Posted on June 8, 2013

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Analysis: Thousands Protest Bilderberg 2013! 23:07:36
Adam Kokesh Arrested At Smoke Down Prohibition in Washington, DC (video) 22:59:05
Overheard Intel Officials speak of Disappearing NSA “Leaker and Reporter” 21:49:27
Ben Swann's New Project Opens Monday! He needs our help. 21:16:28
The Atlantic: All The Infrastructure a Tyrant Would Need, Courtesy of Bush and Obama 19:16:19
An honest question for Dr. Ron Paul 19:00:47
Glenn Greenwald Defends the Fourth Amendment. 17:41:08
D.C. Parks Police Arrest Adam Kokesh...AGAIN! 06/08 17:03:30
Greenwald on FIRE! New Leaked Documents Reveal NSA Datamining Program Called "Boundless Informant" 16:13:25
Breitbart Report: Homeschooling Growing 7 Times Faster Than Public School Enrollment 15:28:36
DP'ers thoughts about Americans... 14:05:31
Resignation or Impeachment = THEY Win. 13:49:55
Hey IRS Agents check this out 13:03:49
New Petition: We Demand President Obama Resign 12:30:01
On 46th Anniversary, Survivors of Israeli Attack on USS Liberty Demand Congressional Inquiry 12:15:23
GOP Calls For IRS To Be Stripped From Enforcing ObamaCare 11:45:40
Redstate, Breitbart, and theblaze all SHOCKED at the abusive government power they supported 11:07:54
Obama: We Welcome Debate But Unfortunately Public Too Stupid To Participate In One 10:56:56
Ron Paul Reacts to Gov't Spying on Americans: What Did You Expect? 10:36:38
Barnhardt: Obama Intends To Collapse The Economy 10:26:56
Obama: If you can't trust us, we're going to have some problems 10:21:56
The 6th Pillar of Localism: Eight Counties Want to Leave Colorado 09:13:42
BEWARE: HUD's American Housing Survey - Coming to your home soon? They got my dad. 02:05:25
Remember The Onion parodying the idea of Facebook being funded by the CIA... 00:39:18
ALERT: Hacktivists ANON-ymous release New NSA Data Dump on PRISM June 7, 2013 00:28:10
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"Nothing was your own except the few cubic centimetres inside your skull." ~George Orwell, 1984 23:57:22
Member For 5 years 5 months 5 days 23:29:42
Incredible! How To Land A Jet 23:24:50
Time To Waterboard Obama: Let's Find Out If He Knows Anything 23:13:11
Texas Triggers - 1000 yd SHOT standing w/ .50 cal 23:05:35
SECESSION: Serious Plan Floated by Some Northern Colorado Leaders 22:35:07
Gregory Garre questioned about NSA Wiretapping and AT&T in the ninth circuit of court 2007-08-15 22:34:46
Religion/science/philosophy and preconceptions 22:29:50
SOURCES: NSA Snoopers Suck Data 'From 50 Companies' 22:28:23
Paul Sullivan on C SPAN 06/07/13 - Civil Unrest in Syria 22:01:50
Terror Exercises in the New Police State -DHS turns LA into a War Zone 21:38:03
"Matt Drudge, Bernie Sanders and Ron Paul vs Barack Obama, George W. Bush and Big Brother" 21:31:03
Beck Goes Off On NSA, IRS Tactics: ‘There Wouldn’t Be A Jew Alive Today If Hitler Had This Technology’ 21:19:08
The pursuit of truth is treason in the empire of lies - Reuters reports possible investigation into the recent surveilance leaks 21:14:25
Was L.A. mass shooter detained or slain by LAPD? L.A. Times says "Detained." Chicago Tribune says "Slain." Which is it? 20:45:23
Obama and IRS Targeting ! 20:40:09
Interesting... No Anti-Glenn Greenwald Posts Yet? 20:39:26
Extreme weather events and earth changes in May 2013 20:04:52
Ron Paul ,Tom Woods, Lawrence Reed & others are coming to Nashville, Tn 19:38:06
HAARP, 911, free energy, anti-gravity, Bush, NAZIs, PRISM and the NWO are all connected: The Anunnaki 19:30:15
Bush or Obama on Surveillance? 19:21:14
Boy Defends His Mom And Sister Like A Straight G! 19:09:25
Fox News: Democratic Senator Joe Manchin Calls For Holder To Resign 18:54:28
Free Shotgun Initiative Begins In Houston Neighborhood 18:47:58
WHOA!: Asteroid Passes Within 65,000 Miles of Earth a Day After Scientists Discovered It 18:40:20
This planet will be ruled according to His word 18:38:49
Ron Paul Spoke Out Against Computer Surveillance Long Ago 18:38:30
