Posted on June 17, 2013

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Man warning others about NSA, CIA on Plane - Daniel Morgan Perry 23:44:44
Luke 8:17 "For there is nothing hidden that will not be disclosed, and nothing concealed that will not be known..." 23:34:51
Every Guys Dream Girl: Don't Mess With This Gals Purse - VIDEO 23:33:00
Man, This Guy Is Good - GOP Rep's Epic 1-Minute Beatdown Of Barack Obama On House Floor - VIDEO 23:02:51
Hannity: Then and Now on NSA Spying 22:56:11
OK State GOP Chairman Implies Liberty is Doing What You Are Told, DPer Now Vice Chair of Cherokee Co. GOP Responds 22:16:13
Police Open Fire on a Car Sitting at Crowded DWI Checkpoint 19:46:28
Democratic Congressman: 'Not Fair' To Subject Congress To Obamacare Just Like Everyone Else 18:41:27
Who Has The Power? You Do! Obama's New War In Syria 'say F U, America!' (VIDEO) 16:15:34
CNBC Video - Bank of America Paid Bonuses To Foreclose: Lawsuit 14:06:03
Supreme Court Decision Shreds 5th Amendment Protection; Your Silence Can Now Be Used As Evidence of Guilt 13:01:15
Snowden: 'The Truth Is Coming...' and It Cannot Be Stopped 12:18:04
NSA Leak Haters On Capitol Hill Fear Exposure of Sexual Crimes! 12:15:08
You Knew It was coming: R/C OctoCopter Drone, armed with a Taurus Judge .410 Revolver! 11:47:00
Would you be better off under anarchism? 11:43:04
Ron Paul on Syria: ‘Another multi-billion dollar war has begun’ 10:46:18
Yahoo: US 'backed plan to launch chemical weapon attack on Syria, blame it on Assad govt': Report 10:11:28
The New Republic: President Rand Paul 10:09:21
3 NSA veterans speak out on whistle-blower: We told you so 10:08:02
OFFICIAL Chinese State NewsPaper: Extraditing Edward Snowden would be a "Betrayal" 09:44:50
Edward Snowden's Live Q&A on Guardian Website - June 17, 2013 09:13:11
Apple Co-founder Steve Wozniak Talking PRISM and the Constitution 02:14:32
Rare John Lennon interview, slamming socialism and presidential worship 01:08:04
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Footage of protests in Brazil 23:26:58
How we form opinions, and who we are. 23:26:09
Rembrandt 23:25:16
Male Sensitivity 23:19:34
Two Women Claim Texas Jailers Ran a 'Rape Camp' Behind Bars 22:46:31
Caden and Conner - Good One 2012 Sports Illustrated Kids Winner - Tears Flowing (evol) 22:46:12
The US & Russia are Fighting a Proxy War in Syria 22:30:27
Liberty is Personal - "Do No Harm" told by Jeffrey Tucker 22:28:04
Snowden: Obama's Election Kept Me From Leaking Earlier 22:14:49
Lil Wayne Stomps on American Flag, While Filming Music Video 22:13:35
'NSA should come clean about domestic spying': Ray Kelly 22:11:29
Hollywood Legend Ed Asner: Snowden Is A Hero - VIDEO 22:02:45
Monsanto Video Revolt July 24 21:48:39
Washington is Insane — Paul Craig Roberts 21:11:19
The Elephant in the room that no one wants to talk about 20:58:31
For campers and preppers: Halo combines canister stove and fuel cell charger 20:56:46
Dodgy wind? Why "innovative" turbines are often anything but 20:52:00
Google's Deep CIA and NSA Connections 20:51:08
Incredible Maneuverability of the Russian Sukhoi Su-35-Video 20:33:45
Feeling bad is good 19:43:03
The positivity of negative thinking 19:41:15
Karen Hudes Update - This is a long post - to summarize where we are and where we need to go. This is excellent ... 19:32:34
Info Heroism: The bright side of psychopathy? 19:32:30
Something fishy is going on here at the Daily Paul 19:27:03
Oliver Stone calls Snowden hero 19:23:53
Money Junkies and Monopolies Using the NSA Spying Proves They Are the Real National Security Threat 19:17:41
Remember what's important. 1)Improve our monetary system by repealing legal tender laws. 2)Non aggressive Foreign Policy. 19:14:57
Russia Does Have the Military Strength to Deter War in Syria and Iran Standing Against Banker’s Agenda 19:14:27
"Scathing photo of Rand Paul is apparently not photoshopped" 19:12:48
Citizens win in Hackensack 19:11:32
NYT: Tea for 2? Rand & Mitch in Marriage of Convenience 19:05:52
Snowden saw what I saw: surveillance criminally subverting the constitution 18:49:20
Man Shot At By Torrance Police During Christopher Dorner Pursuit To File Lawsuit 18:23:17
Is this fake or not? 18:07:46
IRS trained to use AR-15 18:05:39
Chinese Dissident: U.S. Is Behaving like Communist China Written by John on June 14, 2013 - See more at: 18:01:20
Shocking! The Real Edward Snowden - You Will Not Believe This 17:46:36
Beck Lays Out Plan To ‘Fundamentally Transform Media,’ But Will ‘Gladly Go Away’ If Somebody Else Steps Up 17:35:28
World’s Most Intrusive Database To Go Live In December 17:29:36
