Posted on May 29, 2013

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Miami-Dade Police Choke Teenager Because He Was Giving Them "Dehumanizing Stares" 22:51:14
Reuters: Unapproved Strain of Monsanto GMO Wheat Found Growing in Oregon 22:44:44
Rand Paul Opinion piece for CNN: Helping Syrian rebels a dangerous risk 22:17:41
College Is A One Way Ticket To Your Parents Basement 21:23:56
"Socialism Confounds Government and Society", by Frédéric Bastiat 21:00:23
Confirmed: Polk County, FL schools conducted iris scans on students without permission 19:55:22
Ft. Worth Police Killed Before - This Time an Overweight Asthmatic With Taser 18:19:16
Feds raid Liberty Reserve and indict founders on money laundering charges 20:38:32
We Are 1776: Three Teens Spearheading the Freedom Policy Movement 16:18:02
USA Today Column: Fire Eric Holder 15:59:49
Adam Kokesh on Alex Jones Show 5-29-13: "We have to overthrow this govt." (video) 14:34:59
VIDEO: Larry King joins RT America with brand new politics show 13:17:58
NIXOBAMA: Powerful Video Compares Scandal Responses 12:51:35
Henry Kissinger Confronted As Mass Murderer by We Are Change’s Luke Rudkowski - VIDEO 12:35:10
Show TMOT a Little Love! 12:20:29
Rand Paul’s Iowa Coup. His allies control the state GOP, and they’re looking ahead. 10:30:19
Police Shoot & Kill Grandfather While Responding To Burglary Call 09:05:47
Drug Czar's Office Withheld Alcohol Data From Report on Drugs and Crime, Now Refuses to Release It 08:35:15
Ron Paul: I'm Waiting For The Fed To Self-Destruct 07:07:16
Michelle Bachmann is retiring in 2014. Hurray 07:03:53
“The Syrian State is Under a Proxy War Led by Foreign Countries” 06:59:44
Ben Swann: McCain visits rebels in Syria, Ohio Congressman questions al-Qaeda ties 03:38:11
Welcome To The U.S.S.A. 00:49:07
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Anyone for Kokesh Having an Open Carry 4th July Barbeque in VA? 23:58:55
2 letters supposedly containing ricin addressed to feurer Bloomberg 23:40:29
Northern Lights: A Guide 23:36:34
The Unwinding 23:36:34
Monsanto Hired BlackWater Mercenaries to Spy on Americans 23:29:22
Casus Belli? Commufornia goes Full Retard; CA Sen. pass Ex-Post Facto Registration + ALL Det. Mag-fed Semi-Auto Rifles Banned! 23:17:13
Unmanned Stealth Bomber did fly by + touch & go landing on USS Bush Aircraft Carrier, May 2013. 22:59:46
Jim Grant Interview on KWN: Monetary System Won't Last 22:37:46
i am a non aggression supporter 22:27:35
Taibbi/Rolling Stone: Welcome back to the dumb season. Debt Ceiling Time 22:19:22
Misperceptions among Americans about Support for the Syrian Rebels 22:12:43
Oh My Goodness, Oh My Dayum! 21:48:47
C-SPAN getting calls day after day after day about 9/11 (Great Video Compilation) 21:38:49
State Capital armed marches in all 50 states on Independence Day 21:24:01
Analysis: World War 3 Has Started in Syria 21:22:36
10 ways to Deprogram Our Children From Public School Indoctrination this Summer Break. 21:18:30
The Daily Lockdown - May 29th, 2013 20:54:48
“Good-will kills”; Does the US kill enemies of the state for Pakistan and Yemen? 20:41:36
"Liberty Won" on Day 3 of Truck Driving School in Springfield, MO. 20:27:33
10 Things Government Can Do That Would Land You in Jail 20:20:00
March Against Monsanto Coverage On CNN May 28, 2013 Full Segment 20:18:17
Stand By Your Rand 20:02:12
Justice Department Robs Bank in Costa Rica, Nabs Up To $6B 19:40:38
Genetically Engineered Algae for Biofuel Pose Potential Risks 19:13:58
College Students thank IRS for illegally targeting conservative groups 19:10:55
Why Shouldn’t the Federal Government Be Blamed for Boston? 19:02:53
The United States committed $203 million to improve citizen security in the Caribbean. 18:40:19
