Posted on June 19, 2013

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Sen. Rand Paul's Speech at the Tea Party Patriots 'Audit the IRS' Rally - 6/19/13 23:18:05
Michael Hastings Death Suspicious? 22:22:13
I'm Starting To Think Adam Kokesh Was Right 21:50:11
Right rips Rubio as Republican immigration votes slip away 20:38:07
Glenn Greenwald: As Obama Makes "FALSE" Surveillance Claims, Snowden Risks Life To Spark NSA Debate - VIDEO 19:28:45
Judge Napalitano Smells a Rat! 18:54:12
A plea to everyone to allow others now waking up to give them a chance and judge them based on their future actions, not past! 18:10:52
"Who Should Replace Ben Bernanke"? 17:38:46
Debra Medina is running again! 17:15:42
Brilliant New Rental Car Business Model 16:42:46
"Don't Tase Me, Bro!" The Man Behind Meme. Exclusive Interview with Andrew Meyer 16:21:18
FBI uses Drones in U.S., says Director Mueller 15:42:47
Having Zero Tolerance Attitude Against the Oath Breakers in Government 15:20:59
Sen. Rand Paul on 'Fox & Friends' W / Brian Kilmeade - FOX News, 6/19/13 - VIDEO 14:46:40
Ron Paul Agrees – NSA Figures “Fudged” 14:17:05
Santelli to Fed: What are you afraid of? 14:07:45
Russell Brand Schools the Westboro Baptist Church (Video) 13:46:02
Bernanke Press Conference & Market Reactions - June 19, 2013 13:03:36
Mozilla Firefox NSA Startup Page 12:26:17
Russian marine and air power head for Syria versus Western intervention 12:20:36
The Real Point of Russell Brand's "Morning Joe" Rant 12:11:39
Ron Paul on "Alex Jones" - - 11:30am CT, 6/19/13 12:08:42
*UPDATE and REPORT* Going to private round table discussion with Rand Paul. 11:40:01
CNBC - Ron Paul: "Dollar Will Collapse, Gold Will Go To Infinity" - VIDEO 11:35:03
TWA Flight 800 - I Told You So! 11:33:01
John Stossel: "I don't mind NSA spying." 10:53:44
Neocon WaPo blogger melts down over Rand's statements on Edward Snowden: "Why is Rand Paul praising a traitor?" 10:50:46
Audit The IRS Rally Washington DC *.*.*Live Stream*.*.* 10:40:56
Glenn Greenwald Spars w/ Former CIA Officer | MSNBC 10:23:19
Glenn Greenwald & Daniel Ellsberg on Piers Morgan 10:35:26
A Vote to Do Away with Your Supplements Is Coming in Days 08:59:01
BOOM! Kerry calls For "IMMEDIATE" Air Strikes On Syria, Joint Chiefs Disagree 08:57:47
Rand Paul "On The Record" w / Greta Van Susteren - Fox News - 6/18/13 - VIDEO 00:15:30
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NSA caught lying - AGAIN! 23:47:27
"Trust But Verify": Sen. Rand Paul Urges Passage Of Senate Amendment 1200 To Immigration Bill - Video 23:27:07
Study: 70 Percent Of Americans On Prescription Drugs 23:25:01
Sen. Paul Urges Passage of 'Trust but Verify', Amendment to Immigration Bill 23:20:21
Song w/gil scott heron ripping est. order. Real Power to the People Music! 23:17:45
Egyptian Politicians Caught On Live Tv Hatching False Flag Plot To Sabotage Ethiopian Dam 23:13:57
What Germans do with their Beer Bottles 23:12:15
Watch This!: Concord N.H. Police Stun, Arrest Gun Rights Protester After Touching Cop On Shoulder 22:56:52
Question For Rand Paul - Can You Actually Shrink The Size Of The Federal Gov't? 22:55:42
Bloomberg : "Obama Running Secret Wars Out of White House" - Sachs (VIDEO) 22:52:01
Julian Assange hints WikiLeaks might publish next Edward Snowden revelations 22:45:49
Armed Carjacker meets Armed Citizen 22:05:22
