Posted on June 29, 2013

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UK Guardian Removes Article. Exclusive audio 23:59:36
NYT Op-Ed: "The Criminal N.S.A." - 'Senator Rand Paul The Only One Who Get's It' 23:31:56
Ecuador Leader Says Biden Called Him About Snowden - Ecuador whimps out - NY Times 22:53:40
"EU is a target - U.S. bugged EU offices, computer networks" - new revelations to German press by Snowden 22:47:38
Instant 6-Pack Abs for those who want immediate results 21:45:46
Ralph Nader: The Duty Of Lawyers 21:30:57
Low Tech: 3 Ways to Beat the NSA 21:23:55
Floridians Move To Recall Marco Rubio 20:59:44
Who are those people always shouting USA! USA! USA? 20:13:54
Schools drop cursive writing, students ability to read historical documents is in jeopardy! 20:00:46
WHOA!: Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker Is A Member Of The Bush-Walker Banking Family 17:59:42
Did The Federal Reserve Sink The Titanic? 17:32:41
Can California become a Ron Paul Republican state? 16:18:54
Syria: Thousands Flee After “Opposition” Rebels Execute Priest, Loot, Burn Monastary In Northern Syria 15:51:52
Wow. Just finished reading 'The Creature from Jekyll Island' for the first time! 15:47:24
Palin Floats Idea of Leaving GOP 14:28:11
What I've Done and I'm Doing for Liberty 14:18:55
The Politically Incorrect Guide to American History by Tom Woods 14:14:36
Homeland Security WATCHDOG Accused Of Whitewashing Report 13:45:13
Washington Is Driving The World To A Final War by Paul Craig Roberts 13:37:22
Glenn Greenwald Details 'Menacing' Reach Of NSA's Invasion Of Google, Facebook, Apple Servers 13:01:39
The Government is the Terrorist 12:55:42
President Obama: Unimpeachable? 11:16:54
The Annette Spencer Project "beta" - this is BIG, please review and comment 09:04:19
Liberty Iowa Essay Contest Winner "Why I Support the Liberty Movement" 08:53:41
Paul Craig Roberts: Patriotism is Allegiance To The Constitution, Not Government 08:32:54
Bird Watchers flock to see RARE bird, then watch it get KILLED by wind turbine! 00:49:24
Who is Ron Paul? 00:20:04
GG: Fah. King. Awesome (video) 00:10:50
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Hum Bom! 23:22:45
Memories of Stasi color Germans’ view of U.S. surveillance programs 23:05:19
France’s Francois Hollande calls Japan "China" 22:50:53
MSM Acting Like George Zimmerman Trial is a Game Show Sport 21:47:47
Would You Like To Buy A Vowel? 21:36:05
Immigration freedom is a check on Government power. 21:35:57
Barry's duck dynasty 20:37:13
Morbid Curiosity Leading Many Voters To Support Palin 20:26:47
The dirty little secret about NSA Mass surveillance - it's not about counter terror 19:46:57
In fact, virtually everything the US does now "exceeds international norms" 19:29:34
Ben Swann Live Stream Tonight Around 8pm EDT 19:29:20
Scott Walker's Politics of Blacklists and Malice 19:27:13
Rep. Jared Polis -D Colorado/ Rep. Amash -R & Rep Capuano - D with SOME common sense. 18:49:06
1moment thinking about you nature mountain river stream inspiration with green trees and blue sky 18:24:41
survey-constitutional quandary 18:24:07
World War Z 18:10:37
Grace and Me: A Forbidden Tale of War 17:58:09
Anybody know anything else about Dr. Mark Berg? 17:41:40
2016 presidential must support defunding the NSA 17:27:05
Beale AFB anti-drone protesters denied a jury trial 16:58:41
National Football League Declines To Promote ObamaCare 16:55:42
Flashback: "the Ron Paul Story" 16:17:17
Sen. Rand Paul: Road to the White House 2016 C-Span 6/28/13 16:13:32
Jeb Bush will be the next president of the United States 16:03:21
Cut 12 States? Panel Of Caged Average Americans Weigh In 15:50:22
Death Valley, California: Hottest Temperature Ever Recorded 15:49:06
"Wake up!" A Message from Paul Revere 15:39:37
Flag of the Republic 15:31:10
How To Act Like You've Got Half A Brain In Your Head 15:25:25
Love The True Name Of Heaven 15:00:01
Sarah Palin Floats Idea Of Leaving Republican Party If They Continue To Abandon Conservative Principles - VIDEO 14:59:26
My radion interview about Constitutional and Libertarian philosphy (AUDIO) 14:47:17
NY man's death leads police to arsenal 14:38:01
The Stamp Act Crisis by Edmund Morgan 14:32:38
C.S Lewis's surviving BBC radio address 14:04:21
The Truth Shall Keep Us Free 14:00:50
Irish Bankers get EU to write a big check with numbers they pulled out of their Ass 13:26:32
Can "We the People" form Grand Juries and indict criminal behavior ? 12:04:38
Biden - DOMA - Creepy 11:49:04
My Birthday Wish 11:47:01
Hobama (yes, that is Ho-bama) Is Gunning For Assata Shakur: Ndaa Slays Black Rebels 11:25:54
Sibel Edmonds Blows the Whistle on Government Blackmailing 11:13:27
The First Whistleblower Protection Law was passed in 1777. A very good story 11:10:26
To The Federal Reserve Bank, Congress and Obama: It is Not Your Money to Steal and Spend. 11:07:35
Obama Compares Nelson Mandela to George Washington - ABC News 09:37:58
D.C. awards Obamacare IT work to offshore outsourcer 09:05:23
Foreign Troops Training In California (Video) 08:40:19
Stupid Terrorist 08:27:12
12 yr Girl Discovers ALL U.S. Presidents Except One Related to One British King 08:25:21
Is Edward Snowden a Hero? A Debate With Journalist Chris Hedges & Law Scholar Geoffrey Stone 08:20:32
Powerful Video - Ideas Are More Powerful Than Bombs 08:16:35
Whistleblower - Feat. Edward Snowden Rap News 19 08:08:27
Turn Your Back This Fourth of July 08:08:26
Rand Is Wrong. The Border Should Be Open. I Like Nachos. 07:20:00
FDA is not what we think it is... 06:38:24
Steve Wozniak Briefly Talks NSA, Rights and stuff (short video) 03:54:25
Sprott: We Will Nail Those Paper Sellers To the Wall Here 02:57:51
On the Duties of Enlightened Men after Violent Revolutions, by Benjamin Constant (Book XVIII, Ch. 6) 02:55:51
McCain on Mexico border: "we'll be the most militarized border since the fall of the Berlin Wall" 02:27:21
Wearing A Mask At A Riot Is Now A Crime In Canada 01:57:58
Glenn Greenwald speaks at conference about his coming article in the Guardian 6/28/13 01:50:16
My Take on Ghey Marriage 01:47:57
Hahahahaha ! Hey, Obama, Bush, Clinton, Biden, Bloomberg, Graham, et al. : You're Just A Beautiful Bunch Of LOSERS, In Fact ! 01:27:22
Americans Don't Want Limited Government - They Want Santa Claus' Goodies 00:49:48
I didn't know, but Frédéric Bastiat did run the French 2012 presidential campaign race... 00:44:32
Frédéric Bastiat Gifts on 00:15:09
Ron Paul on Lew Rockwell's Podcast: "Against Neocon Slavery" 18:51:20