Anyone know what started #CruzToVictory? 18:30:37
U.N. Commissioner: "Measures that violate human rights do not uproot terrorism: they nurture it.” 18:12:49
FDIC: Banks Net Income in 1Q Hits All-Time High of $40.3 Billion 17:52:19
IR Media: Mossad Training Site, Stuxnet, Armita 17:09:04
Key <s>FBI</s> photo of Dzhokhar shows strong evidence of <s>Photoshop</s> JPEG Compression 17:07:00
Disgraced Former NYPD Head Kerik out of Prison 17:03:20
Freedom of Expression at University 16:53:47
Benghazi Betrayal May be a Cover-Up of American Weapons in Hands of Terrorists 16:37:57
Wheat contains over 23,000 potentially harmful proteins 16:35:31
VIDEO: How to Share Difficult Information with Friends without Losing Friendships | THRIVE Movement 16:10:36
Bush Launched the Iraq War For Oil … Obama Is Launching the Syrian War for Natural Gas 15:14:09
FORBES: Spain's Bankia Decimates Savers As Stock Plummets; Police Officer Stabs Banker Who Sold Him Shares 15:11:09
The Greater Sovereign thread comparison! 14:45:07
Kokesh Displays Rare Act of Sanity! 14:15:47
Googolopoly! Gaming the World: All for One. One for all! 14:09:11
Great New Book - The Secret Rescue: An Untold Story of American Nurses and Medics Behind Nazi Lines 13:21:06
Cooking food is dangerous and unnatural! 13:20:23
Kindergartner Forced To Apologize For Brandishing Tiny Lego Gun On Bus - VIDEO 13:04:10
8 Reasons Not To Join The United States Military 11:58:28
Names of the 71 senators that betrayed the people and sold out to Monsanto 11:52:45
UK Government now openly funding Al Qaeda to take over Syria 11:45:08
Federal Regulators probing Banks’ Debt Collection practices 11:30:42
U.S. Shuts Currency Exchange Allegedly Tied To $6B In Money Laundering 11:30:13
How GMO foods alter Human DNA 11:11:24
Rand Paul Bolsters Libertarian Bona Fides, Delays Decision on 2016 11:09:19
FBI: Texas Police Dept Works for Drug Cartel 10:57:05
Do We Really Need Government ? 10:47:26
10 Amazing Charts That Demonstrate The Slow, Agonizing Death Of The American Worker 10:40:14 10:28:56
. 10:05:53
Deputy shoots 'aggressive' dog 09:58:44
This is what the Chinese are watching: "Red Cliff," "The Three Kingdoms," "The Warlords" 09:52:43
I believe this is a false story by Bloomberg, of the creation of the Federal Reserve? 09:33:15
MSM lesson: gossip is news because it's more dramatic 09:26:05
Glenn Greenwald: Washington Gets Explicit: Its 'War On Terror' Is Permanent 07:05:18
Hungary torches 500 hectares of GM corn to eradicate GMOs from food supply 07:03:21
Venezuela: US Embassy Staff Shot At Strip Club 06:57:13
Jews Suing Jimmy Carter over Palestine book represented by 'Dancing Israelis' Lawyer 06:56:37
The Man Who Outsourced the Government An Interview with Oliver Porter 06:47:44
German finance minister Schaeuble warns of revolution 06:00:22
The Final American Revolution - Adam Prison Stories 05:46:30
Woolwich murder - the why should be obvious 05:31:18
The US Treasury is Completely Corrupt: A Cabinet Department of Thieves and Illegitimate to Operate for We the People 04:22:40
Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul on the Lew Rockwell Show, May 28, 2013: HomeSchooling, War & Banking + Jim Rogers Interviews 03:54:29
Need Advice: Rollover a TSP to 401k? Or take the penalty and withdraw? 03:42:33
Can all criminal defendants demand and receive a Trial by Jury in the USA? 02:25:43
For Everyone Who Disagrees With Me 01:55:26
GMO's killing Bees 01:47:51
Chris Christie’s reunion with Obama 01:24:35
Adam Kokesh march: American right to bear arms v UK Terrorist Act 00:30:36
Dan Baum, a 'Liberal' Gun Owner & Author: Guns, in the End, are about Individualism vs. Collectivism! 23:16:35