Posted on May 31, 2013

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Alternate Universe? Illinois becomes a SHALL-Issue CCW State w/Overwhelming Majority! OMG! OMG! 21:31:40
Breitbart Exclusive: IRS Ignores Senate Deadline To Answer Questions About Scandal 19:12:46
Ben Swann interviewed by Megyn Kelly on Cincinnati IRS being @ the Heart of Current Scandal! Ben goes out w/ a Bang! 18:52:16
'Amnesty Man' Rubio Publicly Bashed In Florida 18:37:42
Video: Customs and Border Agents Corner & Draw Gun on Washington Resident Open Carrying 16:00:16 Hypocrites: It's okay to be a "Conspiracy Theorist," when Maddow instructs You, It's Okay to be One! 15:35:57
Oath Keepers car takes to the track Saturday at Dover International Speedway! 15:26:36
The IRS Scandal Is Much Worse Than Anyone Realizes ! 15:06:21
Bloomberg: Medical marijuana a 'hoax' 14:59:35
Ron Paul Changes Another Life 14:16:37
"We Warned You!": In California, Romney-Obama (S)Care Has Caused Individual Health Care Premiums to RISE by 64% to 146% 13:32:04
Teacher Retires in Shocking and Revealing Video 12:46:55
Billionaire And (Ex) Mexican President Announce Plans To Open Retail Marijuana Stores Around The World 11:46:46
Obama's SEAL Team 6 Cover Up 11:29:39
The Electronic Concentration Camp: Video from The Rutherford Institute 12:26:14
5 year-old was interrogated until he wet himself; suspended 10 days for playing with cap gun 11:14:31
Focus on the Israel Lobby, Not John McCain! 10:58:38
2014 Liberty Candidate Thread 08:39:22
Why AMNESTY for illegal immigrants means loss of the Second Amendment 06:53:10
John McCain: Coward and Traitor? 06:27:14
Citizens Grand Jury Indicts Holder For Perjury And Obstruction of Justice 02:03:34
Wired Interview: Rand Paul Tells Google to Stand Up for Privacy! 07:29:10
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Beekeepers sue EPA over failing to stop harmful pesticides 23:58:14
CNN Reports: 88 IRS Employees Targeted Over Scandal 23:51:05
George W. Bush on Veterans: "I don't feel sorry for them" because they volunteered. 23:47:41
Jesse Ventura says 2016 offers best shot for independent presidential candidate 23:34:19
Detroit Citizens Protect Themselves After Police Force Decimated 23:17:42
The Gazette: Journalist calls for F22s to Bomb the NRA! 23:05:58
National Welfare & Disability Signup Day 22:53:38
Our blood and money for this... Good job Neocons 22:20:36
Halirious quote of the day - Stephen Hawkings 22:19:19
Violent Hypocrite: Head of State-funded CeaseFire-IL, is a Wife-Beater! Arrested: Charged w/ Domestic Battery! 22:10:48
Israel's Likely Role in the Anthrax Attacks after 9/11 and its Long History of Terror via the Mail 22:09:38
Burger King Reveals Hands-Free Way to Eat (Video) 21:39:20
FLASHBACK: Patrick Henry’s Speech To The Virginia House Of Burgess, Richmond, Virginia March 23, 1775 21:37:10
Molon Labe Nears Completion 21:06:36
Walt Disney World patron leaves gun on ride 20:59:01
To ALL Connecticut Gun Owners: Get CT-CCW Instead of Dealing w/your New AWB! 20:44:57
DOJ: Defaming Islam Can be a Federal Offense 20:38:18
"The People's Voice" New Television/Radio Show Providing an Outlet for Truth! 20:28:42
Gary Franchi of Next News interviews G.Bush Prosecutor from Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Tribunal. 20:23:08
GMO and my Private Land 20:22:17
The Answer 20:08:37
FEMA & NIST's "Pancake Theory" is a Lie 20:02:11
Lt. Col. Roy Potter 05-31-13 Update (Video) Current state of Liberty, Retired Military, General Petraeus, DHS, and more ... 19:50:50
Chicago: Crime Skyrockets, Senator Threatens Martial Law 19:47:33
Obama & The IRS Need To Be Charged With Domestic Terrorism 19:45:20
New Police Tactic: Burn The house Down 19:43:05
Regina Dugan: Darpa's Darling announces the next 'big' thing: The Electronic Tattoo 19:07:00
How To Open A Beer - The Ultimate Compilation 19:01:01
G. Edward Griffin "The Individual vs. The Collective" 18:59:45
Caregivers Helping Caregivers 18:51:23
Judge Orders GOOGLE To Comply with FBI National Security Investigation 18:45:17
Bilderberg Group Meeting 2013 coming up 18:29:31
Middle East Coronavirus Called 'Threat To The Entire World' 18:29:02
Buddhist mob burns mosque and muslim school 18:09:23
Vladimir Putin: Russia Issues International Arrest Warrant For George Soros! 13:59:30
Ron Paul would have chosen Kucinich for Veep 17:54:18
DNC attacks 2016 frontrunner Rand Paul: Your Party Is No Longer The Party Of Ronald Reagan 17:52:20
Syrian Army Strikes Terrorists 17:34:01
Ben Swann - Liberty Is Rising Truth In Media Project 17:33:00
Emperor In Chief Obama To Sign UN Firearms Treaty Rejected By Senate 17:28:36
Statins deplete the body of a nutrient that is vital for heart function 17:16:17
Philadelphia police kill suspect, 3rd shooting in a day 17:13:22
Armed March in Temple Texas 17:11:50
Thousands blockade European Central Bank in Frankfurt 17:10:57
