Posted on June 11, 2013

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"Polls" on Snowden/Spying Are Coming Hard and Fast; Please Review and Prepare Yourself For Them (Video) 23:18:54
NSA "Notice of Speech Inspection" 23:16:13
What Kind Of Coward Is Edward Snowden? (Read before judging) 22:48:08
* 22:43:02
Sen. Lindsey Graham: I would support censoring mail if it was ‘necessary’ 22:21:38
For all those sinners out there. 22:11:39
Update: Karen Hudes is batshit crazy 22:01:08
Who are you? 21:43:29
Glenn Greenwald Smart Enough Not To Tell All Immediately 21:41:11
"I am shocked by the US surveillance operation" - former Chinese dissident 20:29:40
Let's Not Forget About Karen Hudes 20:23:47
20 HUGE scandals since Obama took office. 20:20:23
Someone *IS* recording the content of the calls! 20:11:35
Operation Talk Like a Terrorist Public Service Announcement 20:06:58
Actress loses 100,000 twitter followers because she advocated for gun safety rather than gun confiscation 20:03:48
Maybe The Reason Obama Hasn't Officially Responded About Ed Snowden 19:57:34
Aluminum Foil 19:52:33
Government Imposed Terrorism - Using the power of the Government to crush the people - a counter strike in terminology 19:43:44
Drudge: Ron Paul 'worried' that the government might kill Edward Snowden with a drone 19:30:57
Putin's snarkedy snark snark on Edward Snowden & NSA: In Russia You cannot just Spy on Citizens without Warrant! 18:51:30
Judge Napolitano - ACLU Files Lawsuit Over Government Massive Phone Record Grab 6/11/13 18:44:43
Former presidential candidate Gary Johnson 'applauds' NSA leaker's actions, 17:57:17
Grandmother Says She Watched Officer Shoot Girl, 7 17:42:45
A.C.L.U. Files Suit Against Obama Administration 16:49:15
Greenwald: We Have List of Specific NSA Targets! 16:32:04
Ron Paul: When you have a dictatorship, truth becomes treasonous (On Piers Morgan) 15:33:14
Obama under the heat from International leaders... 15:28:37
Karen Hudes to be interviewed by RT Friday, 14th. And yes, she has notified the Senate 15:09:00
Hillary - US State Department officials in 'sex and drugs scandal' 15:02:24
Sen. Rand Paul | CBS Ambush FAILS! 14:49:09
Why Are People Seeking A Pardon, For Edward Snowden? 14:39:44
Why Shouldn't I Work At The NSA? (Good Will Hunting) 14:06:31
Marshal Sexually Assaults Woman Then Arrests Her for Protesting While Judge Ignores & Plays w/ Woman's Toddler, Toddler Reacts 13:50:48
Rush Mentions Ron Paul Farewell Speech 13:46:26
BOOM!: 86 Civil Liberties Groups and Internet Companies Demand End To NSA Spying 13:33:24
Video: NSA Director Denials: 14 Times Under Oath 12:45:06
Hello, NSA? I Lost My Email Password 12:34:56
Whistle-blowing becoming a Trend! 12:18:38
Clapper And Feinstein Get Caught Lying - Big Time 11:59:15
Name One Country That Came Back From Tyranny Really 11:17:52
Mountain Man Win! 09:29:00
The Guardian needs positive input about Glenn Greenwald to counter the coming smear campaign. 09:20:48
Ron Paul on "The Daily Rundown" (MSNBC) today 9:00am est 09:02:31
Bond Market Tremors Get Louder 08:53:07
John Boehner: "He's a Traitor!" 08:42:59
Tech Giants Are Not Lying 08:40:24
Best Greenwald Interview yet! Greenwald/Stephenopoulos 07:49:08
One Point To Make When Talking to People Who Say "it's not that big a deal - I did nothing wrong" 07:31:37
Bootlicking O'Donnell Ambush FAILS on Greenwald :) 07:28:51
Senator Rand Paul Grasps Father's Torch, Argues for 2013 Fed Reserve Audit Bill 07:10:57
(New) CNN Greenwald Interview: The REAL focus should BE 07:05:11
The Spy Who Loved Me: Lindsay Mills, whom Edward Snowden leaves behind... & NSA activates "Q Group" to hunt Him Down! 07:01:34
NYT Quoting Greenwald: "Snowden has turned over 'thousands' of documents, 'dozens' of them newsworthy" 01:40:39
Thank God for Glenn Greenwald! 00:19:46
Snowden's Greatest Fear 00:02:07
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Mark Klein - The 2006 Version of Ed Snowden 23:27:44
United States of America = Scientific Dictatorship 23:11:26
Consent in Taxation - A Reserved Natural Right - Enumerated, Not Unenumerated, Taxation 23:01:29
Michael Nystrom, Still Clueless After All These Years 22:35:30
9/11 Conspiracy Theorist Removed from UN Panel After B’nai B’rith Request 22:09:12
