Posted on June 20, 2013

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I used a silver dollar as a ball marker on the golf course today 23:58:10
Chipotle Spills The Beans: Ingredients Contain GMOs 22:18:51
WOW! Must "C" Catch by Ballboy 21:49:05
Real Life Spy Drama On U.S. Bound Plane: “I’m Dead Already, They’re Gonna Kill Me" 21:00:00
SHOCK!: "Lift Up Your Shirt, Shake Out Your Bra" Police Search 20:42:37
Michigan Liberty Activists Thwart Socialized Medicine 20:24:30
Rand Paul Wants To Block Obama From Sending Aid To Syria 20:05:54
"I Can't Stop Laughing!" Bush-Era Whistle-Blower: Obama Was NSA Wiretap Victim in 2004 - VIDEO 19:50:41
Conservative Group Says IRS Approved Nonprofit Status After Applying With ‘liberal-sounding name’ 18:53:51
Ron Paul third in Fed Chief Poll 15:44:19
Revealed: The top secret rules that allow NSA to use US data without a warrant - Greenwald 15:37:51
I never signed up for the KKK 14:28:21
The Big Red...Senator from Tennessee? 14:24:23
Rand Paul threatens to support filibustering immigration bill 14:19:38
Turkey Using CHEMICAL Water Cannons on Dissidents 14:04:18
WOW! Rubio Loses Favor With Tea Party - VIDEO 13:27:04
Once Again, More & More Lies! DHS Now Claims Billions Of Bullets Were A "Clerical Error" 12:39:32
Please join us in Ohio 11:46:54
Assange Says WikiLeaks Team Aiding Snowden on Iceland. 10:55:47
"I am Bradley Manning" Published 6/18/2013 10:30:28
CNN | Greenwald: Snowden Wants To Speak Directly To The Public 10:10:30
Ron Paul: The Fed Has Lost Control of Interest Rates 10:00:15
TYT: The Establishment Strikes Back 09:18:53
Former Miss America (running for congress) Called 'Street Walker' by GOP Leader 08:55:07
NSA Agent Caught Snooping 08:26:47
Help Germany's Party of Reason (PDV) get on the ballot/time sensitive 05:05:53
Who is Michael Hastings? 02:33:07
Brazilian Cop Refuses Order to Go Against the People 01:34:16
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Scientists Create Detailed 3-D Model of Human Brain 23:15:50
Interest Rates Headed Up. Metals Drop Big Time. Now Ticking Back Up. What's The Deal? 23:15:06
Weekend Watching: The Lives of Others 22:58:49
Why hold metals 22:47:35
The Nitrate and Nitrite Myth: Another reason not to fear bacon 22:35:52
Friendship Only Goes So Far 22:35:45
The Future of Gold - and the Libertarian Vision! Peter Schiff on Freedomain Radio with Stefan Molyneux 22:34:46
Forget 3DTVs: MIT group working to bring holographs to your living room 22:32:52
Protester killed, dozens injured as Brazil police face off with a million in 100 cities 22:30:36
Breakthrough 22:29:56
Health officials 'very disappointed' that most doctors and nurses declined flu vaccinations last winter 22:29:51
Citizens for Liberty 19 June 2013 Meeting - Movie Night - The UN Deception 22:12:28
Obama Offends Catholics in UK, Says Religious Schools Are Divisive 21:56:57
"E"-Verify System 21:52:53
California Motorist beats 5th Seat-Belt Ticket Through the Mail Using Constitutional Argument 21:33:17
Rand Paul & The Great Game 21:11:18
Truther Rant Like No Other On Live TV 20:59:45
Stella Tremblay, New Hampshire Legislator, Emails Whole Legislature About Boston Marathon Conspiracy 20:07:53
Ted Cruz Launches National Petition Against Gang Of Eight's Bill 19:51:38
Bosch and Evatran partner to bring EV wireless charging system to the US 19:49:08
America's Social Contract Has Been Shredded 19:37:21
Alternative Internet 19:22:28
Why are you a libertarian? 19:20:39
Whistleblower Russ Tice Says Senator Obama Was Spied On By The NSA In 2004 19:20:01
Great collection of Judge Nap videos 19:02:16
The Rand Paul Moment 18:31:47
Rand Paul wants to block Obama from sending aid to Syria 18:29:16
Syria: Obama supported terrorists 'on the run' 18:14:56
Palestinian Prime Minister Offers Resignation After 2 Weeks in Office 18:06:54
