Posted on June 21, 2013

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Rand Paul Shoots Down NSA's Claim of 50 Thwarted Terror Attacks: "I don't think we've caught anybody through any of this" 23:52:18
Email Sent by Michael Hastings Hours Before His Death Mentions ‘Big Story’ and a Need to ‘Go Off the Radar’ 23:49:30
Federal law enforcement - Priceless 22:36:05
Steve Wozniak: I'm A Fan Of Edward Snowden And Feel Little Guilty About NSA Spying 21:34:34
Judge Napolitano Reacts To Edward Snowden Being Charged With Espionage 20:32:31
Iceland-Bound Jet For Edward Snowden 'Could Take Off Tomorrow' 20:19:18
US Charges Snowden with Espionage in Secret Complaint; Asks Hong Kong to Detain 19:32:05
Coming To Amerika?: Australians Forced To Answer Questions About Sex Life - VIDEO 17:56:46
NSA Whistleblower: NSA Spying On – and Blackmailing – Top Government Officials and Military Officers 17:45:15
Libertarianism: The Middle Ground that No Statist Wants 16:39:53
Free Food and Medicine if Everything Goes South for YOU! Surprise Ahead... 16:00:26
How Much Does a Bitcoin Weigh? 15:57:32
Ben Swann's First "Full Disclosure" 14:43:42
Federal Nullification Efforts Mounting in States 13:08:26
Clare Daly, "Ireland pimped out like prostitutes for Obama" 12:48:23
BOOM: Senators Introduce Bill To Block US Arming Syria Militants 12:35:29
Aww: Matt Yglesias bashes Rand Paul’s ‘white supremacist’ leanings, gets feelings hurt 11:29:27
This Is Really Creepy: Operation Insider Threat Program 10:55:22
McCain: Rand Paul Wing 'Isolationists' Who 'Will Endanger America's Future' 10:36:57
Hubble picks up a space penguin – big picture 09:50:38
CNN Ambush | Greenwald Calmly Rebuts: 'Oversight' guise is SYMBOLIC & EMPTY 09:22:59
Great Story! Finch Fights Back: Supporters Hold Rally At The Capitol For Suspended Sheriff 09:09:10
The House GOP revolts: John Boehner officially has no control over his caucus 09:04:08
Nullification gets an MSM notice 05:29:11
Ben Swann - NSA's Criminal Activity 00:18:52
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Karen Hudes. Comments on a Zero Hedge article Titled, "Who Are The Real Traitors?" 23:58:33
What's Freedom? 23:37:29
Bloomberg: Rand Paul Won’t Save the Republican Party 22:50:26
Ashton Kutcher as Steve Jobs in New Film 22:43:59
The Real Obama Administration 22:39:40
Veterans Hold Key to 9/11 Truth-Justice 22:39:18
Video - Liquid Nitrogen added to water at pool party? 22:19:06
SURPRISE!: Corker Amendment PERMANENTLY Offers Citizenship To Those Overstaying Their Visas 21:44:43
KRAUTHAMMER: Obama's Berlin Speech ' Self-Indulgent, Anachronistic and Adolescent - VIDEO 21:32:03
Car Hacking ("Boston Brakes") 21:31:29
YAL (Young Americans for Liberty), YR (Young Republicans) 21:27:58
Are You Ready For Another Scandal?: New Ambassador To Belgium Announced AFTER Accusations of Soliciting Underage Prostitutes 21:23:04
PANDEMONIUM In Brazil!: 2 Million March, 1 Teenager Killed - VIDEO 20:42:06
Ron Paul: Bernanke Should Resign - CNBC 20:40:48
A Personal Thank You From Sen. Rand Paul 20:37:48
Don't Give In To Feeling Helpless 20:37:43
Russia: In Syria, U.S. Is Making Same Mistake It Did In 1980’s Afghanistan 20:10:13
Sen. Rand Paul on CNN's "Out Front" W / Erin Burnett - 6/19/13 - VIDEO 20:05:34
A Russian Commercial - A little humor to 20:00:27
The Shadowy World of Booz Allen 19:57:13
Snowden "Sealed" Complaint 19:53:23
