Posted on June 28, 2013

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PolicyMic: This is What Budget Cuts Have Done to Detroit...and It's Freaking Awesome! 23:12:26
Senator Rand Paul at South Carolina Republican Barbeque - 6/28/2013 22:37:18
If You Liked Bush, You Ought to Love Obama 22:33:15
Nice photo. Good Idea. I like it! 21:07:28
How to win Friends & influence People 20:18:14
What I AM Doing ... 19:38:58
Chris Hayes questions why the Pentagon's Barbara Starr can leak info with impunity (Video) 18:06:17
Ecuador cools on Edward Snowden asylum as Assange frustration grows 18:02:39
Glenn Greenwald first speaking event post NSA/Snowden, New Top Secret Details... 17:49:03
U.S. Flag Recalled After Causing 143 Million Deaths 17:08:20
Bottled-water purchase leads to night in jail for U.Va. student 17:07:11
Oregon issues temporary ban on dinotefuran 16:32:54
Senators accuse government of using 'secret law' to collect Americans' data 16:13:53
Ron Paul to host private weekend summit 15:31:51
Wake Up you guys! 15:16:45
PPP: Rand Paul leads all other GOP candidates by 8 points in Montana 14:57:51
Pawn Star Owner Rick Harrison explains to CNBC governments screw up the currency. 14:46:10
Edward Snowden and "Paradigm Shifting Events" 14:43:47
Deadly Force and Threats Against Peaceful Activists Rise - VIDEO 14:11:32
DailyPaul covering 5th Ammendment. 13:34:33
*U P D A T E 3* Exclusive Coverage At Rand Paul Event. Has Rand Visited The Daily Paul? What About Audit the Fed? (Video) 13:17:33
BLACKOUT: DOD Blocks All Articles About NSA Leaks From Employees 13:07:56
Man Arrested for Selling Catfish on Craigslist 11:54:21
19 Surveys Which Prove That A Large Chunk Of The Population Is Made Up Of Totally Clueless Sheeple 09:03:43
Is Every American A Potential Terrorist? 08:41:20
Texan Teen Jailed After Making Sarcastic Threat In Facebook Comment 06:43:43
What Freedom? 05:45:58
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Great deal going on at Tenth Amendment Center! 23:15:26
Steve Pieczenik Talks: Obama And Bush Have Disappeared Into “the Heart Of Darkness”—Africa. 23:14:50
The false left/rht spectrum 23:00:13
The Solution To The Gay Marriage Debate 22:53:55
Obamacare Meme 22:53:13
Search Engines - What Is The Best One - Safest Too 22:41:19
Archive Link to Rand Paul on CSpan SC. 22:07:05
Can a 5'8" Ophthalmologist Get Elected President? 22:06:07
"Our Lives, Our Fortunes, and Our Sacred Honor" Happy Fourth of July DP! 21:03:47
Will Americans Be Eating Horsemeat?: Fed Officials Approve Horse Slaughterhouse in N.M., Iowa, Missouri To Follow 20:28:36
Duplicate... 20:27:49
Central Banks Sell Record Sums of US Debt 20:18:11
Federal Regulations Cut Standard of Living by 75 Percent Over 56 Years 20:10:41
Rand Paul: Sign this petition to abolish the IRS! 19:53:01
The Left-Right Paradigm in Poll Breakdowns 19:38:27
The Root Cause of Violence! 19:30:17
The Leak Double Standard 18:54:39
Government: Punishing Crime vs. Perpetrating Crime 18:42:15
*Is Scott Walker the GOP's Sleeper Presidential Candidate? 18:38:04
I'm With the Rand 18:36:11
Fractional reserve banking is equivalent to gun control 18:22:08
To The Federal Reserve Bank, Congress and Obama: It is Not Your Money to Steal and Spend. 18:19:33
Federal Judge Orders The State of Michigan To Offer Benefits To GAY Partners 17:58:55
We Need To Buy More Products From Ecuador 17:46:32
Rand Paul Meets With Grassroots Activists in South Carolina 17:40:33
"Network Hygiene": In The Wake Of Glenn Greewald's Reporting On NSA Whistleblower, US Army Now Censoring British Newspapers 17:36:41
Eastern Central Banks purchased %25 of Annual Gold Production in Last 7 Days 17:29:51
All Anyone Needs To Know About Boehner: Obama Calls On Boehner From Africa To Push Immigration Through The House 17:12:52
NSA Spying, Made easy 17:02:07