A FREE, Quick, and Easy Way to Protest Government Spying 17:28:01
War is not human destiny 17:17:24
Daily Paul writers: Pledge to participate in "VOD-Day" (Silver Circle's iTunes release) 17:14:57
Nullification in Wisconsin: Firearms Freedom Act Connects to Deep History 17:09:11
Ron Paul Miami becomes Open Government Miami 16:59:40
Bush-Cheney began illegal NSA spying before 9/11, says telcom CEO 16:56:51
Ben Swann - Truth in Media Project 16:53:22
June 17, 2013: U.S. Supreme Court Delivers Blow to Fifth Amendment Right to Remain Silent During Police Questioning 16:52:23
NSA Agent Caught Snooping (Prank video by Tom Mabe) 16:50:37
10,000 People Trying To Buy Gold 16:48:45
Manufactured Hero Edward Snowden: A Tale of Two Tellers and the Tales they Tell 16:30:06
The Real Story Behind the Spying Program: Privatized Hit Lists for Our New Neoliberal Totalitarian State 16:09:10
The View Hosts Clash Over Bill Maher: Was It OK For Him To Call Palin’s Son ‘Retarded’? 16:09:09
Rand Paul Joins Sarah Palin To Stop Obama's Assault Against Israel 15:52:54
WSJ Interviews Rand Paul" 'Uncommon Knowledge:' 15:40:20
Even Daily Paul Is Not "safe"! 15:17:31
Multiplying scandals to hide the scandal that could sink Obama 15:16:19
Photographer defends Rand Paul photo shoot depicting senator as a liar 15:14:58
Free Markets 15:05:22
"Liberty Defined" by Dr. Ron Paul (Audio Book) 15:02:25
Nanny Bloomberg at it again! Plan Aims to Require Food Composting. 14:58:35
Car bomb near the Syrian northern city of Aleppo, kills at least 60 of al-Assad's troops 14:37:58
Why I Can No Longer Defend Glenn Greenwald as Merely a Dupe in the Snowden Psyop 14:29:28
Manufactured Hero Edward Snowden: Glenn Greenwald Goes “Full Retard” 14:26:54
CNBC: America Falls Behind In Creating Rich Entrepreneurs 14:18:12
Fat chance: At 24 pounds, immigration bill is too big for many to swallow 14:13:56
"Thank You Edward Snowden" from 'Drinking w Bob' 13:51:20
New York Man Charged After Corralling 4 Suspected Vandals In Closet 13:32:04
Athens Man Spends 10 Hours A Day In Jail Cell For Refusing To Give His DNA 13:18:07
Wanna see Romney/Obama debate #NAMBLA issues? (Updated) 13:14:48
Ben Swann Announces Liberty Is Rising Tour 13:13:15
BOOM! Obama Runs Immigration Bill From White House: Has Control of Gang of 8, According To New Report 13:05:50
Video - Hospital treating Afghan troops 13:03:30
Florida Teen Rides on Massive 30 Foot Whale Shark - VIDEO 12:56:08
Feds: Morning-After Pill Appeal Officially on Hold 12:49:30
ObamaCare Will Share Personal Health Info with Federal, State Agencies 12:43:30
Fox News Report: School District Scanned Childrens Eyes For Bus Program Without Permission 12:36:35
Confidence In Newspapers At Near-Record Lows, Poll Finds 12:30:58
Whatever Happened To States Rights?: Supreme Court Strikes Down Arizona Voting Rules 12:22:55
Putin on Syria: Allied Planes will be Shot Down 12:20:04
Huxley on, "The Ultimate Revolution" 11:58:51
Obama runs immigration bill from White House, according to new report 11:47:47
Worse than Sandy Hook? Try 230 UNARMED Women & Children massacred at US Calvary 11:36:55
Sheriff Mack: Obama Birth Certificate Is A Fake & Fraud 11:25:57
Mondays with Murray: Who Was the "Best" U.S. President? 11:01:49
Supreme Court strikes down Arizona law requiring would-be voters to provide proof of citizenship in order to vote 10:29:07
How Do You Feel? Does the Economy Care? 10:14:52
Tech expert urges Americans to 'quit Google, Facebook' over NSA surveillance revelations 09:25:34
Connecticut legislature passes nation's first ever GMO labeling bill 09:18:22
46 Congressmen Send Letter To President Obama Demanding Eric Holder Resign NOW 09:17:09
Holder Arrest Warrant 09:10:50
Exclusive: Feds to dig in Oakland Township today for remains of Jimmy Hoffa 08:49:38
The GOP's new F-Bomb 08:25:59
Who would NOT vote for Ron Paul? 07:56:00
Worst President Ever Video Goes Viral (Video) 07:23:31
Hypothetical: What do you have if you cross Tom Woods with Bob Murphy? 05:27:37
Meet the Japanese girl band whose skirts get shorter when the Nikkei rises 04:27:52
Have you guys heard about the Tarnak Farm Incident from 2002? 03:53:17
77% do not trust television news 02:54:18
Is a magnetic pole reversal eminent? 02:48:52
Rand Paul : Yay or Nay 02:46:16
Glenn 'Kane' Jacobs speaks at the 2009 New Hampshire Liberty Forum (video) 02:34:21
Should I Sell My Company To The Federal Reserve For $6.71 Billion? 02:06:31
Ben Swann Ain't No Idiot. 01:14:47
"I'm Going to Set Off a Nuke at the MTV Movie Awards" 00:57:56
Weirdest Excuse For Prism 00:40:56
SPYING: The Secret History of History 00:09:23