Posted on May 30, 2013

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Karen Hudes UPDATE from her FB page. (UPDATED) 23:52:52
Nope, They're Not going after Vets: Oregonian Iraq-AfPak Vet fends off a Wanted Felon w/ AR15, now Seized & CHARGED! 22:38:36
Ron Paulian Wrestler Kane Considers Run Against Lamar Alexander 21:47:48
Anywhere else, Daily Paul headlines would make people's eyeballs explode 21:01:00
Marijuana: "The Gateway Drug" 20:59:46
UPDATED: Garden Pics 2013 - Rain... Ask, and you shall receive *facepalm* 20:57:49
Group fails in bid to recall Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Arizona 20:00:20
Gary Johnson fights Colorado gun law 19:06:11
Judge Napolitano Slams DOJ Over Gibson Guitar Raid: 'Unjustifiable, Use Of Force Was Criminal' 18:42:24
BUSTED: CIA's Al Qaeda Mercenaries In Syria Caught with Sarin Gas - VIDEO 18:38:10
Play 'The Federator' to Find Your Inner Bernanke 17:49:58
Sen. Ted Cruz on Eric Holder 15:23:06
The Kind of Anarchism I Believe in, and What's Wrong with Noam Chomsky 14:47:54
Lyndsey Graham Announces GOP's War On Terror 2.0 14:06:52
FBI Ran Pedophile Ring to Nab Pedophiles! Huh? 13:44:59
Couple arrested at Liberty Bell by park police for handing out "End The Fed" pamphlets 14:30:09
The Russians Prove Small-Scale Organic Farming CAN Feed The World 13:08:21
Turkish Police find Chemical Weapons in the Possession of Al Nusra Terrorists heading for Syria 12:58:16
Swiss Bow to US Pressure, Strike Deal Over Bank Data 13:19:58
REUTERS: Japan Cancels U.S. Wheat Order on GMO Fear 11:50:13
Photos Monsanto Doesn't Want You To See 11:45:46
Kill shot? Photos show Boston bombing suspect’s friend took FBI bullet to top of head 11:37:23
Woman killed at Costco by Virginia sheriff's deputy 07:45:49
Karen Hudes Has Only 276 Twitter Followers 07:35:48
America's 8th Most Populous State: Disability 09:44:03
This is How Liberty Dies 02:15:09
20 Year Old Kid Facing Terrorism Charges And 20 Years In Prison 01:36:35
Landmark Case Sets Precedent: Corporations Are NOT People 13:43:35
Rand Paul coming to Silicon Valley for a libertarian lovefest 11:14:12
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Yes, They're Here to KILL You, Armed or UnArmed: St. Louis PD kills a Fully-DisArmed Man; Shot w/ 25rds! 23:44:40
Russ Baker With Deeper Theory On The Gov’t Monitoring of Associated Press 23:31:47
Globalist Blitzkrieg Signals Largest Geopolitical Reordering Since WW2 22:36:48
It's not about Obama... 22:34:04
MERRIN !Catholic Church's Top Exorcist Claims He Rid The World of 160,000 Demons 22:09:32
Fox News: ObamaCare To Trigger Health Insurance Cancellation Notices - VIDEO 21:59:29
Is the Necessary and Proper Clause either Necessary or Proper? 21:47:39
Kill Lists Aren’t Born, They’re Made 21:42:44
Anyone have an update on Karen Hudes? She went before Eric Holder today 20:48:19
Schools Scanning Students Irises Without Permission 20:43:57
"liberty Won" On Day 4 Of Truck Driving School In Springfield, Mo. Hipa Law 20:42:10
God’s New Banker Brings Teutonic Thoroughness to Vatican 20:23:37
REUTERS: Ex-Microsoft Manager Plans To Create First U.S. Marijuana Brand 20:18:07
Senator Rand Paul Talks Tech, Civil Liberties, and Keeping the Government Out of Your Email 19:37:04
Court Officer Deleted Messages And Photos From Trayvon Martin’s Phone 19:21:22
KRAUTHAMMER: Obama a 'FRAUD' 'Wizard of OZ' - What He Preaches Doesn't Work' - VIDEO 18:19:32
"Conservative" Magazine Counsels Rand Paul to Join the CFR 18:11:19
Larry King Joins Channel RT America 18:05:57
Associated Press CEO: 'Thousands And Thousands' Of Phone Records Seized - VIDEO 18:02:26
Detroit Mayor: Let's Force Employees To Live In City Limits For 7 Years 17:49:49
Statement No. 1 17:49:02
Facts You May Not Know 17:35:46
The Parrot 17:29:52
War Drumes: Syria's Assad Warned that Damascus would retaliate for any future Israeli airstrike on his territory. 17:23:05
Larry King Joins Russian Channel RT 17:18:13
Drone Strikes Continue. Reported by FOX? 17:10:30
Former CIA chief David Petraeus to join New York investment firm KKR 16:30:15
The Person! 16:27:14
More than 600 people have been killed in Iraq just this month. (Bet they LOVE the USA!) 16:16:08
Cops trying to kill Dzhokhar Tsarnaev in boat while he is Screaming "I'm coming out" 16:04:01