Businessweek: The Search For Monsanto's Rogue GMO Wheat - VIDEO 19:36:19
Two Million March In Streets Of Brazil 19:32:03
Yahoo! issues "correction" to reference of Obama's birthplace 19:30:42
Peter Schiff And The Fed Untapering "Waiting for Godot" Era; "Buckle up" 19:25:39
DHS Insider Warns: “It’s Already Begun. You’re Seeing It Now.” 19:24:04
Gary Johnson Live 19:05:28
Rand Paul: 'practicing what he's been preaching' 18:51:53
Ratings agencies part in the Financial Crisis 18:14:09
The Strange Case of Barrett Brown 18:02:02
First NAZIs, now slave traders: "The apple doesn't fall too far from the tree in the Bush family 17:56:46
Myspace is now a music website - hmm 17:55:42
Doomsday poll? 87% risk of stock crash by year-end: 10 predictions point to worse plunge than 2008 17:52:42
Monkey Bites Rookie Cop (PIG) Issuing Speeding Ticket - VIDEO 17:49:48
Florida Toughens Marijuana Paraphernalia Laws 17:21:32
The Ron Paul Institute | "Bill Kristol's Cato Crush" 17:19:43
OMG - I'm weirded out 17:00:50
This just in: O'reilly Offers Full-scale Support Of Immigration Bill 16:39:18
3 NSA veterans speak out on whistle-blower: We told you so 16:31:28
Woolrich - Another false flag 16:08:28
Sen. Paul CNN's Outfront with Erin Burnett- 6/19/2013 (FBI: Domestic Drones Being Used ) 16:06:29
Pardon Snowden Now! Last Chance to Sign White House Petition 15:48:45
To All Sheriffs, Deputies and the Police: Are You Peace Officers or Prostitutes for the Feds? 15:41:08
Rand Paul Leaves the Door Open to Filibustering James Comey's FBI Nomination 15:27:23
Rally's all over this once great Nation 15:21:38
Senate Bill 833 - Oregon! 15:13:20
GCHQ taps fibre-optic cables for secret access to world's communications 14:27:21
BOOM! Senator Sessions Slams FOX News Host Bill O'Reilly For Immigration Misconceptions 13:59:00
WHOA: Study Shows Pesticides Slash Water Life By 42 Percent 13:52:02
Gold Vs bitcoin. Free Market currency solutions 13:47:28
Why World Violence Is Declining 13:20:15
WND Exclusive - POLL: Americans Approve of Drafting Women For Combat 13:19:21
Video: College students know more about Kardashian baby than NSA surveillance 13:12:41
British spy agency has access to global communications, shares info with NSA 13:12:11
Congress Moves To Create New Surveillance Agency Under NDAA 2014 - VIDEO 13:09:45
Obama Administration Preparing For Deployment of US Troops With Riot Training To Egypt - VIDEO 12:59:30
BattleField 4 develeper interview. The use of Levolution reminded me of our Lovelution. 12:56:47
Question: Did 'IRS to Confiscate Passports" become law? 12:50:47
One Million Brazilians hit the street to protest today 12:47:02
Michael Synder- The Coming Bond Bubble 12:37:21
After Phone Call With Rubio, O'reilly Offers Full-scale Support Of Immigration Bill 12:34:22
Feds unravel plot to build, sell x-ray weapon in Upstate New York 12:29:41
USDA Organic Infant Formula Contains Pesticide Labeled As a "NUTRIENT" 12:29:00
WAPO: FBI Has Received Aviation Clearance For At Least Four Domestic Drone Operations 12:21:46
New NSA Warrantless Tactics Reveal Little Room For Presumption of Innocence 12:17:10
3D Printed Batteries Smaller Than A Grain Of Sand! 12:06:09
How Ted Cruz's Father Shaped His Views on Immigration - AUDIO 12:05:44
BREITBART: Ted Cruz Launches National Petition Against 'GANG of Eight's ' Immigration Bill 11:59:08
A Call To Google, Facebook all Websites: Delete Our Data 11:54:32
