Posted on June 12, 2013

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Greenwald Responds to Rep. King Charges on All In With Chris Hayes (video) 23:16:00
GUANTANAMO is 'medical ethics-free zone' say doctors. This story will break your heart. 23:11:38
"Main Core": A CIA Database of 8 Million Who Will Be Rounded Up When Martial Law Is Imposed 21:50:02
Rep. Peter King Calls For Arrest Of Glenn Greenwald 21:42:06
A whistleblower holding all the cards. - Why Did Edward Snowden Go to Hong Kong? 21:25:51
Need Suggestions for Dealing With Stubborn Neighbor 20:49:39
David Brooks @ The NY Times Trashes Ron Paul/Libertarianism 20:40:37
Justin Amash - I don't need a briefing to know the NSA Wiretap/PATRIOT Act is Unconstitutional and a threat to Liberty 20:39:22
Help send the next Rand Paul to the United States Senate! 20:15:04
Ben Swann Thanks The Daily Paul 20:03:44
Colonel Macgregor Compares Edward Snowden To Truth Tellers In Nazi Germany 18:36:10
Officer kills kittens in front of children 18:04:21
Why the Pew Research Poll the media is using saying 56% of Americans agree with NSA is complete BS! 17:50:39
One Year, One Month and One Day at The Daily Paul... 17:49:07
Gallup 6/12/2013 "Americans Disapprove of Government Surveillance Programs" 17:48:29
New Gallup Poll: Americans DISapprove of Government Surveillance Programs 17:25:08
CIA Deputy Director is resigning! 16:37:36
Edward Snowden reveals questionable tactics by US in Switzerland 16:12:56
Former Russian Citizen Talks About Life Under Soviet Surveillance and Gives Warning to Texans. 16:04:45
Sen. Rand Paul On Plans to Slap Obama Administration w/ Lawsuit Re: NSA (Cavuto 6/12/13) 16:02:52
BOOM! Business Insider: Snowden Showed Evidence of U.S. Hacking China To Hong Kong Newspaper 15:20:48
Thomas Massie to Congress: Wake up - And don't yield an inch! 14:51:05
Another Reason Not Mentioned Why NSA Spying Should Make us Really Concerned And Very Angry 14:46:59
Justin Amash: Clapper Lied Under Oath and Should Resign - VIDEO 14:42:31
Morning Joe calls Snowden "Weasel" 14:07:29
Snowden's Brilliance? The Loophole in Hong Kong's Extradition Law 13:31:41
This Just In: Get Back to Work! 13:29:15
Paul Craig Roberts: What Is The Government’s Agenda? 12:58:42
House Committee Looks Into IRS Seizure of 60 Million Medical Records 12:44:25
NSA Head Senate Testimony begins @ 2PM ET, today (June 12) 12:42:05
Ron Paul: Why Are Republicans Defending Obama Over NSA Spying - VIDEO 12:37:11
Rand Paul asks telecoms and 10 million Americans to sue Obama 12:11:59
Message Verizon 11:57:45
Good News! You're Not Paranoid Says the Daily Show 11:48:08
South China Morning Post Exclusive Interview with Snowden: 'Not Hiding; Neither a Traitor nor Hero. I'm an American' 11:22:14
Sen. Rand Paul on Fox's The O'Reilly Factor - 6/11/2013 11:09:26
James Corbett welcomes new members to the irate minority 11:07:50
Was Obama Also "Too Cute By Half" When He Said Nobody's Listening To Your Telephone Calls? 11:00:05
Very Important NOW! The Choir Effect-We Have a Lot of Work to do IMMEDIATELY! 10:46:56
Glenn Greenwald - Frequently Told Lies 09:44:40
Polls Should Not Matter on PRISM and Government Spying on Citizens 09:42:57
Sales of '1984' on skyrocketed more than 5,800% as of Tuesday night. 09:09:43
Video: Ron Paul interview on Fox Business, 6/11/2013 08:51:56
Message from search engine "" 08:45:29
(Video) Phone Content too? Binney: NSA crypto-mathematician says ABSOLUTELY. 08:25:09
Rosa Parks broke the law 08:03:26
My theory of Dr. Paul's recent interviews. 07:48:13
The NSA's best defense of Prism didn't even last a week 05:57:24
Joe Biden: Republicans are scared of Rand Paul! 02:05:07
I hope the NSA, CIA, and FBI etc., send their brightest and best paid agents to DP! 02:01:26
Why Edward Snowden, Why? 00:58:47
OKLAHOMA: ANY amount of Marijuana found in your system can put you behind bars. 00:58:31
ZeroHedge: JPM Vault Gold Drops By 28.4% Overnight, Slides To Fresh Record Low As Withdrawals Accelerate 00:05:42
Jan persuades George Will to accept a principle! 21:23:16
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(Control Grid Real Time) Priest's Cell Phone Stops Presidential Address 23:50:38
