Posted on June 6, 2013

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The Dam Has Broke 23:23:36
Has the United States Reached a Turning Point? 22:43:56
Why Now? What has Changed? 20:46:59
Glenn Greenwald Knocks it Out of the Park on CNN (interview about NSA programs; video) 20:39:11
Extremely Proud Today 20:14:28
Sure Feels Like Everything Is Coming To A Head 19:55:24
Ron Paul on Anderson Cooper 6/6/13 19:36:52
Dianne Feinstein on NSA: "It’s called protecting America" - "I know that people are trying to get to us" 19:14:59
UPDATE: U.S. intelligence (NSA) mining data from nine U.S. Internet companies in broad secret program 18:18:05
Yahoo News: Why does Obama talk like Rand Paul but govern like Dick Cheney? 17:40:07
Florida Sheriff arrested for ordering the release of a man jailed on gun charges. 17:39:56
It's just metadata; so how bad could it be? The New Yorker's Jane Mayer has the answer. 17:31:37
Shep Smith And Judge Napolitano Rail Against NSA Abuse - June 6, 2013 17:29:43
UPDATE: New York Times Editorial Board: "The administration has now lost all credibility." 16:20:34
Rand Paul: Orwell's '1984' has arrived 16:19:53
Jay Leno: IRS Can't Determine Powerball Winner's Taxes Until They Know If She's a Republican or Democrat - VIDEO 13:14:37
The Hill: U.S. House Votes To Delay Bulk Ammunition Purchase By DHS 13:06:49
Lucky to be alive today 13:04:10
CIA Chief: "We'll Spy on You Through Your Dishwasher" 13:00:28
Andrew Napolitano: WHAT If...? What If Government Officials Broke the Laws We Hired Them to Enforce? 12:44:55
Sen Graham: “I’m a Verizon customer. I don’t mind Verizon turning over records to the government" 12:42:13
PBS:What does your local police force consider to be “suspicious activity?” A few examples: 10:26:04
Former Drone Operator is Haunted 10:24:37
Former drone operator says he's haunted by his part in more than 1,600 deaths 09:23:57
Man Walking Home From Work - Police Had Dog Maul Him 08:45:49
Help Me Give Away $5,000! 06:21:42
The libertarian movement in Bulgaria 06:20:56
Vince Vaughn: 'I really do like Ron Paul' 02:07:48
2013 Injured Ron Paul Supporter From 2012 LA Gop Conv. Files Suit 01:11:15
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This Is How MSNBC Tries To Cover For Greenwald's Break Of The NSA Story 23:59:43
How To Read A Book by Mortimer Adler 23:55:56
Henry Kissinger - Architect Of The New World Order 23:40:17
If The Dollar Collapses, What Will Replace It? 23:31:29
13 Tips For Living Happy, Wild and FREE 23:25:07
Obama Floor Statement - PATRIOT Act Reauthorization 23:13:24
NY Senate Passes Bill Making the Harassment of a Police Officer a Crime 22:56:12
Can You Hear Me Now? 22:50:49
Flashback from 2008: Homeland Security Chief Chertoff Orders PRISM into Existence 22:33:38
And as we already knew... 22:31:27
Another Remarkable Presentation by StormCloudsGathering 22:28:39
Gun Salespeople Trained On How to Deny Your Rights 22:27:20
I can't wait to hear from smug Bill Maher about this 22:26:53
All You Fascists (Are) Bound To Lose 22:26:34
Why You Will Be Blindsided By The Next Financial Crisis 22:04:40
Myriad is the only company that can administer tests for the BRCA genes, which suppress cancerous tumors. 21:56:20
Revolving Door between NSA and Obama campaign 21:48:03
REUTERS: Obama administration defends massive phone record collection 21:13:08
New Roller Coaster In Prague 21:09:12
Hoarded Ducks See Water For The First Time 21:02:16
Broken Dishwasher 20:55:50
What will they do next, declare a National Religion? 20:53:33
The 99.9%: Unheralded actors of Hollywood and their stories 20:32:49
Rand Paul: He's Not the Gold Bug His Father Is 20:04:41
. 19:53:19
Mississippi attorney general calls out Google 19:51:32
Top secret NSA program spying on millions of US citizens 19:13:24
Gut biota never recover from antibiotics: Damages future generations 18:53:46
UKIP & EU Parliament Member Gerard Batten Calls For Investigation of Bilderberg Group 18:40:35
Grand Jury Rejects Indictment of Cameron D'Ambrosio, Teen Arrested for Rap Lyrics 18:37:31
Why did my comment change colors? 18:31:48
Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway career opportunities in WI, MT, and ND 18:11:10
The Libertarian Angle: Jacob Hornberger and Sheldon Richman discuss the drug war. (Excellent!) 17:57:09
Yet it is still a Schedule 1 drug? 17:56:15
Obama Meets Verizon: ‘Can You Hear Me Now? Yes We Can.’ 17:55:51
Dir. of National Intelligence testifies no data is collected on millions of Americans 17:15:20
Predicting Obama's Response to the NSA Scandal 17:06:55
N.Y. Post sued for libel for Boston bombing 'Bag Men' story 16:54:28
Republican Rep. Mike Rogers of MI Claims Terror Attack Thwarted By NSA Telephone Records Search 16:49:09
Bilderberg group proud of their meetings, but can't talk about it and arrive in blacked out cars. 16:33:16
Republican author of Patriot Act Himself Says NSA Program Violates The Law 16:27:55
