Posted on June 24, 2013

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Ron Paul supporter "Drinking with Bob" announces candidacy for mayor of New York City 23:39:10
Superman Speaks On Political Rights 23:28:24
The Great Unwind Has Finally Arrived 23:26:06
Richard Clarke: Hastings Accident "CONSISTENT with A Car Cyber Attack" 23:09:21
"Demand a plan" from Mercedes (re Michael Hastings) 22:53:40
MSNBC Chris Hayes | Greenwald Interview 21:17:38
Secretary Of State John Kerry: ‘People May Die As A Consequence’ Of Edward Snowden’s Leaks 21:09:16
Democracy Now | Glen Greenwald: "It's Almost Like Christmas" 20:37:10
Curious how Wear your Whistle to Work went 20:35:58
Corbett Report: Interview 687 – Sibel Edmonds Blows the Whistle on Government Blackmailing 20:34:17
Video | Why are US Extradition Requests for Snowden Ignored? 20:17:15
CNN | Greenwald AGAIN Defends against Co-Conspirator Accusation 19:46:32
TragedyandHope Startup 19:42:14
One Day 18:13:27
TWA Flight 800 Cover Up Exposed | FBI Covered Up That Missile Shot Down (video) 17:52:23
Neocons Are Spinning Like A Top 17:45:13
11 Silver Things You Need To Know About Silver Right NOW 17:23:21
NewsMax: Rand Paul Seizes the Moment 16:34:40
Ron Paul "The Death of Daniel Somers" 15:44:23
Fatigued Truckers Killing Troopers Everywhere as Insane Cops Continue to Revel In Waking Up Off-Duty Sleeping Drivers 15:25:35
Cop Breaking the "Law" vs. Cop Breaking the "Law" (VIDEO) 14:53:06
Has anyone read the eBay agreement lately? 14:04:24
U.S. Attempting to Intimidate the Entire Planet 13:49:08
Russian Views on the Bilderberg Group vs the World 13:35:32
Ecuador Foreign Minister Patino speaks: "Who has betrayed Who?" 13:31:20
Hong Kong Double Crosses US: Edward Snowden, A Step Ahead Of The US Government, Eludes Arrest - VIDEO 13:23:58
Just for fun - Someone posted this in the IRC channel at work 13:22:17
"If Edward Snowden Is A Patriot Committing Civil Disobedience Why Not Come Home And Face the Music?" 13:06:04
Pelosi Booed After She Defends NSA Violating Fourth Amendment - VIDEO 12:46:27
Natural Rights are the Foundation of Liberty 12:21:39
Immigration Reform is NOT about amnesty, it's about Tracking You 12:16:42
HORRIFYING ! Atlanta Police: Traffic Citations Used To Fund Pay Raises 12:15:58
BOOM! California State Senate Passes Bill Requiring Permit To Buy Ammo 11:56:39
Palin: It seems Washington DC is for sale. Oh and Snowden isn't the problem. 11:55:17
Recovery: 76% of Americans Living Paycheck-to-Paycheck 11:49:40
The Pursuit of Edward Snowden: Washington in a Rage, Striving to Run the World 10:55:27
Mr. President, Hands Off Edward Snowden! 10:35:41
Time to repeal the Patriot Act, NDAA and abolish DHS 09:31:34
Oh no! 10 yr yield exploding. 08:05:57
Greenwald tweeted, "Who needs the government to try to criminalize journalism when you have David Gregory to do it?" 07:27:21
Video Update: Whoa! CFR President Richard Haas Raging on Snowden Bloomberg TV Monday Morning 07:18:49
Ron Paul Making Sense on Syria – Now We’re Really Done For 03:11:25
Booz Allen Hamilton: What You Don't Know About Snowden's Former Employer 01:49:17
Anger mounts after Facebook's 'shadow profiles' leak in bug 01:02:58
Tracking #Snowden 09:37:55
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The Iron Triangle - The Carlyle Group Exposed (Posted in Jan. 2010, but worth a repost, IMO) 23:46:02
ANTI Face recognition eyewear - 23:31:28
Markets In Turmoil As Price Of Money Skyrockets To $90 A Dollar 22:58:36
Espionage 22:55:56
The Death of Daniel Somers 22:45:50
. 22:33:13
The Living Bible 22:20:47
Animal Bloopers 22:14:07
Amnesty bill will create 20 million new Federal Citizens vs State Citizens 22:10:45
John Bolton being pushed to run for president, neocons alarmed by Rand Paul's growing popularity & chance of winning nomination 22:00:17
Spectacular animated movie with major libertarian themes. (Video preview). 21:56:31
Sebelius Wants NFL to Push Obamacare 21:42:59
Burglary suspect flees after 84-year-old home owner confronts him with gun, shoots at getaway car 21:20:59
North Carolina: Bill To Prohibit Destruction of Firearms Signed Into Law 21:15:56
Jennifer Rubin Attacks ‘Dangerously Unrealistic’ Libertarians: Snowden Exposed Their ‘Delusion’ 21:14:27
Rand Paul/Sarah Palin 2016 ? 21:10:55
Obama's Youth Base Slipping Away From Him 21:05:28
Why You Shouldn’t Sign The Petition To Pardon Edward Snowden, Especially If You’re Rooting For Him 21:00:59
How Rich Are The Supreme Court Justices? 20:54:06
MA Senate Race: Ed Markey - Zionist Gopher 20:49:04