BI: Political Turmoil Is 'SMASHING' The Greek Markets 11:52:44
Market Watch: Russia To Supply Oil To China in $270 Billion Deal 11:48:23
LOL: Man with a gun MAY be en-route to UTA campus - all campus activities cancelled 11:14:48
From Afghanistan: Thank You Bradley Manning! 11:07:10
Ndaa 2014 - Indefinite Surveillance On The Way! 11:00:51
Iraq, Libya, Syria: Extensive US-NATO War Crimes. How the Media Buries “The Evidence” 10:50:48
Exclusive Interview With Sen. Rand Paul in The New American 10:41:22
Lars Larson says Iraq was going to attack the US 10:28:54
Not a Jedi Yet! 10:20:22
Orson Welles on marijuana, prohibition and the Rule of Law. 10:10:53
NYPOST: Gandolfini last meal: Two orders fried king prawns, 'large portion' foie gras, four shots rum, two pina 10:05:15
Rand Paul: Join me in suing the NSA over illegal spying 09:49:34
Rousseff calls emergency cabinet meeting after 1 million Brazilians take to the streets 09:46:51
So You Want to Intervene in Syria Without Breaking the Law? Good luck with that. 09:39:20
Men Are Being Systematically Emasculated In America Today 09:38:46
Woman Survives Being Compacted In Garbage Truck Up To 10 Times 09:28:26
Democratic Senators Wyden, Udall Defy Obama: "NSA Spy Scheme Played No Role In Stopping Terrorists" 09:25:15
More evidence of slain U.S. ambassador's secret activities 09:18:26
Lawyers eye NSA data as treasure trove for evidence in murder, divorce cases 08:56:05
'Star Trek' creator & "Scotty" bound for space (The final frontier) 08:54:42
Vigo Mortensen ("The King") Meets Alex Jones - 6/20/13 - VIDEO 08:46:53
Security/Industrial Complex from the Atlantic 08:45:29
Lawyers to challenge U.S. 'no fly' list in federal court in Oregon 08:37:35
Driver who witnessed Hastings’ crash: ‘It shook my car—like a freight truck going by’ 08:34:20
Six former investigators challenge official story about TWA800 explosion (1996) Conspiracy theorists acquitted? 06:32:27
Frankenfood wins accolades from conservatives because the left is against it! 06:02:50
Blood, spit and cops: Nationwide drug roadblocks raise eyebrows 05:20:26
For those who believe in channeling: A message from "Jesus Sanada the same" 04:57:13
Tesla Model S: Half-charge for free or full battery swap in less than half the time for the cost of a tank of gas 04:47:43
Exploding sidewalks menace London pedestrians 04:14:13
Flashback:CIA considers Israel one of its biggest spy threats, but the U.S. continues to fund their military adventures 04:08:58
A smoking ban in all related companies rentals 04:03:03
Is the worldwide monetary collapse starting with China? 03:53:24
How Government Made Big Media Monopolies - Understanding is the First Step 03:49:55
Thoughts on Jon Stewart's response to gun control? 03:32:19
The Silicon Valley fascists 02:23:03
Pregnant Woman: Salvation Army Told Her, Family to Move Out 01:52:36
Taco Bell's New Green Menu Takes No Ingredients From Nature 01:32:44
A deal to turn the US into a giant cage has been reached! 01:24:33
Run Edward Snowden for Mitch McConnell's Senate seat up for grabs in 2014 01:15:57
Obama B.S. Removal Kit 01:15:37
James Comey (Obama's FBI chief prospective pick Two Thumbs-Up on Waterboarding? 00:55:59
What Is Wrong With This Cops?: Oregon State Police Taser Autistic Child Found Wandering Naked - VIDEO 00:51:46
Corbett Report: Russ Tice Reveals the Truth About NSA Spying 00:35:41