Posted on June 18, 2013

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Brazil Erupting: Stagflation (Inflation UP/Growth DOWN) 23:30:07
Domino! 21:14:24
Open Message to Members of the US Security Apparatus (FBI, CIA, NSA, DHS) 21:08:22
This Guy Gets It ... Lets Show The Love ... Fb Add 21:04:25
The Real Michele Bachman Comes Out - Calls Edward Snowden A Traitor 20:46:06
General Wesley Clark: The Truth About The Middle East 20:06:19
Michael Hastings dead at 33 19:41:19
Rand Paul: James Clapper was Lying 19:07:12
Charlie Daniels: Trust Just Took The Last Train Out Of Town 19:03:02
Rand Paul just body slammed Dick Cheney on CNN's Situation Room 18:46:45
Black Louisiana State Senator: I'm Now a Republican Because the Democrat Party is The Party of "Overseers" 18:31:04
Establishment Lapdog Media vs. Edward Snowden 18:26:27
I'm Going as PRESS to Rand Paul, Tom Davis, Matt Moore Event; Representing DP! Need DP Support 18:13:15
NSA Claims 50 Terrorist Plots Thwarted…Consider Me Skeptical 16:48:57
“Antiwar” Left: An Obituary 16:47:40
NSA new slogan! 16:37:33
Infographic: Evolution of the Police State 16:16:18
Dr. Ron Paul Talks About the House NSA Hearing w/ Neil Cavuto (6/18/13) 16:03:52
Washington Times - Big Brother Alert: Cameras In Cable Box To Monitor TV 14:35:31
Operation Get Ben Swann to Interview Russell Brand! 14:16:24
Open letter to Detroit (upgraded to active project). 16:04:16
CNBC: Ron Paul's Plea to the Fed - Tue 18 Jun 13 14:01:03
Snowden seeks asylum in Iceland through intermediary 13:41:48
Bill Ayers: Try Obama for War Crimes 13:00:52
Eyewitness Describe The Terror of DWI Checkpoint Shooting - VIDEO 12:34:33
I would like to remain Anonymous ! 12:28:03
TSA Tuesdays: Shaming a 15 Year Old Girl 12:04:46
Exclusive: (Another) Whistleblower Says State Department Trying to Bully Her Into Silence 10:59:45
Sen. Paul Appears on Fox's Hannity- 6/17/2013 10:47:31
TNR: President Rand Paul. 10:09:34
Living in Big Cities is Bad for Your Mental Health and Decision Making 10:08:46
Liberal warns: Dems risk rising tide of libertarian GOP 09:36:33
What is your favorite thing about America? 09:22:54
Gallup Poll: Virtually No One Trusts The Mainstream Media - VIDEO 09:08:20
Canada Being Assimilated Into a U.S. Dominated North American Security Perimeter 08:57:33
The Argument to Repeal the Seventeenth Amendment of the Constitution 06:59:09
The Derivative Bubble Becoming The Boomerang Could Take Down the Central Banks? 04:33:27
Russell Brand Takes Over Morning Joe Interview to Ask About Bradley Manning & Edward Snowden, Humorously Mocks Anchors! 04:12:05
Rand Paul: I want to go from 5% of the African-American vote to 20-25% in one election. 00:43:35
Lewis Black on NSA, Google Glass, Xbox One and Human Brain uploads to Robots. 00:39:41
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Alert! Norad's 'Falcon Virgo' Exercise Rolls Out In Dc Today 23:50:33
BLOOMBERG: Autism Tied To Air Pollution, Brain-Wiring Disconnection 23:39:10
TWA Flight 800 investigators break silence in new documentary, claim original conclusion about cause of crash is wrong 23:14:59
Rand Paul: Clapper can't be trusted and would not work in my administration 22:23:48
How Ben Swann Spent His Day In Chicago 22:13:00
Spiegel: Obama's Soft Totalitarianism: Europe Must Protect Itself from America 22:05:27
