Posted on May 27, 2013

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Bootlicking Senator McCain: You jumped on a dead horse yesterday 21:08:30
If you REALLY wanted to change the world for the better - what would YOU do? 20:08:30
How 47% of Congress Became Millionaires 22:32:37
Va. father says he was suspected of kidnapping his kids by Walmart security - due to his children being bi-racial 21:49:04
Cicero 54 B.C. 21:37:44
Just watched Grapes of Wrath 20:55:29
"Nigel Farage on tax avoidance (21May13) " 19:14:11
How Ron Paul spent his weekend! 19:08:30
US Makes Syria an "Offer it Can’t Refuse" - again 18:08:09
7 Newly Classified Mental Illnesses 18:02:01
How the "Shadow CIA" Monitored Ron Paul 17:45:57
Girl Scout alumni trying to save campsites, getting treated like Ron Paul supporters at state and national conventions. 17:19:29
Who gave John McCain authority to negotiate deals with the Syrians rebels? 16:43:01
I Don't Have A Gun. Can I Still March? 16:33:05
Hollywood Plans Hillary Clinton Movie To Resurrect Her Political Career Just In Time For 2016 Elections 16:24:18
The Way I like to Honor my Fallen Brothers 16:23:18
Ky. officer found dead on highway exit ramp (No manhunt, Mass Media, or Shelter in place) 15:50:40
Nanny Bloomberg's Nightmare? OMG! OMG! A 34rd-Magazine, Lever Action 'Assault Rifle'...from 1868? 14:25:12
U.S. Threatens Britain Not To Leave EU 14:20:18
CT Police celebrate Memorial Day Weekend, by MURDERING a Korean War Vet/Museum Curator AT His Home! 13:46:54
A Big Thank You! Daily Paul And Others Help Aid Those In Need. 13:03:26
What forum should I post to sell this signed Ron Paul oil painting my wife did? 13:00:57
Judge Shuts Down Effort By Environmentalists To Outlaw Lead Bullets 11:15:19
Happy Memorial Day from your friends at Goldman Sachs. "War on Terror" explained in 2 sentences 10:02:27
Three statisticians went bow-hunting. 07:56:42
Why libertarianism is so dangerous 05:08:09
Daft Punk Pricing Anomaly on Amazon 01:09:00
The DP Bookshelf is Awesome! 00:03:58
Ron Paul Video: Voice Of A Veteran 17:47:34
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Patriots Being Led Into "Kill Zone" At D.C. "Armed Revolt" 22:56:10
Monsanto contracts with Blackwater to target GMO activists 22:10:24
Rand Paul: "Obamacare includes doctor diagnosis codes for injuries caused by turtles, macaws, burning water skis..." 21:45:29
Adam tells the story. 21:40:40
Day 1 of Truck Driving School in Springfield, MO. My call sign is "Liberty Won" 21:25:59
Anyone seen the movie "In Time", starring Justin Timberlake? 21:15:38
WSJ Editorial Board Member: Obama Scandals Worse Than Watergate 19:56:54
Something to think about on this Memorial Day: From a retired Navy Captain who lives in Hawaii: CBA (Cross Border Authority) 18:39:51
Law Legalizes Carrying A Gun At Head Level 18:30:05
Exclusive Interview: Gold's Volatility, Part Of Its Tradition: Former Presidential Candidate Ron Paul 17:52:47
Sen. McCain Sneaks Across Border to Syria! Meets With Al-Qaeda?! Happy Memorial Day! 17:32:40
The Protected Predator Class 17:31:23
A Hymn and a RANT 16:40:33
Glenn Greenwald on what Obama says vs. what he does 16:32:06
Dark Journalist: Catherine Austin Fitts Interview Part 2 - Breakaway Civilization 16:21:17
Memorial Day 16:16:49
Anti - TSA Activist: "TSA Agent Groped My Vagina" - VIDEO 16:10:04
Memorial Day message of truth from U.S. Senate Candidate Derrick *TMOT* Grayson 15:34:56
Most offensive? Memorial day wishes 15:14:11
Rand Paul Demands Answers On Drones - Aaron Klein Investigative Radio 5/26/2013 15:01:55
The Scandals Are Vast And Infuriating 14:38:38
Maybe it's time something bad did happen 14:36:45
Memorial Day with Murray: America's Two Just Wars 14:34:08
Smudge pot is about to do a short dissertation on small business creation all invited 14:31:16
LA Times Pays Tribute: More Than 6700 Members of The Military Have Died Since Conflict in Afghanistan Began 14:28:05
Our American Pravda 14:13:33
Marchers in over 400 cities protest Monsanto 13:31:51
Taking Care of Business with the BIS (Bank for International Settlements) 13:30:13
Illinois Teacher In Hot Water After Informing Students of 5th Amendment Rights 13:17:22
Dr. Thom DiLorenzo: Some Dead Things to Memorialize on Memorial Day. Plus, Mark Dice-Walk vs. Memorial Day-Clueless Americans 13:14:53
Do Not Honor the Institution of War (Video Clip) 13:13:57
It Turns Out, If you are a Google Youtube or Facebook User, You are Politically Targeted as Well 12:42:48
Chuck Baldwin Guest on Alex Jones 5-27-13, noon EDT; 2nd Amend./ Roman 13 12:15:48
Articles Of Impeachment Must Be Issued to Recover Faith in Government 11:45:14
Jeremy Scahill: The Secret Story Behind Obama's Assassination of Two Americans In Yemen - VIDEO 11:30:16
Study: Soda addiction as bad for your teeth as Meth or Crack 11:21:26
Adam was on Freedom's Phoenix 11:17:13
Monsanto hires Blackwater 11:09:05
WND Exclusive: Rand Paul Demands Answers On Drones - Audio 11:04:20
Sen. Ted Cruz Delivers the Commencement Address at Hillsdale College 10:58:35
All the U.S. wars, whether on poverty, drugs, ill-health, or terror, are evidence of power madness 10:54:00
Ted Cruz Honoring Our Heroes this Memorial Day 10:45:03
Google Will Help Police to Track “Extremist Websites” 10:32:18
Interest-free money 10:26:28
Oathkeepers statement on the July 4th march. 10:10:30
A Memorial Day Tribute 10:05:46
'Black' PR in China buys internet invisibility 09:49:08
Proof The US Government Has Fallen To A Fascist Coup 09:20:45
Jim Rickards: Currency Wars, Gold, Inflation 08:02:55
Brain can be trained to cultivate compassion 05:26:52
Meet EARL, a Sophisticated Tablet For Wilderness Activities 04:44:38
Senator Bernie Sanders thinks you can delegate a right that you do not have. 04:29:53
"Frédéric Bastiat : A Man Alone", by George Charles Roche (Arlington House, Architects of Freedom Series, 1971) 04:05:18
Is the Utah datacenter designed to attack Bitcoin? 03:45:43
There Is Such a Thing as an Acceptable Loss of Life in a Free Society 03:19:16
Why Can't Mathematicians Dance? 03:08:12
Vice Is Now On Hbo 01:08:31