CIA: We'll spy on you through your dishwasher 16:05:28
Surprise! Bay Area drivers have cars examined at random smog checkpoints 15:58:48
27 Science Fictions That Became Science Facts In 2012 - This Is So Amazing 15:21:16
Arizona Freedom Fest – Major Freedom Activists Highlighted as Speakers 15:09:44
Obama Reloads!: Picks Libya War Architect For U.N. Ambassador 15:07:13
New rule of civilization 14:59:41
BORG Supremes Ruling Destroys Fourth Amendment 14:59:00
Report: Obama May Visit Bilderberg 2013 14:45:27
Now we know why Larry Page (of Google) wished aloud he could start a new society without laws 14:42:51
CNBC Video: DOLLAR Collapses - Yen Hits $96...AND Climbing! 14:31:31
Immediate Government Downsize: Air Force 1 Prototype Test Complete. 14:31:26
Deaf woman Gets Beaten Black and Blue By Police Officers 14:25:50
Monsanto, GMOs, and Liberty 14:24:24
DOJ Will 'Very Likely' Investigate Guardian NSA Leak, Says Pete Williams; Official Disagrees 14:10:15
Raul Labrador Quits House Immigration Group 14:07:46
NY Times: Israel on Alert As Syrians Fight on Border 13:56:14
1984 13:53:54
The beautiful truth! 13:51:35
GANG Of 8: Senators Brown, Sessions, Schumer, Graham, Stabonow, Burr, Collins And Casey Introduce New China Currency Bill 13:50:05
Sen. Pat Toomey clams up on foreign aid 13:48:50
Band of Brothers - D-Day 6 JUN 44 13:48:10
The Illuminatus! Trilogy: The Eye in the Pyramid, The Golden Apple, Leviathan 13:42:42
Sens. Feinstein, Chambliss Defend NSA's Collection of American Phone Records 13:37:02
Senator Lindsey Graham Isn't Sure If Bloggers Deserve 'First Amendment Protection' 13:27:06
Trombonist arrested playing outside Turner Field 12:38:50
Friendship 12:35:03
Papers Please! 12:18:55
Bradley Manning & Nelson Mandela: Why Should We Join "The CAUSE"? 12:16:39
IMF On Greece: We Screwed Up But It's Really The Eurozone's Fault 12:03:08
Gun Control Blowback - Bloomberg Blames Weather 12:01:33
Winning or Losing 12:01:12
Army Vet Says Police Raided Wrong Apartment, Killed His Chained Dog, Left To Pay All Damages 11:27:47
Iowa City to ban red-light cameras, drones, and license plate readers too 11:26:33
Police Charge Man With DUI After Breathalizer Test Comes Back 0.00 11:26:24
IRS ranter slashes wrists outside 'Today' show in Rockefeller Plaza (VIDEOS) 11:24:02
#Bilderberg 2013 New Footage - BBC Kicked Out Of 2013 Fringe Festival 10:49:45
>Live : IRS hearings 10:32:33
The Untouchables: New York Senate passes bill making 'annoying' police a crime 10:29:41
Morning Bell: The IRS and Obamacare, by the Numbers 10:15:59
UK man wins court case against BBC for 911 cover up 09:58:22
Going to Europe where are the links to contacts over there? 09:55:38
Prostitutes in NYC sex trafficking case say Pa. father and son on trial treated them well 09:39:06
Maryland sheriff says new state gun law violates 2nd Amendment 09:37:07
Japan probes radioactive leak in new storage tank at tsunami-hit Fukushima nuclear plant 09:34:21
Compounding Pharmacies (Vitamins) and Bioidentical Hormones Under Attack 09:16:36
Think the NSA Phone Records are just about Boston? Think Again. 09:16:35
Larken Rose on Current ridiculous IRS scandal 09:16:08
Gov. Jesse Ventura Talks About the Possibility of Running for President 2016. 09:14:29
Kaspersky Lab to Host First Annual Government Cybersecurity Forum in Washington D.C. 08:49:46
Those Old Colonial Lusts 08:45:33
Ben Swann Shout Out 08:45:03
WhoWhatWhy: FBI: Knew About Saudi 9/11 Hijacker Ties—But Lied to Protect “National Security” 07:43:52
Flying Killer Drone Robot Contraptions Coming Under Fire in Mainstream Media Today 07:12:55
"The Cylons are here!" Harvard creates cyborg flesh that’s half man, half machine 06:59:18
Pentagon has no idea what 108,000 private contractors are doing or spending in Afghanistan 05:19:14
Yoda Victory for Connecticut GMO labeling - other states, take note! 05:10:21
Ayurvedic herbs treat brain and lung cancers: Some with 90% success rate 05:09:00
Police officers across U.S. ignoring existing gun control laws in protest of pending legislation 04:55:06
Browsing Through the History of Rock and Roll 04:54:02
Unexplained "mystery blob" on weather radars over military's Alabama Redstone Arsenal 04:53:18
Jesse Ventura: 'Mayor Bloomberg can kiss my ass' 04:28:03
Ron Paul: Holder Should be Fired And IRS Abolished - Alan Colmes 6/5/2013 03:16:56
Rare twin giraffes born in Central Texas 02:32:59
It Just Keeps Getting Better & Better (Actually, It's Worse...Much Worse) 02:24:58
What if Laws Applied to Everyone? 02:04:58
Solid Silver Ron/Rand Paul Revolution rings 01:19:45
"Venture capitalist" creates site to take down the NRA 01:04:52
The Book of Mr. Natural by R. Crumb 01:04:13
Ben Swann Money Bomb 00:35:48
Ron Paul on Iraq Invasion (June 3, 2013) 00:30:23
Holidays In Hell by P.J. O'Rourke 00:09:33
Word Play: What Happens When People Talk by Peter Farb 00:02:58