Martin and Mitchell 21:55:51
NY Times: James Gandolfini Is Dead at 51; Tough-Talking Mob Boss in 'SOPRANOS' 21:42:33
FLASHBACK!: Ron Paul Was Right (2002) Video 21:34:35
Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) is SOPA and NAFTA on steroids, Talks going on in Secret 21:22:49
Rand & McConnell on NSA 20:49:48
Russian Cyberspace Head Calls For Internet Kill Switch 20:49:25
FBI Won't Disclose Cost of Latest Unsuccessful Hoffa Dig 20:34:30
Hey Look - Terror Plots Are Being Broken Up All The Time Since The NSA Scandal Came Out 20:31:20
* Another FBI fairytale: FBI Foils Plot To Build X-Ray Weapon 20:26:15
Wearing a Mask at a Riot is Now a Crime 19:30:02
IRS Targets DHS Whistleblower 18:56:55
Jacob Barnett, 14-Year-Old With Asperger's Syndrome, May Be Smarter Than Einstein! 18:36:16
Penn & Teller: Crap - Global Warming 18:35:23
Edward Snowden vs. the Sovietization of America 18:21:27
Syria's Islamists seize control as moderates dither 18:14:09
Google Reveals Top-Secret Plan to Beam Internet to Developing World from Space Balloons 18:03:57
Ron Paul saves the Constitution in this Animated Web Series 17:30:26
Sometimes they tell you the truth 17:23:57
Lil Wayne Desecrates American Flag; A Veteran Responds 17:21:55
Syria Is Becoming Obama’s Iraq 17:21:52
CO Citizens: citizen co-sponsor bill to Reform the Patriot Act 16:47:08
Monsanto Executive wins World Food Prize Award 16:35:22
New study: GMOs linked to blood cell disorders, leukemia 15:57:23
Glenn Greenwald on WTC 7? 15:30:32
Rand Paul rallying troops for 2016 15:12:19
Hey! State-Sponsored Media, You Can't Cajole This Rabble 14:54:17
Michael Lind Is Right: Libertarianism Doesn't Work 14:45:08
Sen. Rand Paul's Speech at the 'Tea Party' Patriots's 'Audit The IRS' Rally 6-19-13 - VIDEO 14:42:29
Drones used by feds already on US soil 14:28:21
Man Accused Of Threatening To Murder, Burn Sen. Cruz 14:23:33
Tea Party Rally in DC - Ted Cruz: "Abolish The IRS - Put IRS Unemployed on The Border!" 14:21:57
Sen. Rand Paul's Speech at the Tea Party Patriot's 'Audit the IRS' Rally 14:17:54
"Teacher, Why is Palestine Not on the Map?" 14:11:24
Updated: Dwayne Stovall Is Officially Challenging John Cornyn (Texas Rino Hunting) 13:39:43
Obama 2007 vs. Obama 2013 on NSA, FISA, and the Patriot Act 13:38:31
$509K Federal Safe-Sex Study Will Text 'Gay-Lingo' to Meth Addicts 13:36:32
"No Taxation Without Representation": Conservative Lawmakers, Activists Push Back Against Online Sales Tax 13:18:49
TWA Flight 800 investigators break silence in new documentary, claim original conclusion about cause of crash is wrong 13:18:14
Bipartisan Mental Health Bill Goes To Florida Governor Scott's Desk 13:10:25
Obama Bankrupts Coal, Boosts Fracking 13:10:22
Rand Paulathon: (New) Interviews & Speeches 13:09:57
No School Insurance For Teachers With Guns, Insurance Companies Don't Want Liability Issues 13:01:56
Freedom of Speech at University 2 13:00:10
REVOLUTION: Massive Protests In Brazil Over Big Govt - Protestos em todo Brasil 12:35:52
Wash Post Asks: Is Rand Paul going Mainstream, or Vice Versa? 12:35:36
NASA Wants Your Help Lassoing An Asteroid 12:32:41
How Many "Former" CIA, NSA, etc. People Work in the Media? 11:59:45
Ron Paul: "NSA head fudged the figures" 11:57:11