Study links genetically modified grain to stomach inflammation in pigs 22:06:55
Google's new office building to be constructed on NASA property, providing it is approved. 22:06:38
This Week In Pictures, Scandalpalooza Edition 22:02:31
AWESOME! Flashback: Dylan Ratigan (Rightfully) Loses It on Air 21:54:18
Monsanto secures (another) victory over organic farmers 21:49:17
A History Test 21:39:03
More Of Glenn Greenwald Crushing It! 21:35:58
Class-Action Lawsuit with Nine Companies Tied to PRISM, Where do we sign up? 21:28:26
Kennedy's Finest Hour 20:57:37
Can we Watch Live on TV When the NSA is Forced to press the Zettabyte Master Delete Button? 20:57:03
The ACLU complaint challenging legality of NSA phone records collection 20:00:55
Did The IRS Use The Oracle of The NSA? 19:57:00
Hello NSA. Hello National Security Agency? Rand Paul cameo. 19:51:09
Alex Jones Made A Great Point Regarding Peter King Accusing Ed Snowden Of Treason 19:40:56
Senate Immigration Bill Clears First Hurdle; Debate Begins 19:36:57
Fahrenheit 911 Trailer, 10 years ago 19:34:52
27 Edward Snowden Quotes About U.S. Government Spying 19:16:13
AL Cops take DNA samples at Bibb County Roadblock 19:14:33
The Truth About Whistleblowers. (Moment of Clarity ~ Lee Camp) 19:14:09
One Mans Account Of What The Surveillance State Leads To 19:05:50
Ex-CIA leaker, Snowden, goes missing in Hong Kong? 18:54:30
Doesn't the leaked classified information make us safer? 18:47:14
Pot-Loving YouTube Star is Running for Mayor of Miami... Again! (And he can win) 18:27:35
Department of the Treasury Orders Coffee Trays With Hidden Cameras 18:23:45
Levin on board 18:17:50
Former CIA Director Woolsey: the 4th Amendment has no meaning. 18:15:59
How To Bypass NSA Spying On You 18:06:13
The NSA: Future Crime Unit 17:53:25
Jim DeMint: GOP must embrace ‘Liberty Revolution’ if it ever wants to see inside of White House again 17:50:59
A.C.L.U. sues Obama 17:50:57
Nsa Prism: George Orwell's '1984' Is Flying Off The Shelves 17:25:44
Lindsey Graham getting a Liberty Challenger? 17:18:24
ACLU: Marijuana Arrests Are Racist, Cost Billions 17:01:12
Why Should Obama Be the Only One called to Resign? These 10 Members of Congress I Call to Step Down for Their Corruption. 16:38:40
VIDEO: Death Panel Doctors Invade Arizona to Promote "BrewerCare" 16:35:55
LIVE Coverage Of Turkey Protest 16:24:56
Does anyone remember? 16:04:17
DHS Admits Boston Training Drill Involving Backpack Explosives Planned Months Before Marathon 15:45:36
I have some thoughts on the NSA: 15:38:32
The World of Fahrenheit 451 15:31:36
Is it possible to overwhelm the data collection? 15:30:50
Egyptian Politcians Caught On Live TV Hatching False Flag To Sabotage Ethiopian Dam 15:17:04
Whistle Blowing For ObaMARX's Sake And His Accomplice Traitors Against The USA 15:11:41
If Edward Snowden Is a Criminal, Why Aren’t the Rest of Us Criminals As Well? 14:36:54
Speed Camera Called "A Scam' Motorists Can't Win - VIDEO 14:33:40
Sibel Edmonds: Do Not Mix Up Criminals with Whistleblowers 14:29:12
In a Surveillance State, Public Polling is NOT Valid Data 14:17:41
Hillary Clinton and State Department accused of covering up sex and prostitution investigation 14:16:01
Whistleblower: Hillary's Chief of Staff Quashed State Dept. Scandal Investigation 14:15:53
N.S.A. Blackmail-our Greatest Fear! 14:12:24
It's Time!: It's Time For Ron Paul To Hit The Lecture Circuit Emphasizing The Fourth Amendment 14:08:28
Forget about PRISM. What about "Main Core?" 13:56:50
3 birthdays, only 1 to celebrate. Happy Birthday Anne Frank! 6-12-2013 13:48:38
CONFIRMED! Off-Duty Cops Taking DNA Samples at Alabama Roadblocks From A Compliant Public 13:44:56
The Duty of Congress 13:29:56
Why Latinos Should Have Their Eye on Rand Paul 13:28:44
BLOOMBERG: Alex Jones' Free Speech Causes Terrorism 13:27:25
Judge Nap: Edward Snowden is a Hero For Exposing The Violation On Constitutional 13:22:54
Fox News: Clapper Under Fire For Suggesting 'No Knowledge' Of Feds Massive Phone, Email Collecting 13:19:21
Galt's Gulch Chile (GGC) 13:16:44
United We Stand 13:14:23
Pulling Woolsey Over Our Eyes 12:53:24
Current Petition Demanding Obama Resign Has Over 17,000 Signatures 12:47:25