CNN: 88 IRS Employees so far... 17:08:01
British taxpayers to pay 'millions' towards secretive Bilderberg meeting security 17:04:52
Fox 19's Ben Swann IRS coverage gets national attention- Last Day for Ben. 16:59:07
Securitisation of Mortgages to be challenged in Irish Courts(1st Time Ever) 16:55:13
Whoever Controls The Schools, Controls The World 16:45:30
Woolwich Murder takes a strange twist 16:35:30
Felony Friday: Arrested For Dirty Looks, Charged For Defending Your Home, and Killed While Protecting Neighbors 16:24:20
Christian Death Metal... 16:23:26
Ex-Microsoft manager plans to create first U.S. marijuana brand 16:17:02
Texas Police Tase Overweight Asthmatic to Death in Drug Raid - Uncovers No Drugs 16:05:43
Occupy Gezi Parki Protest and the Police State 16:02:57
The Re-Obamulator 15:58:41
Paradigm Shift Radio Show Broadcasting the Constitutinal Sheriffs conference 15:30:57
Alex Jones Should Make a Spaceballs Like Version of Brave New World and 1984 where Everything Goes Wrong 15:30:43
John McCain Cuddles Up to Syrian Kidnappers 15:21:03
Why the Zionist Organization of America (ZOA) Loves Rand Paul 15:18:21
Google Forced To Give User Data To FBI In Closed-Door Ruling 14:45:14
There is Something EVERYONE is Missing with Regard to Kokesh 14:32:35
Gold & Real Estate are Not Investments - Warren Buffett's test 14:28:21
South Korea Is Latest To Suspend US Wheat Imports In Aftermath Of Monsanto Rogue Wheat Discovery 14:23:41
McCain's photo op in Syria with kidnapper of religious pilgrims. 14:10:02
'Liberal Activist' Admits to Bugging Mitch McConnell's Office 14:09:33
Former DARPA Head Proposes Pills and Tattoos to Replace Passwords 14:07:40
Analysis: Rand Paul's response to GMO labeling and the proper role of limited government 14:01:47
Copwatching Is a Potent Tactic for Justice 13:51:21
The FBI Changes Its Story (Again) on the Ibragim Todashev Shooting 13:50:45
They’re Going To Attempt This One Way or Another: Will You Send Your Sons and Daughters to Fight? *Video* Mac Slavo 13:49:25
Law Enforcement Is Dying 13:42:12
Prosecute U.S. war criminals, not Bradley Manning! 13:39:15
liberal site "slate" tries to crowdsource gun death this year. says "gun deaths now outnumbers deaths of troops from iraq" 13:35:37
Marines angered by loss of hot meals in Afghanistan... 13:13:45
Need some help 13:09:17
How are you preparing for various threats? 13:08:08
Terrorists Discovered Working in U.S. Sheriff's Office. . . 13:07:29 Law Enforcement can MAKE You Guilty of a Crime; Master Sgt. Grisham Update 13:03:41
Tek Recon brings a dose of real life to a first-person shooter game 12:30:00
Disgusting Hypocritical Anti-Gun Screed: Oprah's Graduation Commencement Speech @ Harvard, May 30, 2013! 12:29:25
Idea for titling threads - I 12:27:26
12.45-3.45PM ET 5/31/13: Reason's Live Twitter Q&A w Sen. Rand Paul! 12:24:36
Luke Rudkowski Confronts Obama's Science Czar 12:17:23
Misunderstanders of Islam Behead Two in New Jersey 11:55:26
France moves to ban electronic cigarettes in public places... 10:45:00
Flyers for Freedom of Speech 10:39:39
You Know Who You Are; The 'Mythical' .45ACP: Guns chambered in It, and The People Who Carry Them! 10:36:52
Pakistani Taliban rescind peace talks offer after drone strike 10:36:09
Jim Rogers Endorses Key Localist Concept 10:26:20
Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Claims Innocence, Is Up And Walking 10:23:58
Permanent Police State, in your FACE! 10:23:26
Analysis: Syrian War seen dragging on for Years 10:17:36
Ex-Microsoft manager plans to create first U.S. marijuana brand 10:14:08
Jonathan Goodwin on government-induced fear 10:02:37
Columbia University Scientist Confronts Drug War 09:56:54
Deleted: "Your children's children will live under Communism. 09:37:04
Wonder how Obama stays in shape? 09:34:44
Angry Goat Terrorizes Town 09:30:37
Adam reponds to Oathkeepers response 09:18:56
Officials instructed Benghazi hospital to list Stevens as "John Doe" 09:14:59
Arlington deputy sheriff charged with murder in Alexandria shooting of PBS shuttle driver 08:19:52
Jeff Berwick : Obama Is A Sociopath 07:49:32
China Will Turn America into One Giant Factory Farm 07:18:28
Government Spying 07:15:49
Happy Birthday Clint Eastwood! 06:52:01
Beyond Me - A Universal Message of Peace 06:44:46
Jordanians Wary of US Force on Syrian Border 06:39:08
Approaching Asteroid Will End All Life On Earth 05:18:18
Armed Federal Agents Patrol Tea Party Rallies Judge Napolitano questions why DHS is showing up armed to Tea Party demonstrations 04:29:26
FBI Execution Squads Operational on American Soil 04:26:29
The Wolf and The Lamb, by ÆSOP 04:25:26
Mexico City : 11 young people brazenly kidnapped in broad daylight 04:16:34
MLK Civil Trial, King v Jowers. Oh, you haven't heard? 03:06:39
Posting my books on the Bookshelf? 02:11:42
GMO Disease Epidemics 01:48:53
Which is the best location for each of the 4 temperaments 01:05:42