Finally tonight the princess of the kindom of Sweden married her American commoner 18:34:43
17 minute Ron Paul Slideshow 18:24:03
Drone Bird Developed by Army Attacked by Real Bird 18:23:23
Weekend Vigilante: Without government, life would be like Disneyland. 18:22:23
I Miss Dr. Ron Paul... 17:57:03
US Marines have reportedly been deployed along Jordan border with Syria 17:25:21
Web inventor Berners-Lee warns forces are 'trying to take control' 17:09:42
Kokesh Arrested Again In DC 17:06:00
Leo Linbeck, Fair Tax Chairman, Passed June 8, 2013 16:54:32
DOJ Fights Release of Secret Court Opinion Finding Unconstitutional Surveillance 16:43:28
Return of the Cicadas 16:27:46
Three Boys 16:22:12
Dear Dr. Dawkins 15:38:08
Meet William Rockefeller, Snake Oil Salesman 15:37:06
Boundless Informant: the NSA's secret tool to track global surveillance data 15:36:42
Anarchism = Peace: Changing Perceptions 15:35:06
Fantastic Video Documentary: Hitler Is Winning 15:34:13
DOJ & FBI Raid News Media Offices After Releasing an Alarming Story on Obama - Satire? 15:30:52
Israeli companies Narus & Verint being used to collect ISP & Internet data 14:36:55
James Corbett Interviewed by Catherine Austin Fitts - 14:16:34
The Bigger Reason Behind Sheriff Finch’s Arrest Concerning the Gun Control Agenda 14:16:03
Mort Sahl praises Ron and Rand Paul 14:14:32
1776 Rising 14:13:55
In New Mexico, the FBI Will Kill You Until Proven Innocent 14:00:32
Turkey Twitter Pics 04 Jun to Present 13:49:59
The Telegraph - British Intelligence watchdog flies to Washington to demand answers on snooping scandal(british using PRISM) 13:07:10
NDAA: Indefinite Detention, Guantanamo Bay Battles Emerge Amid NSA Spying Scandal 12:23:20
Stefan Molyneux calls Ron Paul a pig at the trough 12:13:27
Member of EU Parliament Calls European Union a Nazi Plan - VIDEO 12:09:13
New Petition: We Demand President Obama Resign 12:05:25
UFO and Shadow Government disclosure by Canadian Defense Minister! 12:01:38
Meet the New Farm Bill, Same as the Old Farm Bill 12:00:52
Victim of Piers Morgan phone hacking: His day in court is coming- 11:54:10
PTSD May Be Prevented, Researchers Find 11:53:12
What If China Hacks the NSA's Massive Data Trove? 11:25:17
Obama Surveillance Defies Campaign Civil Liberties Pledge 10:26:39
Psycho TX cop warns TV News of 'fatigued truckers' after defending cops who woke up sleeping trucker 10:20:32
If Ed Markey Wins the Massachusetts Senate 10:04:13
Launching A $600,000 Global Ad Campaign Coming This September 09:30:13
Rand 2016 and The Rise of Liberty, Offline and Online 09:05:19
Prism Systems Created By Israeli Company To Spying On World 07:59:07
New Ron/Rand Paul animation!... :) 07:35:31
Amazing Grace, Free video and disscussion pamphlet from FEE 07:13:44
U.S. House of Representatives votes to (pretend to) delay bulk ammunition purchase by Department of Homeland Security 06:18:54
Hypocrisy of U.S. outside agitators 06:16:56
Rand Paul w/ Romney @ mini-Bilderberg in Utah?! 06:07:35
How BIG government,Food Lobbyists Diet Police Decide What You Eat Tomorrow 04:33:09
Soldier Told Not to Read Levin, Limbaugh or Hannity in Uniform 03:09:35
Rush Limbaugh: "america In The Midst Of A Coup D'etat" 03:06:46
New Funding Group Calls for 100 More WikiLeaks to Offset Unprecedented Gov’t Secrecy 03:05:37
Behind the Scenes Voice for Eisenhower, Nixon, Ford & Goldwater, Karl Hess Reads Rothbard & Goldman, Becomes Anarchist 02:55:03
NSA Whistleblower: The Government Is Still Telling You an ‘Outright Lie’ About Its Spying Programs 02:21:40
Rising Red tide: China encircles U.S. by sailing warships in American waters, arming neighbors 01:59:12
What It Will Look Like When We Disappear? 01:36:05
Tom's kicks (Toms Sneakers) model names 01:19:55
On 6/6, LAPD do live shooting drill on L. A. city streets while DHS is in town-6/7, a lone man goes on shooting spree killing 7! 00:37:02
Operation Prism = another mass murder. Coincidence? 00:29:45
NSA Mass Surveillance & the Police State 00:27:45
To put it simply 00:22:54