More "Clap Trap" - Clapper Jokes It Up At Banquet: 'Some of You Expressed Surprise That I Showed Up; So Many Emails To Read! 12:34:41
Pakistan's Sharif Declares End To Secret Approval of Drone Strikes 12:20:13
Turkey 11Jun2013 Fake Protesters (12 under cover police) fake fight police for hours 12:08:47
Switzerland Furious About Snowden’s Charge That the CIA Conducts Economic Espionage 12:08:44
Jim Antle: Civil Liberties: A GOP Civil War? 12:05:47
What spying apologists don’t tell you about “thwarted plots” 11:59:17
Future Contest: How Many Benedict Arnold's will surface over Ed Snowden? 11:55:16
What else is there to say? 11:51:30
U.S. Ambassador John Bolton; "He's a liar" (Snowden) and "it's the worst form of treason". 11:46:35
Now is the Time to Build Coalitions because "Freedom Brings People Together." 11:42:01
no longer right vs left... 11:31:57
SMEAR? Bob 'Syrianna' Baer, the CIA Regime-Change Specialist, paints Edward Snowden as a Chinese Govt Asset! 11:29:29
Pictures of Protest: Turkey - All hell breaking loose. 11:22:54
Rep. Maxine Waters: Obama Campaign Database Has 'Information About Everything on Every Individual' 11:19:20
Top Secret America - Watch Pbs Frontline Video Online- 09-11-11 11:13:18
Is NSA whistleblower Ed Snowden a CIA Asset? 10:48:37
Booz Allen Hamilton Fascist Map 10:29:56
The Soul-Rape of Bradley Manning 10:27:20
BAH! Booz Allen Hamilton Officially Fires Snowden 10:08:11
William Hague "the law is for the poor.." 10:07:57
What would it take for the Daily Paul to have an email address service that is big brother free? 10:05:08
RUBIO: Legalization FIRST, Then Border Security 09:52:36
20 Trillion Phone Calls!: "They've Been Collecting Data About ALL Domestic Calls Since October 2001" 09:38:12
How I Self-Exiled to Preserve My Morality and Find Liberty 09:34:53
Booz Allen is taking resumes to replace certain individuals who did not perform as desired 09:31:23
Video: John Boehner Emerges from Tanning Booth... Finally! 09:22:45
AUDIO: IRS Agent Tells Pro-Life Group, "Keep Your faith To Yourself" 09:19:49
Plan 'B": Obama Allows Morning After Pill For Under - 17s 09:04:51
IRS Buying Spying Equipment: Covert Cameras in Coffee Trays, Plants 08:53:25
Democrats Love Gov't Surveillance As Long As It's Obama Not Bush 08:49:28
This just in... Snowden's company is hiring! 08:43:51
Sound Familiar? 07:36:37
EPJ: Bill Gates Buys into Massive Security and Prison Management Company 07:12:02
Edward Snowden: what we know about the source behind the NSA files leak 07:10:50
The Real NSA Scandal w/ Edward Snowden's Case: FULL 'Privatization' of the National Security (Theater) State! 07:10:15
The money end of the NSA story. 07:03:44
More on Prism, from Der Speigel 06:15:31
The implications of a Mass Surveillance State - mass blackmail of the public, politicians, media, judges etc. 06:11:32
IRS: We Can't Tell You Who Violated Your Privacy Because That Would Be Violating the Privacy of Whoever Violated Your Privacy 06:04:36
Why is Raw Milk Illegal? End The FDA War on Farming 05:59:53
Startpage Search Engine, is this site legit? 05:09:34
Who owns the Govt? We do! 04:38:18
is this fox news or the future of fox news...nope it's just because of the Judge Napolitiono is on 03:33:11
Birgitta Jónsdóttir MP in the Icelandic parliament: "How the US Justice Department legally hacked my Twitter account" 03:09:53
Soldier Who Was "Data Mined" Now Faces Charges for Reading Conservative Books - Video 02:47:18
Iceland Officially Reaches Out to Snowden Video: Icelandic MP Birgitta Jónsdóttir 02:40:00
Patriot Act passed without review - video 02:23:43
Edge of Darkness - Book One of the Bankster Chronicles 02:22:24
A Call To All Patriots - Now is the time for all good men, to come to the aid of their country! 01:33:32
Tebow is coming to the Pats! Woot! 01:27:09
Whistleblower: U.S. State Department Cover-Ups Range From Prostitution Charges to Drug Rings 01:16:22
1947 Event that affects us all today 00:55:25
Can one of the many experts here on the subject explain what happened here? 00:54:18
Please Watch - FRONTLINE: "Top Secret America" 00:34:36
IRS agent was recorded telling a ProLife group they have to be neutral on Abortion - insane! 00:20:34