Posted on June 26, 2013

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Ecuador Issues Travel Pass for Snowden 21:48:36
Ben Swann interviewed by Abby Martin of RT Breaking the Set 21:01:38
Government has no right to validate or invalidate any marriage 19:59:10
Ben Swann 'Ask Me Anything' on Reddit - tonight @ 9 pm EDT 19:45:56
Emerging Smear Campaign Against Glenn Greenwald 16:35:45
Glenn Greenwald on MSM: "Courtiers to power" 16:12:15
Who CAN be a Domestic Enemy of the Constitution? 15:11:01
Sen. Rand Paul on "Hannity" - Fox News - 6/25/13 -VIDEO 14:53:50
Vicious Gold Rally Coming 14:21:15
Another IRS Employee Pleads the 5th 14:19:58
Was NSA Used to Blackmail Chief Justice Roberts on Obamacare Ruling? 13:50:50
Firefox Advances Do Not Track Technology 13:10:00
Michael Hastings' Wife VOWS To "Take Down Whoever Did This" 13:09:10
Stop Worrying About Edward Snowden, And Start Worrying About War 12:03:56
Lawrence O'Donnell: What The U.S. Constitution Says About Treason (OMG) 11:43:54
Two huge problems with Obama's vow to fight climate change 11:18:57
*D.O.M.A. Ruled Unconstitutional!* 10:27:14
Breitbart Exclusive: Rand Paul UNLOADS on Immigration Bill 09:58:05
Ex-Terrorist: Al Qaeda In Syria being led By CIA - VIDEO 09:43:43
Gold Bear Trap: The strongest decline in 93 years 09:14:51
WOW! California Man faces 13 years In Jail For Scribbling Anti-Bank Messages in Chalk 09:02:49
Photography At 1 TRILLION Frames Per Second 08:55:37
The Snowden Case: What You're Not Being Told - VIDEO 08:50:27
Why the Western Banking Cartel’s Gold and Silver Price Slam Will Backfire – And How You Can Protect Yourself from the Inevitable 07:20:40
RP Republican running for State Senate - establishment party players want to back D opponent. 05:38:33
Police Officer Tobler Blows His Top Because Citizen Knows His Rights 04:28:45
Paul Craig Roberts on Snowden - Holy Crap 01:34:03
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"But the Founding Fathers were Christians 23:38:19
Is This the Bottom for Gold and Silver? 23:26:33
Study links fracking with methane-contaminated drinking water 22:50:12
4th of July 22:47:52
DOMA Ruling Big Picture; Prior Error Becomes Foundation for the Next 22:40:21
Morning Callers Hammer C-SPAN about 9/11 and Bldg 7...Again. Gotta Love it! 22:36:43
Is Edward Snowden a Double Agent? 22:25:46
Citi's Fitzpatrick: Charts Suggest Possible $3,500 Gold and $100 Silver 22:17:55
Rand Paul v. FEMA on Spending, Waste and Abuse 22:12:27
Iran putting the Heat on the Saudis 21:49:41
CBS News: Military Members With PTSD Face Double Risk For Heart Disease - VIDEO 21:36:34
Gold Sinks To Near 3-Year Low As Investors Rush For Exit - VIDEO 21:18:05
Ben Swann Interviewed by Abby Martin on RT 21:16:43
Watch This! Veteran Congresswoman Hammers IRS Contractors Questionable Veterans Disability Claim - VIDEO 21:01:30
Why the Prism program doesn't work 20:25:52
Will Fed Tapering Lead to Forced U.S. Treasury Retirement Accounts? 20:03:24
Bob Barr, Running for Congress Again, Doesn't Want to Discuss Current DOMA Position 20:01:19
deleted 19:51:24
Rand Paul: On Gay Marriage GOP Needs To "Agree To Disagree" 19:33:51
Analysis of the Snowden Narrative 19:25:47
Rand Paul Video: "Thank You For Helping Me Reach 100,000 Facebook Followers" 19:25:10
Rubio Addresses 'Tea Party' Criticism on Senate Floor - VIDEO 19:04:57
Smith & Wesson Hits Record Sales 18:53:26