Clapper in most damaging statement yet, wonder if King will want to prosecute him as well? 23:49:09
Radio host Lars Larson - Another misguided war-mongering, anti-Constitutional republican 23:38:55
Chris Hayes (Msnbc) interviews Greenwald regarding threat by King of prosecution 23:34:28
The Drug War is the 'worst case of scientific censorship since the Catholic Church banned the works of Galileo' 23:31:59
Biden Says Don't Trust a Spying President 23:20:20
A lamb bleats out in favor of domestic spying 23:03:25
Clip-Air project envisages modular aircraft you can board at a railway station 22:59:46
. 22:40:35
Sen. Mike Lee: Huge problem with Amnesty bill: All implementation, enforcement etc., taken from Congress given to Executive 22:28:19
Facebook is the new MySpace 22:26:58
Holy Crap! Japan Down 5%! June 12, 2013 22:10:03
Crazy Harry Reid pushes to make Nevada a BORDER state in the Amnesty Bill 21:59:54
What is the Common Core? Discussion 21:58:57
Why they call it a war on terror when it is not a war 21:33:18
Are you amazed at how many major stories have broken recently? Lt. Col. Roy Potter has some interesting thoughts. 21:29:40
The DailyPaul Search Uses Google?! 21:26:35
Exposing the Transnational Power Class 21:22:43
Is the war on terror really a war? 21:12:57
Biden 2006: Don't Trust a President Who Spies on People (Video Clip) 21:04:17
Why Aren't Drones Used To Defend The Border? 21:01:55
I Actually Agree With Ann Coulter 20:41:42
CNBC: Reuters sells early access to economic info 20:00:34
Elementary school initiates toy gun buyback program 19:55:37
modeling pics of snowden early 2000s 19:53:26
Maybe now is the time to push for a return to all paper balloting? 19:46:29
Chris Martenson Interviews Ron Paul: "It's Going to Get Much, Much Worse" 19:36:50
The hi-tech tattoo that could replace ALL your passwords: Motorola reveals plans for ink and even pills to identify us 19:12:30
Stopping the NSA, Obamacare, IRS etc., will NEVER happen if we pass AMNESTY for 20 million illegals. 19:00:24
Congressman: FISA Court is Outside the Government 18:37:23
Open inquiry to the Military! 18:24:37
TOR 18:18:06
Not Buying It - Snowden Puts New Spin On Old News 18:09:11
How to Maximize your Trolling of the NSA Tonight 7PM ET 18:03:54
Phone Survey... 17:54:40
5Th Amendment and the Right to Not Incriminate Yourself, NSA or Not 17:54:08
Glenn Beck Warns That He Has HUGE Whistle-blower Bombshell! 17:46:06
Joe Biden: Congress should investigate the NSA for logging phone calls 17:32:41
A Defining Moment In U.S. History 17:26:24
Salon: Libertarians Still a Cult 17:18:44
Just some food for thought 16:54:50
Silver nanowires to revolutionize touch screens, solar cells, and large panel displays 16:45:45
Help Thomas Massie Win the GOP's New Media Challenge 16:42:28
Love is all there is. ~ Rumi 16:20:42
CNS News: Bush's Ari Fleischer 'PROUD' To Defend Obama on Internet Surveillance 15:42:14
Texas Congressman Ted Poe: 'The Government Spooks Are Drunk on Power' 15:27:41
Rand: We will find a place for you 15:16:06
Is the Utah NSA facility a Cyber warfare test range? 15:14:22
Mass FOIA Requests? Show! Me! The Dossier! 15:04:35
Snowden Says He Will Stay in Hong Kong and Fight Extradition - NY Times 15:02:29
Edward Snowden: U.S. government a 'bully' to Hong Kong in quest for extradition 14:57:35
Ron Paul: NSA Leakers Are 'The Real Heroes' - MSNBC 6/11/2013 14:57:05
New York City Mayor Bloomberg Demands Donors Cut Off Democrats Opposed To Gun Control 14:55:29
America is and Always has been a Christian Nation! (Video) 14:50:09
15 Reasons Why the War on Terror, Drugs the Police State Must End to Restore Our Bill of Rights. 14:49:44
No GMO Expo 2013: Register Your Company Today 14:25:44
So You Think The Surveillance Is For Your Safety? 14:10:36
A Good Thing To Do 14:01:18
In the name of Love 13:22:59
Eric Clapper trying to beat out Bill Clinton's definition of "is" 13:05:05
Childhood Cancer Survivors Have Significant Chronic Disease 12:58:04
Joe Biden & Government Surveillance 2006 Statement 12:45:37
Russia May Deem Civil Servants Use of Gmail, Facebook 'High Treason' 12:44:02