Anarchist Adam Kokesh Fraud Exposed By Own Team Members 16:57:00
Slaves at the Top 16:42:28
Moneybomb for Greg Brannon, Toady! 16:37:51
End The Wars - Bring The Troops Home 16:36:09
Quinnipiac: Rand Paul only 3 points behind Hillary in Ohio, ahead of Joe Biden by 9 15:49:26
Today's letter to Sen. Rubio. 15:24:05
Rand Paul's video message to Reddit's Restore the Fourth 15:05:45
Deleted 14:52:30
Comfest in Columbus. Anyone going? 14:51:59
Protecting your data from prying eyes - NSA, etc... 14:45:29
Article Perviously Posted - Deleted 14:31:32
Support Kids w/ Autism 14:25:01
Rand Paul LIVE on CSPAN tonight @ 6:30pm ET speaking to South Carolina GOP 14:16:55
Happy Face! 14:04:43
Aaron Hernandez Case Puts Ineffectiveness Of Gun Control Laws On Display 13:39:04
Drivers suspected of DUI forced into submission for a blood draw as evidence. (Disturbing Video) 13:02:58
Press TV: Russia's Parliament To Invite Edward Snowden For Briefing On US Espionage 12:55:00
Tired of getting 1099's and filing Fed and State taxes 12:54:12
An artist or an ape? 12:51:02
Restaurant in Wisconsin takes pre-1965 silver coins. 12:46:30
Is Obama Controlled Media Planning To Create Social Unrest?: Ex Chicago Cop Says Zimmerman Acquittal To Cause Race Riots 12:44:51
The Wonderful American World Of Informers and Agents Provocateurs: Close Encounters Of The Lower-Tech Kind 12:25:43
Internet Catches Texas Senate Altering Timestamp on Abortion Bill Vote 12:19:07
Military Court Holds Session so Secret Defendant Cannot Attend 12:08:09
Rand in South Carolina 12:04:14
Retired general probed over Stuxnet leak 12:01:02
CNN Video - Erin Burnett (Out Front): Retired General Wesley Clark Says American People Want Government Protection 11:55:30
The Criminal N.S.A. 11:48:57
Anti-Bullying Bill Could Jail People Who Criticize Politicians - VIDEO 11:42:58
Tonight - Two Hours with TMOT! 11:38:36
Snow Job 10:48:53
A Typeface to Thwart NSA Surveillance 10:32:33
Edward Snowden's father: "don't feel that he's committed treason" 10:15:51
Video - The Rise Of The Anti Hegemon 10:07:20
Life: How did it get here? 10:05:35
Liberty Rising! North Carolina Becomes First State To DROP Federal Jobless Funds 09:44:10
U.S. Silver Eagle Sales Hit Mid-Year Record 09:38:17
Message From The Looney Left Coast - Nancy Pelosi: On The 4th of July, Celebrate Obamacare 09:20:39
Bestiality, is there a victim? 09:13:31
Great Quotes (v) 09:05:27
From The American Dream To An American Nightmare: Laws You Didn't Know Existed - VIDEO 08:58:47
Plush - my new video game for sale 08:54:33
Obama: America, we need your assault weapons to send to Al Qaeda. 08:03:00
Exhilarating blast of Truth well worth watching 07:59:30
Foreign Newspapers In English 07:28:33
Video: Tammy Ducksworth rips CEO a new one for claiming VA disability for injuries sustained while playing football 06:50:40
Now Whats this about?James Cartwright, Retired General, Targeted In Leak Probe: Reports 06:48:06
Does Anyone Watch "Breaking Bad"? 06:15:59
Jim Rickards on the Bryan Callen Show 05:16:41
A Question to All Bay Area Residents 05:15:57
Why the Calorie Tax & Taxes on Fatty Foods Are More Than JUST Taxes 04:50:23
Virtual President - Smarter Than Obama On Gun Control? 04:31:46
All I Really Need To Know I Learned In Graduate School 03:35:00
Federal Court Reinstates Paleo Blogger Case on Blogger Rights 03:16:48
Is Edward Snowden The Non-Existent Love Child of Adam Kokesh and Cody Wilson? 03:12:47
Alex Jones Interviews John Young Of About Wikileaks 03:04:20
If You Respect The Rule Of Law, You Have To Respect Karen Hudes 01:33:28
FDA, Fluoride, And the Fight for Clean Water in Connecticut 01:11:36
Free Fall Radio 01:00:17
The Hidden Power | by Thomas Troward 00:58:38
Ed Snowden, NSA, and Fairy Tales 00:44:12
Rnc Executive Committeeman, Chad Connelly, Censured By Greenville, Sc Gop! 00:32:02