WOW! Some Libertarians Cheer Government Rule over Will of The People - Incredible 18:50:37
Only Civil Disobedience Will Win Our Liberty Back! 18:41:46
HD Widescreen Ron Paul - What If Speech 18:26:31
Maddow's Blog on Rand's DOMA Comments on Glenn Beck's Show -Rand Paul fears humans marrying non-humans 18:21:47
For you Ed: Back in the USSR 18:15:16
Snowden affair paradoxically reduces internet freedom in China 17:39:05
Genetic Scientists Develop Sheep With Goat Brain 17:36:04
The Government's $2 Million Bagel Addiction 17:32:44
The Verdict Is In: Mainstream Media is Dead (VIDEO) 16:36:02
The Bill of Rights and the Constitution is Still the Law of the Land! Any Questions? 16:18:36
Great Song 16:14:35
Opednews: Be Careful. Do not make excuses for Obama. 16:12:37
Just a note : SCOTUS did NOT decide if banning Gay Marriage was illegal or legal, nothing has changed. 16:06:16
The Imperial Agenda in Syria - Michel Chossudovsky on GRTV 14:41:30
Libertarian Rock Band Crowdfunding 14:39:22
High cost of presidential bid not likely to deter Rand Paul 14:30:50
Libertarian-Drafted Bill to Ban Traffic Cameras Gets Bipartisan Support in Ohio House 14:20:46
nt 13:56:59
The Connection Between Amnesty and Obamacare 13:48:30
Bill Watch! CA Poised To Reject NDAA & Any Federal Indefinite Detention 13:42:29
Elimination of "Preemptive Belief" 13:20:40
POLL 2016: Who Can Win Ohio? 13:19:05
ALL Russians EVACUATED! Syrian Russian Naval base in Tartus 13:14:15
co-founder of Apple: Snowden is a hero 13:13:44
16-Year Old Girl Turns Algae Into Biodiesel 13:04:55
*Marriage Has Been Perverted!* 12:48:02
Silver Circle in Nashville TONIGHT! (6:15pm & 8:15pm showtimes) 12:38:43
Sarah Palin on immigration reform 12:28:46
Connecticut gun maker move to gun friendly SC 12:06:28
Podunk Prosecutors Seek Gag Order Against Eight-Grader Arrested Over NRA Shirt 11:54:46
R 10:59:46
How will JPM Settle June's Comex Delivery Notices? 10:54:25
SCOTUS rules Defense of Marriage Act unconstitutional 5-4 10:37:00
DHS’s Citizenship & Immigration Services abandons background checks for illegal aliens 10:30:52
L.A. Shuts Down Ride-App Services, Provides a Lesson on Regulation 10:30:10
Corporate Yahoo! Shill disparaging Snowden is an Admitted & Disgraced Fraudster 10:18:44
Texas Abortion Bill Fails to Pass 09:05:48
Does Edward Snowden even exist? 07:31:15
Financial Sector Thinks It’s About Ready To Ruin World Again 07:24:46
Truly inspired and wicked - Follow the Money: 04:23:41
Jury Finds Government Murdered Martin Luther King - VIDEO 03:09:52
Steve Martin's Simple Advice on What to Do When The Tax Man Comes 02:05:36
Vaccine Developer: Gardasil and Cervarix Don't Work, Are Dangerous, and Weren't Tested 01:54:28
Deflation vs Inflation with Harry Dent 01:52:58
U.S. Civil Charges Against Corzine Are Seen as Near 01:50:19
"And, what if we've been following the wrong path for sixty years... ?" : even some French are waking up and remember Bastiat 01:25:14
US Patent: Human Tatoo Barcode for Purchase Transactions 01:22:25
Luvs & Huggies vs. Depends 01:03:44
Things Dogs Teach Us 00:56:48
Obama, The LIAR Revealed, With 5 Lies In 30 Seconds 00:56:34
Jim Rohn - The Power Of Ambition 00:44:31
Ducks Go Quack, Chickens Say Cluck 00:41:02
Facebook, Twitter Revolutionizing How Parents Stalk Their College-Aged Kids 00:36:50
Brian Tracy - 10 Keys to Personal Power 00:27:54
What is the best way to educate your children? 00:04:26