Urgent Action Alert: EPA About To Raise Allowable Concentrations Of Glyphosate On Food Crops, Edible Oils & Animal Feed 11:50:00
Philip Eby For State Rep Texas District 58! 11:48:00
With New Federal 'Rest Rules' Taking Effect July 1st, Feds questioned 11:35:41
Paranoia Strikes Deep: The Press and Rand Paul 11:27:27
WOW! Senate Bill Allows 46 Million Immigrants By 2033, Says CBO 11:26:11
Russell Brand on Morning Joe Rips Apart "Superficial" Media. Talks Snowden & Manning 11:25:41
Israel Wants US to Front Them 5 Billion for Future Military Aid / More Weapons 11:22:22
Man Behind Syrian ‘Chemical Weapons’ Claim Is Fiction Writer Who Ran Benghazi Cover-Up 11:13:50
Audit the IRS Tea Party Rally Live Blog 10:48:12
The NSA and the One Percent 10:31:14
DHS Wants Same Surveillance Powers as NSA-Unlike NSA, the DHS Can Actually Arrest People 10:21:38
Rand Paul: Jerry Doyle Show 10:01:10
Sen. Rand Paul on WMAL 09:44:38
Operation: Everyone Talk Like a Terrorist All the Time (FunnyOrDie) 09:38:10
Rand Paul addresses Regan Forum 09:37:56
Rand Paul: "Requires a certain number of miles of Border fencing built each year." 09:34:18
Pistol-Packing Grandma Starts Neighborhood 'Glock Block' 09:33:33
Rand Paul on PBS: Balancing legalized Immigration with Improved Border Security - 6/18/13 - VIDEO 09:32:03
Rand Paul: Ideas, Ideals and Philosophies | WSJ Interview 09:29:33
City passes sweeping anti-surveillance law 09:23:07
Who Are The Real Traitors? 09:19:13
No, NSA Spying Did NOT Prevent A Terror Attack on Wall Street 09:08:50
Farewell Bernanke - Thanks For Inflating The Biggest Bond Bubble The World Has Ever Seen 08:46:56
6/13/13 Dave details the US govt's plan to completely destroy your unalienable rights! 08:46:33
"Inflation at 53 year low." 08:31:14
Glenn Beck Making Sense? Government "dragging us" into a war we "will not survive," in the Middle East 07:50:41
It's Bonus Time For IRS Union Employees! $70 Million! 06:54:17
LRC: Expansionism vs Neutrality 06:10:09
Man Who Oversees $150 Billion Warns Of Hyperinflation 05:28:25
12 Good Reasons to Teach Your Children to Speed Read-Before a Collapse Hits 04:52:50
The NSA is Storing Every Bit and Byte of Communication Information on You for Future Use Against You 04:19:47
I am the GOP. We Are Winning. What about YOU? 03:33:09
The kind of money Americans hate 03:21:41
Weather Channel Accused of Pro-Weather Bias 02:16:52
Robert Welch and Orwell explain the situation you presently find yourself in. 01:59:06
Rand Paul is the Most Interesting Man in the (Political) World 01:55:51
NSA Boys Club Hearing Just Another Psy-Op on the American People 01:43:18
I Didn't Know The I.R.S. Regularly Collects Our Electronic Activities and More! (Banking, Ebay, etc.) 01:21:32
Our Changing Earth 01:14:28
I agree with Jesse Ventura 99% of the Time, But This is a Deal breaker for me 01:01:23
National restaurant will label GMOs 01:01:07
Rand Paul discusses NSA, Syria/Afghanistan, and shaking up the GOP (Jerry Doyle 6/18/13) 00:57:18
Big Pharma Whore Senator Durbin, to Reintroduce Anti-Supplement Bill 00:55:42
The world is upside down: Bill O'Reilly Against NSA snooping 00:29:03
Neighborhood 'Glock Block' Warns Criminals: We Don't Call Police... 00:21:58
Hot Mic: NSA Chief to FBI #2: 'Tell Your Boss I Owe Him Another Friggin' Beer'... Video 00:19:08
Make Me Vomit: "Royal Baby to Give $400 Million to British Economy" 00:16:32