Waiting for the blessed day 15:51:01
Some Money Launderers are “More Equal” than Others 15:48:29
Liberty Organizations Joining Forces in Washington 15:47:21
EU Directly Funds Al Qaeda Looting of Syrian oil 15:35:41
Catastrophic Bridge Collapse reveals importance of sleep for Truckers as NTSB investigates sleep records 15:31:02
Armed Federal Agents Patrol Tea Party Rallies 15:28:14
Rand Paul inspires anonymous hit piece by liberal hate site (guess what? We're "philosophically freakish cuckoos!") 15:16:45
An idea for home schooling 15:07:02
Major Image Problem for Sovereign Citizens 14:57:39
So Now Mods Can Change the Title and the Meaning of Your Post if They Disagree? 14:52:21
DHS Forced to release some keywords used to monitor internet 14:24:48
Obamacare's $12.5 Billion Slush Fund Fuels Controversy 14:22:34
Judge Orders Psychological Exam For Man Charged With Molesting Pet Peacock 14:21:08
6-Year-Old Given Detention, Forced to Apologize After Bringing This Seriously Tiny Plastic Gun on School Bus 13:30:23
How GMO foods alter organ function and pose a very real health threat to humans 13:29:22
Pentagon Deep-Sixes 19 Year Veteran Lt. Col. Dooley for Violating Muslim PC 13:29:12
California Senate passes series of gun, ammunition bills 13:28:09
Holder To Meet With Press On Doj Journalism Guidelines...Off The Record 13:27:14
The Test 13:24:11
Bin Laden Bodyguard Claims Terror Leader Blew Himself Up During Raid 13:23:54
Fats and rancidity: a food prepper's problem. 13:22:05
72,600,000: Record Number on Medicaid in 2012; Outnumbers Populations of France and UK 12:56:05
China Set To Take Part In Naval Exercises Off Hawaii 12:50:03
Israel and U.S. generals draw up theoretical scenario for attack on Iran 12:49:48
Coming To America?: Scottish Government Has Ordered Midwives In Hospitals To Spy on Parents 12:38:16
Arsenic being intentionally added to conventional chicken 12:38:15
The Daily Lockdown – May 30, 2013 12:31:59
British forces have been holding 80 to 90 Afghans for between eight and 14 months without charge. 12:24:01
Daily Telegraph: British Taxpayers To Pay "MILLIONS" Towards Secretive Bilderberg Meeting Security 12:21:43
McCain Visited Kidnappers In Syria 12:20:59
Rand Paul: A Brief History of Misbegotten U.S. Intervention in the Arab World. Including the Next One in Syria. 12:14:37
Rand Paul: US Stay Out of Syria 12:03:04
Tea Party Strikes Back at IRS 11:38:31
Chat with Ben Swann at Noon, Thu 5/30 11:35:05
Control: Glenn Beck Exposes the Truth About Guns 11:08:19
Whistleblower Karen Hudes mentions 9/11 11:06:24
Bill O'Reilly's Graphic Singles Out Alex Jones, Decries Political Hate Speech - VIDEO 10:35:50
Why'd the FBI Kill Tamerlan Tsarnaev's Accomplice-to-Be if He Was Unarmed? 10:16:41
Update On What Happenned: Tornado Warnings For Oklahoma City, Kansas City, Des Moines With Haarp Focused On The Area 10:07:40
But somehow on and on I go...I keep on rollin with the flow 10:06:57
Libertarian John Wayne Smith aims to downsize government as Florida’s governor 10:04:37
Tamerlan's Orlando Friend NOW Was Unarmed Upon Death 09:05:48
Ignite The Spark! Voluntaryism In Action! 08:44:54
Charlie Veitch: "I think big terrorist attacks will come from conspiracy theorists." 07:10:06
Syria and the Middle East our greatest miscalculation since the rise of Fascism 07:02:52
IRS systematically targeting Medical Marijuana Businesses In government's Ongoing War On Pot 06:56:46
South Portland doctor stops accepting insurance, posts prices online 06:35:32
Forbes : Industrial Hemp a win/win for the economy & the environment 05:29:42
Collapse of the WTCs 03:24:56
Scholars for 9/11 Truth 03:20:46
How do I get the Book Talk off my page? 02:13:17
How we try to move forward to impeach Obama by approaching our representatives. 01:34:08
Report: Most College Males Admit To Regularly Getting Stoked 01:24:43
RP-Friendly Gov. LePage to ME Dems blocking his FreeSpeech@Capitol: "Might as well...Get Our Guns Out!" 01:16:34
Michigan Medical Marijuana Patients & Caregivers Surrender to Feds 00:27:02
Paradigm Shift Radio Show 00:13:56
We were already planning a 4th of July event. 00:10:54
We Are Change interviews Sean Keene at Monsanto March In Green Bay 00:08:33
10 things the government does that you or i can't do. 00:06:58