Posted on June 23, 2013

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POWERFUL: Suicide Note from an Iraq War Veteran... 23:48:36
Edward Snowden Refuses to Bow Before the King and He Finds Refuge 23:31:30
With Amendment Killed, Rand Paul Won't Support Immigration Bill 22:50:49
Ron Paul's Texas Straight Talk: What We Have Learn From Afghanistan - 6/24/13 20:51:42
Fractional Reserve Banking is Bad! 20:50:19
Obama (Now) Backpedaling On 'no-fly' Zone 18:52:47
Implications of NSA Spying Are FAR More Serious Than Anybody Has Raised 18:42:26
Full Disclosure Pilot Episode with Ben Swann: On the NSA's Criminal Activity. 18:35:28
All of This, "Bad," News is Actually Very Good News 16:40:46
Wearing a Whistle to Work Tomorrow 15:51:22
DARPA Computer Geek Talks About Hacking Cars - VIDEO 15:21:17
Edward Snowden on Yahoo 15:18:09
(Removed) 15:06:23
Wow, National Review Commentors Love Rand 15:00:20
Top 5 Sad Attempts at Whitewashing the NSA Snowden Story 14:59:50
Snowden: Tyrants in a Tizzy 14:56:40
Rep. Peter King calls Rand Paul’s remarks on Snowden ‘absolutely disgraceful’ 14:30:33
Rand Paul: Our DNI Lied, Snowden Told the Truth 14:27:07
Daily Kos: Obama Is A Fugin Fraud 13:41:03
The Guardian: Edward Snowden Seeks Asylum in Ecuador 13:08:51
Rap News 19: Whistleblower, featuring Edward Snowden ~ Awesome video! 12:14:07
Greenwald Rips David Gregory 'spin' 11:29:54
CNN | Greenwald Responds / Pelosi Gets Jeered! 11:22:57
Another Reason to abolish the IRS 11:03:05
Rand Paul Warns Snowden: Don't Cozy Up To The Russians 10:51:08
All America Should See This! Breaking Reality ~ 2013 09:59:06
Are you tough enough? 09:05:38
EVERY gun, EVERY weapon, on EVERY side in the Middle East is paid for by your tax dollars! 08:55:05
Surveillance contractors gave millions in campaign cash to lawmakers - GOP Sen. John McCain largest recipient 06:21:56
Hong Kong: "Snowden Left Lawfully For Third Country; U.S. Failed to Complete Paperwork Properly." 05:34:38
The Real Anatomy of Political Rights 02:58:54
Military police sit down in respect to protest demonstration in Brazil 01:46:40
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Rand Paul Petition Class Action Lawsuit Against Obama And The NSA. 23:57:45
Palin excellent OpEd on the Amnesty bill and why it sucks. 23:39:30
H-Hour: World's Elite For PS4 - Constitutional Framework 23:37:02
Arrest Rep Peter King, Not NSA Whistleblower Edward Snowden 23:36:10
New PROOF That There Are Aliens? Canadian Politican Claims Explains 23:21:35
Why I Will Not Accept Rights-Based Justifications For Liberty 23:19:30
Now it's "Muslim" lawyers demanding Obama's arrest 22:50:33
Libertarianism For the Digital Age (Julian Assange Book Reco) 22:40:22
Surveillance Revelations Pushed People To Look For More Private Ways Of Going Online - VIDEO 22:09:55
Blue Cross-Blue Shield Takes The Lead On ObamaCare 22:00:34
Anybody go to PorcFest this year? 22:00:09
An Open Letter to the Obama Administration and the PTB 21:51:22
Federal 'Snitch' Program - Jail for 'Failing to Report' Co-Workers 21:09:35
The Founding Conservatives - David Lefer 21:06:59
BUCHANAN: Hispanic Influx From Immigration Could Break US Into "Two Countries" - AUDIO 20:35:42
Via Drudge - Weekly Standard: Senate To Vote On Immigration Bill Monday Before Reading It - VIDEO 20:24:02
Crying Keith Alexander Defends NSA Surveillance Expectations for Preventing Another 9/11 Inside Job 19:39:33
The 'Christian' movement that tells husbands to SPANK their wives 'to correct misbehavior' 18:53:40
What We Have Learned From Afghanistan 18:52:47
URGENT Petition To Sign: President Obama Guarantee Due Process For Edward Snowden 18:41:49