Failed Novelist Puppeteering Obama? 17:57:49
Senator Paul has some questions for FBI director Mueller about domestic drones 17:44:52
Is there a "safe" cloud service? 17:40:02
Museums help Air Force grads get ceremonial flyover, despite sequester cuts Video 17:17:57
USDA Announces 38 Million Dollar Sugar Bailout to Prevent Big Sugar Bailout 16:22:10
National Review: Rand Paul’s Party 16:00:54
Sometimes technology is miraculous 15:56:22
FED Speaks - Market Tanks 15:47:54
Little drama with a happy ending 15:37:38
WHALE - Great site with resources to checkout 15:11:41
Stocks Nosedive 2%, Dow Plummets 350 15:06:52
FBI Deputy Director ‘Misspoke’ About Major Claim During NSA Hearing 14:51:10
Video: Sen. Rand Paul on "America's Newsroom" w/Bill Hemmer - Fox News, 6/20/13 14:35:37
Video: David Seaman on the Joe Rogan Experience talking about NSA revelations 14:25:04
Rachel Maddow covers bizarre FBI shooting in Orlando - Ibragim Todashev 14:16:43
Help put this metal prophecy in context 14:16:09
WND: Americans Ballistic Over NSA 'Dragnet' 14:14:57
Was the FBI Investigating Michael Hastings Before His Death? 14:13:21
Senate Kills Cornyn Border Security Amendment 13:56:36
NSA Capable Of 'False Flag' Attacks - VIDEO 13:46:49
SHEPPLE Waking Up To NSA Spying: Privacy Search Engines BOOMING 13:37:48
Meet Ms. Genae Girard, the Brave Woman who won the SCOTUS Decision, re-affirming that You OWN Your Own DNA! 13:26:11
Polluting to death: China introduces execution for environmental offenders 13:14:33
Perceptions of Pauls with Shamity 13:04:29
Ron Paul Talks Gold 13:01:59
Obama is actually spelled OhyBpoAcrMitA 12:55:52
No Credibility! CNN Says Obama Poll Numbers Dropping Because He's Not 'Letting Us In On The Secret' 12:26:43
March to the Border 12:24:29
Proud to have predicted all this. 12:17:53
STUDY: 70 Percent of Americans on Prescription Drugs 12:13:36
US To Leave Behind More Than $7 Billion In Military Equipment 12:06:40
Rick Perry : High Capacity Magazines Are A Must (Video) 12:00:51
The Global Financial Markets Are Getting Annihilated 11:58:36
Business Insider: Government Bond Markets Around The World Are Burning 11:50:23
Thomas Sowell: Federal Reserve "A Cancer" 11:45:17
Tampa PD promises Heavy Prosecution for a Glock 26 left @ Theater Bathroom...until the Owner revealed as One of Their Own! 11:40:47
Daniel Hannan: There's No Such Thing as 'Consumer Policy' 11:32:48
The Tragedy of Obamacare: Young Men the Most Penalized by Law 11:21:28
What is to stop the govt from confiscating gold and silver? 11:18:12
Penn Jillette: Two Quotes On Privacy 11:14:26
The Birth Of The Dollar 10:36:41
NSA Theme Song 10:24:32
Hide Your Face - Jail's Your Place 10:13:11
Obama’s Humanitarianism as Window-Dressing for the US “Deep State” Agenda: The Case of Syria 10:11:28
Precious Metals attacked! *Updated With Video* 10:02:16
Rand Paul Discusses NSA & FBI Drone Use 09:57:40
Rand Paul on David Letterman Show 09:53:24
Skynet rising: Google acquires 512-qubit quantum computer; NSA surveillance to be turned over to AI machines 08:38:43
Matt Taibbi: The Last Mystery of the Financial Crisis 08:38:16
Ron Paul is the gold standard. 08:25:38
Taxpayers Punished For Police Misdeeds? 07:38:01
Ron Paul on the Alex Jones Show 6/19/13 06:59:05
the war on drugs is a failure... 04:26:51
Lots of China Economic Chatter the Past Couple of Weeks on MSM: Is Todays Event Part of Collapse? 03:27:05
Did Gorelick Ride TWA 800 To Fannie Mae Millions? 02:29:49
Paul Harvey - "Just by turning to the left, the world has gone in circles." (Video) 02:27:08
You'll Never Guess What Happened to "Mr. 9/11", Rudy Giuliani 02:20:56
The Future Of Weed: High Country 02:04:10
Fidelity to the Constitution When We Need It by Andrew Napolitano 01:52:17
Why Government Disinformation Works 01:21:05
Hey NSA there's a lot of things I don't know but I bet you do. 00:27:53