Can you be closed border and libertarian? 22:03:20
BLOOMBERG: Is China Credit-Bubble About To Burst - VIDEO 22:01:57
Give Miss Alabama A Government Job! USA Contestant Promote NSA Spy Grid 21:56:24
MASSIVE: Tea Party Protest of IRS Planned For Tomorrow, Largest Since 2010 20:59:18
The best 4 minutes in the history of cinema! 20:58:22
How to Secure the Border? Your thoughts please... 20:48:43
"WILD Bill" Ayers: Obama Gets A 'Failing Grade' As President 20:47:56
The Psychology Of Everyday Things 20:37:29
Major Democratic donors flock to Chris Christie 20:25:17
New Greenwald: "Fisa court oversight: a look inside a secret and empty process" 20:04:57
Cop Hits Little Girl With Motorcycle Then Shoots and Kills Angry Dad 19:44:39
To the Belly of the Beast I Go...Chicago 19:38:38
Clip from Wag The Dog 19:27:57
Terrorism since 9/11 19:14:15
Host your own email server. I did. 19:09:22
time for some Whistleblower action! 18:53:16
Arizona loses SCOTUS battle to require Identification for voting, but still Wins, will use State forms rather than Federal. 18:40:16
IRS scandal may cause the Defunding of Obamacare 18:26:14
Video: Ron Paul Predicts the NSA Scandal in 2004 18:25:14
The Magical World of the CIA 18:20:41 2016 straw poll with no mention of 18:11:57
Welcome to the New Normal, NSA Memes 18:11:16
Do Gold and Silver React to QE Anymore? 18:01:08
Bill Ayers - Try Obama for war crimes 17:44:00
Anyone get new phone carrier settings pushed to them in the past few days? 17:33:04
The Boiling Frogs Post | Eyeopener Report: NSA Spying: False Hope vs. Real Solutions 16:29:27
President Obama CURSED?! 16:15:49
Rand Paul: Lack Of Border Security Is Immigration Bill's 'Fatal Flaw' - Bloomberg 6/18/2013 15:42:37
Guy Tries to Wiretap Government Agents for Prank, Gets Arrested (VIDEO) 15:30:07
We Know That He (Edward Snowdown) Donated To Ron Paul" (EVIL!) 15:17:46
So, now the NSA is up to fifty? ROFL 15:15:03
TRAILER - State Of Mind: The Psychology Of Control (RELEASED) 14:43:59
Free speech zoned in front of Independence Hall 14:22:20
The Insanity Continues...: House To Consider .75 Cent Tax on Each Dose of New Flu Vaccine 14:14:35
Postponing Libertarianism 14:06:31
BOOM! U.S. Rep. Sam Graves (R-MO.) Introduces H.R. 2361, Protecting Second Amendment Rights 14:05:28
rand paul on pot, bill hicks on drugs 13:46:29
IT'S Top Secret! Google Begins Launching Internet-Beaming Balloons 13:45:15
I'm Not Making This Up!: 'Obama Phones' Given To People Promising To Sell Them For Drugs, Money - VIDEO 13:23:56
DHS hopes to get same cyber-spying powers as NSA 13:20:58
Coming To A Store Near You: GMO Plants with Synthetic Biology That Makes Them Glow 13:06:21
STUDY: Home Births May Be Safer Than Hospital Births 12:47:15
MarketWatch: What not to say when pulled over by a cop 12:14:39
Bill H.R.1622, Small Businesses 12:13:24
Lapdog Australia: Building 'State of the Art' Secret Data Storage Facility 12:11:40
darkside of the Prism 12:07:33
Putin and Obama face off Over Syria 11:59:28
John Stossel ~ The American Dream: Stossel's Take 11:49:50
200,000 Take To Brazil's Streets 11:44:16
Where does the buck actually stop? 11:27:35
Hacked! CBS Computers: Turning 'themselves' ON at night then OFF 11:26:29
The Supreme Court Decided Your Silence Can Be Used Against You 10:58:54