Restore The Fourth 18:34:30
Bloomberg News: Two Large Meals A Day Tops Six Mini-Meals For Weight Loss 17:26:26
The Terrorism Industry 17:15:21
NYPost EXCLUSIVE: Sen. Robert Menendez Wooed Married Women: Source 17:12:18
Police Shot a Man To Death In Church Today - Mississippi 16:37:25
Ecuador, heaven for expats 16:27:52
. 16:11:49
Just Joined Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity 15:35:11
Every Person in the World Has Natural Rights 15:28:36
NSA Contractors Contribute Big to Politicians 15:18:59
Rand Paul CNN 6/23/13 15:18:49
Newest Terrorism Threat 15:16:23
Honoring John Peter Zenger: The Man who Stood for Freedom of the Press Exposing Corruption in Government . 15:10:37
IRS Scandal EXPANDS: Now EPA Accused of SELECTIVELY Targeting Conservative Groups 15:04:39
Extradition Request Phone Call 14:54:14
Fox News: Edward Snowden Lands Safely In Moscow , Flying To Cuba - UPDATE 14:42:02
Luigi's New Shoes 14:39:02
Great article about the FBI's " informant program" 14:26:01
Choose Yourself! 14:23:20
BOOM! Fox News: Trail of Benghazi Security Lapses Leads To State Department Senior Leadership, Records Show - VIDEO 14:21:14
WHOA! So That's Where Obama Came From: Japanese Scientists PERFECT Technique To Grow Human Organs In Animals 14:10:59
Ron Paul vs. John McCain 2007 13:58:34
Snowden Becomes Eighth Person To Be Charged With Violating "The Espionage Act" Under Obama 13:55:58
Handful of Congressional Members Move To Rein In Surveillance State - VIDEO 13:47:45
Constitutional Quandary 13:38:01
Edward Snowden 'Requests Asylum In Ecuador' 13:14:59
NSA Spy Chief: Snowden was Spying 12:59:40
Rand Paul To Oppose Immigration Reform Bill 12:55:32
Suspect mentions satanic cult (illuminati) while holding 2 yr old at knifepoint. 12:14:06
#WeAreSnowden *Spread it!* 11:57:54
Spread our ideals using social media. My proposal...check it out! 11:48:28
Low scumbaggery from David Gregory 11:46:10
2012 Elections and Republican conspiracy against Ron Paul 11:15:30
Paula Deen is being treated unfairly 10:57:03
Bill Richardson on Government and Rights 10:44:26
To Print or Not to Print-The Fed's "No Exit" Dilemma 10:27:24
Drones for Christ 10:26:36
Marijuana plots destroying forests and wildlife in California - Another reason for full legalization. 10:24:16
Sandy Victims Charged for Unused Water 10:12:14
Any qualms or reservations? 10:09:40
DHS preps kids for FEMA camps! 10:04:34
Introducing the NSA-Proof Font 09:57:15
Liberty Convention - Athens Georgia - June 29, 2013 (Ben Swann) 09:38:38
Ben Swann - June 28, 2013 - Des Moines Iowa 09:34:25
IRS scandal expands: Now EPA accused of selectively targeting conservative groups 09:02:05
US leaves 1000 troops in Jordan after training exercise 08:06:42
McClatchy: Administration encouraging govt employees to rat out potential whistle-blowers based on "high risk" behavior patterns 07:18:42
'Incompetent' and 'liar' among most frequently used words to describe the Obama: Pew Research Center 06:37:43
Calgary, Alberta devastated in deluge of biblical proportions 05:30:27
Snowden Has left Hong Kong; Official Press Release from HKSAR 14:58:43
Another supposed whistle Blower from higher education says Obama was an indonesian citizen 04:04:57
Snowden flying to Moscow? 04:04:25
VICE Interviews A Pakistani Contract Killer 03:11:24
Australians Forced to Answer Questions About Sex Life 01:37:18
Second American Civil War Scenario 01:36:10
Caption This Picture IV 01:32:22
Cloud Atlas Trailer 01:01:31
Bill Maher.. Hypocrite? 00:45:33
New MIplex Toy for the Syrian Rebels 00:15:52
Fake Empire (Video) 00:09:39
50 Million Views: Same Love (Video) 00:05:05