Noam Chomsky: Obama Is ‘Running Biggest Terrorist Operation That Exists’ 20:33:51
Your Invisible Power | by Genevieve Behrend 20:33:02
Graham's Letter to Russian Ambassador About Edward Snowden 20:24:02
'Just' One Ant: Ed Snowden = The Ultimate Testament to the Utter Failure of the State & Its Police State! 19:53:54
A List of Libertarian Themed Movies & TV 19:49:30
HAHAHAHAHAHA- Check out Graham's face book page and the comments. 19:41:08
Alert: California Nullify NDAA for 2013 Vote Is June 25th 19:37:38
Wikileaks Conference Call From This Morning Available On This Site: 19:36:36
I am sorry that it has come to this. 19:34:59
Drone protesters finish 195-mile march to Des Moines 17:39:46
CIA's 'Facebook' Program Dramatically Cuts Agency's Costs 17:36:15
The Wizard of Stolen Gold 17:27:02
Dolphin Internet 17:02:09
Live Video of George Zimmerman's "FL Stand Your Ground" Murder Trial 16:37:45
Suggestions Needed: New Smaulgld You Tube Channel 16:00:25
New IRS Chief: Um, that tea party thingy? It was broader and lasted longer than reported 15:43:27
Mondays with Murray: Rothbard's Conflicting Views on Thomas Jefferson 15:36:17
Happy birthday, Edward Snowden! 15:33:10
Rand Paul op-ed: Drug war targets minorities, incentivizes racial profiling 15:13:00
WND - Ex CIA Chief James Woolsey To Obama: Strike North Korea - AUDIO 15:05:55
New Video from the "Audit the IRS" Rally 15:01:36
Washington Examiner: New Amendment Adds Jobs Bill To "GANG of EIGHT" Immigration Scheme 14:47:18
Barrick Gold Laying Off 30% of Corporate Staff Due To Slumping Gold Prices 14:45:04
Where is Edward Snowden? Not in Moscow. Not on plane to Cuba. 14:37:26
Dangers of Geoengineering -video- 14:07:50
Sen. Rand Paul on "State of The Union" W / Candy Crowley - CNN 6/23/13 - VIDEO 14:02:52
Boom! Read my article because it says Boom! at the beginning! 14:01:15
BOOM! Huffington Post: Edward Snowden Says He Sought Booz Allen Hamilton Job To Gather NSA Surveillance Evidence 13:09:57
Weapons ban and emerging New World Order 12:50:17
Katherine Albrecht on Coast to Coast 6-17-2013 12:41:49
Gold Extends Slide As Dollar Rises 12:30:30
Burglary Suspect Flees After 84-Year-Old Home Owner Confronts Him With Gun, Shoots At Getaway Car 12:08:05
Chicago Union Boss: Wanting lower taxes or questioning public education makes you racist 12:06:59
The Federal Reserve’s Framers Would Be Shocked By Roger Lowenstein 12:04:15
Can you be actually sure the extradition discussion didn't go exactly like this? 11:26:05
Neil Howe: The Fourth Turning Has Arrived 11:00:12
Stocks Drop 1% on Fed, China Fears; Dow Falls 200, Vix Jumps 10% 10:56:02
The untold story of Aaron Swartz and Michael Hastings - Video 10:44:09
Ron Paul: We've learned nothing from Iraq, Afghanistan 10:36:37
Russia defiant as U.S. raises pressure over Snowden 10:11:08
Let's Finally Move Beyond The Republicans vs The Democrats Facade 09:47:09
Anyone else wearing Ron Paul buttons anymore? 09:45:47
Welcome to America, Where the Poorest People Pay the Highest in Medical Bills 09:40:52
Ice Ages start and end so suddenly, "it's like a button was pressed," say scientists (from 2008) 09:34:48
New Pork-Laced Amunition They Believe Will Keep Muslims From Going To Heaven 09:20:19
Citigroup 1st US bank to expand into Iraq; Set to Open Office in Baghdad 09:09:17
Grassroots: I humbly ask for your help. 08:59:57
Chris Kluwe: Here’s what’s wrong with Ayn Rand, libertarians 08:58:15
Priests Rebuke Nancy Pelosi: Repent or Join a Satanic Church 08:56:13
Cspan- Internet Caucus Debates Nsa And Privacy-coming Up 07:57:01
This morning's propaganda blast from Morning Joe 07:07:25
Think This NSA Prism And Echelon Is New? How About This From 25 Years Ago. 06:03:10
Drone Engineers Needed: It's Fun! 05:36:18
Rand Who? Still nothing but a run-of-the-mill GOP Hack. 05:18:02
"I Am Sorry That It Has Come to This": A Soldier's Last Words 04:45:57
Do you REALLY love rock and roll? And the truly American soud? Ladies and Gents 04:25:02
Support Ben Swann's "Truth In Media" Project! 04:18:30
Obama voter on Nsa Scandal 03:31:05
Ron Paul: What We Have Learned From Afghanistan 03:15:03
New story on Yahoo - Snowden heading for Cuba 02:03:43
Glenn Greenwald: 80 page decision from FISA court says NSA is bulk collecting phone calls of Americans (VIDEO) 01:42:54
Ed Snowden beware: U.S. State Dept. has confirmed history of covert abductions of Americans in Ecuador 01:26:42
Julian Assange Interviews President of Ecuador, Rafael Correa - Video 01:09:41
Remembering the TWA Flight 800 coverup... 00:36:02
My small contribution 00:15:35