Posted on June 1, 2013

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Trip Report Part III: London 23:38:29
Trip Report, Part II: The Crossing 23:29:56
Son takes paralyzed mom surfing while duct taped to his back 22:57:51
Trip Report, Part I: Context 22:45:04
Mental health professionals can be allies 20:55:59
All in the Family' star Jean Stapleton dies at 90 20:55:35
Oops! Three SFPD Cops Beat One of Their Own! 20:52:53
Federal Advisory Council Warns Fed on Bank Deposits 20:23:52
Woody Harrelson: “I'm an Anarchist… I Think People Could be Just Fine Looking After Themselves” 19:56:09
Overruled: Govt Invasion of your Parental Rights 18:34:45
Peter Schiff: Fed's Advisory Council Admits We're Screwed 6-1-13 17:18:32
"Impeachment"! What a glorious sound the word has! 16:39:28
Oath keepers Billboard Up At Twentynine Palms Marine Base! 16:08:20
Syrian rebels massacre christian village 14:41:10
Bilderberg Cancels Hotel Reservations of Journalists Covering Secret Meeting 14:23:46
GOP Rep. Louie Gohmert: ‘If It Had Not Been For Sen. John Mccain And President Obama…Benghazi Would Not Have Happened’ 13:54:38
GMO Foods: To Label or Not to Label? 12:49:05
New York City 1939 in vibrant color 10:58:28
On Crushing Student Loans, Worthless College Degrees And The Millennial 09:10:53
Secret Court Document Finds Spy Techniques Unconstitutional, DOJ Fights To Keep It Hidden 04:51:05
Silverfish VT : "Royal Canadian Mint, Are You Seriously Kidding Me?!" 03:01:50
How To Spot A Liar (Video) 02:04:56
It's not how smart you are, it's synchronicity. 09:58:52
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Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance by Robert M. Pirsig 23:57:19
All In The Family: England Is A Fag Country! 23:44:52
Powers of Mind by Adam Smith (1975 book) 23:35:55
Someone has a sick sense of humor; I received a "hit list" for 'gun controllers" in Congress 23:27:05
The Simplest of Proofs That GMO Foods are Harmful! 23:09:02
San Francisco Police Department goes undercover to sell “stolen” iPhones and iPads 22:59:17
Way Of the Peaceful Warrior by Dan Millman 22:55:41
Crypto-messaging protocol Bitmessage gaining popularity 22:45:57
Illustrated History of Organized Crime by Richard Hammer 21:58:29
A Beginner's Guide to Constructing the Universe by Michael Schneider 21:52:47
Monsatan Cucumbers Cause Genital Baldness 21:50:31
Illinois Ag Dept Seize GMO Resistant Bees 21:49:24
Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency by Douglas Adams 21:36:53
Propaganda by Edward Bernays 21:00:42
Jesse Ventura - American Conspiracies (audiobook) 20:46:23
New Incredible Footage Shot Inside of Tornado 20:43:54
Do NOT enter a Plea 20:36:51
The True Story of the Bilderberg Group by Daniel Estulin 20:25:03
The Unseen Hand: An Introduction to the Conspiratorial View of History by A. Ralph Epperson 20:19:36
The Origin of Consciousness by Julian Jaynes 19:54:04
Open Carry "Stop" at Port of Tacoma,Washington 19:44:26
The Valley Of Fear by Arthur Conan Doyle (audiobook) 19:40:26
None Dare Call It Conspiracy by Gary Allen and Larry Abraham 19:35:18
Federal Southwest Rifle Sales Registration Upheld by Federal Judge; ATF Enforcing in AZ, TX, NM, CA 19:29:34
WARNING! Common Banana genome contains infectious foreign viral DNA! Mother Nature is conspiring with Monsanto scientists! 19:23:50
GMO & Pesticides Cause Tumors & Higher Mortality Rate? (Documentary of Actual Study) 19:22:32
Children of tomorrow 19:20:00
Michael Barone on redistribution, again 19:19:06
David Icke to start free global internet TV & Radio station. "The People's Voice" 18:58:14
You're Nothing But a Rolling ATM Machine 18:44:15
Lightning Over The Treasury Building: An Expose Of Our Banking And Currency Monstrosity by John R Elsom 18:05:24
'Blockupy' Movement Surrounds European Central Bank in Frankfurt 18:00:19
