteran’s Needs Are Ignored. 08:50:57
Ben Swann Reality Check: Connection Between IRS Management Lois Lerner & Cindy Thomas 08:41:01
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R3VOL Videos, from a Global Day of Resistance vs Monsanto! 23:56:24
Spy vs. Spy and Troll vs. Troll... 23:49:50
Here's a song that my brother and I wrote. Enjoy! 23:48:15
Banking insider: The Japanese have lost control of their bond market 23:25:28
WEEKEND MEDITATION: The Right To Bare (sic) Arms 23:25:08
Get Rand Paul on Ballots. 22:52:47
MEP Godfrey Bloom: Why the whole banking system is a scam - Fractional Reserve Banking 22:52:13
2 Million March Against Monsanto 22:44:54
Use These Secret NSA Google Search Tips to Become Your Own Spy Agency 22:18:19
Adam Kokesh More Popular With Daily Paulers Than Ron Paul Himself 22:14:50
Adam Kokesh, Please Stress Peace 21:58:00
Immigration Bills 2013 - Iris Scans, Fingerprinting And Govt Databases 21:47:43
Navy Seals Salute - Short & To The Point! 21:39:57
The media is allready Ron Pauling Rand 21:33:07
Planetary Alignment Peaks With Celestial Show This Weekend 20:32:33
NEVER Give Up! Happy Memorial Day, a Reminder from a r3VOL Marine! 20:16:40
Alternative Media Vs MSM War Declared: First Heavy WMD Shots Fired by Rachel Maddow at Alex Jones 19:54:18
CHILLING: FNC Reporter James Rosen targeted by the REAL Criminals @ WhiteHouse...on 'Criminal' Conspiracy! 19:26:50
A Farmers Rebellion Lifts The California GOP 19:19:57
Astronauts Aboard The ISS Capture Volcanic Eruption - VIDEO 19:05:28
Food Production is Not a Collectivist Industry 18:42:05
Obama Balances Threats Against Americans' Rights 18:39:45
Becky Akers scores another TKO. This one lands on Peggy Noonan — 18:35:48
Illinois lawmakers approve plan to allow concealed carry for gun owners 18:18:14
Adam Kokesh to FNC's Chris Stirewalt & Juan Williams: Like Benghazi, when we approach DC, Obama can give the Stand-down Order! 18:17:50
To “Protect & Serve”; Assault rifles, grenade launchers, .50 caliber machine guns & Blackhawk helicopters. (Video) 17:58:24
My March On Monsanto 17:55:25
Another 'collapse' - Seven people injured in Missouri train collision, overpass collapse 17:53:44
A "Global-Extinction-sized" asteroid to sail past Earth next week - "Comets much more dangerous" 17:52:05
Zombie Reagan Raised From Grave To Lead GOP 17:43:49 I do NOT support Adam Kokesh's armed march in DC 17:30:03
Immigration: It's working out so well for Britain, France and Sweden. 17:29:45
McLaughlin's Clarence Page contradicts himself on contradictions 17:09:52
the REAL way to shake things up. Very simple & 100% legal. 17:09:40
NLP & Mind Control in Media: A Case Study 17:02:56
Was London Terrorist Recruited by MI5? 16:01:51
A farmers rebellion gives hope to the GOP in California 16:01:09
Head of the IMF Christine Lagarde in court charged with embezzlement and fraud 15:54:29
Which Republic did the Founding Fathers give us? 15:38:06
MySpace Group - Knowledge and Wisdom 15:35:07
Seeds of Death: Unveiling The Lies of GMO's - Full Movie 15:35:06
Discussion of Argentina's current economy going on over at reddit, interesting comments 15:30:57
Demand Adam Kokesh show his birth certificate and DD214 15:26:17
*VIDEO* Adam Kokesh CONVERTS a 7th grader to 9/11 truth! 15:23:57
Obama's Statements At The National Defense University Reveal An Orwellian Tyranny 14:34:54
CNN: Rand Paul announces 2016 (Senate) campaign 14:27:55
End the Fed: Minecraft version 14:03:05
Rand Paul says he will push amendment to Immigration reform bill 13:58:25
Agent Orange alert 13:14:16
Full California Assembly to Vote on Rejecting NDAA “Indefinite Detention” 12:48:56
American Psychiatry Classifies New Mental Illness Disorders 12:41:02
Adam Kokesh Lies About His Age 12:11:38
Wisconsin Raw Milk Dairy farmer acquitted on three of four charges 12:03:45
Apathy and Ignorance 11:58:13
Why haven't "the people" just eliminated of the evil ones? 11:43:19
Rand Paul to seek re-election to Senate, but not ruling out presidential run 11:31:07
A Positive Article About Free State Project by Fox News? 11:28:17
Is this MA cash grab for cannabis legit? 11:27:59
"Smoking!" UKIP video.. 11:18:47
"Abolish Government? Who Will Neglect the Roads?" 11:17:58
Whistleblowers Reveal Stevens Was In Libya To Buy Back Missiles From Al-Qaeda 11:02:00
Public going crazy over UFO Propaganda? 10:54:31
Glenn Greenwald: Was The London Killing Of A British Soldier 'Terrorism'? 10:45:40
Adam Kokesh, Alex Jones, Rand Paul / Patriot Wannabes? 09:52:11
Iranian Group Once Included on US Terrorist List Registers as Lobbyist 09:42:35
Rumsfeld - "...people are determined to kill innocent men, women, and children" 09:28:53
Rand Paul Polls better against Hillary than RINO Rubio IN 2016 Iowa Poll 08:35:22
The Revolution is ... Canceled 08:26:22
Smudge Pot On War And Armed Marches 07:18:47
The new crime of eating while homeless 06:55:53
Glenn Greenwald 06:13:41
Haters gonna hate 05:18:21
Pro-Union Liberals beat up Fox News contributor at protest rally - video 05:14:54
Sarah Darshay, an Iraq Veteran & r3VOL, who became an AnCap via Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul! 04:37:20
Michael Crichton (RIP), the Harvard Scientist & Author of Jurrasic Park, who did NOT fall for Global Warming-CON! 04:13:01
To The Braindead Adam Kokesh Sheeple Followers: 03:50:24
Activism With The People's Eloquence: Ain't All About Rand, AJ, Or AK; How About Writing Our Reps More Often On The Big Picture? 02:46:32
Sen. Rand Paul heroically stands up AGAINST the de facto National ID System: E-Verify! 02:43:37
OMG! Yahoo's Front Page has a INFOWARS article... What? 02:16:29
MUST be Read to be Believed: Obama-Apologist Peter Beinart @ TheDailyBeast openly defends IRS & Socialism! 02:10:09
Do we really support the troops? 02:07:05
My cat died today 01:51:32
Well, yes. That's categorized as "Weird Stuff": A Very Quick Look at President Obama's First Term 01:30:39
State Officials KNEW the bridge had been hit January 2013 01:09:03
Pope Visits mosque in Syria - old news 00:52:00
Illinois judge charged with heroin, gun possession 00:36:05
Ted Cruz gives commencement address at Hillsdale College 00:12:42
British Islamist Anjem Choudary: As Muslims We Reject Human Rights 00:10:52
Next Target? Savers. Income Tax Revenue To Drop Dramatically 00:10:45
Adam Kokesh Exposed: Open Carry March On Washington Is A Trap! 00:06:25