What do you think about these 10 questions regarding Snowden? 12:43:05
As Sufi poet Rumi touched 12:40:06
EU warns US of 'grave consequences' from intel scandal 12:38:56
Maryland Sheriff Opposes State's Gun Regulation 12:14:32
Rep. Steve Stockman Says Obama Uses NSA on Tea Party, Protects Terrorists - VIDEO 12:09:26
CNBC: Pimco Sees 60% Chance of Global Recession in 3-5 Years - VIDEO 12:03:34
The Federal Reserve Funded Hitler's Germany with US Tax Dollars 11:54:09
Ice Cream 11:37:58
Ed Snowden; International support; Organizing march in HK 11:33:00
Burzynski Documentary: Cancer is serious business 11:23:03
Mashup: Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Apple Computers, 1984 ~ Remember This? 11:18:52
The propagandists are out against Libertarians now 11:16:12
Truth-terrorist Edward Snowden resurfaces; What will our noble thought-givers on the Telescreen say about it tonight? 11:07:52
Consumer boycott still viable, hit facebook, Microsoft, etc. in the WALLET. 11:04:06
removed. 10:50:40
Brave New World 10:38:39
Shia Labeouf: Whistleblower, or Enemy of the State? 10:26:29
Dear Glenn, Ron, Rand, anyone in the media spotlight... 10:12:37
VIDEO: IRS Targeted Conservative Hispanic Outreach Group 10:12:20
Ron Paul: I'm worried government might kill Edward Snowden with drone... 10:07:38
The EPA Has Joined the IRS and the DOJ 10:00:16
Libertarian Candidates Can Win in Traditionally Blue States 09:58:45
Activism: Contact Senate Approp. Cmte members before NSA Dir 2 PM Hearing 09:40:20
HuffPo:"Bradley Manning Has Done More for U.S. Security Than SEAL Team 6" 09:37:43
Why Obama Cannot Undo the Surveillance Society—But We Can 09:35:31
How Does It Feel? 09:33:01
Bradley Manning Trial: The Comic Book 09:16:51
NSA: What if they just want the money? 09:15:57
1987 documentary about the CIA and how it controlled the msm (and probably still does) 09:14:49
Meat scrap leftovers now being reprocessed into ice cream 09:05:59
Why would a Rand 2016 end up any different than a Ron 2008 / 2012? MSM is still in full control. 08:46:32
AZ House/Senate Pass Constitutional Amendment for Nullification,Statewide Vote Nov 2014 08:44:52
unplug people! 08:39:05
Texas students to seek federal help to soften 'cruel' truancy policies 08:31:28
Scott Horton Speech to YAL 08:25:15
Lend a hand for a friend of Liberty: Jim Uprichard 08:09:26
CNN follows Govt's instructions to change public perception of Snowden; Describes his GF as "pole-dancing superhero" 07:57:51
The NSA wants my cell phone data? Meh. Most of it is on Facebook anyway! 07:52:30
Brazilian Testicle Mascot 'Mr. Balls' Promotes Cancer Awareness 07:50:34
It's up to each and every one of US now to make a difference #Snowden #NSA 07:49:27
No Mention Of NSA Scandals On "" 07:42:11
Pope Francis Is quoted as saying that while there were many holy people in the Vatican, there was also corruption 07:40:46
Fed Threatens to Cut QE to $700 Billion a Year 07:36:16
Biden Warns: GOP Led By Two Young Senators, Ted Cruz and Rand Paul 07:23:45
Twitter Deadlier than Car Bombs, Turkish Officials Insist 07:15:48
You Commit Three Felonies A Day 07:03:45
Shots Fired - Guidance for Surviving an Active Shooter Situation (A.S.S.) 06:51:41
"if you see something, say something." (unless that "something" is critical of the state!) 06:37:06
Shameplates: E-tags on license plates let DMV show your ‘suspended’ or ‘uninsured’ status 06:21:13
One of my favorites from William Banzai 7 & The Limerick King 05:45:00
New Anti-Smoking Ads Warn Teens 'It's Gay To Smoke' 05:41:01
Google asks DOJ and FBI for permission to disclose details of NSA spying 04:51:14
Edward Snowden Had No Choice But to Break the Law - Government at Fault 04:26:26
GOP Hopefuls To Headline Big DC Christian Event 02:39:17
Bilderberg 2013 - What the Brits Think 02:10:37
Red tape trauma: 851,000 war veterans await benefits 01:35:38
Best "your Mom" Joke Ever! 00:58:01
I deleted some family photos by mistake. Can we file with the NSA 00:55:58
Edward Snowden asks, are YOU willing to take a stand? 00:40:20
John McCain calls for the invasion of HongKong 00:09:15
Mobile Version 00:05:28
RP coming up on Fox Business 00:03:27