Like & Support Lyen Crews for Kentucky State House Special Election 17:58:02
Lee Ann Mcadoo Interviews Jeffrey Smith on the Dangers of GMO 17:48:35
Jeffrey Smith Discusses Recent News in GMO Foods Worldwide on Coast to Coast Radio 17:38:31
Alex Jones challenges O'Reilly to a boxing match 17:30:07
Critiquing the Non-Aggression Principle 17:14:40
I'm quite certain the Boston Bombing was supposed to blamed on us. 16:46:07
Jesse Ventura is Not the Reincarnation of Ben Franklin. I'm 97% Certain 16:40:10
Man's Search for Meaning by Victor Frankl 16:34:06
"The Last Good War?" American troops committed thousands of rapes on French women 15:41:38
The Motorola Pill, a.k.a. the authentication vitamin. Brave, new, orwellian world. 15:39:11
Why the next war with China could go very badly for the United States 15:39:05
Victory Secrets of Attila the Hun 15:11:22
Rand Paul @ Reagan Library Simi Valley: "For Obama, everywhere a scandal". 14:42:23
Former IRS Chief Visited White House at Least 157 Times 14:32:44
Rand Paul slams Neocons' Perpetual War, Mocks McCain 14:30:29
Wanted: Crisis Actors 14:12:23
True Patriots vs Anarchist Adam Kokesh: Promoting Freedom With Common Sense On The Pete Santilli Show 14:05:45
Think tank question for the DailyPaul 13:46:43
(Audio) Murray Rothbard: Repudiating the National Debt 13:40:39
POOL: Guess the day the Rand Paul Facebook page will reach 1,000,000 likes 13:35:34
OMG: HAARP Frequencies To Test Thursday Over Oklahoma For Tornado Outbreak 13:32:02
Boston and the CIA's Snafu - Graham Fuller's role in recruiting Islamic Extremists 13:31:21
Mass grave uncovered containing dozens of Palestinians killed in 1948 war (ethnic cleansing) that founded Israel 12:18:55
Senator Rand Paul Addresses The Ronald Reagan Presidential Library 11:58:32
Evacuated Tube Transport Technology makes Yahoo News 11:38:36
Matt Taibbi: the Federal Reserve is conducting a radical experiment with the American economy 11:21:11
Arm Yourself, Don't Turn In Your Guns For Groceries! 11:12:48
Regulators Discover a Hidden Viral Gene in Commercial GMO Crops 11:04:09
Government is NOT the Problem (It's Only a SYMPTOM of The Problem) (VIDEO) 11:03:34
Marco Rubio Says this Won't Happen in His Amnesty Bill Advertisement! 10:27:22
Greece Mulls “Debt Camps” for Taxpayers 10:14:14
Protesters in Turkey chanting "unite against fascism" and "government resign" get hit with teargas and water cannons. 09:44:56
Amelia Earhart Search Continues - some say Earhart and Noonan may have become castaways: others say Captured by Japan as Spys 09:20:05
latest on the Obama eligibility investigation live from the Constitutional Sheriff's Convention 09:17:46
Ben Swann on Fox News with Megyn Kelly - IRS Controversy 5/31/13 09:07:25
Jesse Ventura for President 2016? Former governor toying with idea 08:26:06
Americans have only recovered 45% of the wealth lost in the recession as DJIA hits time highs 07:50:31
In Tune With The Infinite by Ralph Waldo Trine 05:42:38
Prophet For A Dying Empire – Chalmers Johnson 05:19:00
Sleep Rebellion, libertarian rock band 03:57:10
Al Qaeda, the Private Army of America’s Neocon Right 03:12:40
VIDEO: Your National ID Card 02:13:12
Interesting Research Tool. 01:50:51
Abraham Maslow's Heirarchy of Needs 01:49:51
Is America Too Big To Fail? 01:18:16
I Ain't Got Time To Bleed: Rebuilding The Body Politic From The Ground Up 01:04:26
Keep this website handy! 00:21:10
Lynching Logic (Defenders of the death "penalty" abandon reason) 00:21:04
* LIVE * Stream Turkey Hundreds of police raided Taksim Square in Istanbul today, using water cannons and pepper spray 00:19:24
Farmer feeds GMO corn to his pigs: they start giving birth to bags of water! 00:14:13
Protest in Turkey turning violent 00:13:41
Obama and Bush comparison video? 00:04:46