New $300 million in "Aid" for Rebels includes American Wheat and lots of Vaccines (and $ for all) 10:58:17
How the free market is replacing a broken court system and making the government redundant 10:55:01
Smackdown: Dana Rohrabacher warns John Boehner on speakership 10:41:47
Please Help Me! I Want to Smash My Television Watching These Liars - NSA Chief Testimony 10:35:37
New Lampoon The System cartoon - Keene's Robin Hood 10:33:11
Developing: U.S. to begin direct peace talks with Taliban in Afghanistan 10:31:43
G-8 on the Global Economy. "The US recovery is continuing and the deficit is declining rapidly ... 10:30:02
Rep Mike Rogers: "Our enemies within almost as damaging as our enemies on the outside" (Intel Cmte Hearing, live now) 10:20:38
FAR - The Smartest Man In The World 10:19:10
Lawyer Commits Suicide - All pictures wiped from web? 10:03:08
POLL: Nearly half now believe IRS scandal leads to White House... 09:57:26
Sen. Rand Paul Immigration Proposal Will Eliminate Pathway to Citizenship 09:48:13
White House Officials Say They Are Winning Gun Control Debate, Will Again Push For New Laws 09:44:52
Watch Your Cash!: New BAIL-IN Rules Will Force "Failed Bank" Losses on Investors 09:40:40
Whistleblower Says State Department Trying to Bully Her Into Silence 09:36:25
Obama Says Bernanke Has Been at Fed ‘Longer Than He Wanted’ 09:34:13
‘Never heard of him’: Notable Columbia prof says he isn’t sure Obama attended Columbia University 09:32:31
Interactive - Tax havens explained: How the rich hide money 09:31:27
Mystery Substance Prompts Closure Of Indiana Beach 09:25:12
"Radioactive-Looking" Sinkholes in Philly 09:21:49
Dana Rohrabacher warns John Boehner on speakership 09:19:14
Biggest protests in 20 years sweep Brazil 08:59:23
Sen. McCain's Rebels: Christian beheaded & fed to dogs | Our Tax Dollars at Work 08:57:06
NSA Agency Caught SNOOPING on Video by Tom Mabe 08:54:43
Monsanto Video Revolt announced: Join the uprising by posting your video everywhere on July 24, 2013 08:42:53
Montreal mayor who promised to restore public trust, arrested in a bribery case. 08:26:13
Goodmorning DPers My pleasure to introduce a morning jam! 08:11:45
What Is Next? An NSA “Kill Switch” for Smartphones? (Or, Three Basic Rules about Tyranny) 08:06:36
"War, terrible war. Widows, orphans, a motherless child." 08:03:53
Paradigm shift 08:03:53
NSA Spying: The Ultimate Conspiracy Theory 07:23:06
Sen. Paul Introduces ‘Secure the Vote’ Amendment 05:50:38
Maine House Nullifies Federal Hemp Ban and CA asks Federal Permission to Legalize Hemp 05:21:17
Supreme Court Ruling, better not remain silent after all 03:18:19
Call your journalist since calling your congressmen is useless. 03:02:38
The Democrats were Right about the Patriot Act. We Should have Listened. I'm Sorry. 02:58:09
Mystery rock ignites in pocket 02:58:08
Interesting Information Regard Snowden 02:52:36
When did the daily paul stop giving me my monday report 02:50:05
. 02:09:57
Putin and Obama face off Over Syria 01:51:40
Supreme Court Ruling: Makes it Easier to Steal an Election 01:18:55
Teenager faces 1 year in jail for wearing NRA shirt 01:00:31
One video: Stand Up For The Constitution Stand with Rand Paul 00:51:56
Rand Paul: Obama Said He Would Protect 4th Amendment And Privacy But Does The Complete Opposite 00:29:05
Bradley Manning trial transcripts 00:18:41