Posted on June 10, 2013

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Groundswell of support for Snowden asylum in Iceland begins 23:18:27
Building a New Underground Railroad: An Open Letter To Anyone Who Knows Too Much 22:54:49
Ron Paul: Obama Should Send Snowden a Thank You Letter 22:52:21
Ron Paul answers the Iran nuke question 22:50:59
Ron Paul Blasts NSA Defenders: "Surveillance Destroying Constitution, You're Justifying Dictatorship" 22:50:09
The Threat of Terrorism... 22:08:41
Snowden possibly heading to the safest (liberty-wise) country in the world - Iceland. UPDATE 21:59:27
Ron Paul in 1984 warns us about government spying 21:23:56
MSNBC: "we know that he (Edward Snowden) donated to Ron Paul" (@5:30) 21:06:46
"FISA" Court Review the Reason that Monitoring ALL "Domestic" calls is Being Conducted Legally? The "F" in FISA stands for? 20:48:14
Judge Napolitano: NSA whistleblower is an American hero 20:39:15
'Barack Obama is a LIAR!': Cenk Uygur Flips Out at President on Air 20:33:41
Judge Napolitano: What Will Happen to Edward Snowden? 19:38:02
'Operation Troll The NSA' sets out to jam up NSA's scanners 19:07:50
Rand Paul, Obama "World's biggest Hypocrite" Hannity, Snowden leak "Not a bad thing" 18:23:18
4th of July Parades to Honor Superhero Edward Snowden: Defender of the 4th Amendment 18:16:37
Edward Snowden Goes Missing 18:04:14
15 year old boy exceuted by Islamist rebels in Syria. 18:01:57
Tense: Ed Henry Confronts Jay Carney On Obama Statements During WH Press Conference 17:59:17
Ron Paul on Piers Morgan tonight 17:45:32
Ron Paul: NSA Whistleblower Snowden is a 'Hero' 17:19:13
Ron Paul praises Snowden 17:11:54
Someone needs to knock on John Boehner's tanning booth 16:00:54
ALERT! who's in Alabama right now that can verify this story? 15:58:47
Fat Libertarian Rant VIDEO 15:25:36
Julian Assange: United States on Trial, Not Bradley Manning 14:29:29
Shia LaBeouf told us about "Extremely Creepy" Surveillance back in 2008 14:23:47
nt 13:49:41
NSA Surveillance: Rep. Justin Amash Says He Might Join Lawsuit Against Feds 13:48:44
Afghanistan’s President Takes a Page From Ron Paul 13:47:22
Patriots! Help one-star a war criminal on Amazon! Down with his war profits! 13:38:27
Obama + Google's Eric Schmidt + Civis Analytics = BOMBSHELL! (Video) 13:10:11
TRANSPARENCY President Obama made a pledge to the American people. ( Flashback video) 12:47:02
Neil Cavuto Erupts Over Democratic Operative's Defense of Government NSA Scandal - VIDEO 12:17:29
FOX Analysis: Death Penalty for Snowden 12:02:59
Video Update: Glenn Greenwald Interview w/ Amy Goodman / Democracy Now 11:43:53
His Name is Edward Snowden 10:27:03
Feinstein & Rogers Walk Away from Questioning on 4th Amendment After Roger’s False Statement Corrected 10:25:56
What if Snowden's leak is a trick to make the data legal, and then use it against us? 09:24:39
Guardian Reporter Glenn Greenwald: We Have List of NSA Targets (Today Show) 6/10/13 08:28:27
The Tiny Dot 08:27:30
Ben Swann Truth in Media Project Starts Today. 08:15:28
Greenwald CRUSHES on Morning Joe 07:14:46
Former Qwest CEO says company punished for not cooperating with NSA 07:05:11
Snowden used code name "Verax" in communications with WP reporter 07:02:14
Conspiracy Theory Hipster (Updated) 03:13:11
NSA Surveillance: "Don't Care. I've Got Nothing to Hide... (Oh, Really?!)" 01:37:28
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What do the polls say about the American people's reaction to the NSA leaks? Depends how you word the question... 23:49:17
Rand Paul: NSA Spying An 'Utter, Frank Hypocrisy' - Hannity 6/10/2013 23:39:58
The FISA Court is a Joke 23:01:39
Terrorism Redefined 22:44:30
The NSA monitors everyone's sexting. 22:25:59
Circa 1980's "Somebody's watching me" music video by Rockwall 22:22:40
Laying The Smack Down on Gun Control 22:20:55
Freedom Will Only Suffer More From Recent Events. 22:20:23
Majority Rule: "The majority doesn't mind broad NSA surveillance" 22:19:10
Ron Paul on Piers Morgan over NSA Leaker: What is Penalty for ones who Destroy the Constitution? 21:46:41
We need to get over this idea of privacy! 21:38:32
ARTICLE: Obama is Addicted to QE, Printed Money 21:38:22
On Edward Snowden, senators talk treason 21:11:30
Flashback 2007: Senator Obama on 'Warrantless Wiretaps' 20:22:09
Project Echelon And Edward Snowden 20:19:14
Swastikas, Anti-LAPD, Anti-Obama: Stupid High School Graffiti links 19:54:39
I'm proud to have never served - II 19:52:51
Majority Of Americans Don't Mind Being Spied Upon, Pew Study Finds 19:42:15
Obama Boo Boo Feeling the Heat From World Leaders - Guess They Had Something To Hide? 19:33:08
One Really Disturbing (Yet Unmentioned) Aspect Of The Ed Snowden Thing 19:22:22
A Massive Fishing Operation 19:00:34
Balance ? The Framers Couldn't Have Framed It Any Better 18:52:54
DNA, Blood Samples Collected at Ala. Roadblocks 18:48:39
Did anyone else get these e-mails? COINTELPRO? 18:33:40
Sen. Lindsey Graham disses "Rand Paul's World" 18:25:33
Shooting Reported at Fort Sam Houston 17:58:36
Is The D P Loading Very Slowly For Anyone Else? Please Comment 17:56:44
An interesting message just appeared at the bottom of my e-mail ... 17:02:06
Stand With Rand - Sign up for Class Action Lawsuit against NSA 16:53:12
Tyranny of the Majority: A letter to Democrats, Republicans, and Independents 16:47:32
Can I really be 1/4 Jewish ? 16:45:48
Dick Morris supports Ron Paul ? 16:41:29
Free Market Healthcare...Unintended Consequences of Obamacare (Amazing!) 16:40:26
Edward Snowden, American Hero 16:29:52
remember 1978 ? NSA " big ears " scandal ? 16:17:51
Snowden Whistleblower a SCAM? 15:56:16
NSA Spying Programs Are a Failure: They couldn't even stop Boston Bombing, Sandy Hook, and Fort Hood shooting 15:53:40
U.S.A. P.A.T.R.I.O.T. Act - It's A Good Thing 15:47:10
NSA Should Now Mean “Now Saving Ass” Because the Government is Paranoid of the American People . 15:46:33
How is drug forfeiture money spent? 15:35:26
Ben Swann's "Truth in Media Project" now LIVE on Kickstarter 15:05:26
4 Major Ways the Rich Pile On and Exploit the Rest of Us For More Money and Profit 14:59:40
Let's Be Reasonable About This "Edward Snowden" Character 14:54:10
Military told not to read news about Obama's scandals 14:52:48
AJ: Arrest Rep Peter King, Not NSA Whistleblower Edward Snowden 14:36:16
Establishment playing Language Wars! 14:30:56
Rand Paul On Laura Ingraham Show 6/10/13 - AUDIO 14:28:14
Dwight Schrute Informs Americans On Gold 14:25:09
Don't Get Snow'd In - Facets To Consider 14:06:01
Flash Back: Ron Paul August 1st, 2012 - Obession With Syria and Iran 14:05:02
Rand Paul Wins Michigan 2016 GOP Presidential Nominee Preference Poll 14:00:44
BREITBART: Hillary Clinton's Favorability Tumbles 13:59:53
Bilderberg Delegate Speaks On Record: “It is the rule of the group that these people are able to exchange views in private" 13:46:31
Digital Blackwater: Meet the contractors analyzing your private data 13:45:37
PPP 2016 GOP: Rand Paul is in 1st place in Michigan! 13:34:18
U.S. Rep. Cynthia Lummis (R-Wyo.) introduces H.R. 2247 To 'Get State Department Out of Gun Control Business' 13:34:07
Intelligence Officials Overheard JOKING About NSA Leaker Should Be 'Disappeared' After Handling Classified Documents To Press 13:11:02
DC Exclusive: The Urge To Nominate Obama's Opposite in 2016 - It's NOT Rubio! 12:52:20
Twitter Trends...#NewObamaAdministrationMotto 12:48:32
What are the alternatives? Skype, Windows, Facebook, Gmail etc. (NSA spying) 12:47:24
Record 23,116,441 Households on Food Stamps 12:42:41
vote ..traitor or patriot snowden 12:35:21
The Correct Way To Use A Social Security Card 12:10:42
Business Insider: The Greek Stock Market Is Crumbling 12:02:24
Chewbacca vs. TSA: Star Wars Actor Detained for Lightsaber Cane (The Colbert Report 6/11/13) 12:00:11
"What does the 4th Amendment mean?" 11:18:49
Hot Air's Ed Morrissey: Why didn't Snowden just go tell Ron Paul? 11:16:27
CBS News: U.S. State Department Cover-Ups Range From Prostitution Charges To Drug Rings 11:10:32
Edward Snowden (the NSA leaker) is a Ron Paul Supporter 11:09:36
WaPo: Rand Paul and the rise of the libertarian Republican 10:37:17
Obama and Eric Holder Give NSA Permanent Immunity From Prosecution (VIDEO) 10:19:33
Eric Snowden Gave to Ron Paul in 2012 10:08:40
Ben Swann's Liberty is Rising Truth in Media Project Live 09:55:07
Ron Paul: PeakProsperity Interview 6/9/13 08:48:30
Eric Cantor ducks on Prism 08:09:17
NSA Ain't Goin' Nowhere: Google, Apple et al - All Want NSA Snooping for Financial Protection 07:33:24
Florida Highway Patrol Spokesman claims right to violate 4th Amendment 07:26:59
Rand Paul and the rise of the libertarian Republican 07:15:41
Rand Paul says he’s key to uniting Senate, House on immigration 07:09:38
Mortgage Rates Hit New 15 Month Highs After Jobs Report - Better print more fiat to buy MBS or else 06:59:11
Washington Post: Libertarianism is in vogue. Again. 06:51:41
He is doing it - The Alex Jones effect… 06:02:17
A LOT of people are in need of a wake up call - try this 04:15:31
Ohio Dept. of Insurance: Obamacare to raise individual health plan premiums by 88% 03:41:32
Steve Pieczenik Talks: Obama Defends Mining Data: Why Should We Trust Him? 01:25:09
Patriot Act Hearing - C4L Bruce Fein v. NSA Enabler, Rep. Trey Gowdy (SC) 01:17:13
Original Digital Art, Story Depicts Future Of Petroleum Dependence-Oppressive control to survive layered pollutants 01:13:54
The New World Order: According to Ron Paul, George Bush Sr. and Henry Kissinger, it's not just a conspiracy theory (VIDEO) 00:41:35
DPRK: The Land Of Whispers (North Korea Travel Documentary) (2013) 00:41:23